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    1. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ballsy Dildo 9.5 Inch

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars2 reviews

      This is one ballsy lover. He's ready and raring to guarantee pure pleasure wherever and whenever you please. 9 insertable inches, raised veins and a meaty pair of balls at the base give this guy the confidence to please all of your sweetest inner spots.


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      1. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ballsy Dildo 9.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      This is one ballsy lover. He's ready and raring to guarantee pure pleasure wherever and whenever you please. 9 insertable inches, raised veins and a meaty pair of balls at the base give this guy the confidence to please all of your sweetest inner spots.

      Use the super strong suction cup to stick your dildo to a smooth, flat hard surface to enjoy its full length in all its glory. Or, if you want to share the experience with a partner, strap it into a harness and enjoy fantastic strap-on play.

      Use with a generous helping of lube to get the best out of your ballsy new chum.

      Authentic detailing meets perfect proportions with the Lifelike Lover Ultra collection of prodigious penises. Impressive in both looks and size, and with a solid suction cup for versatile play, these high-quality cocks are guaranteed to hit the spot and stay hard all night long.

      Pleasure doesn't have to be complicated. Part of the Lifelike Lover collection.

      Key Features:

      • Lifelike 9.5 inch dildo with detailing for the real deal experience
      • Textured shaft with raised veins, a pronounced head and a pair of bulbous balls provide intense stimulation
      • Strong suction cup base provides sturdy hands-free experience
      • Perfect for use in a harness for strap on play
      • Use the balls for external stimulation or as a helpful handle to anchor your new love
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 3.25
      • Base type: Flared with Suction
      • Circumference: 7 inches
      • Insertable Length: 9 inches
      • Length: 11 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: PVC
      • Texture: Textured
    3. Essential info

      • Harness Compatible: Yes
      • Has balls: Yes

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ballsy Dildo 9.5 Inch 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ballsy Dildo 9.5 Inch
      2. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ballsy Dildo 9.5 Inch


    1. Happy Girthday to you!

      Reviewed: 29 January 2018 by Optimized, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      As soon as it’s unwrapped there’s absolutely no getting away from it. This is one hell of a big, big boy. In fact, just handling the weight, length and breath-taking girth of this dildo in my hands for the first time gave me an instant boner. The colour, intricate detailing of the veins along the super thick shaft, pronounced cockhead and realistic skin folds around the ample balls all add to the excitement and anticipation.

      As I’ve come to expect from Lovehoney this product arrived very promptly and in discreet postal packaging. The dildo itself comes in a cool Lifelike Lover box and is wrapped in two sealed plastic bags which is reassuring as you know you’re the first to get your mitts on it. Also, the bags and box are ideal for storing this big beast in. The dildo has a slight aroma to it if you hold it up to your nose but it’s definitely not one of those toys that are going to stink the sock drawer out.

      Later in the day, I couldn’t wait any longer to give this monster cock a good test-run. Now, I’d say this bad boy is only really for intermediate to advanced users, particularly when it comes to anal play. I began by using a couple of shorter, less girthy dildos so that I was sufficiently warmed-up and prepped for the main event. Realistically, it’s probably not the kind of toy you want to be starting a session with unless you’re particularly accustomed to eye-watering girth, in which case, lucky you!

      I have to say that you’re gonna need a lot of lube if this stands any chance of plumbing your depths. I used a thick KY-style water-based lube applying it to the entire length of the dildo and to myself. The key thing I’ve learnt is to go slow, go very, very slow! At first, I tried lying on my back as if I was receiving in the missionary position but the length and size of this dildo can make it slightly difficult to gain much headway. I found that a much better way for me to use this toy was to attach it to the side of the bath using the strong suction cup, and from a standing/squatting position, gradually lower myself very slowly onto it, letting gravity do some of the work.

      Oh my god, the feeling as this thing opens you up is something else! The filling sensation as the big head slides in and you begin to feel that ultra-thick shaft stretching everything open to the max is certainly intense, and you really can feel all of those veins as you take it all in. Like all good things this toy rewards time and patience. My first session with this bully boy resulting in me taking about half of the length, but on my second attempt, I was a hair's breadth away from squatting right on top of those big balls. Then, as soon as I start to ride this thing all hell breaks loose and my orgasm is so intense that I’m literally staggering around on shaky legs for minutes afterwards. Also, a top tip that I’ve noticed – the dildo tends to have a natural bend backwards away from the balls. I discovered that it was easier for me to sit on it with it turned balls-backwards, away from me, as that way the natural bend of the dildo was inclining towards my prostate, making penetration easier and more comfortable.

      My only slight quibble with this toy is that it’s made from pretty firm PVC – there is some give to it if you squeeze it quite firmly but, on balance, I think I would have preferred a slightly softer texture. When using a toy of this huge size you tend to notice things like this and I guess it can feel slightly unforgiving at first. However, the plus side of this is that the dildo is not all floppy and super bendy which can be a problem with some larger dildos. Before ordering this toy it’s probably a good idea to use a soft, measuring tape (I use the free ones from a certain Scandinavian flat-pack furniture shop) to give you a rough idea of what you’re letting yourself in for, particularly in terms of this pecker’s 7-inch penile circumference. I mean, we’re talking thicker than my wrist and lower forearm here folks.

      In summary, if you’re after length plus extra girth, and a realistically detailed toy that’s going to literally stretch you to the limit then look no further as this big, bad boy is your answer. If you enjoy a challenge then your efforts are sure to be fully rewarded with a feeling of intense fulfilment and a dramatically explosive response. This makes it great for greedy guys and gals who really get off on generous girth.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Length, eye-watering girth, realistic-detailing, balls.
      PVC was slightly too firm.
      Bottom line
      Almost too much to handle, in a very good way.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. If Carlsberg made dildos...

      Reviewed: 22 January 2018 by Colossaloak, a Straight Married Male

      We were sent this product for a secret review and our initial reaction when we opened the box was wow! At 9" insertable length and just under 7" circumference (measured it myself) it's big. It is an excellent quality toy, the detailing is realistic and the toy has a good weight to it.

      It is firm to grip without being too hard, and while it has some flex to the shaft it does not bend without help. This feature is great when you use the suction cup to secure the dildo to a wall as it points where you want it to, rather than the floor as other dildos do sometimes. And when you push back against the head and shaft of the dildo it does not bend and flex uncomfortably.

      The length does allow for some creative uses. We have tried it secured to a wall, doggy style. Also placed on the floor, or a chair, with my OH kneeling over it or sitting on to it. It is larger than anything we have tried previously and the look on my OH's face as it entered her was priceless. Afterwards, she described how she had never felt so full both from the girth and the length, this is helped by the fact that the girth is the same along the whole shaft. She was not able to accommodate the whole length but it did not stop her from trying and having lots of fun in the process.

      As a toy to add another dimension to couple fun I would definitely recommend this dildo. The suction cup works well but is also easy to release when you are finished. It is great for those who enjoy a bit of extra girth, compared to a lot of toys around, but not too big to make it unrealistic for most people.

      The suction cup means that you can also have a lot of fun on your own, as you can use it hands-free. A feature demonstrated by the OH in combination with her favourite vibrator on her way to one of her strongest orgasms ever.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great quality, no issue with flex when used vigorously. Able to reach new places.
      So far nothing.
      Bottom line
      Great dildo that is more than capable for couple and solo play.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes