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    1. Desire Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

      Impressive would be an understatement when describing this luxurious offering from the sumptuous Desire range. Combining premium stainless steel with a ergonomic curve on one end and beads on the other, this toy pushes the boundaries of premium pleasure.


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      1. Desire Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Impressive would be an understatement when describing this luxurious offering from the sumptuous Desire range. Combining premium stainless steel with a ergonomic curve on one end and beads on the other, this toy pushes the boundaries of premium pleasure.

      8 inches of polished steel means the satisfyingly weighty dildo will offer excellent pressure exactly where you want it. Double-ended, you love having the choice of two bulbous tips. If using for anal play, we recommend only inserting the thinner end and maintaining a grip on the larger end.

      Perfectly curved, the stainless steel dildo is perfect for targeting both G-spot and P-spot pleasure areas.

      Always use with your preferred variety of lube to enhance sensations.

      Desire is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by Lovehoney with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

      Key Features:

      • Medical-grade stainless steel dildo for intense penetrative pleasure
      • Curved with an ergonomic grip for full control and precise stimulation
      • Firm for intense G-spot or P-spot massage
      • Temperature responsive for warmed up or cooled down sensations
      • Weighty for firm massage and targeted pressure
      • Easy to clean and store
    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 3.6 inches
      • Insertable Length: 4.5 inches
      • Length: 8 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Texture: Smooth
      • Waterproof: Submersible

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    1. Desire Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo

      Impressive would be an understatement when describing this sumptuous offering from the luxurious Desire range. Blending premium stainless steel with an ergonomic curve on one end and beads on the other, this toy pushes the limits of premium pleasure.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Desire Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Desire Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo
      2. Desire Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo


    1. So cool you'll melt

      Reviewed: 11 November 2017 by AmyA, a Straight Single Female

      I love glass and knowing steel toys had similar properties but more so I have been wanting to try one for some time.

      When I saw these had been added to the desire range and on offer, the only question was which one (first!), this or the beaded one.

      I have this design in glass and it's a little orgasm demon. This design also allows it to be used anally, which was something I wanted. Decision made.

      When it arrived the first thing that impressed me was the nice storage box it comes in, a great touch for a luxury range.

      When I lifted this from where it was nestled within that box and felt the weight a smile sneaked across my face, I knew that weight would equal a good firm pressure. I also anticipated a small shock of pleasure from the cold temperature it retained.

      When I got to using it both predictions came to pass, and me? Well I just came! I did worry that it would be too slim as I like to feel really filled, but the weight more than compensates.

      The smooth steel means it glides so deliciously, hitting that perfect spot so firmly each time thanks to the curve. It resulted in extremely satisfying orgasm, which I just had to keep going for another and another

      I have been holding off reviewing this till I had an opportunity to try this toy anally and I am pleased to say that it is equally enjoyable where ever you choose to put it to work. The slimness if it made it very easy to insert and very comfortable to thrust. I regularly enjoy solo anal play, but I think this was one of the best sessions I have had.

      I have lots of dildos so thought this would be kept solely for anal, but I had to give it a try vaginally first and it is so good. A world apart from silicone and even different from glass'. There's no way I can't experience that again, so this will have to do double duty, with a thorough clean of course! No doubt I will get the beaded one from the same range before long.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The weight and firmness.
      Slips round in your hand.
      Bottom line
      Unlike anything else.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Desire, lust, love!

      Reviewed: 17 September 2017 by Purring-Pussy, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I'm a huge fan of steel dildos, there's nothing quite like the cold, heavy, thrilling sensations. I was thrilled that the fantastic Desire range was adding the Lovehoney Desire Realistic Stainless Steel Dildo to their collection. If you're not familiar with the Lovehoney Desire range of sex toys, take a look at the high end, affordable luxury toys. I have the bullet and Rabbit vibrator and they certainly give other luxury brands a run for their money.

      My Lovehoney Desire Realistic Stainless Steel Dildo comes in a sleek, purple and slate box. The top sleeve is removable, revealing a very sturdy, strong storage box with the Lovehoney heart logo so it's pretty discreet for storing. You'll find the dildo nestled in a hard black foam that is very durable.

      When held in my hands, my first impressions were very positive. The Lovehoney Desire Realistic Stainless Steel Dildo has some great weight to it. I was impressed at the sleek, flawless, smooth and seamless design. It is very satisfying to hold the dildo.

      I immediately noticed that this dildo is suitable for anal play. The dildo is double ended, with a smooth curved shaft with a bulbous head, suitable for G-spot or P-spot play at one end and three glorious bulbs at the opposite end with a slightly flared ring to keep the dildo safe from travelling too far up your booty.

      The Lovehoney Desire Realistic Stainless Steel Dildo, although described as 'realistic', isn't very phallus like so it's perfect for those wanting a plain dildo.

      So, how is the dildo in use? Well, it's just freaking amazing! I love that I can use my favourite silicone lube, as it won't react with the steel. This means I can use it anally. I find water-based lube tends to need a couple of extra applications during play, whereas silicone lube lasts much longer and gives a smoother sensation.

      The 3 bulbs end of the dildo is easy to insert and feels great with a popping sensation as each bulb is inserted. The cold steel sends shivers down my spine and when gently pulled in and out of my booty, sends blood rushing to my nipples and making me highly aroused.

      When used to penetrate my vagina, both ends of the dildo feel fabulous. The smooth, cold, curved shaft easily reaches my G-spot, with the bulbous tip massaging my G-spot as I use a gentle rocking motion. As I begin to climax, I love to thrust as deep as I can to hit my A-spot.

      The only downside is the dildo can be difficult to keep a firm grip if you use lots of lube or you get very wet.

      Although the curved shaft of the dildo isn't very girthy, the weight makes me feel quite full. I prefer my dildo cold. I have no need to pop it in the fridge, as even if left at room temperature, it still has a nice chill to it. You can warm it up, but I wouldn't recommend you use boiling water, you wouldn't want any burns, same with freezing, I wouldn't recommend this, as again you can get burns. Last thing you need is a trip to A&E.

      Overall, I'm thrilled that the Lovehoney Desire range is expanding, especially with the Desire Realistic Stainless Steel Dildo. I'd love to see more steel dildos from Lovehoney. This dildo is suitable for any gender and those that don't like phallic dildos. It's amazing quality and should last a life time as it's stainless steel. Being body safe and easy to clean, boil or sterilise, you can happily share this dildo with your partner(s).

      It's a massive 10/10 for me.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The weight, flawless design, luxurious.
      Nothing, I need more!
      Bottom line
      Orgasmic and leaves me wanting more.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. A Sensuous, Steely Sensation

      Reviewed: 05 September 2017 by Ragnar Lodbrok, a Straight Married Male

      Reviewed by Lagertha Lodbrok (Mrs).

      I was lucky enough to be selected by Lovehoney for the testing of this product in return for my honest, and independent, thoughts and impressions for inclusion in the following review.


      I love the purple-coloured packaging containing this product. I think it is simply sexy and luxurious looking and entirely in keeping with the name of this product.

      The name "Desire” embossed in silver against the contrasting pewter and purple colour further emphasizes the impression of sexiness and luxury.

      Sliding the outer sleeve off reveals a purple box divided into two lateral halves, the bottom half of which contains the Desire Luxury Realistic Stainless-Steel Dildo. It nestles safely in a protective grey foam rubber inlay cut exactly to the dildo’s contours. The box doubles as a storage box for the safe keeping and care of this dildo. Also contained inside this box is an accompanying product information booklet for customers providing advice on how to enjoy and care for the product.


      On first seeing the dildo, I was immediately struck by the thought that it was a toy unlike any other we have in our collection, and I felt that this shiny dildo had something special waiting for me to experience! I admit that I was curious about all the possible sensations the steel material, the shape and design features could produce. Handling it for the first time, I quickly realised that it was much heavier than any of our other toys.

      I thought that the Desire dildo’s shape and design would be just perfect for me as its length and girth looked as though they would suit my anatomy. My usual preference is for shorter toys with a smaller girth, so this dildo looked to be ideal - given its size and its proportions.

      One end is approx. 3” in length, and comprises of three oval ¾” diameter bulbs. The end bulb is also oval-shaped and slightly more pointed in shape and perfect for pinpointing any chosen target... such as my clitoris. A wider collar separates these three bulbs from the 5" curved shaft culminating in another oval-shaped bulb tip slightly larger in length and girth than the bulbs at the opposite end. This doubles up as a handle if the end with the three bulbs is used for insertion. Its shape and dimensions give this dildo it's "realistic" quality.

      My early impressions were that either end could quite easily be inserted vaginally, or anally, as the girth at both ends, as well as the shaft itself, didn't look intimidating in any way (unlike some dildos!). The thought of using it vaginally, as well as anally, felt both naughty and exciting (as my early adventures of using it would bear witness!).


      I have no previous experience of using metallic toys (my other dildos are either of the jelly, or glass varieties), so my first ever use of a dildo manufactured from stainless steel was a journey into the unknown. On seeing this beautiful, steel dildo, my heart was set and I knew immediately it was a journey I simply had to take...

      On first use, I decided to sit in an upright position against our bed head. I used a pillow to support my lower back and backside to allow my pelvis to thrust forward. Using plenty of water-based lube to lather the dildo, I located the tip of the first bead against my vagina and, with the minimal amount of pressure, it slid right in.

      At first the coolness of the steel and the weight took a bit of getting used to and so I decided to insert it slowly in and out in a thrusting motion. When all three beads had been inserted in my vagina, both the smooth steel and the shape felt amazing and quite different to any other toy I have previously used. By applying minimal pressure, the weight of the dildo (and each of the three bulbs and the collar) massaged my clit, labia and inner walls simultaneously.

      With a change of positions, some further exploration and applied pressure, I soon became more aroused and relaxed. In this relaxed mode, I worked up to a fast thrusting motion against my clit and labia and manoeuvred the dildo around my vagina and into a comfortable spot. Whilst continuing to thrust and rotate the beaded shaft simultaneously, it took a few minutes before the dildo produce some quite breath-taking sensations. The resultant climax felt so different to what I have previously experienced when I've enjoyed solo play using my other dildos.

      The smooth quality of the lubed up, polished, stainless steel produced little friction and it felt extremely comfortable against the sensitive areas of my skin. I normally feel some minor discomfort when I insert toys of a larger girth in my vagina, but this dildo’s dimensions, bulb-like features, curved design and realistic shape, coupled with the sleek smoothness of the stainless steel, presented no problems.

      Because the end with the three bulbs and the collar is only 3”, I was able to control the dildo and ensure that it didn’t go in so far that I risked bruising my cervix. I know there are other adies out there who prefer longer dildos for G-spot fun, but the beauty of this dildo is that the opposite end has 4” of curved, ergonomically designed, steel shaft culminating in a 1” bulb. I think this is perfect for those who prefer greater length for stimulating their G-spot (I continue my quest on locating mine!).

      Using the dildo in a variety of positions has produced very different and satisfying results. Laying flat and resting the dildo against my vagina, and letting the weight and gravity apply the pressure whilst I moved the dildo across my labia and clitoris, has produced very satisfying sensations!

      I also found that the end with the three bulbs was perfect for use anally as it provided me with quite different sensations to anything the anal beads in our toy box usually produce. The beaded end massaged my nerve endings perfectly and produced very pronounced and enjoyable sensations, whilst the curved, realistic end also provided me with deeper and satisfying anal penetration.

      Using this dildo is such an enjoyable experience because of the different sensations the steel and the design features have provided me with. They are much different to any I have previously experienced with my other dildos. The “LH desire” dildo’s shape, material and weightiness all combine perfectly in providing me with intense and satisfying pleasure that I seek both vaginally and anally from a dildo.

      An added bonus I enjoyed when trialling this dildo was using it in temperature play. Being made of steel, I was able to either cool the dildo in our fridge, or warm it up by placing it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before using it. The resultant sensations I achieved were just as good as the ones I have experienced with glass dildos when I have used them similarly.

      Picking up this dildo for the first time, I expected that it's weight might cause my wrist some discomfort, especially during my prolonged solo sessions with it, but I didn’t suffer any excessive problems. My OH is always ready to lend a hand in should it be necessary to give my hand a rest whenever the need arises. Giving him control of the dildo also provided me with equally unexpected and satisfying pleasure. When he is watching me perform solo with this shiny dildo, he certainly is thrilled by the erotically-charged vision it creates.

      I have to admit that I have been utterly selfish in coveting this dildo since we received it, and he has not been given the opportunity to personally enjoy this dildo's exquisite qualities as yet!!


      Cleaning this dildo is exceptionally easy and straightforward because of the non-porous stainless steel it is manufactured from. This makes it waterproof and easy to keep clean between uses. I have used it during solo play in the bath and the shower, after which I used both mild soap and hot water to clean it (Note: care needs to be exercised in ensuring the dildo is not dropped when using it near tiles, vitreous surfaces etc if damage is to be avoided).

      It is also a good idea to use an anti-bacterial cleanser to clean the dildo when switching between vaginal and anal use so that the toy is ready for its next use. This is especially important if switching between users.


      My initial impression was that this dildo looked, and felt, quite different to any other I have experienced. However, I never thought that the weight, shape and material would have been able to produce some of the most intense and satisfying orgasms I have ever experienced.

      I didn't know what to expect from my first solo play with the “desire luxury dildo” but, during my initial uses, I am highly satisfied with the pleasure it has given me (and continues to give me!).

      I was not expecting that I would receive so much pleasure as I have experienced from using it. The design and build of this dildo has given me such enjoyable and pleasurable warm up sessions.

      I have come to accept how beautiful this dildo is to look at and how much pleasure it is to hold such a tactile piece of equipment. Its quality and superior construction makes this dildo such an incredible toy to use and have in our collection.

      If you've never experienced the pleasure a steel dildo can provide, I would urge you to try it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Can be used vaginally and/or anally. Waterproof.
      Difficult for discreet screening at airport security!
      Bottom line
      Quality and superior construction makes this dildo such an incredible toy to use.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes