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    1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap

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    1. Product Description

      If in doubt, get this spanking strap out. With a multitude of treats (and tricks) up its metaphorical sleeve, it's perfect for experienced BDSM-ers who love weighty spanks with ear-bending slaps. Doubles up as a position enhancer for deep penetration.

      A sleek matt black design, this versatile fella needs no fancy frills. Fold the strap in half so that you're gripping both handles in one hand to create a broad looped spanking surface - a bit like a giant riding crop tip - and enjoy audible impact with every swing. The wide surface spreads sensation for the receiver while its flexible design wraps over their curves for maximum contact.

      If you already know you like using belts for punishment, slapper paddles or the sound of a broad crop, this strap will make an excellent addition to your toy box.

      Alternatively, this leather strap can be used as a support strap during doggy-style sex positions for extra deep penetration. Simply position the flexible strap under their pelvis and hold a handle in each hand to bring them in closer (and harder) during sex.

      Key Features:

      • Versatile leather spanking strap for explorative BDSM play
      • Delivers widespread sensation with maximum contact
      • Audible impact thrill both sub and Dom
      • Can be used as a doggy-style position enhancer for deeper penetration
      • An excellent investment for any S&M aficionados

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    1. Customer Reviews

      DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap


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    1. Incredible, intense and my favourite so far

      Reviewed: 25 February 2018 by AwesomeMarriedCoupl, a Straight Married Female

      Me and my husband share this account and I’ll be reviewing this item, mainly because I haven’t attacked him with it just yet!

      We are very experienced in the BDSM world, there isn’t a lot we haven’t tried, so we have a large collection of crops, spankers and canes already. I personally prefer larger surfaced items. I can always take a hell of a lot more and when I seen this item also can be used to pull me during intercourse it didn’t take any persuading.

      This spanker has the perfect amount of sting and impact, which is hard to find. The only thing that has is my husband's hands. I was able to be spanked for over an hour. Quickly building up to spanked hard repeatedly over and over for a good few minutes before I asked for a break.

      My husband then used our "sharp" items and even with a light press my bottom area began to bleed easily (obviously this isn’t for everyone, but you do not have to do this part).

      We then began doggy style. My husband wrapped it around my pelvis and went on ahead. While I do prefer him using my hips to pull me back, this definitely still felt amazing and we will definitely use it for this purpose again.

      My bottom is now perfectly bruised and as always I always wait for the area to heal before we do anything there again.

      I recommend this item for both the experienced and beginners.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The leather. Being able to take A LOT without hurting (the bad kind of hurt).
      Bottom line
      Perfect mix.
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    1. Excellent

      Reviewed: 14 January 2018 by Cam88, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought this to use with my partner as our first paddle, and we were very pleased.

      It has that essential leather smell, which she finds very erotic, and it makes a beautifully crisp smack when it strikes her buttocks! It’s a great intermediate toy - giving more sting than a flogger, but less than a riding crop or cane. My partner and I absolutely love it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Smell, weight, sound, feel.
      Bottom line
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    1. Don't Worry, Be Strappy

      Reviewed: 07 September 2017 by SteamyBedtime, a Straight Married Male

      This DOMINIX leather strap has had quite an impact on our sexy spanking fun over the last couple of weeks. You could say it's been a big hit, and it's certainly made its mark!

      We were delighted to be sent this product in exchange for our honest review and we were more than delighted to get underway with some really thorough testing.

      Our first impression was that it's very big and impressive! Used in its normal folded over style, it measures just over 16 inches in length and at the dangerous end it's 3 inches wide. It also has the distinctively strong smell of real leather, and we both agreed that the "Deluxe" moniker is deserved by the lovely quality of the leather and very neat cuts and stitching all around.

      Since this was our first spanking strap I hadn't known exactly what to expect and had anticipated it would be quite similar to our largest leather paddle. However, I was wrong about that. It's a very different feeling, nicer in my opinion, without the immediate sharp bite that you get from a stiffer leather paddle.

      What you do get is a heavier, thuddy sting that's not so focused on just one small area. It's as if the flexible leather embraces your bottom, with rather a noisy slap it has to be said, and the sting has a dispersed, less intense quality. Don't misunderstand me here, it definitely stings, but somehow in a much nicer way. At least that was my experience, and I found it very arousing!

      We found standing positions worked best for us, kneeling on a chair, hands on knees, and so on. It was just about workable as an over-the-knee implement, but it was a little too cumbersome really.

      The "Multipurpose" is a reference to it being able to serve as a doggy-style position enhancer. This was a new concept to us, but it was fabulous, and something that I wish we'd discovered sooner. The product description says "under your pelvis" but we found pulled against the tops of my thighs worked best. It leads to really deep, hard penetration and an exciting sense of being dominantly taken. It was a surprising bonus that we both loved.

      All in all, it's become an instant favourite, mostly in its capacity as a spanking toy, but the position enhancer functionality is excellent too, and at £29 I think it's a bit of a bargain. Give it a try and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Excellent build quality and a deliciously thuddy sting.
      Can't think of anything!
      Bottom line
      It's unseated our leather paddle and has instantly become our favourite spanking toy.
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