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    1. SenseMax SenseTube VR Male Masturbator

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      1. SenseMax SenseTube VR Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Immerse yourself in an all-round pleasure experience with SenseMax, a revolutionary new system of sensation that allows you to indulge in a solo session like no other. Interactive content meets happy endings with a stroke of this VR compatible masturbator.

      SenseTube is equipped with motion sensing technology to enhance your virtual reality experience. Connect to the SenseMax ecosystem and be your own director and participant, controlling the performance with your every stroke. Synchronise your SenseTube with the VR app and headset for customisable content and pleasure.

      Soft silicone outer housing and an ergonomic shape offers your superb control over your pleasure and as you penetrate this non-anatomical masturbator. Choose between 5 different vibrating modes with speeds and pulses for intense stimulation. Press the MAX button for 3 seconds to jump to the most intense scene in the app and experience max pleasure.

      An airlock system allows you to adjust the suction until you get your perfect pairing.

      As the app contains adult content, it can only be downloaded from the website. Download the app (Android & iOS version) directly from the SenseMax website, www.sensemax.net/app. For Android users, the app can also be downloaded from Aptoide, which is a trusted 3rd party Android App store.

      Key Features:

      • Discreet vibrating male masturbator with soft shell grip for tactile responsiveness
      • Ecosystem compatible for experience that goes beyond the physical and connects to VR app and headset to simulate real-life intimacy
      • Compatible app offers both real life or animated scenes to choose from, with more content being created constantly
      • Airlock function for level of suction you desire
      • Simple 4-button interface for easy control, featuring a MAX button to soar straight to the maximum scene intensity
      • Bluetooth compatible
      • Waterproof so you can take your fun where you want to and easy to wash and dry
      • Magnetic charging dock with USB cable for universal use

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    1. Customer Reviews

      SenseMax SenseTube VR Male Masturbator 3 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. SenseMax SenseTube VR Male Masturbator
      2. SenseMax SenseTube VR Male Masturbator


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    1. The future is here for male masturbators.

      Reviewed: 10 April 2017 by bondagegod, a Straight Married Male

      Lovehoney sent me the Sense Max Sense Tube VR Male Masturbator with VR Headset to provide an honest review of the item. I removed the masturbator and headset from the smartly designed individual boxes. My first impressions were that I had a luxury male toy in my possession.

      The rechargeable masturbator has three parts to it. There is a delightful smooth silicone outer casing which is a lovely pure white colour; which is a total of 7 inches in length, while the quality is obvious as there is a good thickness to the casing. Placed on the top there is an air lock system for an internal suction. Where you pick between 1-3 holes or closed if you prefer.

      Inside the casing, there is a removable white TPE internal sleeve which is 6 ½ inches in length and has a diameter of 1-2 inches which is lined with a delightful ribbed pattern to provide great stimulation to your shaft during play.

      The third part is a turquoise stand that keeps the masturbator in shape between uses. While also allows for the sleeve to stand to air dry after cleaning has taken place.

      The app is available on Android and IOS. To download the app you have to go directly to the Sense Max web page and there are instructions how to connect the app with your phone. I have found the app is very easy to navigate your way around. The app is still very new at the moment you have a choice of six different VR scenarios to watch.

      The masturbator does require a 2-hour charge before use which will give you a 2.5 hours battery life. The charging cable is a magnetic USB lead once connected the flashing light indicates it's charging. I’ve used the vibrator several times and the battery is showing no sign of decreasing yet.

      The controls for the vibrations are 3 simple buttons, even when your vision is reduced while wearing the headset they are easy to find. Pressing '+' is for switching on & increasingly speed, '-' is to decrease speed and switch off. The travel lock system is activated by simply pressing the '+/-' together for 3 seconds. The centre button is for changing the vibrating patterns. There is a MAX button which is used when connected to the headset.

      To use the masturbator you have two options you can either connect to the VR headset for an interactive experience. Or solely use it as a masturbator on its own where you can enjoy a choice of 5 delightful vibrating patterns and a stunning 18 speeds. When using the masturbator by itself it is fully waterproof. There is a shower attachment available separately for some hands-free aquatic fun.

      To begin play a medium sized amount of water based lube is required in the sleeve. Entry feels delightfully tight for a wonderful start as the ribbed sleeve aroused my shaft and once I've introduced the vibrations I was feeling further stimulated. The vibrations do offer a good range of power from low to very powerful to suit all needs of levels. I enjoyed the constant setting while the speeds even at the half way point are very powerful with the combination of thrusting and vibrations my session was brought to a thrilling climax. While the vibrations aren’t overly loud if you required discreet play then some back ground music would be required.

      The masturbator offers a whole different world of pleasure when the headset and masturbator are synced together with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. I did wonder how I would react to watch VR sex videos whether it would be enough to excite me. The videos are very well made and they do draw you in, to feel you are the male penetrating the girl or receiving oral sex. The VR offers a full 360 experience as you’re in control of changing the camera view with one quick press of the centre button. While the max button allows you to change the sex act or by holding down for 3 seconds the male reaches climax.

      What really impressed me about the Sense Max product is how the masturbator is interactive with the videos in how slow/fast your thrusting it matches your movements to further allow you to feel you are part of the sexual act taking place. While reaching climax is quite the experience as it allows you to lose control and truly experience a spine tingling orgasm.

      When you're using the masturbator in VR mode there is only the constant setting choice of vibrations. Personally I prefer to just enjoy the ribbed sleeve as I watch the videos. There is sound during the video which can be heard out loud; if this were an issue then simply turn your phone on to silent mode.

      I do love how the inner sleeve is removable from the outer casing as this keeps any lube or body fluid from entering the outer casing. To wash you turn the sleeve inside out and place in warm water and give a spray of sex toy cleaner and for best results is to dry naturally if possible on the stand. The outer casing can be wiped over with a wet wipe if required.

      The cost of the product is higher than the average male toy. After experiencing the toy I can fully understand the price. As not only do you get a fantastic masturbator the way in which you can interact with the VR videos is truly pleasurable to give you an exciting time in a whole new world of male masturbators. Sense max also gives you a year warranty with the product.

      Overall this is the future of male solo fun as the interactive element of the masturbator allows a new sexual experience as it feels you’re part of the VR videos you are watching. So simply purchase one now and own this luxury male toy. I can guarantee this will become your male pleasure go to toy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Pleasurable ribbed sleeve and vibrating masturbator.
      Impossible to find a fault.
      Bottom line
      Luxurious male toy for stunning interactive VR play
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    1. Good But App Needs Work

      Reviewed: 12 July 2017 by NiceGuyNorthEast, a Straight Single Male

      I was lucky enough to receive this to test for Lovehoney, as always, packaging and delivery from Lovehoney were outstanding.

      I have decided to split the review into two sections, firstly the masturbator itself and then the app.

      The device comes in a white and light green box. If you looked at it quickly would think it is a portable speaker box! Inside you will find the device, a stand and charger. There is a fold out section to the box which explains about the do's and don’ts of the device (it's waterproof!) and also an image showing what each of the buttons does.

      Turning it on, there are 6 vibration patterns with 13(!) levels of intensity. There are the usual patterns and then a couple which a new to me. With the soft outer, it is very easy to grip and with it being flexible, you can vary the pressure you apply. There is an air valve at the top, which to be honest, didn't make a great deal of difference. There is also a screw point on the top, guessing this is for a shower mount or other mount in the future.

      Using the device by itself without the app was a very good experience, the sleeve is basic but feels nice, especially the first large ridge. The vibrations take it to a whole new level, so 10/10 for this.

      Cleaning was easy, give it a rinse and a spy and put back on the stand (charger also fits in the stand, so makes it easier). One thing I would say, would be better if the stand had air holes in the shaft, would allow the sleeve to dry better.

      Moving onto the app, firstly due to the content, you cannot download from the App Store (or Google Play) due to the content. So, you need to go to the website, download and then allow the app to run. Which if you are not familiar with the process, could cause problems.

      Once installed you can connect the device (as simple as going into the "You" section and searching for the device), set a pass code on the app (handy for if children use the phone) and browse the various videos.

      The videos are not plentiful and there are only 7 models (1 virtual) with 11 scenes available. These do take up a lot of space, I downloaded 3 videos (2 real, one virtual) and it took up nearly 1GB on my phone.

      The scenes themselves are low budget porn I would say, it has music playing over the top, which seems to be randomised and cannot be turned off so you cannot hear the dialogue well and they do tend to be a bit jumpy in terms of quality. Also, one scene took over an hour to download, this was on a 100mb connection. Might have been a one off as the others were fine.

      Using the device and app together, in theory, is a great thing, however, the app really lets this product down. Once you have paired the device you use the buttons on the side to change scene (or position) and then there is the max button. In the virtual videos, the scene button changes position and scene. Once paired, however, you can only have the constant vibrate setting, none of the patterns.

      There are 2 ways to view the videos, as a normal video or as in interactive one. The normal video is just like watching a porn video or anime if you choose the virtual one. If you put it into interactive, the model will move as quick as you move the device, if you go very quick the video goes jerky and the moans of the model seem to just keep looping.

      Then there is the max button, this is meant to take you to the climax scene. So, on two of the videos I watched, the second the guy never seemed to orgasm. Out of the two videos (excluding the virtual one) it was always a blow job for the climax scene. On the virtual one, it was a normal sex position.

      Overall without the app, the device is excellent. Adding the app should have introduced a level of personality, however, it seems to fall far short and needs a lot of work to get it to the same level as the device.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      The device and its vibration patterns and strength.
      The app, quite simply doesn't match up to the quality of the device.
      Bottom line
      Good device, but wouldn't say it was worth the price tag.
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    1. Worst purchase ever

      Reviewed: 21 June 2017 by Helipleb, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I was expecting that this would not be perfect as it's such a new product and there would be a few issues to iron out, although hoped those would mainly be in the app.

      Well the app sure has problems, but this product is deeply flawed in a number of ways.

      Delivery as always was great - we all know Lovehoney do that well. Packaging was also very good, as was the online YouTube ad.

      Charging was simple enough with a USB connection for the recommended 2.5 hours, although was actually fully charged in just two. I also downloaded the app. Doesn't have loads of content yet, but then it is very new so I expected that. Support for both IOS and Android (which I'm using) so that's all good.

      Sadly, that's where the positives mainly end.

      Onto the SenseTube itself. Looks fairly sturdy, has a removable sleeve for easy cleaning, with simple controls for increasing and decreasing vibrations and switching patterns - plus an intriguing "Max" function. It also does have all the vibration levels advertised.

      The vibration patterns, however, are a different story. They worked during "test flight", i.e. with nothing inserted. However, once I was inside the thing the patterns worked once - and then refused to vary again, no matter what buttons were pressed. They also don't seem to work at all when using the app connected to Bluetooth, although perhaps that's coincidental as seemed flawed anyway.

      So I'd downloaded the app and a few of the HD and virtual videos. As I got settled and started off I pushed into the SenseTube and realised that there was a lot of air resistance, even with the little air vent unlocked. Messing about with the vent settings to tighten or loosen the pressure achieved nothing.

      The internal ribbing really wasn't that stimulating either. Given that Flashlight, Utensil Race and Tenga do this so well, I felt pretty let down given the price. The vibrations, once I switched them on, were kind of okay, but really nothing that great. Oh well, I thought, let's at least get the video on the app and see how interactive it is.

      The virtual cartoonish videos do respond to your movement - sort of. If you move the SenseTube up and down, the virtual character does move in time and simulate sex on the screen, but only to fairly large motions. Smaller movements aren't recognised, which is annoying. The trouble is, unless you fancy having sex with what is effectively a cartoon character you really won't find this interesting.

      I switched to the HD videos with actual actors. When I say actors, though, I'm being very kind. The scenes were frankly terrible and as fake as the worst porn you've ever seen. The vibration patterns refused to work to lighten up proceedings, and all the "Max" button did was take you to the end ejaculation scene with no change in stimulus from the SenseTube.

      Frustration took hold in the end and I didn't even bother to try and finish. Removed and cleaned the insert, which was also really awkward to get back in. A final insult from a dismal toy.

      I'm not one for returning items usually, but this one is going back - lesson learned. No more SenseMax products for me in future.

    2. Overall Rating:
      1 out of 10 stars
      Packaging, sturdiness.
      The app, the vibration patterns, the insert.... most things really.
      Bottom line
      Don't bother.
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