1. THRUST Supreme Pussy and Ass Pack (6 Piece)

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      1. THRUST Supreme Pussy and Ass Pack (6 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Get the threesome you've always dreamed of with this trio of tight vagina and ass male masturbators, complete with the kit you need to care for them. Thrust into Alana or Andi's ass or Eva's sweet paradise slice for less than the price of a weekend away!

      Any hole's a goal and you've got plenty to choose from with the Thrust Supreme Pussy and Ass Pack. Enjoy endless nights with our trio of lovely ladies, including the Pro Elite Alana and her tightly ribbed Vagina and Ass, the Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass and Eva's Realistic Pocket Pussy.

      Each wonderful woman is ready to welcome you with a lifelike opening and a super tight canal with undulating internal ribs and nubs to give you 360 degrees of skyrocketing sensations.

      Want to keep these beauties in tip-top condition? We've got you covered! Inside this superior pack we've provided Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant, Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner and Thrust Sex Toy Renewer Powder to ensure your masturbators treat your dong to a mind-blowing experience every time.

      Key Features:

      • Trio of realistic vagina and ass masturbators
      • Sized to scale for an amazingly realistic experience
      • Alana boasts 2 canals for vaginal and anal penetration, while Andi and Eva provide a compact pleasure experience
      • Ultra-ribbed canals that get better with every thrust
      • Super-soft and squeezable material looks and feels so real
      • Includes Lovehoney lube for a super slippery real-feel experience
      • All cleaning materials supplied including a toy cleaner and renewer powder to keep your toys supple and just like new

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      THRUST Supreme Pussy and Ass Pack (6 Piece) 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. THRUST Supreme Pussy and Ass Pack (6 Piece)
      2. THRUST Supreme Pussy and Ass Pack (6 Piece)


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    1. A well thought out package

      Reviewed: 01 April 2017 by AlexS94, a Straight Going Steady Male

      First of all, I want to thank Lovehoney for giving me this as a tester. I was really excited to be getting this orgasm pack, I have been a long time fan of the Fleshlight, but had no experience of any of the Thrust range, and have often been tempted to treat myself.

      The parcel arrived on time and discreetly as always with Lovehoney. It is definitely worth noting that this is a large and heavy parcel. The pack itself is all stored together, inside the large box for "Alana." On opening the parcel the first thing we pulled out was Alana, the realistic ass. This really is the highlight of the package. The shape and size of her perfectly formed ass are enough to make any man drool. The material feels nice and smooth and cleans easily. It does have that strong rubbery smell, and it took a few washes to fade, but this is to be expected when purchasing sex toys. The ass feels really lifelike, it is firm but has plenty of give, I find myself spanking those cheeks far too much. It is a weighty toy, but that actually serves as a benefit in this case as it stays steady, even during a vigorous session.

      One of the best features of Alana is that she has a choice of openings for you to use. Both holes are positioned well, allowing for easy access. Visually, I absolutely adore Alana's vagina, it looks natural and is proportioned well, and I regularly find myself giving oral to her before getting down to business. The vagina opening clamps nicely around you as soon as you enter, and has a very realistic feel once inside. My partner tried it with a finger, and she couldn't believe how much it felt like herself. It is very true to life. The anal opening offers a completely different sensation as the whole passage is really tight around you, it feels incredible. The texture in the anal hole is not as pronounced, but the tightness of it gives it a realistic feel.

      When it comes to using the item I initially struggled to find somewhere to put it at the right height for me, but I have so far found putting her on the sofa, with me kneeling on the floor to be the easiest location so far. The moment you first hold those ass cheeks and slip inside her is a phenomenal experience. I can honestly say, that I did not expect a sex toy to ever feel this true to life. Every aspect of this ass is spot on. The only issue I have found with her so far is that it is quite noisy using her as air gets trapped inside. It would also be nice if they offered a black skinned version of Alana, as I have a thing for beautiful black girls. That said, though, don't let anything put you off her. The first time I orgasmed inside Alana was the best solo orgasm I have ever had.

      Once you're done with her I have found that just taking her in the shower with you, and giving her a thorough rinse is the easiest cleaning method. Pat her down with a towel and leave to air dry. This material seems a lot more durable and doesn't get as sticky as that of the Fleshlights, which are big positives. I have been really impressed with the quality of this product, and the thought behind it. This toy has been an absolute game changer for me, and I highly recommend it.

      Moving on to both of the mini masturbators. Both of these are packaged nicely and look professional. I will begin with Eva the pocket pussy. The first thing I noticed was the size as the sleeve is quite small, especially when compared to the bulky Fleshlights. The material is good quality, smooth, and very flexible. Visually Eva looks good, with nice protruding lips, and a tight entrance hole. Once inside she has a good feel, with lots of different ribs and textures massaging your shaft. It is much the same story with Andi the Anal sleeve. She is visually very nice, but offers a slightly tighter hole, with a more consistent ribbed texture. I find that the end of the shaft does stick out the end of both of these strokers if I let it, which feels nice. Overall, both of these masturbators are a nice addition to the package and are ideal for when you want a quickie, or don't want to use Alana. I have found that I like swapping between the 2 sleeves as well. We have also found the sleeves good for couples play, my favourite so far has been when my partner uses the sleeve on me, with the head of my penis sticking out of it so she tickles the head of my penis with her tongue.

      Also included with this kit is Lovehoney's "Enjoy" lube. It goes without saying that lube is an essential for all of these toys, and this lube is your run of the mill basic lubricant. It does what it says on the tin. The taste isn't particularly pleasant, but it doesn't smell too strong, and it lasts quite long before going tacky. It comes with a handy push dispenser and a simple design on the bottle.

      The Lovehoney "Fresh" toy cleaner is another essential. I have been using the Fleshlight own brand toy cleaner for a while now, but I have been impressed with this offering from Lovehoney. I find this smell a lot more pleasant than the more expensive Fleshlight one. It evaporates pretty quickly and again comes in a nice easy to use spray bottle. It is important to keep all male masturbators clean, as I have found they can develop foul smells pretty quickly.

      The final part of this package was the Thrust Renewer powder. As I said in the beginning of my review; I have been really impressed with the material on these Thrust products, as they haven't gone very sticky after washing, unlike the Fleshlights material. That said, it is still important to apply the powder occasionally to keep your toys feeling good, and fresh. The difference in texture after applying the powder is very noticeable. The Thrust powder comes in a nice bottle, with an almost sporty design. It has an easy to use shake out applicator and contains a good quantity of powder. It's important to lay down a towel or mat before powdering, as it is always a messy process applying powder to your toys.

      Overall, all of these components are good on their own, and when they all come together as a kit, it is like an extra Christmas. Alana is definitely the highlight of the kit. It is nice having different options, as these toys all feel different, and have different purposes. I would say this kit has been a revelation to me. I now look forward to solo play almost as much as I do sex. Well done, Lovehoney, for creating a well thought out masturbation kit, I highly recommend it to every man.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Alana is amazing. The kit offers lots of different variations on solo play.
      Alana can be a little noisy, would be nice to choose different skin colours.
      Bottom line
      An absolute revelation, the ultimate kit for male masturbation.
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    1. 15 pounds of pleasure

      Reviewed: 27 March 2017 by MK7, a Bisexual Single Male

      It's hard being in a distance relationship. Especially when you only get to see your partner every few weeks. It makes the in-between time quite difficult. The Lovehoney tester fairies granted me a chance to take the plunge in to finding something that would help me deal with such times. This has amounted to me being sent this giant 15lb pussy and ass.

      This kit is great. For starters, you don't just get your 15lb of pussy and ass, you get your own separate pussy and ass if you only want the textures and can't be bothered with the weight of the giant pussy and ass, or the cleaning of the giant pussy and ass.

      Now, my pussy and ass is lovely, don't get me wrong, but it does take a special occasion for me to want to use my giant pussy and ass, because my pussy and ass is exceptionally hard to clean (requires me unscrewing my shower head and siphoning it through the pussy and ass) and exceptionally messy to preserve (renewal powder absolutely did not come in packaging that makes it easy to use without making a mess).

      The best part about this toy is the sheer weight of it. It feels more like the real thing than any masturbator I've ever used ever. And I've used a lot of masturbators. This one is the closest to the real thing and makes those times away from my OH a lot more pleasurable.

      If you've got the money, I'd buy it. There's not really anything that comes even close to this. You're paying for quality and the weight is an experience you can only replicate with the real thing. It's one of a kind.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The weight of it makes it feel so much more realistic.
      Renewal powder is a messy business.
      Bottom line
      Worth its weight (and boy is it a lot of weight) in gold.
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    1. Alana, mwah... others very small

      Reviewed: 25 March 2017 by sexytime87, a Straight Engaged Male

      We were so amazed to have an email from Lovehoney today that we were picked to review this new bundle!

      Both of us looked at what there was in the bundle and what we saw was fantastic. We could not believe our eyes. We were so excited.

      When the bundle came it was in a massive box - we were not expecting it. I don't think our postman expected the big box either. It was quite funny watching him bring the box to the door.

      As soon as the box was in the house we just had to open it! We were both super excited and couldn't wait to see what we had inside. And I can tell you we were not disappointed.

      Inside the box we had toy cleaner, lube, renewing powder, THRUST Eva, THRUST Andi and THRUST Alana. This was too exciting. We both couldn't wait to see what these were going to do for us.

      My partner was ready to go for all of it. We gave all of the toys a good clean and then decided what to use first. Now before I get into all of the reviews for the toys I will do the other bits.

      Toy Cleaner:

      Now we have used this toy cleaner for a long time. Every time we have used it, it works so well. All you need to do is spay the toy cleaner on the toy you wish to clean and wash with warm water. There really isn't much more that I can say about this product - it really just does what it says on the tin.

      Lovehoney Lube:

      We had ordered some of this lube before and when we used it we found that it was too watery for us. But when my partner used it this time we found that this was not the case. We did notice that the lube is no more watery. It seems a lot thicker than the last time we used it.

      My partner put a little onto him and then started to use the toy he was playing with. He thought it was really nice for a few minutes, but then after a little while it went tacky and dry. He did have to keep applying the lube to keep it moist. He did like the texture of it but just didn't like the fact that it went tacky so quickly.

      The thing is we already have our favourite lube and it will be hard to beat it. But we did like the fact it was much better than the other Lovehoney lube we used. So in that respect it was nice to use.

      Renew powder:

      When my partner had finished using the toys he had he washed the with the Lovehoney toy cleaner and then left them to dry naturally. When they were completely dry he used the renew powder on it. This just gave the toys he had just used a new lease of life. It made them feel like new again and it was lovely to have that feeling again.

      It was great to know that, after he was done using the toys, it was super easy to make the it feel exactly the way it did when we first pulled it out of the packet. We did find, though, that when we wanted to use the toy again it felt a little weird on the outside. But it was easily rectified by just giving it a little rinse. It was amazing to see the toy looking as good as new. We just both hope that the powder will work every time we use it.

      THRUST Andi:

      My partner took this out of the box and had a look at it. We saw that this one was shaped like an ass. At the first glance we saw it was really small! We did not know what to think about this, but the only thing that did come into our mind was “I don't think it is going to be amazing”. We really wasn't too sure on this.

      When we put our fingers inside it didn't look like it was going to be that sensational inside. My partner was a little let down but didn't let this put him off. He applied some lube to himself and to the toy and gave it a go. (I did have to warm him up before he used the toy). He then slid himself inside and exactly what we thought, it didn't give him much sensation at all. Another thing was he came straight out of the end of the toy. We did find, though, that this toy had a ribbed outside, which made it easy to hold. The ribbing made it easier for my partner to go right through to the end and not feel like he was going to come out of the side.

      We knew there was a slot for a bullet vibe. But we noticed that the slot for the vibe was really small, so again you would have to have a really small vibe to fit in the gap. I suppose that because the toy is so small it can't have a big enough gap for a normal size vibe.

      So all in all this just wasn't for him at all. Maybe someone with a smaller private area would benefit from this a lot more than my partner did. We both think that he was a little too thick and long. As he was too big for it he didn't enjoy it fully. So in this case he just didn't like it.

      As we had the toy cleaner and the renew powder in the bundle we were able to use this on the toy. We both did like the fact that it all comes together in one bundle. It makes it much easier to take care of your toys.

      THRUST Eva:

      This one is pretty much like the other small masturbator. This one, though, is shaped like a vagina. My partner thought that this was going to be much better than the other one as it had a more interesting inside.

      This all changed when my partner applied lube to himself and the toy. He slipped himself inside. This was not too easy as it felt really small and quite tight for him. It took a little manoeuvring, but he got himself inside. It was a little off-putting needing to keep moving around just to get in. Now, just so you know, we didn't know that these two were so small. We thought that they were going to be bigger but just have a small internal length.

      He was shocked about the inside of this toy. Was much more interesting inside. But the downside to this is was the fact the outside was not ribbed, his penis was coming out the side of the toy and the toy itself actually split because of it! This was all because he was too big to get inside the toy.

      If the toy was larger and longer I think this would have been excellent. It just wasn't big enough for his manhood. Plus the side of it wasn't ribbed and it caused him to rip the material of the toy. We just really wished it was big enough for him to use as we think it would have been something amazing. As I said in the previous review, it would be good for someone with an average-size penis, but for anyone who has a larger penis it's just a little uncomfortable. Or if you like things tight then this would be for you!

      THRUST Alana:

      Wow oh wow! That was the first thing I thought when I looked at her. My partner's first words were “that's massive, no wonder why the postman had trouble with this parcel”. She is massive, we couldn't believe our eyes.

      She came in a big box which is orange and black. Inside the box she was sat on a plastic mould (like an easter egg plastic box). And then it is also covered with a large see-through plastic bag. After taking all that off we had a good feel of her.

      She did feel good, but I wouldn't say exactly like real skin, but it is quite like it. Inside the vagina hole it felt quite big. Not only that it didn't feel like there was much going on inside. We had a feel of the anus hole and that was just the same but tighter. Both of us were glad to see that the holes were in fact longer, so there was more insertable length.

      Looking at this toy we were trying to decide where it would be best to put this while my partner uses it. It is way too heavy to hold it while using it as it would of just got heavier and heavier. Then we thought about using our liberator cushion to make it higher. My partner put it on the bed and he stood on the floor next to the bed. This was okay but found that Alana was at a difficult angle for him to get insider her properly.

      So I suggested that he get on the bed and see if it worked better like that. We took our cushions out from under her but this then made her way too low for my partner. So then we put the cushion back underneath. This was exactly the height that he needed to be comfortable.

      He was already hard from using the other toys, so all he had to do was apply some lube to him and the vagina on Alana. After he had done that he slid right inside her. Like we thought, this was a little too big and didn't have much sensation to it. It is literally just ribbed inside and not very interesting. It seems like they worked a lot on the outside look of this toy ad didn't concentrate on the internal feel of her - very much a plane Jane. My partner did give it a good go in the vagina but just didn't seem to get anywhere. He said after a while it got a little boring feeling the same thing.

      He decided to have a go at the other hole. Like I said already, this hole is tighter but the same feeling inside as the vagina. He didn't have any problem getting inside and started to thrust away. As this one was tighter he said he was able to feel the ribbed inside better. He used this for quite some time an then switched back to the vagina every now and again. He said as the vagina was not so tight it was easier to use than the anus and helped him to keep his load to himself.

      We both noticed that while using the toy you still seem to get noises you would expect from an actual lady when she is bent over. But there are different noises too. As he was going in and out of Alana it made a noise I can't quite describe. I suppose the best way to describe it would be a “hollow” sound.

      While my partner was using this I was able to mess around with Alana too. I did help him to get inside her. I was able to hold open her flaps and also spread her bum cheeks. My partner did enjoy me getting involved too. I was able to sit on Alana's back and he also had my boobs to play with while he was stimulating himself with her butt.

      Another thing we were able to do was get our strap on out. I was able to get my partner to bend over the toy while he was still inside her I was able to go inside my partner and give him some more stimulation. This is a great toy for couples as well as using it on your own. My partner loved being able to slap and grab her ass while he was enjoying being inside her.

      Cleaning this beauty is easy! As you already have the Lovehoney toy cleaner in the bundle you just spray this inside her holes and on the outside (if it gets messy). Now the way we did it was put her in the bath and use the shower to rinse her out. I held open her holes and my partner squirted her. Using a few fingers inside her to make sure she is squeaky clean.

      Now the worst part of this was trying to think of somewhere she could lay to dry. We thought of a few places but they weren't really appropriate. So in the end my partner put a towel on the bathroom floor and let her dry naturally - this did take some time as she is quite big inside. Before putting her back away we dusted her with some of the renew powder we got in the bundle also.

      After she was all done he put her in the plastic she came in and then slid her into the box. Now this was another thing we didn't know where to place. As it is such a big box it was really hard trying to find a spot for it. I would say if you have got any rook in the bottom of your wardrobe then that would be perfect. We did not have any room in ours and the box was too high to fit under our bed. So we have just hidden it away from any prying eyes for now under a jacket.

      Bot of us would say that this is something you wouldn't really want if you are still living at home - unless you have somewhere to store the box! You really wouldn't want you parent's/flat mates walking into your room and finding Alana's box.

      This really is a good all round toy. You can have the best of both worlds. If you really fancy a threesome but your partner isn't up for it then you can get Alana. I did not at any point get jealous of him being inside her. It was great to play out this fantasy and also be nice to him while he has his penis inside her.

      We would recommend this bundle to everyone! Now I know we haven't gave the smaller thrust toys an amazing review, but they are still useful to have around. As they are small it is much easier to get them out and use rather than Alana all the time. My partner is quite happy to use the smaller ones as just really small masturbators. Maybe if there were other THRUSTS that could go in the bundle with a bigger internal length? If you are large then you would have to do the same with the smaller toys. But with the bigger one you have all the room you need!

      I would say that the price is a little steep - but for the quality of Alana alone she is worth it. Also the other bits that come with it are handy. The toy cleaner, lube and renew powder all work for the three toys.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The lube, toy cleaner and renewer powder can be used on all three products!
      The two individual thrusts were small.
      Bottom line
      A good bundle - the individual THRUSTS could have been bigger.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes