1. We-Vibe Sensation Unite Collection Couple's Vibrators (2 Piece)

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      1. We-Vibe Sensation Unite Collection Couple's Vibrators (2 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Intensify your bedroom bliss with the couple's collection from We-Vibe, featuring the orgasmic hands-free clitoral vibe and vibrating love ring. Both worn during sex, these luxury toys provide extra stimulation to enhance your climactic connection.

      Including the We-Vibe® Unite™:

      Wear this hands-free clitoral stimulator during sex for intense sensations for both partners. Its ergonomic shape fits the contours of your body for targeted G-spot and clitoral massage as you cycle through the 10 unique vibration modes from the one-button remote.

      Pivot by We-Vibe™:

      Designed to lengthen your lovemaking, this soft and stretchy love ring fits comfortably at the base of the penis, constricting blood flow, which may enhance your erections. Delight in its 10 modes of vibration as they pulse to yours and your partner's pleasure zones.

      With the Pivot, you can connect to the free We-Connect app and create custom vibes from anywhere in the world. The Unite does not connect to the app.

      Key Features:

      • Smooth silicone couple's vibrators for enhancing sex
      • Each toy has 10+ modes of vibration to stimulate both parties
      • We-Vibe® Unite™ is waterproof for play where you want
      • Pivot by We-Vibe™ is splashproof
      • USB rechargeable for your convenience
      • Connect to the We-Connect app to customise your own vibrations

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    1. We-Vibe Sensation Unite Collection Couple's Vibrators (2 Piece)

      Enhance your bedroom bliss with the couple's collection from We-Vibe, featuring the orgasmic hands-free clitoral vibe and vibrating love ring. Both worn during sex, these luxury toys provide extra stimulation to enhance your climactic connection.

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      1. We-Vibe Sensation Unite Collection Couple's Vibrators (2 Piece)
      2. We-Vibe Sensation Unite Collection Couple's Vibrators (2 Piece)


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    1. Fantastic kit for couples

      Reviewed: 17 December 2017 by Lovebirds_x

      What’s more exciting or luxurious than a new We-Vibe toy? Why, a bundle of two of course! As you would expect from such a luxury set the presentation is beautiful, we’ll definitely be using the box for storage as it’s just too gorgeous to recycle. I love how bright and colourful both the packaging and the toys themselves are - always great to add happy colours to the toy box! Both toys are well secured inside the box, and underneath you’ll find the bonus silky sash and play book.

      The play book provides some great inspiration as to how to use all the elements of your new play set and is full of tasteful illustrations. The silky sash is great quality and super soft. You can never have enough silky ties! Both items seem to be aimed at couples new to the idea of extras in the bedroom and are very non-intimidating. Very nice little bonus!


      Unite is hands down the most easy to use We-Vibe we’ve tried in a long time. The controls are undeniably simplistic: the single button press remote couldn’t be easier to use, and while the lack of app functionality may be a blow for some users, we found it nice to go back to basics and keep our phones out of the bedroom for a change. I’m generally a skip to the top speed and leave it there kind of girl, so for me the remote offers all the control I need.

      I absolutely love the shape of the Unite; the petite inner arm makes it easy and very comfortable for me to insert both the We-Vibe and my partner at the same time and is large enough to provide additional pressure on the G-spot without giving you the ‘over stuffed’ feeling other models tend to. The outer arm sits snugly between the labia and, for me at least, has no problem reaching the clitoris. The outer arm is small enough that you don’t feel like there is something obtrusive between you during intercourse.

      The vibrations are fabulous, slightly more on the buzzy end of the spectrum compared to the Pivot but more than strong enough to get the job done, and because they are much more directly targeted towards the clitoris, they feel stronger. The toy is super quiet, on the lower speeds it’s hard to hear it at all. The vibrations are strongest at the part that covers the clitoris, they don’t seem to travel down through the inner arm very well. Not so great if you want intense G-spot vibration, but from a male perspective this is a plus in that the inner arm doesn’t overstimulate the penis. My partner found there was enough of a buzz to give a nice level of stimulation without it affecting his performance. He was pleased to find a We-Vibe that brought me to orgasm quicker without doing the same to him.

      All in all we think Unite is fantastic. The design is the best, yet in terms of comfort for both partners it doesn’t feel in the way at all during intercourse, it’s easy to use, and it features top notch whisper quiet vibrations.


      Pivot may look bulky, but like the Unite it’s both easy to put on and comfortable to wear. My partner found there was enough of a squeeze to give the erection enhancements you’d expect from a cock ring without it feeling too tight or constricting. The ring sits comfortably between us during intercourse and stays in place perfectly, even when things get more energetic.

      Pivot features fantastically powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations, louder than the Unite but not distractingly loud. The most surprising thing for me was that I got far more G-spot/internal stimulation when he was wearing the Pivot than when I was wearing the Unite as the Pivot rumbled vibrations the whole way along his shaft, essentially turning my partner into a g-spot vibe. He obviously enjoyed this sensation as well, and so Pivot treads a fine line between making him orgasm faster as a vibrator would or delaying his orgasm like a cock ring would. I’m told this is quite an exquisite torture!

      Considering the size of the ring, I figured Pivot would have no problem reaching my sweet spots as well as his, but it surprised me again by falling short. The best way for us both to get pleasure from Pivot was for me to grind on my partner, short of doing this we were running on internal vibes only. Not entirely a bad thing as the internal vibes are fab, and when I did manage to make contact the clitoral stimulation Pivot provides is excellent.

      All in all Pivot is a fantastic cock ring for those who want deep, rumbly vibrations in a ring design that is comfortable for both partners. Pivot is one of the few cock rings we’ve tried that has been as pleasurable (if not more pleasurable) for him as it is for her. The app control makes it easy to find the perfect vibration setting for you both and is well worth figuring out to get the most out of your toy. Top tip: find the ‘enhanced bluetooth scan’ option to save a lot of frustration when trying to connect.

      Overall this set is simply fantastic and offers a convenient, value for money way to get two very different couples vibrators bundled in a beautifully gift worthy presentation. Both toys are very high quality and are great at what they do. Pivot and Unite compliment each other well, each offering a method of use or type of stimulation the other does not to create a set that can give you just what you want, whatever your mood. I would highly recommend this to those who want to branch out into the world of luxury couples toys. You won’t be disappointed!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Top quality, gorgeous presentation, two very different toys to choose from, fantastic stimulation from both.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic kit for those looking to delve into the world of luxury couples toys.
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    1. Modern loving

      Reviewed: 03 December 2017 by DreamsOfChi, a Straight Married Female

      "My goodness!", I hear you think, "Such a chunk of money. Can I justify spending that much, just to get my (and/or my partner's) rocks off?". Well, let me see if I can help you come (bad pun intended) to a decision.

      This limited edition set contains a cock ring (Pivot) that offers 10 different distinct vibration modes. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, and interact with, and helps (in my experience) in achieving a particularly magnificent looking erection. Not only this, but it can connect to your phone and be controlled from anywhere in the world by an app. The set also contains a G-spot and clitoral stimulating vibe (Unite) which is operated by the key fob size remote control as well as a top button. This, like the cock ring, can be used during solo play as well as intercourse. In my opinion, that is a lot of sex toy function for your money right off the bat.

      We both found the Pivot to be easy and fun to use. The ring stretched nicely over his penis and made my husband stand prouder (and veinier) than I think I've ever seen him. The vibrations and phone control are activated by pressing the top button on the cock ring. Connecting is simple - just download the app and follow the on-screen instructions, it takes seconds. My husband enjoyed scrolling through the different vibration modes (as well as creating his own) while I played with him. It also felt great when I went on top, though the flat nature of the vibrating part means that, if you require more specific, rather than broad, clitoral stimulation, you may still yearn for your bullet at times.

      To be honest I had less success with the Unite though I do enjoy using it. However, I do feel that my internal biology is slightly the wrong shape for this toy. While it felt perfectly comfortable when inside me and provided delicious clitoral stimulation it did not seem to want to stay put. If I stood up, gravity and the vibrations worked against me and if I laid down my own muscle contractions made it slide out. From what I could feel I think the two prongs were being forced apart too much (like a wide 'V' shape) rather than nestling nicely (like a squashed 'C' shape) and pushing itself out.

      I fared slightly better when it was worn during lovemaking, though I did find it a little distracting, particularly when it shifts off the sweet spot with harder thrusts. That said, softer, shorter thrusts actually helped it stay in and the experience of the shared rumbles was something both me and my husband enjoyed a lot.

      I can't say I got a great deal of G-spot stimulation from this toy though I have issues with that anyway. I do feel that there is greater fun to be had from the Unite so I will not give up on her yet.

      From a presentation standpoint, I think the We-Vibe Sensation Unite Collection just screams "Present!" – be that for yourself or someone else. Especially if you're going to be celebrating 'Sexmas' this year (just me?!) or you are looking for something to bring a bit of fun and experimentation into the bedroom. The box is substantial, appears quite high end and comes with instructions (and position suggestions) as well as a lovely satin look storage bag, a sachet of lube and a beautiful satin blindfold/tie. The toys themselves feel well made, look really nice (the Unite is a peachy pink and the Pivot a soft navy) and are super easy to use. I did find the button on the Unite a little stiff but keep pressing firmly until it buzzes, then you’re good to go. Love that they're rechargeable too, no issues with charge life, they kept going as long as we did.

      There is a great deal of entertainment to be had from these toys. The remote control aspect plus the ability to use them solo as well as together means that you will keep thinking of new ways to experiment with and enjoy these toys - new positions, various vibration settings, different locations. Not bad at all for the price tag, everything considered. With a little imagination and a sense of adventure, you'll find it hard to get bored of this set and if that doesn’t represent money well spent, I don’t know what does!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The results of the cock ring, the packaging and the endless combinations.
      The Unite can be a bit tricky but practise makes perfect.
      Bottom line
      A sexy double whammy of fun.
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    1. Didn't live up to expectations

      Reviewed: 24 December 2017 by BehrandBee, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      My partner really wanted to try out some couple's toys which have an app or remote so I suggested we give this a try since there are toys for both of us to use together. I read about the Unite in a story on Amazon of all places. The way it was described sounded incredible and was really looking forward to giving it a try.

      The packaging is really sleek and inside comes with a silky carry case and tie. We have lots of other blindfolds and bondage ties so are unlikely to use the tie but would be useful for people new to this kind of play. It also comes with two USB chargers and a sachet of lube.

      I charged everything as soon as they arrived and by the evening when we got home from work, they were ready to go. We were really disappointed that the Unite doesn't work with the app and only the Pivot does. It would make much more sense to include two products which worked with the app and remote.

      The Pivot is easy to use and pair with the app. The Unite we found to be fiddly on all levels. From turning it on manually to getting it to pair with the remote. I'm only saying this as every review makes it seem really easy so I felt really stupid not being able to do it.

      The Pivot ring is quite snug for my partner but with some added lube it fit okay. He likes it for solo play. We haven't tried to use it with both of us yet. We tried the Unite a couple of times and just don't seem to get on with it either for use on just me or with both of us using it for penetrative sex. It kept slipping out and the vibrations really just didn't do anything but feel a bit strange. From what I understand this is an older version and WeVibe have improved the design since.

      Both of these travel very well in their carry case. We took them abroad and no embarrassment going through the security check!

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Lovely colour of the Unite, carry case, easy to charge.
      Lack of connection to app for Unite, poor fit.
      Bottom line
      Like the idea but it just didn't really get us going.
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