1. Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Sex Toy Kit (3 Piece)

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      1. Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Sex Toy Kit (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      If, like Sting, you think that every little thing she does is magic, treat her (or yourself) to this whimsical wonder-box of buzzy new companions. Let the ombre classic vibe, mermaid bullet and rainbow kegel balls grant your every orgasmic wish.

      Explore the supernatural speeds and patterns offered by the classic and bullet vibrators, and delight in deep vibrations or targeted,pinpoint precision.

      Enhance pelvic floor muscles with exercises using the rainbow kegel balls, and you could experience stronger, more intense orgasms.

      Unlike in some fantasy franchises, this magic doesn't appear out of thin air. Grab yourself 5 x AAA batteries to start your spellbinding orgasms.

      Use with a little high-quality lube for super sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Magical 3 piece kit including kegel balls, classic vibrator and mini bullet
      • The classic vibe and mini bullet offer 3 speeds and 7 patterns to excite your senses
      • Kegel balls weigh 95g for an intense pelvic workout
      • Balls can be removed to work your way up to greater intensity
      • Tapered tips on the vibrators allow for precise clitoral stimulation
      • Perfect for use alone or to be used in couple's play

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      Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Sex Toy Kit (3 Piece) 14 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Sex Toy Kit (3 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Sex Toy Kit (3 Piece)

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    1. Mermaid magical

      Reviewed: 18 June 2019 by CottonCandyLaLa

      Must-have kit.

      The classic vibe is fantastic long thick and curved tip is great for all-round stimulation especially on full throttle.

      The bullet vibe packs a punch. The pinpoint tip is great if you're a fan of pressure. Great for experimenting with speeds and patterns too and a very, very pretty little design.

      The kegel balls are surprisingly heavy and bigger than I expected but rotate in all the right ways. Fantastic for tightening, great weight and not uncomfortable if you're wearing for long periods of time.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great design, great price, fantastic kit.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely fabulous, must-have in any toy box.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 23 August 2018 by AudaciousRiot, a Straight Married Female

      Definitely a must have for any girl.

      The bigger vibrator in the set is so powerful, but can be a little loud (good for a day when you’re home alone).

      The smaller one is perfect for being discreet and does the job. One of the best vibrators I have tried in a long time.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The power and the packaging.
      Bigger vibrator can be loud.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely amazing.
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    1. I believe in love and sex and magic

      Reviewed: 09 August 2018 by Lovehoney - Cheekbones, a Straight Married Female

      This kit has mermaid my day. Presented in the most magical holographic, shiny box, this trio of treats is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to inject some extra colour into their toy box. I mean how can you not squee with delight when you look at these toys?

      The mermaid bullet vibe is my favourite toy from the kit. With a selection of speeds and patterns to choose from, I had fun experimenting with this one! Bullet vibes are a staple sex toy in any collection as they are so versatile - why not have one as pretty as this?

      I found a use for the ombre classic vibe too, despite this style and shape not being something I would choose usually. It's made from a hard plastic which I personally find not suitable for internal use, but the curved tip is great for less direct stimulation to the clitoris. I like it for more of a massaging experience, whereas the bullet vibe I like for more precision.

      The push button on the base of the toy makes it easy to change the speeds and patterns during play - and some of the speeds can definitely pack a punch!

      The Kegel balls were new to me, but so far so good. They are not something I will reach for all the time, but they are ideal for toning your pelvic floor muscles and for use during foreplay or a warm up. They are so, so mesmerising, reflective and fun to play with.

      Love this kit. I think we all have room for a little extra pretty, magic and sparkle in our lives!

      A fabulous all-rounder for beginners and sex toy aficionados alike.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Beautiful, on-trend designs to add a special something to your toybox.
      Would be nice if one of the toys was rechargeable.
      Bottom line
      Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid. Then always be a mermaid!
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    1. I Sea What You Did There

      Reviewed: 12 June 2018 by Sinfully Sam, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      There are no words to describe my excitement upon opening my happy mail last week to find this beautiful kit inside. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to road test this collection and I went in pretty blind in terms of any idea of what to expect. But a mermaid kit? With a full-size vibe? And more besides? I was in my own fantasy world from the moment of unboxing. The whole thing comes packaged together in a stunning gift-worthy box, complete with holographic design and magical wording. It’s also pretty informative, having everything you could possibly need to know already on the back, and is compact enough to keep as a handy storage solution.

      I have fallen head over heels in love with the classic vibe. I’m usually a wand girl through and through, with most of my other toys being of the non-vibration kind, but this beauty has been used religiously since arriving on my doorstep. Aesthetically, it’s not entirely unlike others of its kind, but there’s just something about its shape that, while only a slight shift from the norm, makes a world of difference in my eyes. In keeping with the deep-sea theme, the vibe widens subtly towards the base, reminiscent of a conical seashell or the larger portion of a sea maiden’s tail. It’s also more comfortable to hold and manoeuvre than other vibes I’ve tried, although I can’t seem to put my finger on why. In terms of power, this beauty has it in spades. Not so much a little mermaid, this siren packs a punch. The wider-than-average tip delivers an evenly allocated rush of sensation, with patterns and speeds ranging from a light buzz all the way to deep and rumbly. If you’re like me and tend to favour the latter half of this scale, you won’t be disappointed. The level of kick behind this toy is pleasantly surprising, and as a self-confessed power queen, I couldn’t be happier. For something so portable, this gal is hard to beat.

      If large vibes aren’t your thing, however, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a guppy in the mix. Small, even by bullet standards, this little darling is perfect for handbags and the like. Now, I’m not personally a lover of precise, pinpoint vibrations, but if they are what make your tides turn, you’re in luck. The vibe, in all of its teal scaled beauty, has the most amazing pointed tip, perfect for delivering those good vibrations exactly where and how you need them. Much like the larger vibrator, it also has a variety of settings, meaning you’re sure to find something that hits you just right. As far as vibration strength goes, she’s not quite as surprising, but for what is essentially only one battery worth of power, you’re still getting more than your money's worth. And, while I can’t say I’ll use this one as often, I do like knowing that I have such a versatile little thing tucked away should I fancy that hit of clitoral stimulation.

      Now, if vibrations alone aren’t enough to get your bubbles flowing, Lovehoney has you covered in that boat as well. I cannot stress enough how utterly perfect the Kegals in this kit are. Two beautifully holographic pearls nestled inside smooth silicone, these balls are a-a-mazing. They’re larger than I’ve personally become accustomed to, but are no means uncomfortable, and rotate in all of the right ways once inside. Walking with them in is as hassle-free as it gets, as, while you never forget they’re there, there’s little risk of an accidental ‘slip’ like I’ve had with others in the past. I can’t speak for the tightening purposes of these guys, as I’ve not been using them for anywhere near long enough to testify on any such count, but they tick all of the right boxes for me. Weighty, but not too heavy, they are comfortable to insert and pain-free to carry even for longer periods. The thick tail isn’t as obtrusive as you might think, and it’s sturdy enough for me not to worry about it somehow snapping off during removal. I think I’ll be using these more in the days and weeks to come as I had a lot of fun getting to grips with using them on my travels.

      Overall, this is a well-balanced kit, with something for everyone and everything for someone. It is beyond gorgeous and would be right at home wrapped up for the magical lady in your life. The products are of a great quality, as can be expected from Lovehoney, and all deliver at the higher end of what you’d expect from toys of similar types. To get all of this, and for it to be offered in such a beautiful, unique package, you’d be hard-pressed to find any fault in this collection. I couldn’t recommend this enough, and I’ll be buying more for all of my favourite ladies in the run-up to their birthdays. What girl doesn’t want to feel magical once in a while?

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The pearlescent design, the bright colours, the power, the versatility.
      Bottom line
      A perfect all-round gift for the magical lady in your life.
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    1. Freaking Adorable

      Reviewed: 11 June 2018 by ChloJakes, a Bisexual Single Female

      I was lucky enough to be chosen to test this. Upon opening the box, the packaging is awesome. It's shiny, girly and shows all the products in detail! It contains a bullet vibe, classic vibe and some kegel balls.

      It's mermaid themed which I adore. Weirdly, it fits with my bedroom nicely as that's also sea like!

      The products are brightly coloured and the bullet vibe has scales down it.

      Both the bullet and classic vibe use AAA batteries. Thought that was strange for a classic vibe, but it works. Vibrations are on point with classic vibes that use C batteries. It did get rather warm when using, but I think I just used it for a little too long! The classic vibe is probably mid-range with the vibration noise - not the quietest but not the loudest either.

      The bullet is comparable to others on the market.

      I'm still getting used to kegel balls, so can't go into much detail with these. Apart from they're really smooth to the touch and look lush!

      Instructions on the back for each toy is great. Perfectly detailed.

      It's really nice to see more and more toys having the 'hold down to turn off' function rather than having to go through all the patterns.

      I feel this would be a perfect gift for a close someone. It's just so pretty!

      Gets top marks from me.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Packaging and products.
      Bottom line
      Would make an excellent gift!
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