1. Jopen Opal USB Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. Jopen Opal USB Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Jopen's Opal is a rare gem of vibration, G-spot and clitoral stimulation, crafted together to create one powerful and precious vibrating glass massager. 10 functions of intense vibration are contained within tempered glass for an exhilarating experience.

      Cycle through 10 delectable functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation while revelling in the accentuated, rounded tip of the toy for intense G-spot stimulation.

      A soft, silicone arm extends from the lower end of the toy to tantalise your clitoris and bring you to the perfect blended orgasm.

      The high quality choice of materials means that not only is your toy non-toxic, heat resistant and 100% non-porous, it is also completely waterproof so you can enjoy play in the bath or shower.

      Key Features:

      • An exquisite G-spot and clitoral vibrator with powerful dual motors for intense pleasure
      • 10 functions of vibration and pulsation to thrill your internally and externally
      • USB rechargeable, a full charge provides up to 1.5 hours continuous use
      • 100% waterproof for aquatic play
      • Non-toxic, heat resistant and non-porous
      • Easy to use controls for your satisfaction

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Jopen Opal USB Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Rabbit Vibrator 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Jopen Opal USB Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Jopen Opal USB Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Rabbit Vibrator


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    1. Magenta Magic

      Reviewed: 07 May 2017 by popk1n, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was extremely excited to be receiving the Jopen Glass Rabbit Vibrator for review from Lovehoney. Glass is my favourite material, blended stimulation that comes from a rabbit vibrator is the easiest way I can get off and, for a £100 price tag, I had high expectations…

      Straight off the bat, I could tell this product was made by a luxury brand. The attention to packaging is very nice, coming in a black magnetic-closure box, which, if it didn’t have the words “vibrating massager” on the front, I would definitely keep to store it in. Within this box, you get the vibrator and the USB charging cable.

      My first impression of this toy is that it is pretty! The colour is gorgeous; a dark magenta that I feel could appeal to even pink-toy haters. It isn’t as heavy as one would expect a glass toy to be, so it doesn’t appear to be solid glass on the shaft. This does mean that it doesn’t seem to be as susceptible to extreme temperature like normal glass toys, like whenever I pick it up, it always feels warmish, slightly below room temperature. The silicone feels super soft and high-quality.

      Before first use of this toy, I needed to charge it up. Sometimes when toys come, they are already a bit charged up to use straight away, but this one wasn’t since when I pressed the button, nothing happened. I couldn’t find an instruction booklet with this toy, but it does say on the back of the box that it will charge up completely in 2 hours. I love USB rechargeable toys, they are so convenient. You just put the pin end into the toy and then plug the USB end in whatever device has a USB slot. When charging, the buttons have lights that flash super brightly, until it’s fully charged and they remain constant. I let it charge up and then was ready to roll with testing!

      I knew straight away that this toy would require lube for me to insert it – the head is extremely bulbous, and being glass, I knew it wouldn’t be forgiving or flexible. I indeed managed to get it in and ooooh the curve feels wonderful! The shaft isn’t super long, but the girthy head more than makes up for it! When I gave the toy little thrusts and scoops when it was inside me, with or without vibrations on, it felt glorious on my G-spot and I’m positive my orgasms were all-the-more intense because of this stimulation.

      The vibrations were the next thing to judge. There are two buttons: one to switch on/off and one to cycle through the 10 settings (3 constant speeds, 7 patterns). It is a strange compliment to give, but the buttons are really good, really easy to find and press. I switched it on and I would consider this to be powerful, even on the first setting. Working my way through, I have found that I am generally happy to stay on the lowest constant speed, occasionally going one speed higher. The vibrations can definitely err on the buzzy side, and if you go too long using them you can start feeling a bit numb, but the pure power makes them still awesome for me to be honest. I have orgasmed hard every time I have used this, so I guess I can’t criticise it too much since it satisfies my body’s needs.

      I think part of the reason this works for me so well is that I find the clitoral arm actually more stimulating than the rabbit ears on a standard vibrator of this type. I feel like there is a broader space it can cover on my vulva/clitoris, it feels less stabby than ears and I find I have to readjust the position a lot less, whilst also feeling more able to use this toy with one hand only, since the arm actually is firm enough to stay in place. If you’re the type of person, like me, who doesn’t actually use the ears themselves on rabbit toys and pushes their clitoris further down onto the clitoral rabbit’s “body” (shaft?), this shape will probably work better for you, as it did me.

      This all sounds so positive, right? Well, I do have one issue with this. The noise level isn’t exactly low. I do still use it on the lowest setting in my university halls room, but when I am at my family home, I would not feel comfortable using it whilst my family was in. And if you accidentally put it down on a surface whilst it is vibrating… two words: power drill.

      The main question to answer from a toy of this price point is: is it worth it? It depends. I very much like this toy and I am not saying it is not worth £100. That being said, I also have toys I like just as much that are a lower price to buy. If you want to treat yourself and £100 is no big deal, then yes, go for it, recommended! But if money and noise level are priorities, there is probably a more suitable alternative out there for you.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Bulbous head, rounded clitoral arm, gorgeous colour
      Kinda loud, price is debateable
      Bottom line
      Highly recommend for people who have no problem with money or noise
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    1. Purple Haze

      Reviewed: 07 June 2017 by Funlover69, a Straight Single Female

      I first was attracted to this rabbit vibrator when it appeared on the tester list for Lovehoney. Being a lover of my glass dildos, and often preferring my bullet vibrators to some rabbit ears, which I sometimes find too intense and slightly painful, this vibrator promised to be the perfect solution for me. Unfortunately, not being lucky enough to have the chance to test it, I thought it would remain out of reach financially for me. Can you imagine my joy when I spotted it on offer at half price, yes half price!

      Short of dancing round the room and swinging from the lightshades, I controlled my excitement sufficiently to allow me to order one up for myself before they sold out. As if that wasn't thrilling enough, I also ordered a LH luxury vibe with approx. £10 off, plus received a free Tracey Cox Vibe worth £30. I could barely believe my good fortune. Needless to say I was ultra excited for the delivery of these quality items. In true Lovehoney fashion they all arrived discreetly packaged by 9a.m. the following day.

      Of course the main thrill for me lay with the opportunity to experience the highly prized Jopen Vibrator. Since sampling the service given by this one, I have looked over the other mixed reviews and felt compelled to add mine.

      Firstly, I was very taken by the handsome box it arrived in with its magnetised front flap and window top, which allowed instant appreciation of its beauty. This item really oozed quality and my imagination by now was running wild. I was pleased to find it securely fixed in a moulded foam inner for protection during transit with the charging cable set neatly alongside in its own little groove. I was struck instantly by the smooth beauty of the rigid glass stem with the contrasting flexible silky soft silicone of the rabbit arm making a fascinating combination.

      Being just a tad impatient to get started, I was frustrated that it had arrived with no prior charge in it at all. That grievance aside it did charge up more quickly than expected. In the meantime I set the ambience in my room to perfection, which was challenging given that by now it was only mid morning and there was brilliant sunshine outside with neighbours going about their business.

      Once ready to rock and roll, I began by applying some orgasm gel and warmed up with one of my favourite bullet vibes, making sure only to tease in order not to over sensitise my clitoris. Now ready to introduce my new luxury vibe into play, I felt a moment's anxious anticipation due to the large bulbous glass head seeming much more intense and overwhelming than it had first appeared.

      The vibrator, however, with the glass stem's interior not consisting of solid glass but a more lightweight material meant it was not as heavy as some others which I already enjoy, so this helped make it seem less intimidating and would hopefully be less tiring on my wrists. A generous smothering of quality lube was certainly the order of the day.

      The on/off button and settings control were easily accessed and simple to use, making the choice of patterns easy to scroll through.

      Immediately upon powering up the two motors I was struck by the sudden volume even on the lower settings which became louder as the vibrations increased until it almost reminded me of a tractor rumbling along the road. Once recovered from this shock, I prayed that none of my neighbours could hear it. Fortunately, once inserted this did help to dull the worst of the volume.

      Oh wow! How amazing could any vibrator be. As I slowly slid the bulbous tip over my already engorged labia then slipped it smoothly inside, I could feel my vagina reacting to the girth of the head and shaft, arousing every nerve ending around it.

      The intense stimulation of the glass combined with the constant vibration of the stem was more sensual and thrilling than I could ever have imagined. For this stimulation alone I would gladly have paid full price for the pleasure. It continued to grow in intensity as I was able to manoevre the powerful stem inside me while attempting to line up the clitoral arm to suit.

      Although a little tricky at first to line up precisely, l did eventually succeed and found this stimulation to be more gentle by comparison and certainly less focussed and pinpoint than the usual rabbit ears. This felt more like the spread of sensation I would get with some bullet vibrators, and I could soon feel the deep stimulation building and moving me closer to orgasm.

      As I continued to manouvre the stem inside me also thrusting it against my G-spot, I was thrilled to find the vibrations of the shorter clitoral arm were still able to stimulate my clitoral area really effectively without the extreme force of some other toys. This euphoric trip soon led to an intensely powerful blended orgasm which almost felt like a rollercoaster as it came in waves.

      As it drew to an end my clitoris still felt amazingly aroused without the usual pain like electric shocks if anything touched it. This left me feeling, within a few minutes, that I could go again, which I did while also scrolling through the many patterns and soon orgasmed once more with similar intensity. In fact this amazing vibe made me feel as though I could play all day but for becoming more exhausted with time and emotion.

      For me this was a brilliant breakthrough into multiple blended orgasms, which usually evade me. I think the more intense G-spot stimulation from the tip and stem with the broader sweep of sensation against my clitoris suited both my anatomy and erogenous nerve endings to perfection, making this an ideal vibe to provide me with the precise combination my body cries out for.

      Possibly not suiting everyones anatomy and sexual needs with the same precision may be why the review results are so diverse. At least with Lovehoney's no-quibble returns policy you are welcome to try with the guarantee of no hassle should it not fit your needs. So as customers we really have nothing to lose.Thank you Lovehoney!

      I obviously would highly recommend buying this as a gift for yourself or a loved one if you feel you want to experience something a little different. Hopefully LH will restock this vibe at some point in the future to allow more customers to indulge in its pleasures.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The combination of glass and silicone along with the design features creating amazing orgasms.
      The excessive noise levels.
      Bottom line
      A luxury tailored vibrator able to accommodate specific desires.
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    1. Not suitable for power queens

      Reviewed: 06 June 2017 by *sexybabe*, a Bisexual Married Female

      I've been lusting after the Jopen Opal for a while now. The fact it's vibrating glass, the dual stimulation, and that bulbous head! I saw it on offer and snapped it up.

      The Opal comes in a classy box with a clear window and instructions on the back, along with a USB charging cable but no storage bag, which was disappointing.

      The vibrator is a gorgeous colour, it's silky smooth and the silicone doesn't attract any dust. It's very light which was a surprise as I was expecting it to be heavier. I was pleased to find out the silicone arm is quite flexible and bendable.

      It needs a 2-hour charge before it's full. It has 2 motors but I can't say that either is particularly powerful. The silicone arm is a bit stronger but the vibrations seem a bit weak within the shaft. Sadly, the vibrations can't be controlled separately which I would've liked for strong G-spot stimulation coupled with slightly lighter clitoral stimulation. In fact, it seems to be the other way around - the silicone arm is more powerful.

      The Opal boasts 10 patterns including 3 constant speeds. The box advises they are 'strong, powerful vibrations' but I would suggest they are low to medium. I have stronger vibrators. This isn't the most buzzy one I own either, but it's definitely more buzzy than rumbly.

      Another feature is memory - when you turn the Opal back on it remembers your last pattern. You can't scroll back and forth as there is only one button to change the pattern. The buttons are easy to reach.

      The Opal is loud and emits a strange, irritating sound, you'll want to turn up your music or the telly! I wouldn't use this when housemates or children are in the house. Even under a duvet, it's still loud.

      The gorgeous, bulbous head is one of the best features. Don't underestimate the size; it's huge! Take your time and apply lots of water-based lube.

      I find the silicone arm is flexible and feels soft on my clit. I like putting the head firmly against my G-spot and leaving it there, taking hold of the silicone arm and circling it around my clit on a continuous speed setting, leaving the head to pulsate against my G-spot. The shaft isn't powerful enough for my liking so it takes me longer to come and it's not so intense.

      After the first orgasm, my clit becomes sensitive so I put my finger under the arm to lessen the contact, and then grind the head against my sweet spot. Then as I approach my second orgasm I let the arm make contact again.

      I like more power for G-spot stimulation than the Opal can offer, but the shape and glass are amazing. I also enjoy the silicone arm. I don't think this is worth £100 but I'm happy I bought it in the sale.

      It has its good points, but I would make the vibrations more intense and rumbly, with separately controlled motors and a storage bag.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Bulbous head, silicone arm, sleek smooth design.
      Weak vibrations, not able to control separately.
      Bottom line
      Lovely vibrator, could be improved!
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