1. Fun Factory Amorino Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. Fun Factory Amorino Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Play that funky music, Fun Factory. Amorino is a rabbit vibe designed with an innovative band feature to stimulate the labia, clitoris and perineum during play. With 6 rhythms and 6 intensities, you'll feel the band's reverberations all night long.

      Offering dual stimulation, the toy is made from firm silicone with one rounded head targeting G-spot or P-spot stimulation and the second smaller head perfect for the clitoris or perineum.

      Explore the impressive range of carefully selected settings to help bring you to climax including 6 rhythms and 6 levels of intensity.

      Use with or without the unique band for all-over sensations or targeted pinpoint pressure.

      Apply a generous helping of water-based lube to really get things moving and shaking.

      Key Features:

      • Silicone rabbit vibe with a unique detachable band for a variety of different stimulation options
      • Enjoy a huge range of sensations with 6 intensity levels and 6 rhythms of vibration
      • Rounded tip and curved shaft are perfect for G-spot stimulation
      • Broad, smaller head offers intense clitoral stimulation
      • USB rechargeable for play when you want
      • Waterproof so you can hop your rabbit into the bath or shower for aquatic play
      • Travel lock for safe storage and travel

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    1. Fun Factory Amorino USB Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator

      Play that funky music, Fun Factory. Amorino is a mini rabbit vibe designed with an inventive band feature to stimulate the labia, clit & perineum during play. With 12 combined rhythms & intensities, you'll feel the band's vibrations all night long.

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      Fun Factory Amorino Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator 7 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory Amorino Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Fun Factory Amorino Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator


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    1. Great little toy

      Reviewed: 03 January 2018 by Delboy1991, a Straight Engaged Female

      The Fun Factory Amorino is the first rabbit-type vibrator I've had in a long time!

      I couldn't wait to open it once it had arrived. It came the next day special delivery and was here first thing in the morning in the normal Lovehoney packaging. Once I opened it, it was in a very posh looking box which was also nice to keep it in while not being used.

      It comes with the charger and the vibrator and two sets of instructions. One set telling you what you can and can't do (example, to only use the charger given) and the other set explaining which buttons are which, and how to turn on and off. Which I thought was good for people with no experience in buying vibrators.

      The charger has two small magnetic clips on the bottom which just stick to the bottom of the vibrator and the buttons down the middle flash in turn so you know it is still charging. I used my iPhone Plus and connected the charger into that as I don't use my laptop for very long and is impossible to charge it downstairs with the kids about, so this was a much better idea and it charged fine. The only other problem was, as soon as it was knocked the charger would come off so had it to be placed still for it to charge properly.

      The vibrator has 6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms, which was great to choose from. I normally like a strong vibration but even for me the highest setting was really intense and that's saying something. It is very easy to use with simple plus and minus buttons to change vibrations and patterns. One button to turn on and off. Really easy to use.

      Another great thing about the Amorino is that it is 100% waterproof so you can use it where and when you like, which also makes it very easy to clean.

      It is very stylish and looks very expensive. It is very small so is easy to fit in a small bag or handbag.

      The yellow band is just like a stretchy elastic band but made out of soft rubber, which is also removable for anal play. The band gently vibrates as soon as you turn it on for extra stimulation.

      The Amorino is very smooth with no rough edges. It gives intense internal pleasures due to the rounded tip that makes it perfect for vaginal and G-spot stimulation.

      The only downside I found is that it is very noisy compared to a lot of other vibrators.

      Overall, it is a brilliant new little toy. They just need to improve on the noise level. It is a vibrator to suit everyone. It's cute, sexy and very powerful. It's my strongest vibrator yet!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very smooth.
      Little loud.
      Bottom line
      Great toy.
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    1. My go-to mini rabbit

      Reviewed: 14 August 2017 by *sexybabe*, a Bisexual Married Female

      I was sent the Fun Factory Amorino Rabbit Vibrator as a tester product to review, thanks, Leanne and Lovehoney!

      I've tried a few rabbits over the years. I enjoy using them, however, I've had mixed experiences! I particularly like dual stimulation as my clit needs some attention in order for me to reach orgasm.


      In typical Fun Factory style, the box is sleek and expensive looking. It's gold with the vibrant 'petrol' coloured vibrator pictured on the front. Inside is another gold box containing the Amorino, an instruction booklet and the charger.

      The Amorino

      I love the unusual colour of the Amorino and contrasting yellow stimulating band which is designed to be left on the Amorino, to caress your clit and labia or perineum. The shaft is firm and is curved to reach your G-spot (or P-spot). The silicone is incredibly smooth and soft, although it does have a slightly draggy feel to it so I'll ensure I use plenty of water-based lube before play.

      It's relatively light and small, with a cute arrow and heart design embossed on the side of the silicone. There are 3 ½ inches of insertable length so it's ideal for reaching the G-spot.

      I read the instructions first (such a geek!) and discovered it needs to charge for 8 hours to get 100% power. I have nowhere near enough patience so I charge for a couple of hours! You'll also need to remove the travel lock. There's a warning sign on the handle so you won't forget to do this. Press + and the Fun logo button for a second to switch off the travel lock. Then you're good to go!

      It boasts 6 patterns and 6 intensities/speeds. The clit 'arm' and head can't be controlled separately. The first speed is quite low and sounds like a gentle purring. It's actually a very nice vibration although quite weak. Scrolling up, you'll find another 5 intensities with the top 2 being reasonably strong, all of them being rumbly. Aside from the top couple of speeds, it's also really quiet.

      I add a dollop of water-based lube to the head, clit arm and band. It reaches my G-spot and clit perfectly, phew! Not all rabbits have managed this. It gives pinpoint stimulation on my clit with the end being slightly tapered. I sometimes find tapering too 'stabby' but the gorgeously soft silicone ensures this feels amazing.

      I find the buttons easy to reach and use. The silicone doesn't feel too draggy once it's lubed up. The power on my clit starts off a little weak on the lower powers, but once I build my way up through the speeds, it gets more intense. Inside me, I can feel the vibrations stronger. It took me a few uses before I could feel the band; it makes me feel a little more stretched with it in place although it also feels great without the band.

      I love to clench my muscles around the Amorino, and then release - it feels amazing! I make small movements by moving the handle in little circles and then from side to side or forwards and back for a slow build up to the big 'O'. I just use one finger to move and rotate the handle for a really lazy session! I go from speed 1 to at least speed 5 every time, sometimes needing to increase to speed 6. I love the vibrations but they may not be strong enough for a power queen.

      My 'Amorino orgasms' are slow built, strong and long-lasting. If I could change one thing I'd like a tiny bit more power in the clit arm but there's enough there to make me climax.

      Fun Factory recommend you twist and wrap the removable band in order to get the sensation you want. You can also remove it if you prefer. I've played with this without the band, with it on, and twisting it around before putting it in place. My personal favourite is to use the band, but not to twist it. I can feel the vibrations in the band and they transfer gently to my labia. This feels good as the sides of the clitoris run down the sides of your vagina. Very clever, Fun Factory!

      Although the band doesn't make a huge difference - I can still orgasm easily without it, after several plays I feel that it does add something so my go-to setting is constant speed, slow build up and with the band in place.

      The Amorino is waterproof so ideal for shower or bath play. An added bonus is it's easy to clean as you can run it directly under the tap!

      I'd recommend the Amorino vibrator to people who love dual G-spot and clit stimulation, people who enjoy mini vibes, and for those who like deep, rumbling vibrations. Also for anyone who likes the concept of a rabbit but isn't keen on ears.

      I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who identifies as a clitoral power queen; if you need a wand to reach a clitoral orgasm then this may not be powerful enough for you. It's reasonably strong internally, and the vibrations transmit very well through the tapered tip. I seriously love this vibrator, it's one of the best mini rabbits I've tried and just seems to fit my anatomy so well!

      I can't recommend this anally as I didn't try it that way. However, as the shaft is curved it might be ideal for P-spot pleasure.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fit with my anatomy, clitoral arm, silky smooth silicone, design.
      Could do with a bit more power. Perhaps one more intensity!
      Bottom line
      Gorgeous, fun and cleverly designed vaginal stimulator!
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    1. Put a ring on it

      Reviewed: 25 August 2017 by mamz, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This vibe has been around for a long time, and I’ve been curious about it for just as long. The ring really is what was making this toy unique to my eyes. I was very happy when it came up on the testers list because that meant that I could finally have a chance to try it, and unexpectedly, I’ve been selected to review it!

      The Amorino comes in Fun Factory’s standard packaging, and there is no storage bag with it, which I always find disappointing for high-end toys.

      First thing I noticed when I took it out of its box is how small it is compared to what I was expecting. It makes total sense, however, as it’s a “mini” vibe. It may be small, but it is big enough to hit all the right spots and to do its job.

      The colour is pretty, and definitively makes a change from all of these pink toys. The silicone part of the rabbit is soft and bendy. The yellow ring that’s attached to it by sitting in the ridges is soft, but still rigid enough to be somewhat difficult to put in place. It can be removed, used untwisted, or with one or two twists, and the more twist you make, the harder it is to install.

      The settings are quite easy to use, but for some reason, the first time I used it I just couldn’t manage to get passed the constant speed and scroll trough the patterns.

      The vibe itself, without the ring is quite basic. It’s small and the vibrations are on the buzzy side and not super powerful but they are enough for me; really, nothing to go wow about. However, the ring bands add just the right stimulation to make this vibe great. The vibrations travel through the string and feel even buzzier, but it stimulates the entrance of my vagina, which I really enjoy. The more twist you add to the string, the more tension it has and the more pressure it does on the vagina. One twist offers just the perfect amount of stimulation for me. Also, with this addition, I never get to the most intense speed before I orgasm.

      I was afraid that the ring would undo during use, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s pretty hard to undo, and if you want to remove or change its configuration during use, be prepared for vag juice and lube to go everywhere.

      Overall, this rabbit vibrator is quite basic without the band on it, but this little addition changes it all. It stimulates the right spots and allows me to climax, which I probably wouldn’t be able to do with the vibe alone.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The ring band really does it all.
      The vibe itself it quite basic.
      Bottom line
      The band really does add sensations and makes the whole vibe worth it.
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