1. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Flexible G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Flexible G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Stand up and applaud as we welcome Crescendo, the world's first personalised body-adapting 6 motor smart vibrator. Hit your high notes as you shape the silken form to suit your mood, body and desire, enjoying an explosive 12 handcrafted vibrations.

      Crescendo offers you personalised pleasure as you shape it to any position you please, sending vibrations to your special sweet spots, whether you're a man or woman, or a couple looking for joint satisfaction.

      Pleasure and power go hand in hand as you sweep through 12 different patterns and up to 16 levels of intensity until you crescendo to an all-encompassing climax.

      The 6 different motors work in waves to suit your every mood, while the companion app offers you countless vibration patterns for never-ending excitement.

      The sleek sex toy has a wireless charging system - simply place the toy on the base charger for 2 hours to get a full hour of maximum-power play time. Always use your Crescendo with plenty of water-based lube for maximum enjoyment.

      Key Features:

      • Bendable form for your personalised pleasure
      • Unisex toy for individual or dual stimulation.
      • Not recommended for prostate play due to un-flared base
      • Completely waterproof for bathtub play
      • 16 levels of intensity, 12 pre-loaded vibration patterns and even more available through the app
      • Premium skin-feel silicone
      • Seamless silken-soft smooth design

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      1. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Flexible G-Spot Vibrator
      2. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Flexible G-Spot Vibrator


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    1. Let down by the motors

      Reviewed: 23 April 2017 by NatandTom, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I have a pretty big sex toy collection at this point, so I have started to seek out products that have more to them than meets the eye. The Crescendo definitely ticks that box as it's clear from the description that this isn't just another vibrator. I added it to my tester list in the hopes of exploring its many possibilities and when the email came through to say that it was on the way, I couldn't have been more excited. Thanks, Lovehoney!

      Presented in a classic black box with gold embossed text, I was instantly impressed. If something is going to cost as much as this vibrator does, I expect it to have great packaging and I wasn't disappointed in that respect. Upon opening the box I found an envelope with the words 'A new world of pleasure awaits you.' This contained a small leaflet with product information inside. I thought this was a nice touch and it added to the luxury feel that this product has.

      Also inside the box, I found the Crescendo itself, a gorgeous quilted storage pouch with satin ties, the charging cable, charging pad and two black cards, one looks like a business card and the other reads the link to register the one year warranty. Inside the pouch there are three different compartments, which I also thought was a nice touch as this allows you to store the Crescendo, charging cable and charging pad in the same place without being squashed into together.

      It is made from a gorgeously soft premium silicone, which feels luxurious to the touch. It is of course body-safe, odourless and hypoallergenic. It has a little bit of squish to it in the tip and around the edges, but generally it's quite firm. It's strong enough to withstand the thousands of positions it will encounter over months/years of use and I have no worries about it not being able to stand the test of time.

      As it's quite matte, there isn't a huge amount of drag to it, but there's still enough that I'd definitely recommend using a good coating of water-based lubricant with it. It doesn't attract as much lint as I thought, so that was a bonus, but it could be easily removed anyway as this vibrator is fully waterproof. It can be submerged in the bath, taken in the shower and cleaned under running water with some antibacterial toy cleaner or soap.

      When I first checked out the charging system I thought that it was a great idea and it seemed quite simple. Fast forward fifteen minutes and I'd become frustrated. I'd always thought We-Vibes magnetic chargers and their constant disconnecting was irritating, but this took the cake. The process involves plugging the USB into your chosen port and the other end of the cable into the back of the charging pad, then placing the Crescendo on top and leaving for two hours. Sounds easy, right?

      And it is, in theory. But in practice, the minus button on the Crescendo has to perfectly line up with the arrow on the pad. It's quite fiddly on the first few attempts to get the correct positioning, but once you've got it, it's quite straight forward. I can't overlook my initial frustrations with the system, but I did like the fact there were light indicators to help out. A green light will flash at the back of the charging pad and pink lights will appear on either side of the Crescendo. These will also flash until the charge is complete. Both sets of lights will go solid once the battery is full. This takes around two hours and will provide an hour of use, which is not bad.

      To use the Crescendo, press and hold any button down for two seconds and the vibrations will begin. To stop, press and hold the < or the > button for two seconds. The < and > arrows cycle through the 12 hand crafted vibrations and the + and - buttons move through the sixteen available intensities. You can also control the vibration patterns through the app (and add new ones), but unfortunately, you can't change the intensity through that at the moment. That feature is apparently coming soon though.

      How do the vibrations feel? To be blunt about it, disappointing. I like my vibrations to be rumbly and strong and unfortunately the Crescendo's vibrations are buzzy. I can cope with certain types of buzzy vibrations, so the lower six or seven intensities are fine with me, but as the intensities go past this the buzzing becomes the sort that's high-pitched and even painful. It doesn't really cause any numbing as some buzzy vibrators do, but the buzzing is so sharp that I found it to cause discomfort if left on a certain area for longer than thirty seconds at a time.

      The Crescendo can be bent and manoeuvred into countless different positions, which means this toy should never get boring. It's not going to be the exact same experience each time it's used and I do like that about it. I found a couple of formations that worked best with my body, but I'm sure I will encounter more as I further get to know the Crescendo over the coming months. I even found a formation or two that provided suitable stimulation for my penis-owning partner, which I wasn't expecting.

      For my use, I like to adjust the Crescendo into the come-hither position or a C shape. I think that the come-hither shape provides great attention to the G-spot as it would if it were fingers, but the flat surface allows me to get better coverage of the spot. I wouldn't have minded it being a little wider to cover the entirety of the G-spot, but it covers enough for me to feel satisfied. Once I've made contact with the spot I like to use a fast thrusting motion and have the vibrations on the buzziest intensity that I can handle.

      A C-shape seems to be the most effective for me though. I found that this shape is easy to hold and control and the tip of the Crescendo is able to target exactly where I need pressure. I feel the slight ridges along the shaft when using the Crescendo in this shape and that provides a bit of extra stimulation whilst thrusting back and forth. Regardless of the shape the Crescendo is formed into, I can't use as much strength as I'd like because of the frequency of the vibrations and that puts me off wanting to use this as a vibrator at all. It's too buzzy to use clitorally and not strong enough on the less buzzy settings to use vaginally.

      I mentioned earlier that I can use this on my partner and as he doesn't mind high-frequency vibrations, he makes use of the higher intensities. He also makes use out of all the patterns, some for teasing, some for prolonging orgasms and some to get his rocks off. It feels best for him when it's sort of C-shaped around his glans, letting the vibrations travel from the head of his penis to the base of his shaft. I wasn't expecting this to be a toy he could make more use out of than I could, but that's how it worked out.

      To use the Crescendo with the app, download it from the App Store, turn your Bluetooth on then start-up the Crescendo and the two devices should automatically connect. You can check out the settings already stored on the vibrator, delete any that don't work for you and add new ones. I found a couple on the app that I liked more than the pre-set ones so I swapped them over which was a super quick process. You can also use it as a remote control to change through the patterns, but as the intensity cannot be changed through this at the moment I haven't made a ton of use of this feature.

      In conclusion, I know this was a long read but there's so much to know about the Crescendo and for the price it retails at, it's worth knowing as much detail as possible before splashing out. I still don't feel that I've explored every possibility with it and I'm sure there will be some more interesting sessions that follow whilst I play around with the shape, but I don't think I'll be using this much as a vibrator outside of partner play as the motors just aren't right for me.

      I can handle the top speed of a Doxy with no barriers, so I know that it's not an intensity issue, but rather the frequency of the motors. I would rather have two or three rumbly motors than six buzzy ones in all honesty. Having said that, I don't think the Crescendo is a bad toy. It might sound like I've been negative throughout this review, but there are some positives too. For me though, the negatives outweigh the positives. I'll be mostly using this as a bendable, firm dildo rather than a vibrator, which sucks considering the price tag. If I'd have ordered this myself, I'd probably have sent it back.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      The idea behind it. Endless possibilities.
      Buzzy vibrations. Not strong enough. Not that quiet. Can't change intensity through app.
      Bottom line
      If the Crescendo had rumbly vibrations, I'd be singing it's praises from rooftops.
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    1. I wanted to love the Crescendo

      Reviewed: 13 April 2017 by LeilaK, a Straight Engaged Female

      I was over the moon when chosen to test and review the MysteryVibe Crescendo for Lovehoney. Thanks, Leanne! It's not often I get excited about a sex toy, but the MysteryVibe Crescendo really got my motors going! The Crescendo is no ordinary vibrator, there is a lot of technology packed into this slim vibe, so you might want to grab a cuppa as this is a long read, but feel free to skip to the parts that interest you!

      Background info:

      After nearly a decade of extensive research, the Crescendo by MysteryVibe was officially launched on Valentine's Day 2016 in Selfridges London. Crescendo is the product of a partnership between MysteryVibe, (a U.K. based company) Condiment Junkie (sensorial experience and aesthetics), Fueled (app development), and industrial designer SeymourPowell. The MysteryVibe Crescendo was the first ever sex toy to be crowdfunded on the website born.com.


      The MysteryVibe Crescendo arrives packaged in a beautiful black box. The box is wrapped in cellophane and protected by an outer sleeve, this reads: MysteryVibe, Your pleasure, personalised. On the reverse of the box there is some product information. Hidden beneath the outer sleeve is a luxurious, sturdy black box, that opens with a magnetic door. The box is embossed all-over in glossy black with the MysteryVibe 'M' logo. On the top of the box the name 'Crescendo' adorns the box in classy gold lettering. It's very exciting unboxing the MysteryVibe Crescendo, as the packaging is so luxurious, you get the feeling that what's inside is something very special.

      Nestled inside the box is the Crescendo, an induction charger, mini USB cable and a lovely black quilted storage pouch that ties with black satin ribbons. The storage pouch is very discreet and has 3 compartments, one for the Crescendo, and two smaller compartments for the charging cable and base. MysteryVibe have included a small black card which reads 'Love Your Crescendo', on one side, and, 'Bend with care' on the other side. I think this is a lovely personal touch. Inside a small black envelope, there is a fold out card with full instructions. MysteryVibe also include a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for the MysteryVibe Crescendo.

      First Impressions:

      The MysteryVibe Crescendo is the worlds first body-adapting, 6-motor smart vibrator. I was impressed by the sleek elegant design, high-quality, and technology of the MysteryVibe Crescendo. The Crescendo is available to purchase in Plum Purple and Ocean Blue, I was sent the Plum Purple as this is the one Lovehoney are stocking. I adore purple so I was very happy, but the Ocean Blue is also very beautiful.

      The Crescendo is covered in 100% premium body-safe, skin-feel medical-grade silicone. It feels luxurious and ultra-smooth to the touch. Its interior structure is designed to bend and mould to your form. Each hinged compartment houses a motor, and it has amazingly flexible. It can be bent easily into a number of different shapes, and has the ability to bend both ways, (but MysteryVibe warn never try to bend it sideways). The Crescendo has an accompanying app which can be synched with your smart phone via Bluetooth, to enhance the experience.

      The Crescendo is a long slim vibrator it's 8.5" in length, with an insertable length of 6". It has a maximum circumference of 4" at the widest point, with a minimum of 3" at the tip. At the base of the toy the MysteryVibe 'M' logo is embossed into the silicone. The silicone of the Crescendo has a matte finish, making it dust and lint-free. There is a noticeable seam at the base of the toy where it has been sealed, I've never used this Cresendo this way but if you did you would have to extra meticulous when cleaning as seams can harbour bacteria. On the back of the toy the name "Crescendo" is embossed into the silicone. The Crescendo features two small flexible fins, at the base of the toy. There is no information regarding what these fins are for, I assume they are for extra stimulation while using the Crescendo as a clitoral vibrator or dual simulator. More on these fins later when I used the Crescendo.

      The 6 motors:

      The Crescendo boasts an amazing 6 motors which are placed down the length of the shaft. There are 2 'high-power' motors placed at either end of the Crescendo, featuring MysteryVibe 'Power-boost' Technology for more focused rumbly vibrations. The other 4 'medium-intensity' motors are placed in the middle for pulsating vibrations. I've never used a vibrator with more than 2 motors so I was excited to see what kind of power it would have. These 6 motors have the ability to be used independently, and they have an incredible 16 levels of intensity.

      The Crescendo has 12 pre-loaded patterns that you can customise with the desired shape you bend the Crescendo into. MysteryVibe recommend using using the vibration pattern 'Intense Tip' for targeted G-spot stimulation. Another pattern called 'Pulsing Ends' is perfect for using the Crescendo in a 'C' shape for dual stimulation.

      The Vibrations:

      The Crescendo features vibration patterns only, and no continuous vibrations. I normally only use continuous vibrations on my toys so that I can reach orgasm. Occasionally, I do enjoy patterned vibrations, but they are mainly used for teasing. While cycling through the various patterns on the Crescendo I was excited to find one called 'Power Max', were all the motors are going at once (at slightly different intensities) this one felt the closest to a continuous vibration. However, I was disappointed to find that the vibrations felt weak and buzzy and not the deep rumbly kind I like.

      Charging and operating:

      The Crescendo is rechargeable, it's charged wirelessly and comes with its very own inductive charging pad which can plugged into a USB plug or your laptop. It's completely sealed, no holes, making it completely waterproof for fun in the bath or shower. MysteryVibe partly charge the Crescendo for you, so you can switch it on straight out of the box, this gives you 15-30 minutes of play. I charged mine fully before use, as I didn't want it to cut out mid-session. It's simple to charge: by plugging the small end of the USB charging port into the pad, then plug the larger end into a USB plug or laptop. Place the Crescendo on the charging pad with its - button next to the < button. While charging a green light flashes on the pad, and a pink light glows on the Crescendo. Once fully charged, the green light will remain solid, and the pink light goes out. Charging takes 1 hour, and this will give you 2 hours of playtime.

      The Crescendo has two silicone control buttons on either side of the base. These buttons are not parallel, which makes it easier to distinguish between them. Both sets of buttons light up pink when pressed. To switch the Crescendo on press any of these button for 2 seconds then release. On the left side of the Crescendo there are two - / + buttons, these control the vibration intensity. On the right side there are - / + buttons, these buttons control the various patterns of the Crescendo. To switch off press any of the '>' / '<' for 2 seconds. I think the Crescendo would benefit from having an on/off button, as I have switched it off by mistake several times, when I was trying to change the patterns. The Crescendo has a memory function and will switch back on at the last vibration pattern used. It also features a handy travel lock, which is perfect for peace of mind when your going on holiday.

      The MysteryVibe App:

      The MysteryVibe App is available to download from the App Store for Apple iOS & for Android on Google Play. Once downloaded, switch your Bluetooth on and connect the Crescendo. Once connected, the Crescendo will be updated. The app's blue and purple interface is visually stunning and it's easy to navigate from each menu by swiping up or down.

      The app allows you to do 4 things: delete vibes, download new vibes, and rearrange the order of them on the Crescendo. The app can also control the MysteryVibe Crescendo via Bluetooth. I love being able to reorder the vibes, so you can have keep your favourites together, in order of preference.

      You can play and pause the vibes through the app, but you can't control the intensity of the them, which is disappointing. Although, according to the FAQ's on MysteryVibe.com the app will be updated in April 2017 and this feature will be added.

      The "Vibe Store" presents a visual display of all the vibes you already have on the Crescendo, plus new vibes available to download. When you tap on a vibe, you get 20 second preview, with a visual representation that demonstrates what motors are vibrating inside the Crescendo, with a musical tune that corresponds with it. The vibe store features 21 vibes, 12 of which are already on the Crescendo.

      The Crescendo boasts an amazing 8GB memory card and can store 12 vibes. If you want to download a new vibe, you have to delete one.

      Before using the Crescendo I recommend going to MysteryVibe.com and downloading the user manual. I would also suggest having a read through the FAQs. It is very informative, as I like to learn all about a product before use.

      My experience:

      The Crescendo is extremely easy to bend into any shape your body desires. Once bent to your desired shape it will hold the shape even when applying firm pressure; making it perfect for G-spot stimulation. The range of intensities is great as you can start off low then build the power gradually. The Crescendo offers various patterns and they differ in power. The vibrations do have a slight rumble to them, but, I would say most of the patterns are buzzy. I was still hopefully I could orgasm with the Crescendo. Bending the tip of the Crescendo makes it perfect to use as a clitoral vibe. Sadly, the vibrations didn't feel good for me, and I couldn't orgasm using the Crescendo as a clitoral vibe. Used internally, as a G-spot vibrator the vibrations did feel better. I bent the Crescendo into my preferred curved shape, using some water-based lube it slides in easily, and feels incredibly smooth. Cycling through the patterns, I found 3 favourites: 'Power Max', 'Power Edges', and 'Intense Mid.' Although the vibrations felt better internally, I feel the Crescendo can only stimulate a small area of the G-spot compared with a vibrator with a bulbous head, it didn't feel as good as some of my vibrators with a curved bulbous head. I still managed to have a powerful orgasm using the Crescendo with the help of a clitoral vibe. 

      Used as a dual stimulator:

      Bending the Crescendo into a 'C' shape allows for dual stimulation. The Crescendo did fit my anatomy well, and I could stimulate G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Firstly, I tried using the Crescendo with the small fins facing me so they sat at either side of the clitoris. I felt the fins were just getting in the way and this didn't allow me to put any pressure on my clitoris. I need pressure and powerful rumbly vibrations on my clitoris to orgasm. Turning it round with the small fins facing away was much better, I could put the desired pressure on my clitoris. Feeling frustrated, I still couldn't climax this way, because of the buzzy vibrations, and lack of power.


      The Crescendo is marketed as a low noise vibrator. There are various patterns on the Crescendo, some are quiet, however, most of them are noisy. The noisy ones are the ones I like and this can be really distracting when trying to relax and enjoy yourself. I always use the Crescendo on the higher intensity levels, I only feel comfortable using it when no one is at home.

      Cleaning and maintenance:

      Cleaning Crescendo is super easy, as it's 100% waterproof it can be fully submersed in water without fear of damaging it. I clean mine with some warm water and a spritz of sex toy cleaner. Let the Crescendo air dry or dry it with a lint-free cloth and pop it back in the storage pouch.

      Final thoughts:

      Overall, I was highly impressed by the technology of the MysteryVibe Crescendo. Its sleek design, elegant looks, and smooth bendable body feels incredible. Although I have mixed feeling about the vibe itself, I absolutely love the flexibility of the Crescendo, and the amazing ability it has to hold its shape. It's the vibrations that let it down, they are just too buzzy, if the vibrations were deep, rumbly, and powerful, I would have fallen in love with the Crescendo. Even though the Crescendo has given me some powerful orgasms used as a G-spot vibrator, along with a separate clitoral vibrator; I don't think it's the first vibrator I'd reach for out of my toy collection. I prefer a bulbous head on my vibrators for G-spot stimulation, plus deep, rumbly vibrations. I think the Crescendo would be a perfect vibrator for beginners because of its slim design. I would also recommend the Crescendo to people who enjoy G-spot stimulation, plus patterned buzzy vibrations. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Crescendo to power queens and lovers of deep, rumbly vibrations.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Sleek design, flexibility, smooth silicone, the MysteryVibe app.
      Buzzy vibrations, lacks power, noisy.
      Bottom line
      Luxurious flexible high-tech vibrator.
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