1. Reviews Page 1 - Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo Vibrator Harness Kit 9 Inch

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      1. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo Vibrator Harness Kit 9 Inch

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo Vibrator Harness Kit 9 Inch 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo Vibrator Harness Kit 9 Inch
      2. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo Vibrator Harness Kit 9 Inch

        Our Price

    1. Brilliant - perfect size (if you like a slightly bigger feel compared to norm)

      Reviewed: 29 March 2020 by Mr TB, a Bisexual Married Male

      Fills you up really nicely.

      Hits the G-stop perfectly. Giving an amazing over the top orgasm!

      Tried twice now.

      First time was out of this world.

      Second time I managed to take the whole shaft. Extremely pleasurable. GF and I highly recommend.

      Note: If new to anal, work up to this big boy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Size and shape.
      Vibrator could be stronger.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic and great fun for both of us (couple MF).
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    1. All I can say is wow

      Reviewed: 20 November 2019 by Mr&Mrs GHD, a Straight Married Male

      Well we already own the standard 9" Lifelike Lover and is used for pegging. When I saw this as we have also a smaller vibrating harness dildo. It was an immediate must-buy. :)

      On arrival, plain packaged as usual. The box was very weighty. Postie must have wondered WTF is in that!

      Well, after unpacking the LL Lover and fitting new batteries just to see what the vibrations were like and all was good and strong.

      Roll on a few hours and it was then time to clean myself and prepare myself with a Medium and Large butt plug ready for my good lady to peg me.

      When I was out of the shower and she had put on the first harness with the smaller dildo, I was summoned to the bed room to be pegged by my wife. :)

      After warming up for a while with the non-vibration dildo, my wife and I wanted to try what I now call "The Bad Boy". My wife likes the vibrations when using a harness as the pressure on her clitoris when she pegs away is enough to make her orgasm.

      Swapping from one harness to another was so much easier and quicker than fiddling around with unclipping and finding the right sized O-rings, so a definite bonus having a second harness.

      With quite a bit of LH water-based lube, this beast slipped in and stretched me to perfection. The wife slowly worked the dildo in and out until I took the whole length and then started to play with the vibrating settings.

      Well what can I say, when my wife had found the perfect vibration for her, she then started to work away and pound my now stretched ass. Feeling the dildo work away on my prostate and stretch my ass, I was in heaven.

      The size and girth and give in the material are perfect for putting pressure on your prostate without being too hard, and then the vibrations enhance everything.

      The wife while pegging me, orgasmed at least twice as she pounded away with a combination of the pressure and vibrations from the dildo.

      Then when I came, I came again straight after in unison with my wife. Then when she withdrew the "Bad Boy", leaving my ass with a pleasurable gaping and more cum came gushing out of my cock.

      All I can say is, if you like long and girthy dildos for pegging and want a vibrating one that is not too hard then this is a definite must.

      I can not wait for LH to release the 10" Extra girthy one in a vibrating version as that will also be bought straight away. ;)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Vibrations, size, girth and just the right amount of give.
      Bottom line
      Excellent for more advanced pegging and vibrations for both.
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    1. We love it

      Reviewed: 15 July 2019 by Smultron, a Bisexual Other Female

      I live in Sweden and received this quickly, after only a few days. The package was a discreet, plain cardboard box.

      This set includes a harness. Three O-rings in different sizes, a dildo and a wired controller.

      The dildo is long and girthy, so both of us needed some warming up before being able to take it. Long lasting water-based lube is highly recommended with this toy! It looks and feels realistic enough, and I love the texture, which feels especially good during vaginal play. The suction cup lets you secure the dildo on any smooth surface, such as a table or the bathroom wall.

      You can use this as a dildo, or plug in the wired controller and enjoy the vibrations. There are three vibration speeds and seven patterns to choose from. The vibrations can be felt throughout the dildo and are surprisingly powerful, given that this toy only uses two AAA batteries! Navigating through the various settings is super easy. Just use the push button on the controller.

      Lovehoney's Universal Strap-On Harness is very well made and will last for a really long time. I bought one years ago and there's only minor wear and tear. It's great to have two, so we can use one while the other is drying. This set comes with three O-rings, but the harness is compatible with smaller or larger ones so that the dildo stays in place during sex.

      This harness is quite comfortable to wear. The straps are fully adjustable and can fit almost any size. The triangle is made of a soft material and has a pocket to insert a bullet vibrator (not included.) Once you get the hang of it, changing the o-ring, inserting the dildo and putting on the harness is a piece of cake.

      Even though this is a brilliant set, my only complaint is that there isn't a way to secure the controller on the harness belt. One of you has to hold it, or it will be lying and tumbling around on the bed.

      To clean the harness I hand-wash it and let it air dry. I spray the controller and wire with sex toy cleaner and wipe them down with a clean towel. For the dildo and the O-rings first I use sex toy cleaner, then wash them with perfume-free soap and let them air dry. I prefer to store the harness with the O-rings in a pouch, the dildo in another, and put the controller and wire in one of my drawers. This way I make sure that neither the dildo nor the O-rings come in contact with other toys.

      Overall, this is a good quality harness set for those who like it big! It's very versatile as the harness fits both women and men, and most dress sizes. You can use the dildo on your own or with a partner, and the vibrations are powerful!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Everything! Good quality, versatile. Dildo size and texture. Strong vibrations. Great harness.
      Can't secure the controller on the harness belt.
      Bottom line
      An amazing set if you like it big!
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    1. Substantial

      Reviewed: 19 July 2019 by PermanentlyAroused

      This dildo is not for the faint-hearted! With an insertable length just shy of 9 inches and a girth of about 6.5, it’s a rather substantial piece. There are lots of pronounced veins and a good-shaped helmet. It is indeed very realistic looking, though the underside is very smooth which does look a little odd. It’s not noticeable in use though! There’s plenty of bend in it, and it also squeezes very nicely.

      The dildo has a very good suction cup on the base, so if you’re not using it in the harness you have another option. There’s a small tab on the suction cup that you pull to release it - you will need it because I couldn’t pull it off the bathroom tiles without it!

      The vibrator aspect of this dildo is powered by a pair of AAA batteries which you install in an oval controller. This is connected to the dildo via a cable with 3.5mm headphone-style jacks on each end. The placement of the port on the side of the dildo does have the side effect of reducing the amount of insertable length slightly.

      There are 3 speeds and 7 patterns. The vibrations travel pretty well through the entire dildo, though are noticeably stronger in the middle section.

      The harness comes with three O-rings (2.5”, 2”, 1.75”) so you can use the harness with other dildos. You’ll need the 2.5” O-ring for this one though. There’s a well-designed groove just above the suction cup into which the O-ring sits very nicely. The O-ring is held in place by 4 poppers which are easy to open but won’t come undone whilst in use. The harness is made of a padded material with webbing for the straps. There is an elasticated loop on the right-hand side which you can slip the controller into so you don’t drop it in the heat of action! There’s also a small pouch behind where the dildo sits into which you could slip a bullet vibrator.

      The sheer weight of the dildo does cause it to lean outwards and downwards from the harness, and we couldn’t tighten the harness sufficiently to prevent this. It doesn’t make it unusable by any stretch of the imagination, but it does make it a bit harder to control for the harness wearer. In use we definitely enjoyed it - my partner was quite impressed that I took it all!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Good-sized girth.
      A little too heavy for the harness.
      Bottom line
      If you enjoy big toys, this is well worth a look.
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