1. Fun Factory Stronic G USB Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. Fun Factory Stronic G USB Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Forget oscillating vibrations; they're soo last year. Isn't it time you moved with the times and got yourself a solenoid sex toy? Using an internal weight and magnets, the Stronic G thrusts powerfully back and forth for sheet-clenching G-spot pleasure.

      Not only amazing for power and stimulation, but thanks to the innovative motor, this vibe is almost silent, too. Explore all 10 speeds and patterns of thrust to find the perfect one for you.

      Always use with a happy squeeze of water-based lube to assist slide and glide.

      Key Features:

      • Thrusting G-spot sex toy for thrilling, powerful internal massage
      • Rigid shaft coated in premium silicone with a curve tip offer precise G-spot pleasure
      • Innovative solenoid technology uses magnets and weights to create silent thrusting
      • USB magnetic charging and travel lock offer easy enjoyment anywhere in the world
      • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and bathroom sexytime

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    1. Fun Factory Stronic G USB Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator

      Forget oscillating vibrations; they're soo last year. Isn't it time you moved with the times and got yourself a solenoid sex toy? Using an internal weight and magnets, the Stronic G thrusts powerfully back and forth for sheet-clenching G-spot pleasure.

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      1. Fun Factory Stronic G USB Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator
      2. Fun Factory Stronic G USB Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator


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    1. Lazy Masturbation

      Reviewed: 30 January 2018 by KirstyLee, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I have a few Fun Factory toys and they always impress me. They are always bright, funky and very good quality toys. The Stronic G is no exception to this!

      This toy is unlike all my other toys in that it is not a vibrator, it pulses. Using magnets to mimic the feel of thrusting.

      I've had my eyes on Fun Factory's pulsators for a while now but never taken the plunge, convincing myself that it wouldn't be anything like the real thing. Boy was I wrong! The toy itself is very well made. It's made with Fun Factory's own brand of silicone, and if you're not familiar with Fun Factory's own formula of silicone then the first thing you will notice is that this toy does have a sort of gritty feel to it and it does cause some drag, but just make sure you apply plenty of water based lubricant and this won't be an issue.

      I was surprised at how heavy this toy was, but once in use the weight wasn't an issue. (It's a good job it does all the hard work for you or it would be very tiring!)

      I charged it up using the provided magnetic charger (oh Fun Factory how I love you for creating a strong magnetic charger) and got down to business...

      And admittedly not as good as the real thing, but definitely a very, very close second.

      I was very surprised at how powerful the thrusting was. It's not overly powerful and if I'm honest if it could provide another setting or two higher this toy would be perfection, especially for those extra quick sessions where you just need to have an orgasm.

      This is lazy masturbation at it's best. After some warming up, apply some water-based lubricant to your toy, insert, power it up and let it do it's thing! It never gets tired. It never slows down (unless you ask it to of course). The curved head really did its job in finding my G-spot while pulsing. Not every single time but a good portion of the time.

      I like to start off with the low settings and then work my way up to climax. There are patterns too if that is something you enjoy, and although I haven't tried all of them the few I did try were very enjoyable.

      I haven't been able to orgasm with the Stronic G alone (I've never been able to orgasm with just internal stimulation anyway), but paired with a clitoral vibrator I had one of the strongest orgasms I've ever experienced.

      I personally found it to be pretty quiet even on the high settings, but this is just personal opinion and may be considered loud to some who don't have a lot of privacy.

      It does have a nice clear warning that this toy is not suitable to be used with a pacemaker due to the magnets, so please keep that in mind if that affects you.

      This toy is also available in purple or blue and all of the colour choices look great.

      It's 100% waterproof, meaning it can be used in the bath or shower if you wish but the main bonus of this is that it makes it so easy to clean with some toy cleaner and hot water.

      My biggest disappointment was that for a toy costing £150 I definitely think that a dust/storage bag could be included with it. It's something I've come to expect when purchasing high quality toys.

      The Stronic G is definitely going to be a firm favourite for solo play when I'm feeling a bit lazy or want some hand- free play.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Well made, feels amazing, managed to hit my G-spot.
      Could have been slightly more powerful and a dust bag would be a nice extra.
      Bottom line
      Great toy for a lazy session and if you're new to pulsators.
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    1. A fun and luxurious toy

      Reviewed: 02 January 2018 by fizzy, a Straight Single Female

      This is my first Fun Factory toy and I was immediately impressed by the quality of the packaging, it reminded me of opening a luxury gift. When I unwrapped the vibrator it seemed of high quality and had no imperfections in the silicone.

      The charging unit was easy to use and attached well to the vibrator although the charger was easily knocked off when left alone charging with no knocks it charged well. The leaflet that came with the vibrator was very helpful in finding the right setting for me.

      The vibrator feels heavy in my hands but this does not affect the use. It's beautifully shaped to hit the G-spot and feels smooth against the clit. It has taken me a long while to get along with this toy as the vibration patterns are very unique.

      This is the most lifelike vibrator I have ever used and once I found the ideal setting for me I enjoyed the thrusting patterns I also found it to have deep rumbling vibrations. The more I use this the more I like it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The toy feels very luxurious.
      It took a while to enjoy the toy fully.
      Bottom line
      Once I found the right setting it was a great toy to use.
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    1. Not as I'd imagined

      Reviewed: 01 December 2017 by Skitty, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was very kindly sent this item to test and review - thank you, Lovehoney!

      The packaging for this toy feels luxurious enough that it would make a nice gift, and inside the box is the toy, a charging cable and instructions. The instructions feel rather complicated with lots of diagrams and charts, which made me take more of a push buttons and see what happens kind of approach.

      The toy is made from a smooth firm silicone which is all high quality. The shape seems like it would be a good idea, but in practice it feels a little too bulbous for it to feel natural. With some good water-based lube it’s okay to insert, but I feel like it’s always just a little not right and so it often tends to move or slip out when it’s 'thrusting'.

      An important thing to say about this toy is that I wouldn’t categorise it as a vibrator - it doesn’t have any sort of buzzing vibration in the tip or the shaft. If I were to guess I’d say that it works by having a weight inside that moves - kind of a little bit like weighted Kegel balls but a mechanism in the toy shakes the weight at different speeds and patterns to create movement, so it has a shaking, jolting kind of motion.

      Because of the shape I find it more comfortable to insert the toy before turning it on as it feels a little jolting and erratic to have it moving before its in place.

      To turn the toy on, you press the "Fun" button, then either the (+) or (-) buttons to access the different settings. The instructions contain a chart showing all the different modes and the order you need to press the buttons in to get to particular settings, but I found this way too complicated, so I just press buttons and see what mode it ends up on. Personally I find that I enjoy the random nature of the different ways it moves, so I like not memorising the order because I don’t think I’d ever be particularly craving a specific setting.

      When I first turned the toy on and held it to get a feel for how the thrusting mechanism worked, I was super excited by it - I thought it would feel pretty amazing. But when inserted, it doesn’t have the sort of intensity that I’d hoped for. It feels kind of vague and the sensation gets a bit lost. It feels a bit confusing about where is best to place it, whether it should be fully inserted, whether I should hold the handle or whether that inhibits the movement. I’ve got into some ridiculous positions with this toy to try to let it move freely and it’s fun to experiment with, but it’s more of a curiosity than anything.

      However, I do find this toy has a very particular benefit for me, and maybe other people are like me too. I find it very difficult to maintain the coordination and muscle tension necessary to move a dildo and play with my clit without it taking so much concentration that I totally can’t orgasm, so for me the fact that I can insert this toy and it does all the work is actually quite a lot of fun. I don’t think it has all the right moves to be able to match being able to move a dildo freely, but for someone like me who would rather have some movement that I don’t need to think about, it’s a fun alternative to the frustration of ending up totally still when orgasming.

      I’m always searching for a toy that might unlock that magical mystical G-spot sensation of internal pleasure for me, but this doesn’t seem to be that toy. I don’t find that it has the intensity or precision necessary to be properly pleasing, but it’s fun and it’s different, so I’d recommend it to anyone who finds it difficult or uncomfortable to move a dildo themselves, or to sex toy enthusiasts curious to try something a bit more unusual.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Smooth silicone, rechargeable, moves by itself.
      No vibrations, not intense enough, uncomfortable shape.
      Bottom line
      It's not great but it enables lazy masturbation.
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