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    1. Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 8 Inch

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

      Could you bear to be without your thrusty sidekick? This 10 function vibrating unisex strap-on is a perfect partner for your bedroom antics. A realistic 8 inch dong delivers incredible advanced strap-on penetration, with a big time buzz for both partners.


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      1. Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 8 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Could you bear to be without your thrusty sidekick? This 10 function vibrating unisex strap-on is the perfect partner for your bedroom antics. A realistic 8 inch dong delivers incredible advanced strap-on penetration, with a big time buzz for both partners.

      The straptacular hollow dildo offers incredible stimulation from 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration.

      With 8 insertable inches to play with, this strap-on offers intense penetrative play.

      The elasticated harness stretches to fit comfortably around the hips.

      Always use with a a good quality lubricant to enjoy to its full potential.

      Key Features:

      • Large 8 inch hollow dildo for strap-on pleasure
      • Wired motor offers 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration
      • Realistic looking dildo for authentic thrills
      • Harness includes added straps for the best possible support
      • Unisex for all users
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 4 inches
      • Canal diameter: 1.5 inches
      • Circumference: 6.25 inches
      • Insertable Length: 8 inches
      • Internal Length: 6 inches
      • Length: 8.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: PVC
      • Texture: Textured
    3. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x AA batteries
      • Controller Type: Wired - push button
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns

    Product Videos

    1. Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 8 Inch

      Could you bear to be without your thrusty sidekick? This 10 function vibrating unisex strap-on is a perfect partner for your bedroom antics. A realistic 8 inch dong delivers incredible advanced strap-on penetration, with a big time buzz for both partners.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 8 Inch 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 8 Inch
      2. Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 8 Inch


    1. Transformation From Pleasurable Pink Penis to Big, Black, Bulging Boner!

      Reviewed: 09 May 2018 by Ragnar Lodbrok, a Straight Married Male

      Ladies, if like my wife, you’re a fan of girth and vibrations, this strap-on harness and dildo combo will be the perfect partner for both of you to explore and enjoy. If you also enjoy toys with length then this dildo’s 8 inch long black shaft has it all!

      Boys, if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or premature ejaculation, this hollow strap-on dildo is perfect for allowing you to penetrate your partner whilst boosting your confidence. It also allows for the action to continue whilst prolonging your partner’s pleasure during those awkward "in-between" moments between your first orgasm and the next.

      We’ve enjoyed our strap-on play over the past few years and find that it has added variation to our lovemaking. We also find using strap-ons a great means of prolonging penetrative sex and for achieving multiple orgasms. Strap-ons also give me the confidence in knowing that I am able to fulfil my wife’s wishes and desires whenever she requires any extended penetrative play to get her to where she needs to be.

      Our initial use of strap-on dildos has been fine, but we have been seeking something that would provide my wife with greater satisfaction. She is a big fan of toys with a large girth but not of anything massively long. We were therefore pleased to be selected by Lovehoney to put this dildo and harness through its paces and provide our honest review in return.

      This product arrived in Lovehoney’s own branded box featuring instructions, product description and a photograph of the actual contents. The dildo, harness and control unit are contained inside the box within a sealed, clear plastic bag.

      On removing the 8 inch Perfect Partner dildo and harness, the first of its features we noticed were the dildo’s dimensions - its length and girth are quite a size!

      The harness is somewhat different to the ones we already have. The elasticated waistband, with a generous 2 inches width, is wider than those of our other strap-on harnesses. When trying it on we both found that the wider waistband provided a comfortable fit around the hips/waist whilst seemingly offering some stability when using the dildo. With no adjustments necessary to any buckles, or straps, this harness fitted both of us comfortably (I wear 34 inch waist size underwear and my wife wears Medium size underwear to fit her Waist: size 12/14 and Hips: 37 inches).

      Also adding to the stability and secure fit are the two slimmer, 1/2-inch-wide, elasticated support straps that fit under the crotch and allow for use by either sex. These attach to the waistband at the rear by means of a metallic popper button. There are two poppers on each strap (2.25 inches apart) to allow for some adjustments according to the wearer’s preferences and size - ideal for partners’ joint use when the wearer’s sizes differ. The elasticated strap to which the poppers are fitted can be stretched to at least 5.25 inches to suit the wearer’s personal requirements and comfort needs.

      The textured dido is made from PVC and is seamless. Although it is hollow to allow men a comfortable fit, I found that it was robust enough in use. It is firmly riveted to the cushioned front pad of the harness and doesn’t require any O-ring fitment. As it is permanently fixed, there is no slippage or movement when in use - as can happen when using strap-on harnesses where the dildo is fitted in the recess via an O-ring.

      The plastic remote control is attached to the dildo by a wire, but if left coiled and fastened by the wire tie wrap it arrives with, we found it was unobtrusive. Fitted into the handy loop attached to the waistband, it doesn’t get in the way. It’s just a matter of unravelling and extending the cable when my wife wishes to take control of the vibrations. Fitting the two requisite AA batteries into the battery housing is very simple and straightforward enough by unscrewing the cap and inserting the batteries’ polarities correctly.

      On making our preparations, it was time to put this dildo through its paces for our first use and engage in some strap-on fun. I couldn’t wait to treat my wife to the delights that this dildo had to offer and she was equally excited to be the lucky recipient.

      Trying the harness on for the first time was a relatively simple and straightforward process. After detaching the two support straps, I stepped inside the waistband and pulled the harness up to my hips. I noticed that the dildo drooped a little because of its weight but not so much to cause any concern. Next, with the help of our bedroom mirror, I pulled one of the support straps around one testicle and pulled it between my legs and under my crotch before fastening the popper onto its shortest setting before repeating the process again using the other strap. I found inserting my penis into the hollow dildo quite easy with the application of a little lube. The elasticity of the waistband allowed me to pull the front pad and dildo’s opening away from my pubic bone sufficiently enough for easy insertion. In next to no time at all, my pink, passable-in-size, penis had been transformed into a big, black, bulging boner!

      I deliberately left the flex leading from the control unit to the dildo in situ. Then I slipped the controller into the loop attached to the waistband to allow for hands-free use.

      All the preparations were undertaken in less than a minute and then it was time to put the dildo and harness through its paces.

      After a period of foreplay to ensure my wife was sufficiently stimulated, I lathered the shaft of the dildo with a generous amount of water-based lube. With slow and gradual penetration, the tip of this dildo soon had my wife gasping with pleasure. She loves being penetrated by girthy toys and the resultant feeling of being fully filled gives her. From her responses and reaction to my thrusting, this bulging dildo did not appear to disappoint her! As we expected, being permanently fixed to the front pad, the dildo did not move about, or slip and it was therefore easy to control whilst thrusting and provide smooth, satisfying pleasure.

      My thrusts were shallow to begin with and gradually became deeper once my wife had become accustomed to the dido’s size. After a few minutes, she was in raptures and enjoying the stimulation the slight bend of the shaft at its tip was giving her. The dildo’s dimensions and the veined, textured ripples of its shaft added to her pleasure and feeling of being filled.

      Whilst in this state of ecstasy, she wasn’t expecting the vibrations I began treating her to - once I’d switched on the vibrator. The blend of the vibrations combined with the dildo’s contours only increased her excitement. I varied the intensities and patterns of the vibe and soon she started to build to her first climax. Her first orgasm duly arrived which was very noisy and intense. I’m uncertain whether it was my wife’s orgasm, the dildo’s vibrations, or a combination of the two that made me come at the same time.

      Not satisfied with her orgasm and having enjoyed her first experience of the Perfect Partner dildo, my wife asked me to continue penetrating her until her needs were sated. She felt that the intensities of the varied vibrations (speed and patterns) provided a lovely, satisfying sensation.

      Wearing a hollow dildo such as this, I am able to immediately continue satisfying my wife through penetrative sex even directly after my orgasm! That’s the beauty of strap-on sex - you can immediately continue with penetration for as long as your partner desires - long after you, or they, have enjoyed an orgasm. In this way, using this (and other strap-ons) is a great means in prolonging penetrative sex - perfectly ideal for those men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or premature ejaculation.

      The vibrations (3 speeds and 7 patterns) provided me with some satisfying stimulation too. I felt the vibrations radiate to both the circumcised tip of my penis and down to my testicles. I found that I got the most satisfaction from the first (lowest intensity) and from all of the patterned vibrations. The vibrations coupled with the erotic sight of my wife taking the length of this big, black dildo whilst in the throes of noisy ecstasy, provided me with a satisfying, stimulating pleasure.

      Cleaning the dildo and the internal reservoir is easy - although being only “splash proof”, care is required to avoid immersing it fully under water which could result in damage to the internal motor.

      When my wife tried the harness and dildo on and then struck various poses and showing off her new toy, this created a memorable and kinky, erotic image - which I thought was wonderful. Although she hasn’t used the dildo on me yet (I think that the dildo’s dimensions might be too much for a newcomer to pegging), I’ll need to work towards being able to take the girth and length this dildo has to offer. In the meantime, we are both enjoying very much what this Lovehoney 8 inch Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On has to offer each of us. In its continued use we are both enjoying a great deal of mutually satisfying, heightened pleasure.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Unisex harness and dildo. Dimensions. Great vibrations.
      Bottom line
      A good sized strap-on for use by both ladies and men.
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    1. We have a winner

      Reviewed: 04 May 2018 by Kr33, a Straight Married Female

      Boy oh boy, what a night I've just had!

      This beast is a very handsome jet black chap with the raised thick veins and well proportion head, it's designed to please. The Perfect Partner Unisex Strap On which is 8 inches long and just over 6 inches of extremely filling and impressive in size and structure.

      We had only tried strapless before which we both love. Having this hollow monster is different and feels nothing like we had previously tried. The thick black elastic strap is comfortable and can be adjusted between two poppers. With the easy to operate remote control have just two buttons controlling the on/off and the vibrations. With the three continuous vibrations progressing in speed and seven patterned rhythmic vibrations (which we preferred). We didn't think this vibrator was overly loud and the vibrations strong enough. Although this remote comes wired and the wire is quite generous in length. It doesn't get in the way as it has a holder strap on the hip but we would much prefer wireless then we could have passed and shared it easier.

      With my OH lubed and inserted in the beast, he was surprised by the snugness pleasingly tight but not uncomfortable feeling. Firm but with a touch of flexibly he had me eagerly vaginally wanting to accept him. With his new massive girth with the vibrations on and both so excited and the generous girth turned us both on very quickly (although I couldn't handle the full length). Apparently, I was very vocal with pleasure and nothing turns me on more than hearing my OH moaning in delight. My OH says my face was a picture after each climax (I had multi climaxes). The vibration my OH received and felt was probably as equal to me, this toy felt refreshing to use as we both seemed to get the same enjoyment.

      As this far too large for my OH to receive anally, so it's all mine. Move over all my other toys we have a winner!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The size, the size and the size.
      Wired remote.
      Bottom line
      We love it!
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Very welcom addition to my collection.

      Reviewed: 08 May 2018 by Matt!, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This toy is spectacular wanted something big to push my partners limits and this was certainly big - both long and girthy.

      The vibrations are definitely an added bonus. The realistic texture on this is amazing and looks very realistic. She was very satisfied and she could only take half of it so far and I know we are going to have lots of fun with the other half in the months to come.

      I would have to add that the hole is a little on the small side for myself, but the quality of this product and everything else dose make up for that. A definite recommendation for anyone out there that is looking to expand their collection and themselves.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Big, realistic, strong vibrations, well made.
      Hole is slightly small.
      Bottom line
      Very good product well made.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes