1. Bodywand Mains Powered WandPLUS Curved Vibrator

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      1. Bodywand Mains Powered WandPLUS Curved Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      For lady who demands the pleasure of sheer power from start to finish, allow us to present the wandPLUS curved vibrator. This plug-in powered toy features unstoppable stimulation strength, seamless silicone and an extra-long 2.5 metre cord.

      Whether it's wickedly powerful speeds or pulsing patterns that take you there, this vibe can provide thanks to its 8 powerful modes, each of which boasts tailorable intensity for titanic power in play. Switch on and set the speed with the scroll wheel then tease yourself with the curved end for deep and focused stimulation.

      Use with a liberal amount of water-based lube to maximise the wand's pleasure potential.

      Key Features:

      • Super-powered insertable curved-end wand vibrator for extreme gratificaton
      • 8 patterns each with differing levels of intensity for tailored play
      • Curved shape for gentle G-spot stimulation
      • Plug in power for unstoppable vibration strength
      • 2.5 metre cable for convenient use

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      Bodywand Mains Powered WandPLUS Curved Vibrator 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bodywand Mains Powered WandPLUS Curved Vibrator
      2. Bodywand Mains Powered WandPLUS Curved Vibrator


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    1. Powerful

      Reviewed: 12 December 2017 by Greedygirl, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This toy has me from the go!

      Very satisfying and my partner loved using it on me as I had no control. All vibrations hit the spot and it fits comfortably. A slight downside is it can be noisy on some vibrations. Would recommend this toy to anyone, especially if you love to squirt!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It is very powerful and the every vibrations worked on me and satisfying.
      The vibrations especially on upping the levels made the toy loud. Not as discreet.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic toy, would recommend it to many people.
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    1. Totally, fabulously in control

      Reviewed: 12 December 2017 by LadySpider, a Straight Single Female

      I've had this for over a month now. I felt I needed lots of use before writing a fair review as (the sheer size of) this toy took some getting used to!

      The packaging is pretty simple: a black box with a picture of the wand with a few basic instructions, and an inner plain black box which will be great to store the toy. Instructions aren’t really needed as the wand is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use.

      The speed is increased or decreased with a simple scroll wheel on the front of the wand. There's a small slightly raised button on the back, which when pressed gives 8 different pulsating patterns, all of which can have the intensity changed with the scowl wheel on the front.

      This is a great feature - so many vibes have great patterns but you can’t alter the intensity of them! I found the control to be very well thought out and easy to use - even whilst in use. The scroll wheel is really easy to turn with your thumb to increase/decrease the speed, and the button on the back which alters the pattern is very easy to locate as it seems to sit almost exactly where your fingers are.

      I do love electric toys - much better than messing around with batteries or remembering to put a rechargeable on charge! The cable is 2.5m long - so easily reaches across a double bed.

      The wand has a hard plastic handle and a seamless smooth silicone body, which is curved at exactly the right angle to easily reach my G-spot. The silicone body is smooth, but I found it a little grippy - so plenty of water-based lube was needed. This is a large weighty toy and much thicker in girth than I’d imagined.

      I decided to use this mainly for solo play as it’s so easy for a partner to get a bit over enthusiastic with insertable’s - and this one looked like it could cause a bit of pain! First I slathered it with water-based lube then used it for clitoral stimulation, which was really good as the surface of the tip is large enough to stimulate quite a large area and the sides can be used too. The vibrations don’t weaken in any area of the toy - which is another plus with electric toys. I found it awesome to use the sides to rub my clitoris and labia. The rigidity of the wand allows you to use quite a lot of pressure too. Even using the lowest speed setting made me orgasm quickly!

      I used it like this a few times, gradually increasing the speed - the highest speed is amazing. It took me several attempts to be able to withstand the power, but once I got used to it, I orgasmed in record time! Personally, I prefer a constant vibration on my clitoris, this toy offers so much choice and power for constant vibration. The scowl wheel offers very much more than the usual type of vibrator control, which gives you just 2 or 3 speed changes at most.

      After a few sessions just using it for clitoris stimulation. I decided it was time to use this monster on my G-spot. I took it slowly, as like I’ve already mentioned, the girth is rather big. Maybe if the tip was more tapered it wouldn’t look as ‘scary’ - because really, it’s no more girthy than the average penis. I inserted it turned off, and almost had an orgasm just pushing it in because of the curved shape!

      Once inside I felt comfortably full, so turned the power on low and have to say it felt absolutely amazing! The slight bend in the shaft made it easy to locate my G-spot (which is what we’re after eh, girls?) and the firm rigidity made getting the right pressure simple. I love patterns for G-spot stimulation - and there are 8 fabulous patterns to choose from - all of which can be altered in intensity with the scowl wheel!

      How much more can you ask for!? I love ‘thumping pulsating’ patterns on my G-spot - I liked that I could alter the intensity of the pulsation - I need quite an intense amount of pressure on my G-spot to be able to squirt - this was easy to do with this wand with its simple and really easy to use controls.

      The wand isn't silent - but it's far from noisy, I'd say average for a toy with its power and size. The faster vibe you select. The more noisy it becomes!

      Clean up is easy with the Lovehoney wipes - the wand isn’t waterproof, so wipes are the easy option. The shaft can be run under the tap with care not to splash the handle though.

      Overall I'd recommend this toy very much, simply because of the easy to use controls - I absolutely love the scowl wheel!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The easy scroll wheel and being able to control the intensity of patterns with it.
      A little bit weighty if I'm going to be picky.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely fabulous wand, which offers external and internal stimulation.
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    1. Orgasms on demand

      Reviewed: 30 November 2016 by PhilJones, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I was fortunate enough to be sent this fantastic product in exchange for a thorough testing and an honest review- thank you so much for the opportunity, Lovehoney!

      Words will never be able to do justice to the majesty of this toy. Though designed for females, it has led to thunderous orgasms for both my girlfriend and myself and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone- especially if you crave deep rumbly vibrations.

      As is always the case with any product sold by Lovehoney, this toy arrived very promptly (less than 2 days after I was told I was being sent it), in a brown logo-less cardboard box so that no one other than yourself would have any idea what was inside it. There is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to privacy concerns when ordering from Lovehoney.

      After excitedly tearing open the cardboard box with my girlfriend we were presented with the box the toy came in. My girlfriend excitedly wanted to rip it open immediately but, for the sake of a good review, I managed to wrestle the packaging out of her hands to inspect it.

      This is the most expensive toy we've owned but the 'outer sleeve' packaging didn't blow me away. There was nothing sleezey or off-putting about it; it is primarily glossy black, with just a picture of the toy, and a description of the product and it's vibration speeds and patterns. The only thing I can compare it to is the Lovehoney own brand packaging: attractive and simple but not mind-blowing. I didn't think there was a 'wow' factor that some people may expect for the price of the toy. The inner 'box packaging' was an entirely different story. In deep midnight black, this box screams luxury and will be used to store the toy in.

      Aesthetically the toy is exceptional. In stylish, seamless pink and white it appears both fierce and feminine. It is a very large toy in terms of length, with the handle (made of high-quality plastic) longer than the wonderfully smooth silicone body of the toy. Because of its size, and the quality of its build, the toy is fairly heavy and can lead to sore arms if used for large periods of time, but the multiple orgasms you'll inevitably be having will definitely make you forget all about the weight.

      This toy was lovingly and considerately designed and manufactured with ease of you taken just as much into account as strength of orgasm. Indeed, it boasts an impressive cable of 2 and a half metres to ensure you never have to disrupt play to reposition yourself to get close to a socket, and a useful scroll wheel to easily change the strength of vibrations, even with slippery fingers.

      The vibration pattern can be changed by a button located on the back of the toy, exactly where you place your fingers when holding it, so changing the pattern to tease and please is easy and convenient. Further, in a useful leaflet contained inside the packaging, there are diagrams illustrating each available pattern to ensure finding one you like is easy and memorable.

      In use, this toy was nothing short of explosive. It is powered by a wall socket rather than batteries so this shouldn't have been a surprise, but both myself and my girlfriend were blown away by the sheer power that this toy possesses, even on its lowest setting. The vibrations are deep and rumbling rather than 'buzzy', travel all the way through the toy to the tip to ensure intense G-spot stimulation, and are indescribably satisfying. However, this fantastic power comes at a cost; even on the weakest setting the vibrations are loud, and can be heard from outside the room and down the hallway, even when it's underneath the duvet. As such, I would recommend using it only when you have a free house.

      Though we have been able to move passed the lowest setting, the beautiful ferocity of the vibrations means that my girlfriend is not yet able to take the strong level of vibrations, but we both look forward to working her up to it. Indeed, each time that we have used this toy the impressive vibrations, combined with the toy's substantial girth has resulted in her orgasming in less than 2 minutes, and on one occasion she had 3 orgasms in the time it took for a single song to finish and was left a quivering exhausted mess.

      Though we have found the best way to use this toy is to stimulate her clitoris with it while she is tied up before applying a small amount of lube and inserting its curved length to stimulate her G-spot, it had also proved very effective at stimulating the understood of my scrotum and perineum, leading to a rock-hard erection and an uncontrollable limb-shaking orgasm every time.

      Because this toy is so expensive, and very much not waterproof, we take extra care when cleaning it, using Lovehoney's own brand toy cleaner and antibacterial wipes to wipe it clean before and after use. Despite the 3 grooves on the base of the toy's insertable shaft we have found that this method of cleaning has been quick, easy and toy friendly.

      Overall, I can not recommend this toy enough to anyone. Although the price may be off-putting to some to begin with, consider it an investment that will revolutionise your sex life for the better, forever.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Vibration strength. Design. Ease of orgasm.
      A bit loud, but very easy to get over considering orgasm strength.
      Bottom line
      Perfect. Just perfect.
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