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    1. Lovehoney Clitoral Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

      Give your clitoris the kiss of life with our Clitoral Caress vibrator. This awesome panty pal ergonomically hugs your jazz café and embraces you in all the right ways for effortless arousal. 10 functions, waterproof and 100% silicone: just add lube!


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      1. Lovehoney Clitoral Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Give your clitoris the kiss of life with our Clitoral Caress vibrator. This awesome panty pal ergonomically hugs your jazz café and embraces you in all the right ways for effortless arousal. 10 functions, waterproof and 100% silicone: just add lube!

      With a tip that's somewhere between a petal and a teardrop, the Clitoral Caress is an expert at pin-point precision and widespread sensations. Experiment with its entire surface and click through 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration to really tailor your experience.

      Don't forget that, to get the most from your vibe, it's best served with a happy helping of water-based lube.

      Top tip: Don't let the name put you off; people without a clitoris can totally enjoy this toy too. It's for external use, so as long as you have an exterior (which hopefully you do!) you can play to your heart's content.

      Key Features:

      • Silicone clitoral vibrator with 3 speeds and 7 patterns for external titillation
      • Ergonomic teardrop shape fits natural curves for maximum contact and arousal
      • Raised pleasure nub is perfectly positioned for clitoral contact
      • User-friendly single-button interface for easy operation
      • Flexible and has a 100% playable surface for play that suits you
      • Waterproof and USB rechargeable easy cleaning and worldwide charging
      • Suitable for stimulating people with a penis, too
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 4 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Material: Silicone
      • Texture: Textured
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns

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    1. Lovehoney Clitoral Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Give your clitoris the kiss of life with our Clitoral Caress vibrator. This wonderful panty pal ergonomically hugs your jazz café and embraces you in all the right ways for smooth arousal. 10 functions, waterproof and 100% silicone: just add lube!

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Clitoral Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Clitoral Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Lovehoney Clitoral Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


    1. Perfectly Curved

      Reviewed: 23 January 2018 by LadySpider, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I fancied this as soon as I saw it - I thought the shape looked incredible - and it is! Honestly - it's perfect!

      As usual, fast, discreet delivery in the plain brown box - I'm sure our postie knows what all these plain brown boxes are... Ge gives me a cheeky grin every time he hands me one anyway! The toy's box is the standard Lovehoney white box with a picture of the product on it.

      As soon as it arrived I was desperate to try it... but charging had to occur first. I do love re-chargeable toys - I can never find batteries in my house - I'm sure we have a few families of 'Borrowers' under the floorboards who nick and use our batteries to power their cities!

      Anyways, it took me a few minutes to work out exactly where to pierce the 'self-healing' silicone charger in (right it the middle of the toy, on the top of the curve, where you can feel a hard lump - the motor I suppose?). I also love this self-healing silicone... so much tidier than the toy having a permanent 'hole' in it!

      It also gives me more confidence that the toy is fully waterproof. Once plugged in the toy flashes with a blue light until it's fully charged - about 2 hours for the first charge, but it gave me over an hour of play and still had plenty of power left! Now, as soon as I've finished playing and washed her, I plug her straight back in for my next session as this really has become my 'go-to' toy for the moment.

      Her body is seamless and made from a beautifully soft and silky smooth silicone and she is ever so slightly bendy/flexible and only about an inch and half thick in her thickest parts. Her perfectly shaped body is 4 or 5 Inches long and about 3 inches wide. The inner curve isn’t completely flat - as I thought it would be from the pictures here; the whole surface curves so very perfectly outwards to mould it’s self against my body. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more perfectly shaped toy - and I have a huge collection now!

      The vibe is controlled with a simple one button click in the centre of the toy - the first three presses give a continuous vibration, each increasing in speed and intensity, the next 7 presses give a wide variety of patterns - some are really good and actually a little bit different from the standard pattern other vibrators have. It's relatively quiet to use too. The whole toy vibrates and power isn't lost in any area - I like this point, so many toys which are supposed to be precise lose power at the tips or edges - this is not so with the Clitoral Caress. The tapered tip vibrates beautifully and powerfully, as do the gorgeously shaped edges which are soft and sleekly curved. The shape of this toy gives lots of scope for experimentation. There is a little nub inside the curve. If I sit the toy over my pubic bone this nub is in direct contact with my clit, which makes for great and unobtrusive clit play during intercourse.

      The Clitoral Caress is definitely one of my favourite toys and gets lots of use. I coat her in a thin layer of Lovehoney Release Masturbation Cream then use the tip and sides to stimulate my clit. I can use them softly so they’re barely touching me or press down harder for a deeper more intense sensations. The slight flexibility makes for a more comfortable feeling when I press this hard against myself, less flexible toys can be uncomfortable when pressed hard against my clit. Using the tip and sides can bring me off in minutes if I wish, or I can take much longer if I tease myself with gentle kisses and caresses with this toy.

      I love how I can lay the Clitoral Caress over my pubic bone and let the flat side do the work. I don’t need to move it about to bring myself off. The slightly convex shape ensures that the nub kisses my clitoris sweetly whilst the tapered sides caress both my outer and inner labia. The almost pointed tip stimulates and hums against my vag entrance. The flexibility allows me to use my fingers to apply pressure then let the pressure off slowly... This stimulates and excites the whole of my vag area, bringing me off as quick or slow as I choose.

      I wouldn't necessarily call this a ‘rumbly’ or a ‘buzzy’ toy... somehow it’s crazily in between. The vibrations don’t numb like buzzy toys but don’t rumble and grumble deeply either. I think this is what makes the toy work so perfectly for me. I do like ‘buzzy’-type bullets when I want a fast hard come, but I love ‘rumbly’ more, as with rumbles my comes seem to be deeper and more satisfying. Caught inbetween buzzy and rumbly, the clitoral caress gives both types of satisfaction.

      The Clitoral Caress is very individual - I’ve never come across a toy so far that I could compare it with, and it's got to be one of the most versatile toys on the market within the same price range.

      It's fabulous to use for clitoral stimulation during intercourse and is unobtrusive for most positions. We have found with it being flat and fairly narrow I can push the tip of the vibrator inside my pussy alongside MrSpider's penis so that he can also enjoy the vibrations. Used like this I can feel delicious vibrations deep inside my pussy, which wakes up my G-spot so that MrSpiders penis banging against, it with the vibrations echoing through his penis too, can often give me a G-spot cum - which is kind of rare during PIV for me.

      The Clitoral Caress feels great on my nipples too.

      MrSpider loves the tapered tip run up and down his shaft. I cup his penis in the curve then slowly w*nk him off by applying pressure on the back of the toy. He only likes the slowest speed as the other two speeds are too intense for him - he loves the patterns as they’re not too fast and intense.

      So... a massive hit for both of us! There isn’t a single thing we would change!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The shape makes this toy immense!
      Nothing - it's perfect for us!
      Bottom line
      The shape has been thought out for all round pleasure
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    1. Sneaky clit tickler

      Reviewed: 09 January 2018 by mrman123, a Straight Married Male

      Bought this as a gift for the wife. The classic Lovehoney silicone, build quality and rechargeable aspect drew me in.

      The shape is very handy as it can be used during sex without getting in the way of the action. Something other vibrators have failed todo so. The waterproof feature is neat, it has a ton of different vibrations and a nice light to let you know when it's charging.

      The charging port is sneakily hidden away. You have to 'pierce' the plastic skin to charge. Very alien looking but very cool! This was our most expensive toy to date and you can tell where the money was spent in comparison to cheaper toys.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Charging, waterproof and small ergonomic design.
      Bottom line
      Essential item for any ladies who enjoy clitoral stimulation to climax. Ergonomically design.
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    1. Caress of the Kraken

      Reviewed: 19 December 2017 by RosyCheek, a Straight Married Female

      The Clitoral Caress is quite possibly the most peculiar but effective designed vibrator I have seen. Is it a severed tentacle from the Kraken or a bizarre measuring spoon? Either way I rather like it and it's shade of Lovehoney purple.

      It arrived quickly and discreetly in the gloomy brown box. The elderly neighbour had no idea what lurked inside when she kindly took it in. The Clitoral Caress is package's beautifully and simply. The box shows the product and gives a brief blurb, it is what I have come to associate with high quality Lovehoney branded packaging. There is no smutt, no unnecessary graphics.

      The Clitoral Caress is rechargeable, yay! I have become quite the sex toy fanatic and live a rechargeable toy. It saves on scuttling around looking fir batteries or sacrificing ones from a remote control or whatever else I can scavenge them from. Charging takes a good 2 hours for the first use but timing drops afterwards. When charging the lights flash and the solid light indicates its time to play. The lights only add to it's peculiar design. It's fabulous! It felt a bit strange charging it as this is self-healing. It feels like you are stabbing it with the pointy end on its little dimple! It really is self healing and maintains it waterproofing.

      Using the Clitoral Caress is simple. It is a one-button-does-all vibe. Hold the button down and off it goes. Keep clicking to go through each setting and pattern. There is a broad range to discover. To switch it off press and hold again. As it is a clicky button it's pretty impossible to accidentally switch it off or change settings in use. This is my favourite function of it. There is nothing worse than getting to the point of no return and accidentally knocking it to a low slow pattern.

      The Clitoral Caress has so many uses. It's tapered tip can pinpoint where you want the vibrations much like a bullet. It fits neatly and comfortably in-between your lady garden, where it can caresses every inch of it. It is a stunning sensation. It can also be held in you knickers for a bit of fun and movement. I wouldn't recommend going out and about with it as it is button operated not remote control. There is so many possibilities for this. Use the point, the flat curve up, curve down... your imagination is the limits. It's not just for her either. It can snuggle up to my husband's undercarriage and buzz the blues away. He prefers a lower setting than I do! Honestly the range is endless.

      It may not have ultimate power like some of my other vibes but it packs a punch for its size. It's different to anything I have experienced before. I thoroughly enjoy this vibe. It doesn't set me off quickly but I rather like that occasionally as it's not just reaching the destination it's enjoying the ride.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The design, its quiet, higher than average power.
      Nothing, it's fab!
      Bottom line
      Its quirky, good vibes, multipurpose and easy clean.
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