1. Doppio Remote Control 10 Function Multi-Erogenous Silicone Vibrator

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      1. Doppio Remote Control 10 Function Multi-Erogenous Silicone Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Why limit your erotic exploration to just one or two erogenous zones? An innovative, ergonomic sex toy with numerous play possibilities, this version of the deservedly popular Doppio is now even more of a must-have thanks to its remote control option.

      With a thick, tapered base and textured pad, and two flexible antennae topped with bulbous tips, the Doppio can be a clitoral stimulator, a nipple stimulator, an internal vibe, a scrotum tickler, and a classic cock ring.

      Whether you choose to power your new toy with the two easy push buttons or use the remote control, you'll be treated to breathtakingly strong vibrations from 3 powerful motors and 7 vibration modes.

      Waterproof and USB rechargeable, the Doppio is the perfect partner for aquatic antics and outside-the-bedroom fun.

      Key Features:

      • Innovative, luxurious multi-erogenous silicone vibrator
      • Unbelievably versatile vibrator for intercourse, foreplay and solo pleasure
      • Battery-operated control for option of remote control operation
      • Silky silicone for smooth, pleasurable sensations
      • 3 powerful motors deliver 7 different modes of vibration throughout the length of the massager
      • Whisper quiet but incredibly powerful vibrations
      • Waterproof for fun in any aquatic location
      • USB rechargeable for frequent ease of use

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      Doppio Remote Control 10 Function Multi-Erogenous Silicone Vibrator 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Doppio Remote Control 10 Function Multi-Erogenous Silicone Vibrator
      2. Doppio Remote Control 10 Function Multi-Erogenous Silicone Vibrator


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    1. The Blue one was so good I bought the Purply pink one

      Reviewed: 26 January 2018 by Mr Pheebs, a Straight Single Male

      I recently reviewed the blue version of this and said it’s brilliant, super flexible but lacked a remote and hey presto!

      To conclude my last review I talked about how it fitted my erection really well and didn’t move around during sex. Also the fact I can actually put it on over my erection while fully erect meaning it doesn’t cut the blood supply off so you can wear it as long as you need too.

      It has 3 super rumbly vibrators (one in the base and one on each prong and each end can be used independently of each other).

      It’s not stupidly noisy.

      I can confirm it’s waterproof so is great for aquatic sex.

      Anatomically it will cradle a clitoris or nipple and rumble it from both sides which is really interesting to watch but it is also suitable as a general body stimulator. The only thing it’s no good for is as a penetrating vibrator, that being said it can be used to stimulate the opening of any orifice you can think of.

      So here are the differences between the remote and the non-remote versions.

      This one has a remote (really? Yes!) you pay a bit more for it but it is absolutely worth it if you can stretch a bit further financially speaking because reaching for the buttons can ruin the moment but not if you have a remote!

      This toy is by far the best and most effective couples toy we have tried so far. It turns my penis into a vibrator, stimulating that, my balls and my perineum, but also stimulates her G-spot, and the tongue of the toy it fits against her clitoris and labia perfectly promoting a general deep, rumbling buzz there.

      My wearing this toy promotes deep penetration (if you choose to wear it at the base) and grinding during sex with some fantastic, intense, squirty multiple orgasms with her and a seriously intense, ache then release orgasm for me with lots of cum to play around with. This is the general rule rather than the exception using this toy.

      You know when you’ve been using a vibrator in the same spot for a while and on the same setting and you start to get used to it reducing your awareness of it? Well, that’s where the remote comes into play and it makes the toys stimulation fresh while it’s being cycled through the modes.

      It has an extra 3 modes of vibration 2 which are welcome and interesting and it’s also perfect for fitting to a non-vibrating sex toy like a dildo to make a vibrator. Feels great with a masturbator for the lads too.

      Constructively I would still welcome a + and - intensity button but this really isn’t a deal breaker for us and this is our favourite toy.

      If you want to get one toy either as a cock ring or as a couples toy or as something to make your favourite dildo or butt plug even better for 2018, get this one. You won’t regret it, everyone should have one of these in their secret stash, for him, for her and for each other.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Rumbles, fit, flexibility, couples toy, build, remote!
      Nothing to report but intensity buttons would make this a 100% positive rated toy.
      Bottom line
      It’s just, well it’s just...erm Amazeballs, Amazeclit, amazeeverything!
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    1. I high-quality and quite luxurious product

      Reviewed: 25 February 2018 by AnastasiaB, a Straight Married Female

      As soon as we saw the Doppio on the "Whats's new page" we knew that we needed this toy in our lives. So when we received it like a tester we felt like we had won the lottery. So thank you Lovehoney.

      The Doppio comes in a very beautiful and stylish packaging with a storage bag and a full set of instructions.

      The toy itself feels very luxurious and the silicone is just so soft and smooth to the touch. This is clearly a high-quality product.

      This toy needs charging before use and that's easy. Just plug it into a USB port and there is a light that will blink on and off during charging. When it's fully charged the light will light up continuously.

      The remote control comes with batteries, so all we had to do was to take off the cover, take out the battery, remove a small piece of plastic, put the battery back in and put the cover back on.

      This toy is really easy to operate by pressing the two buttons on the base of the Doppio and the two buttons on the remote. The Doppio has three motors and you can choose how many of them you would like to use and what setting you prefer by pressing the buttons, either on the toy itself or by using the remote control.

      We thought that this toy would be easy to put on, but in fact we find it a bit difficult, especially when there is lube involved as the toy just jumps out of our hands.

      The first time we tried it my husband was all tied up lying on his back and I almost crushed his poor balls when I tried to put the Doppio on. We have found it a bit easier when he's standing on his knees, but the best way to put it on is when he is standing between my legs, so we both have control on what we are doing.

      Once in place my husband says that it feels quite good for a while, but then it gets uncomfortable and after that rather painful. So we can't really use the toy for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

      And that's a bit sad because I like it a lot. Both ends hits my clitoris perfectly and I find it very stimulating. I'm always at that point where I am very close to orgasm when my husband needs to stop and remove the ring, something that can be a bit frustrating on my part.

      When it comes to the vibrations this is not the most powerful cock ring in our collection. We both thought that it would be a lot more powerful than it actually is. We have tried to use it just as a vibrator on his testicles and perineum and my clit, but it doesn't really do much for any of us. But I do like it as a "nipple clamp".

      I have also tried to use it internally, but that didn't work at all.

      But the vibrations are very quiet and descreet.

      The Doppio is waterproof and easy to clean with soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

      I have waited as long as I could writing this review, so we could use as much time as possible to try the Doppio out, as we kept hoping that my husband would like the toy better after a while. Unfortunately that never happened.

      This is a high-quality product, but sadly it was not the right toy for my husband.

      I like it during sex as it hits my clit perfectly. But the vibrations are not strong enough for me for solo play.

      Can I recommend this toy? Yes, absolutely. Even though it didn't fit my husband, everybody's different and I think that it would be well worth a try.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The lovely silicone, both ends hits my clit perfectly, easy to use, quiet.
      Can be a bit difficult to put on. My husband finds it uncomfortable and painful.
      Bottom line
      A luxurious, high-quality product. Unfortunately not the right toy for my husband.
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