1. Svakom Primo Remote Controlled Warming Vibrating Butt Plug

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      1. Svakom Primo Remote Controlled Warming Vibrating Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Turn up the heat on your sexcapades with this luxurious butt plug from sex toy innovators, Svakom. A soft silicone body houses a powerful motor to spoil you with 5 thrilling modes and intensities and a warming function for new degrees of pleasure.

      Explore the 6 fantastic functions, each with 5 levels of intensity, and sensational warming mode using the discreet wireless remote control. Or, hand it to a partner to let them take charge of your sensations.

      The sleek body has a rounded, slightly tapered head for sensational insertion and slim neck for comfortable prolonged wear.

      USB rechargeable, Primo is perfect for taking on travels.

      Use with a top quality, water-based anal lubricant for the best sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Warming and vibrating butt plug for new, exciting anal experiences
      • Super smooth silicone body is incredibly soft and offers deliciously satisfying insertion and wear
      • Explore 5 modes each with 5 different intensities for a total of 25 different vibration variations
      • Turn up the heat with the delicious warming function
      • Control via the base of the toy or the wireless remote during solo play or fun with a partner
      • USB rechargeable, it's great for taking on your out-of-bedroom adventures

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    1. Svakom Primo Remote Controlled Warming Vibrating Butt Plug

      Turn up the heat on your sexcapades with this sensual butt plug from sex toy innovators, Svakom. A smooth silicone body houses a mighty motor to spoil you with 5 thrilling modes and intensities and a warming function for new degrees of pleasure.

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      1. Svakom Primo Remote Controlled Warming Vibrating Butt Plug
      2. Svakom Primo Remote Controlled Warming Vibrating Butt Plug


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    1. A glowing? review

      Reviewed: 04 January 2018 by PurringTiger, a Straight Single Female

      I was lucky enough to be chosen and sent this product in exchange for my honest review. I was excited when I saw the email as I enjoy using vibrating anal toys but have always found them to be a bit awkward or cumbersome to control. Either having to reach down or around to change the settings (especially as I have a spinal condition which makes this even more awkward) or having annoying wires attached which personally feels a bit less sexy when you have a wire coming from your butt. So a remote controlled one was a rather intriguing prospect for me.

      The parcel arrived quickly and discreetly as per the usual brilliant Lovehoney service. Inside I found the packaging to be on par with other luxury brands. Initially I was greeted with a white slip case on which is a simple elegant picture of the plug and remote control. Under this was a textured sleek black box with the word SVAKOM embossed in silver on the lid. Overall it's lovely packaging for giving as a gift.

      Upon opening the box I found the Svakom Primo Remote Controlled Warming Vibrating Butt Plug and the remote control nestled in a foam holder. Underneath this there was a charging cable, a battery for the remote control, an instruction booklet, a product features leaflet, a warranty card and a lovely silver grey velvet storage bag.

      The instruction manual is simple and easy to understand and has everything you need to know neatly summed up. Although I will point out that the print is definitely on the small side. You can get a PDF version from their website, though, if you struggle with reading it.

      Initial thoughts were that this is a really good size for beginner/intermediate use. It's especially non-intimidating. The silicone is very good quality, lovely and smooth.

      The remote control is rather small at 2 1/4 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide but the buttons are nicely spaced so as not to be too fiddly when in use. It is also a lovely soft coated plastic that almost feels like silicone itself. On the back there is a battery cover that for once is really easy to open. In fact the battery for it is the perfect size for the slot to twist it open.

      I put the Svakom plug on to charge and got myself acquainted with the remote control whilst I waited. Charging is simple. The plug itself is waterproof and has a self-sealing charging hole. You just have to push the pin gently through the silicone and then use whichever USB charging option you have available. The plug has a gold plastic circle embellishment on the bottom and this has the word Svakom across it. During use and charging this will light up. It will flash white whilst charging and then turn solid white when fully charged.

      The controls are simple enough. You can use it both with and without the remote but my main focus was using it with the remote. Before you can use the remote control, you first have to activate the plug itself by pressing the power button on the plug base for 2 seconds, this puts it into standby mode. Then simply press the power (middle) button once on the remote control and this will bring the plug to life.

      The bottom of the three buttons controls the intensity level of which there are 5. I am happy to say that they are quite noticeable steps up in intensity too. The middle button is both the on/off and also the patterns changer. Simply press it once after turning on the plug and it will go from constant to pattern. There are four patterns and the constant. You can adjust the intensity of the patterns too with the bottom button. To return to standby simply hold the middle button for 2 seconds. The top button controls the heat function. Simply click it once to activate and the plug will gently warm up. Click it again to deactivate.

      It is worth noting that the default setting is Mode 1 (constant vibration), Level 3 intensity, which can be quite the shock initially and it will revert to this every time it is turned off and on again. I'm not sure why it's set in the middle to begin with, as it means you have to cycle past the highest intensity to get to the lowest once the plug is in place, unless you are particularly good at inserting it whilst it's vibrating. Personally I like to be able to start low and work my way up, so this was a slight annoyance.

      Once I'd given the plug a quick clean it was time to play. A quick note of advise is to be careful when inserting the plug that you don't accidentally turn it off once you've set it on standby like I did the first time. It really is very easy to insert due to the gentle taper, rounded head and smooth silicone. I found that you don't really need much lube, but make sure to use a good water based anal lube.

      And then the fun properly began. Thanks to testing out the controls beforehand I was ready for the plug to jump straight to mid speed, but it was still a bit of a 'Woah' moment, even more so with having to go higher before I could go lower in intensity. Thankfully the remote and plug are very responsive to each other and that can be done very quickly.

      And yes! yes! yes! I love the ease of the remote! It really did make everything feel so much more intuitive and less stop/start/fumble, leaving me to fully be able to immerse myself and enjoy the feelings from the plug.

      For me the vibrations definitely felt more rumbly at the lower to mid range of intensity and a couple of the patterns have a nice rumbly feel to them too. They did feel more buzzy at the higher intensity levels. But still enjoyable enough. I just prefer a bit of rumble with my vibrations. Patterns 2 and 3 were my favourites, but they are nicely varied and the bonus of being able to change the intensity of the patterns is great.

      I have to say that prior to inserting the plug I couldn't feel the difference with the heat setting, but once inside me I could definitely feel it. I'm not sure whether it made it any more pleasurable for me personally, but that's something that I'll play around with more. It wasn't unpleasurable, though, and certainly felt different. The leaflet says that it provides a better satisfaction, especially in winter, which really made me chuckle. I'm pretty sure that my first thought in winter is not that I need to use a butt plug to stay warm.

      Now whilst I have listed all the good things about this plug ,I feel that I have to mention the things that let it down too. Specifically that it has a tendency to slip out if I move around too much. The problem is that it has no neck to keep it in place - the smooth tapered shape of the plug that makes it so lovely and easy to insert also means that it slides out easily too.

      The base is a good size and definitely stops it travelling upwards, but there's nothing to help it stay in place, which once the vibrations are on, you can imagine becomes a bit of an issue. So you either have to stay still or be sat down or laid in a way that it cannot slide out - either that or clench like crazy to keep it place ,which isn't exactly relaxing and detracts from enjoying the vibrations. I guess you could wear underwear over it, but that depends on how/when you want to use it. This leads to my second issue.

      The base lights up white on use. So if you wanted to wear this out and about you would need very thick clothing otherwise someone might think your butt swallowed a torch or that you stuffed Rudolph up there as it glows a flashing red when the heat function is on. Neither of which are really outdoors friendly. Neither is the noise. Whilst it is a relatively quiet plug overall, most certainly on the lower settings, I would not say it was quiet enough to go outside in close proximity to others with as it is noticeable at higher intensity levels unfortunately. It is quiet enough to use in a bedroom with the door shut though without hearing it on the other side.

      Cleaning of the Svakom Primo Vibration Plug could not be easier as it is totally waterproof. You can simply spray with a good quality sex toy cleaner, wash then leave to air dry. Don't be tempted to dry it with a towel as it will leave small bits of fluff on the silicone and they are annoying to try to get off. It won't take long to air dry at all. Then either recharge it or pop it in the supplied storage bag ready for next time.

      Summary- TLDR ;) :

      In summary I was impressed with this little plug and I am most definitely a remote control convert! The variation in intensity levels is great - they don't just blur into each other - the patterns were fun and the heating is a little bit different.

      Could it do with some tweaking to make it perfect? Yes. I'd change the shape slightly so it stays put better and I'd also change the default setting to the lowest level intensity. But overall it's a nice little plug.

      Who would I recommend it to? Those that like small comfortable plugs and most definitely those that are new to butt plugs and anal vibrators as it is a great shape and size to start with. It's a great plug for trying vibrations for the first time on your own or with your partner. Also those that want to control things a bit easier or might have mobility/flexibility issues like myself.

      Who would I not recommend it to? Those that like larger anal toys. Anyone that wants to wear it out and about outside due to the light function on the base. Anyone that would be doing lots of moving around, unless you've got internal muscles of steel.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The clear difference in intensity levels.
      The shape could be better to help it stay in place.
      Bottom line
      Easy and fun to use, something a little different.
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