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      1. Dreamgirl High Neck Underwired Lace Bustier with Boning

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      Dreamgirl High Neck Underwired Lace Bustier with Boning 2 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Dreamgirl High Neck Underwired Lace Bustier with Boning
      2. Dreamgirl High Neck Underwired Lace Bustier with Boning

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    1. Not the greatest

      Reviewed: 15 October 2017 by Bbmmkk, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I really wanted to love this bustier but, despite its high price, it did not live up to expectations.

      The good lady indoors houses some 32FFs which makes it ever so slightly challenging when it comes to finding lingerie that fits. I had high hopes for this piece as it is advertised as boned however the 'bones' are very weak. They are more of a rough guide telling you what shape you should be as opposed to holding that shape. Theoretically, with a size 10-12 waist, it should have been a perfect fit - but it wasn't. For some reason, the bones on the front found a natural position outward while the left boob had a resilient bone across it. Now I understand the boobs in question may be too big but the bottom half of the bustier seemed out of proportion.

      The halter-neck section worked and looked great, as did the adjustable suspenders. I do love the colour and overall design but I think it could benefit from being a bit stronger.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The colour, intended shape and halter neck design.
      The boning structure was weak causing an out of shape look.
      Bottom line
      Okay. Not for the big chested.
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    1. Too good to be true

      Reviewed: 24 June 2018 by Lovehoney - Bot

      From the moment I saw this set on the what’s new page, I knew I had to have it. It looked so beautiful on the model and as red is my favourite colour and high necks are one of my favourite styles, this seemed like it was made to be. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Some things are too good to be true and that’s how I felt about this bustier when it finally came home to me. It was a huge disappointment that I was not expecting and I’m still quite sad that it didn’t work out.

      Quality wise, I can’t complain. It lives up to the usual standards of the Dreamgirl brand and it looks gorgeous in the flesh. The colour used is vibrant and striking and the lace is soft and high-quality. It appears to have been put together well and I couldn’t find any loose threads or problems with the build at all. The obvious black tags hanging from the bustier and matching G-string were the only minor faults it had but these can be removed with a quick snip so I was impressed up until this point.

      I tried on the G-string first as I’m not too fussed if these don’t fit accurately as I wear a size four on the bottom and the sets I buy tend to come in a small (6-8) so it’s almost anticipated but I always hope for the best. In this case, it was too loose on me but I could see it fitting the suggested size range so I can’t complain. It was nice enough as it had panels of lace in the front and back rather than being just plain red but it ultimately did not fit me.

      This is not the easiest garment to put on alone and it’s not a fast one to get in and out of either so that is something that would be worth keeping in mind if you’re considering purchasing this before it’s discontinued. It does have a zip on the side so you don’t need to pull it over your head but there are a lot of adjustments that need to be done once the zip is fastened. It has a halter neck style with an adjustable slider and it also has a lace-up corset style back that draws in all of the attention.

      After adjusting the neck slider so that the straps were as tight as they could go, I noticed that the bustier just wasn’t sitting right. The wiring that is designed to sit below the bust was sitting a few inches below it and I couldn’t understand why until I straightened out the lace panelling above it. The bustier was simply too long for my frame which meant that no matter what I did to try and adjust it, I was left with the wiring sat in completely the wrong place or bunched up lace around the neck.

      So this meant the wires that had been added for support were doing absolutely nothing for me and the overall look of the bustier was not flattering to my bust at all. I wear a 30A and the smallest I could get in this set was the 32, which I thought would be fine as I’ve had similar items from this brand before and had no problems. This bustier just seemed to be much bigger than previous outfits I have had and even with the ribbons pulled as tight as they’d go, I felt looseness around the back of the outfit too.

      The suspender straps were also too long for me but fortunately these could be removed. This is something that I could have looked past if this had been the only issue with the overall fit but sadly, this was the least troublesome aspect of the set. I think that this bustier was designed with taller, model-height women in mind and therefore, ladies who are around five foot like myself should step back and leave those who are closer to six-foot to rock this set instead.

      Overall, I am disappointed that this would not adjust enough to fit me as previous experiences told me that it would be possible and it didn’t work out that way this time. I felt that people who typically wore a 32 would struggle to make this size fit properly unless they were tall as it just feels larger than the typical sizing this brand uses. I have since passed this set onto a friend of mine who wears a 34B and is five foot six and she has had much more success with this fitting her.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Quality was great and the colour was beautiful.
      Didn’t fit properly. Sizing seems off.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely gorgeous. It just doesn’t fit.
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