1. Wildcherry's review of Womanizer Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

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      1. Womanizer Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

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      Womanizer Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator 36 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Womanizer Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator
      2. Wildcherry's review of Womanizer Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

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    1. Prepare for Jelly Legs

      Reviewed: 31 October 2016 by Wildcherry

      I am the Queen of Picky when it comes to vibrators and bullets. I generally like something with a bit of power and vibration behind it or it just won’t hit the spot for me sadly.

      So let’s say I was more than a little intrigued when I first heard about the Womanizer Pro40's predecessors (the W500 and W100). They’re not something that’s advertised as a powerful toy, but I’ve almost always prayed for a sex toy with the blowing device that the Womanizer toys have.


      This has always been a bit of a sticking point for a few people when it came to these toys. The boxing the previous Womanizer toys have come in have all been along the right lines with secure, sturdy packaging, but the style has been a bit too girly or tacky with bright pinks and leopard print. So when I first opened up my boxing and was greeted with the new improved packaging, you can just imagine my delight.

      Met by a sleek sleeve covering a box, the décor is so much better this time round. Edged with a pinky purple, the majority of the cover is a grey/white colouring and has a just about accurate in size image of the Pro40 to the front. To finish off, the rest of the sleeve is covered in the all-you-need-to-know information around the sides.

      This is just what I was looking for all along, simplistic and still stylish.

      It’s a gift I wouldn’t be put off by its packaging but more intrigued as to what’s inside.

      First Impressions:

      Sliding off the sleeve, the Pro40 sits inside in its little shell bed. Here is where being an owner of the W500 I notice how much it has changed, and big changes at that.

      It is so much smaller in size. I think it’s actually gone back to the original shaping of the W100 as it's practically half the size of the chunky W500 and longer.

      One of the problems I originally had with the W500 is holding it comfortably during use, as it’s fairly wide with practically no length to take a good grip of. The new changes to the style of the Pro40 now allows you to take a good grip, and for it to sit comfortably in my palm without any faffing around when it comes to adjusting the speed of the vibrations during use.

      Which brings me on to my second change - the buttons. They have been completely redesigned. Moved to the front of the vibrator now (where the head sits), there is no longer the little Swarovski power button gem (I was kind of sad to see it go), and the silver combined button has now gone to all be replaced with just a simple, easy to push power (on/off) button and two single + and – speed buttons to scan through the 10 speeds and pick your choice.

      Much like my W500, I received the magenta colour minus the lace pattern this time but instead a silver, almost metallic colouring on the front where the buttons sit. This is another change I really loved. I didn’t mind the lace pattern, but this is just so much more appeasing to the eye. It is a shade purple not too far from verging on pink, yes, but this is something I can live with.

      Lifting up the little shell that contains the Womanizer, is a leaflet, a second larger packaged silicone head, and finally a little box containing a USB lead and, annoyingly, a EU adapter, which is a frustrating as my only USB plug (apart from my laptop) is in my living room.

      For the first time there is no silk storage bag! This is a total frustration as I did like them to keep all of the toy and its parts together, especially when I travel and want to sneak it in my bag.

      Finally the most important feature. For the first time the Womanizer is waterproof. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. It’s something I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, and I was very disappointed when the W500 wasn’t waterproof. I have many waterproof toys, but this is something I was really excited about taking in the shower and hopefully it soon replaces my Revel Body Sol.

      Use of the Womanizer Pro40 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator:

      A full 2 hour charge seemed to be an enough to give this little thing enough power (it actually, and rather annoyingly, doesn’t suggest a charge time), and once fully charged the head no longer glowed a red but a lovely green instead, letting you know it was fully powered and ready for use.

      I went with the larger head instead. After previous experience, I tend to find that the smaller ("N") head is a bit too intense for me and had me half jumping out my skin, so I went for the larger (XL) head as it seems not to focus on my temperamental clitoris so much but gives a more enjoyable experience for myself.

      Without going into the intimate details, I gently aligned the head over my clitoris ready to create a sealed suction and then gave a short press on the power button. Sitting comfortable in my hand, the buttons on the inside of the device gave such ease to increasing the speed, and in seconds set this little beast from a growling rumbling little lion into more of a purring as the soft silicone head settled on to my skin and cushioned into my intimate areas. At the same time lighting the silicone head up in a light red hue (this is also really helpful if you plan to use it in the dark).

      It always manages to take me by surprise as it is like nothing I have ever felt before. Unlike most of my vibrators and bullets, it always takes me a little bit for me to get us to the Womanizer it, as it’s a too much to bare at first.

      If I am honest I actually don’t think I could ever get use to the different feeling it gives. It’s a beautiful sensation of fluttering, almost cool gentle blowing kisses against your clitoris combined with a little vibration. What I do know is it certainly doesn’t take very long before I am brought to orgasm as it makes things so much more sensitive down there.

      This is by no means like any orgasm I’ve experienced, and in all my years I’ve never had a toy that I couldn’t reach max intensity on but still have it deliver incredible orgasms only at halfway. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but they just seem to last forever, and are gently eased not ripped from you. Just a gentle heavenly sensation leaving you speechless and needing just a little break before you decide to go again.

      Shower time will also never be the same again. I was so happy to take this into a naughty shower session with me. It is a little bit louder and fiddly, but it more than makes up for itself with the jelly leg orgasms it gives me.

      As ever I am left wondering what has just happened to my body, but with a quick press of the power button it returns to starting speed, and a press again turns it off.


      The Womanizer has always had a favourite place in my heart. It has been something that I have longed for in a toy for a very long time, and it has delivered in more ways than one. Boasting to be one of a kind, it is so unique in its design and almost always manages to take my breath away with its beautiful soft orgasming-giving gentle blows and sucking sensations.

      I am a bit sensitive down there, but I learnt fast with the W500 that the XL head was more my thing. Using the larger head almost made the the air focuses less on my clitoris area, leaving things less intense and less squirming and jumping out of my skin.

      It has totally changed and for the better. The Womanizer Pro40 is so much more pleasing to me in design and style. It is such a welcomed change and has been long awaited. It is also waterproof. I just couldn’t wait to use this in my shower and bath. It feels so light and bubbly against my skin it’s a totally different experience.

      It did things to me I totally hadn’t expected, and gave long soft types of orgasm that left me spent and dizzier than the orgasm-wrenching, more robust wands that almost pull orgasms from me, leaving me numb and finished within almost seconds.

      I really can’t find a fault to the Womanizer Pro40. If I was going to be super picky it would be the lack of a bag. It is something I'd quite like to keep all the bits and pieces together, especially if I was to take this away with me on a naughty weekend. And secondly, perhaps more annoyingly, is the lack of adapter. I prefer to charge something like this in my bedroom. Lucky I have a converter adaptor, but for the price you are paying I think it’s something that’s a nice touch.

      This is one of those toys that gives an almost unique orgasm experience. It’s something that is gentle and long lasting that can often lead me into multiple orgasms with its sweet, soft, fluttering sucking sensations. It’s not a toy that will be for everyone, but it is almost certainly something that is worth experiencing.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Brand new design and variety of speeds.
      Lack of bag and only a EU adapter.
      Bottom line
      Orgasms... so many orgasms... Unique, stylish - a must-have.
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