1. SINNER Stainless Steel Urethral Sound Set (3 Piece)

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      1. SINNER Stainless Steel Urethral Sound Set (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      A great choice for beginners wanting to try deep urethral sounding and direct prostate pleasure, these rosebud style sounds enable deep penetration with minimal stretch. Explore 5mm, 6mm and 7mm fun with this 3-piece set. Suitable for all genders.

      A great set for anyone with a urethra (that's you!) to discover a whole world of nerve endings for penetrative pleasure. Generously lubricate the probe with a sterile lube before placing the tip over your urethral opening. Without forcing, allow gravity to assist insertion and enjoy knee-trembling bliss.

      Don't forget to sterilise your probes before and after every use and always use sterile lube to keep play safe and clean.

      Key Features:

      • Set of 3 stainless steel rosebud urethral sounds for urethral dilation play
      • 5mm, 6mm and 7mm diameters to explore
      • Each probe measures 8.75 inches in insertable length
      • Flared handle makes control easy and prevents over insertion
      • Long enough for direct prostate stimulation for most
      • Sturdy leather zip case for safe storage and transport
      • Suitable for autoclave cleaning for 100% sterility

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      SINNER Stainless Steel Urethral Sound Set (3 Piece) 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. SINNER Stainless Steel Urethral Sound Set (3 Piece)
      2. SINNER Stainless Steel Urethral Sound Set (3 Piece)


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    1. Stunning Sound Set

      Reviewed: 07 November 2017 by Kurosaki-Kun, a Straight Married Male

      Before having tried the SINNER Stainless Steel Urethral Sound set, I had no experience of urethral sounding at all. I was a mixture of intrigued and nervous when I got the set. I mean, come on, nothings meant to go down there is it? You hear all the horror stories of 'the umbrella' when people have been to the GUM clinic, the pain, the horror! As with anything you do for the first time, if done correctly, sensibly and safely you will truly experience something completely unique.

      Looking at the pictures on the product page and even reading the description that the sounds are 8.75 inches long did not prepare me for when I eventually had them in my hands, and by god, do they look long! The initial shock of how long they are and where they are going to go turned into genuine wonderment as I couldn't quite get my head around how they would enhance anything sexually.

      Made of stainless steel, the SINNER sounds come in a lovely leather storage case, each sound is held in with elastic, resting on a beautiful soft red fabric. It's a really professional looking set for under forty quid! In the set, you get three sounds which are 11 inches in total length, with 8.75 inches of insertable length, completely not for the faint-hearted. The three sounds measure 5mm, 6mm and 7mm in diameter.

      At this point, I'd like to say that if you are thinking of or have bought some urethral sounds and have never used any before, do some research beforehand, I looked up a few articles and watched Jess Wilde's video on sounding on this very website, to see how to do this practice safely. You can do some real damage using sounds incorrectly in such delicate places. The sounds are not limited to any gender, as long as you have a urethra you can use sounds, for this review please bear in mind I am the proud owner of a urethra attached to a penis.

      Before using the sounds, you must sterilise them, they are suitable for autoclave cleaning. Whichever way you choose, please make sure they are squeaky clean before any urethra or deep sounding.

      To use the sounds, use as much lube as you can, I found a thick water-based lube to be particularly effective at sticking to the sound and staying where I needed it on the tip of the penis before attempting insertion. Coat the sound as much as possible, right up to the oversized handle. If you are going to try deep sounding, into the prostate and beyond, you will want to begin with a flaccid penis, holding it upright. I found this to be rather difficult the first few times trying to use the sounds as I was nervously aroused by this whole new practice, so the erection was unavoidable!

      Starting off with the smallest 5mm probe, it took a while of playing around the meatus and opening of the urethra to eventually get the sound slightly inserted. At first, it burns, so take it out and try again. I repeated the in and out technique until the burning subsided and as I had read previous to trying, let gravity do its thing. The probes have a great weight about them, which has a function, gravity will take the probes down your urethra for you, they will literally fall. The first time I let this happen I was in awe, it's an indescribable feeling, your urethra being slightly stretched and opened. Very pleasurable. I personally got a real kick out of the 'naughty' aspect of sounding, the feeling of doing something out of the ordinary, being penetrated where you never have before, massively psychologically erotic.

      As I was erect the first few times of sounding, once the sound hit the curve of the penis it would stop. If this happens, please, please, please do not apply pressure or force the sound further, you will hurt yourself! Indeed, if you feel any pain or discomfort you should take the sound out promptly. I found that for around two days after using the first sound I was slightly sore when urinating, but since then I have felt no discomfort after use.

      For deep sounding with a flaccid penis, I found the sounds went into the prostate and hit the bladder wall quite easily, I think this is due to the design of the larger rosebud probe part and the really skinny shaft of the sound. I was not taken with deep sounding play as much as just in the erection, I found not knowing exactly where the sound was a bit unnerving. I would be teasing the wall of 'something' which would feel great, but then I was thinking, is that in the prostate, bladder, just the base of the penis? The sounds handles are big enough that with deep sounding you will not lose them, I've been right up to the handle on them all and they are not going to go in by themselves!

      After hours of various deep sounding and penis play, the resulting orgasms when ready have all been very noticeably strong. I have noticed as well that after having the sounding rods inside the penis, when I become erect, the erection is solid, extremely solid. I'm not sure of the exact science here but I assume it is from massaging blood vessels, or opening up the urethra allowing more blood flow. Whatever the reason it works incredibly well at creating a rock hard erection and explosive orgasm.

      I worked my way up to the biggest sound and found no problem using it at all, the largest sound at 7mm is my favourite for inserting into the tip of the urethra and pulling in and out, keeping it very shallow, this is where I have found the most pleasure from and with extended play can orgasm from doing.

      Once finished with, the sounds are extremely easy to clean, you should clean them up then sterilise them before storage. Once back in their handy case they can be kept pristine for the next time you want to use them. Next up will be letting someone else take charge of the sound for insertion!

      Highly recommend using sounds, this set is brilliant for a beginner; as I was. They are a great price and are great quality. Try it, you'll love it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Experiencing something unique!
      Bottom line
      Beautiful stainless steel set of sounds, explore yourself!
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