1. Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Strap-On Harness Kit

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      1. Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Strap-On Harness Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Are you and your partner ready to lose yourselves in unbridled passion and intimacy? Surrender to the blissful sensations offered by Desire's remote control vibrating strap-on kit, with 8 delicious patterns of waves and pulses and 12 levels of intensity.

      Offering velvety glide alongside unrivalled sensuality and stimulation, the sleek, silken silicone shaft has been lovingly crafted for pleasure, comfort and internal gratification, while the remote controlled vibrations offer an exhilarating experience for both partners.

      To enjoy your strap-on kit to the fullest, apply plenty of water-based lubricant to the shaft before play begins.

      Your kit has been designed for effortlessly simple use. Use your vibrating dildo on its own for heavenly arousal, or pair it with the luxury harness to add a thrilling new dimension to your lovemaking.

      Store your kit in the toy case provided, away from dust, heat and direct sunlight.

      Please note: While the harness, dildo and bullet are waterproof, the remote control should be kept out of water.

      Desire is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by Lovehoney with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

      Key Features:

      • Luxurious harness kit with 7 inch silicone dildo for strap-on and pegging play
      • Includes 3 interchangeable O-rings (1.25, 1.75 and 2.25 inches) to team with other dildos
      • Dildo features a hole in the base for the included bullet vibrator
      • Bullet vibrator features 12 speeds and 8 different patterns for a customisable pleasure session
      • USB rechargeable for worldwide use and eco-friendly play
      • Fully charge for 90 minutes for up to 60 minutes of playtime
      • Both the harness and dildo are waterproof (remote is not)
      • Smooth, silicone dildo is slightly curved for G-spot or P-spot stimulation
      • Comes with a luxurious storage case, in which the toy can be charged discreetly

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    1. Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Strap On Harness Kit

      Are you and your partner ready to lose yourselves in unrestrained passion and intimacy? Surrender to the delightful sensations offered by Desire's remote control vibrating strap-on kit, with 8 delicious patterns of waves and pulses and 12 levels of intensity.

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      Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Strap-On Harness Kit 8 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Strap-On Harness Kit
      2. Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Strap-On Harness Kit

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    1. Perfect for first time peggers

      Reviewed: 12 November 2019 by Dommefatale, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Bought this as a kit to use for the first time ever pegging.

      On my side:

      The harness is very comfortable and very adjustable, so can be comfortable for all body types. The base is slightly too big for me, but because it bends it wasn't an issue and it sat very comfortably on my mons pubis.

      So, sadly the remote control aspect of the bullet didn't work, but we realised the bullet was amazing for me. I have never had a stronger bullet and the orgasms from it are insane.

      Sad that Lovehoney discontinued this product despite understanding why. In terms of the dildo itself, it was a great starter dildo for me, not too small not too big. Although very sizeable if you are new to prostate play. Sturdy and hit his spot well.

      On his side:

      He liked the size of the dildo and that it was on my body very well. The material is smooth and soft making it easier to insert. The slightly smaller tip makes entry easier. However, it's a bit on the stiff side and not very realistic. Good girth. The bullet was also very good to tease him with, and when it was inside the dildo it was strong enough that vibrations travelled to the tip.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      All round great toy - most of the components were well built.
      The fact that the remote control didn't work.
      Bottom line
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    1. A Great Set

      Reviewed: 23 January 2019 by Fluidity, a Gay Going Steady Female

      Me and my girlfriend were nervous that a strap-on that vibrated wouldn't be for us, due to me being rather unreactive to any vaginal stimulation. However, it was on offer and combining that with a student discount, we said why not? In the end, this one has been a great success.

      Unfortunately, still no reactive-ness, but we often use the dildo and vibrator separately to achieve our needs.

      The dildo is a lovely shape. If you've come across Lovehoney's purple 7-inch dildo, it's much like that except there's a bit more girth to the bottom of it, which feels much nicer and of course, is a very nice and plain black colour. It's a yes from me!

      The vibrator was the best part about this! Having a bullet that's both rechargeable and has a separate remote is great, and when there are so many gradual speeds and patterns to choose from, choices feel endless! Me and the girlfriend only wish that we could buy another separately for her rather than having to buy the whole set again!

      The charger that comes with the set is compatible with and USB port and attaches with a magnetic mechanism which is also easy to detach when you need to.

      The bag that came with it is nice to keep any other toys in there and comes with a place to lock it if needs be. The one thing that was confusing is that there's a man-made hole in the bag to supposedly charge the toy whilst still keeping it hidden, however, I couldn't fit the charger through it.

      Lastly, the harness. We have never tried it due to the fact of it looking much more uncomfortable compared to our other one. The fabric of this one seems to be quite hard and cheap and not as flexible, and would probably be a lot less comfortable. But of course, I am not to judge due to the lack of usage.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The dildo and vibrator/remote combo.
      The carry bag wouldn't let a charger through.
      Bottom line
      A good purchase! It's a yes from me. :)
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    1. Love it

      Reviewed: 11 January 2019 by Icecream88, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I bought this to start off pegging my BF, who never had much anal play. We got it and my BF said no way it's too big.

      We tried it twice and we sent it back for an alternative. Let me tell you I regret sending it back as it is such a good strap-on. It's comfy, sturdy, so no wobbling. The dildo's vibrating is great and it's so smooth but rigid enough to glide.

      Would be perfect to use on a woman or man who can take a wee bit of girth and length. It's a lovely item to use.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Felt secure, vibrating, remote, comfy.
      Too big for my beginner BF.
      Bottom line
      Must-have for experienced peggers and strap-on players.
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    1. Everything you need

      Reviewed: 30 October 2017 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Lovehoney Desire Remote Vibrating Strap-on Kit is a luxury sex toy set ideal for strap-on play. Whether it’s for anal or vaginal use, the silicone dildo has a beautifully shaped shaft and tip for easy insertion. The high-powered bullet provided can be inserted into the dildo, and when not in use charged-up for your next session of play. This kit contains everything, from the optional bullet which can be used on its own, the adjustable strap-on harness, a high quality silicone dildo, to a selection of O-rings so you can use an alternative dildo of a different size if desired.

      The bullet used by its self is incredibly powerful as it offers intense rumbly vibrations. It’s very enjoyable when used clitorally and has lead to me experiencing powerful orgasms. Before using it in the dildo I recommend coating it in some lubricant as it can become stuck in the dildo’s hollow chamber otherwise.

      The bullet is great for teasing your partner before further play and can be used to tease around the anal opening allowing blood to flow to the area and expand your partner’s arousal, meaning that it’ll be easier for penetration later on. I personally have to say the bullet is on par if not better to the ones made by other companies (such as We-Vibe) when it comes to power.

      I’ve explored using the dildo on its own and have found the tip and curved shaft excellent for my G-spot. The flared base also means it’s easier to grip and makes it better for rhythmic thrusting, meaning climax can be achieved quicker than when using dildos, which are harder to hold.

      Wearing the strap-on is pretty easy. It has a selection of adjustable tension buckles which means you can adjust the straps to fit around your body perfectly. The straps are made for a softish neoprene, which I have only had an issue with when using the strap-on for longer sessions as they can rub slightly, mostly around the lower back, but for 30 minutes they are fine.

      The front is made up of fake leather. Whilst sturdy, it isn’t padded, so if you enjoy giving hard thrusts and regularly you may find your pubic mound becoming a tad bruised.

      The O-ring is secured with poppers which can be accessed without having to remove the device once one. They are a little stiff, but if anything this just shows that they will last.

      When using the strap-on set I’d say the dildo, whilst larger than some starter ones, would still be a good one for a beginner because of the way the shaft ergonomically curves and the smooth tip tappers is just perfect to slip into the contours of the human body. Also the silicone is very smooth and offers very little drag even when rubbed against dry skin. As the shaft is inserted deeper into the body it expands gently, meaning that even less experienced submissives were able to accommodate more anally than they had been able to previously.

      Once strapped-up I applied some-water based lubricant onto the dildos shaft and teased the tip around my submissive's anus. With my sub bent forward I slowly slipped the dildo into his body and slowly thrusted it back and forth, inserting more and more of the dildo into him step-by-step. With my submissive moaning with pleasure and asked him if the dildo was massaging his prostate. It was, so I pushed the remote control for the bullet on and continued to thrust rhythmically.

      I must admit I really like having a control for the bullet, as when trying to change the vibrations with the buttons actually on bullets when they are in a strap-on can ruin the moment as they’re often very trick to get to normally. This led to my submissive becoming highly aroused and in the moment. He was lost in a heady phase of pleasure, with groaning purring out of him as ‘thank you’s’ as thrusts massaged him deep within.

      Cleaning the strap-on is fairly easy. The dildo’s silicone is easy to wipe clean in soap water, and the bullet is waterproof so can be cleaned quickly too. The harness can be wiped down with a cloth and soapy water and will be dry pretty quickly.

      Overall, I really like this strap-on kit. The dildo is an excellent shape for anal and vaginal play. The bullet offers strong rumbly vibrations which not only do I enjoy but my male submissive's too, and fit-wise it’s pretty good. I would say whilst I enjoy it, I won’t be using the harness for particularly rough or extended sessions, but the dildo and bullet can easily be slotted into a slightly more comfortable harness.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The dildos shape and silicone, remote, harness fit, rumbly bullet.
      Harness can be a little uncomfortable for very hard thrusting and long sessions.
      Bottom line
      A great kit, perfect for beginners to even more advanced players.
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    1. Ecstasy

      Reviewed: 05 May 2019 by SmallSarkySub, a Gay Going Steady Female

      My girlfriend and I have been saving up and searching for a good strap-on that would be able to withstand actual rough f*cking (as we had previously impulsively bought a cheap set from a local sex shop that lasted a few weeks before breaking) and I must say we are incredibly pleased with it. Considering everything that comes included, it is all well made for the price.

      We find the harness itself to be simple to use, clearly built to last and for something that is clearly worth the investment. We have had it for around four months to date and it has shown no wear and tear. The O-rings take no time to change and it offers a wider range of use than just what it comes with.

      The dildo is silicone and more flexible than other dildos we have used. It is comfortable to have inside a person, and I would say a great start for beginners as you do not need to take the whole thing in. It is just one of the better materials in my opinion to start with.

      The vibrator is heaven. While it is more of a dull buzz and does not do much for me while I have it inside of the dildo, my partners get a lot more out of it than myself. As a stand alone toy or used in conjunction outside of the dick, it is also incredible. I find having control over the speed and patterns to be fun, especially in edge play or when I just want to tease and deny.

      The length of its battery is perfect for any play session that doesn't drag on. Charging it is simple and easy. It's waterpoof. You can take this little sucker into the bathtub and there is nothing to be feared. The only annoyance is forgetting to lube it up before you put it inside the dildo, but it can still be removed afterwards with a little roughness.

      I would stock up on lithium batteries as that is the type the remote uses, but those are not too hard or expensive in my opinion considering how long they last. I have yet had to change it from mine and we have been consistently playing with our favourite toy since January.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Good materials. Worth the Money. Waterpoof.
      Lithium batteries.
      Bottom line
      Best purchase we have made in a long time.
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