1. Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator with US Plug

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      1. Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator with US Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Shake it like a Polaroid picture with Doxy's Die Cast Massage Wand, a powerful pleasure piece boasting multiple vibration speeds and a pulsation setting. In a style exclusively for Lovehoney, this user-friendly toy is ideal for massage and intimate play.

      Mains-powered for incredible vibration strength that won't fade, the premium-grade silicone head and flexible neck provide gentle cushioning for unbridled pleasure. An extra-long handle easily accesses all areas, while the 3 buttons on the handle are user friendly with an instant on/off button for split-second stoppage.

      Slick the head of the wand with water-based lubricant before you play, for smooth and sensual play sessions.

      Key Features:

      • Extra-powerful wand vibrator for muscle massage and intimate arousal
      • Multiple vibration speeds plus a variable escalating pulse setting
      • Silicone head transmits powerful vibrations for strong stimulation
      • Ergonomic handle offers complete control even in hard-to-reach areas
      • User-friendly 3-button controls on the handle
      • 2.8 metre cable stretches across the room

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      Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator with US Plug 1 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator with US Plug
      2. Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator with US Plug


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    1. The Devil Had A Daughter Named Doxy

      Reviewed: 17 May 2016 by Vanessa8

      Thank you Lovehoney for asking me to test out the Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Case Massage Wand Vibrator with a US Plug.

      The Doxy arrived in the discreet Lovehoney brown box. Although it is a larger package that required delivery to my door and did not fit in a standard US postal box. Inside was the white Doxy- branded box wrapped in secure plastic wrapping.

      Once the wrapping was removed I was impressed by the clean design of the product box and the ease to open it. Inside, the Doxy wand was nestled securely in the cardboard packaging with a small instruction book, and the power cable was presented neatly as well. Bonus: the entire box is recyclable!

      But I was a bit disappointed there was nothing included with a toy of this price range for a storage solution such as a bag or soft-sided zipper case. This is not a toy I will leave lying about, especially with the silicone head, so I am storing it in the product box for now, but that is not a long-term solution.

      Next I unsecured the power cable to plug it in, and it is LONG. We have a king sized bed and there are no issues plugging it in on one side of the bed and moving about with ease. With a toy that has to be plugged in it is very nice to still have range of movements. The power cable is a thinner width, which is nice but can tangle up a bit, so be careful with storing. The US plug has an extended size that will require you to have an empty outlet or to use the bottom opening on a standard US outlet.

      The wand itself is really large. I realize dimensions are listed here, but once in my hand I was impressed with the size and feel of this wand. The finish is an incredible black shiny finish that has a bit of silver flecked look. This is so beautiful and elegant, exactly what I love in a luxury toy like this. The Doxy logo is on the top part of the band blended into the black finish and the silver band at the top is a nice shiny finish.

      The head of this wand is silicone, which is super smooth and seam free. There is some movement to the head to tilt and adjust a bit, but overall it is firm.

      Next I powered this baby on, which only requires an easy tap onto the power button. The control panel buttons do light up in a soft blue, which is nice if you are using this in the dark or a semi-dark room.

      The first setting is a rumbling, slower vibration. If you are a power queen this toy is for you. The first setting was very intense, the second was strong and a big jump up to a deeper vibration and speed. The third setting jumps up a bit in strength ,but the speed sounds similar. The final setting is intense and super strong. Frankly, the higher two were more than I could handle on a bare intimate area. But I do love the higher settings as a back or foot massager as they can get really deep and relaxing.

      The instructions explain simply how to also use patterns or cycles with this Doxy, which I found easy to do, but I prefer the solid vibrations when I am using this toy. But the patterns and ability to adjust them offers something for everyone.

      You can literally use this doxy anywhere on your body. It feels so good against the neck and shoulder area to relieve tension. I also enjoyed this on my feet a bit and other areas for teasing such a nipples, inner thighs and backs of knees.

      This is not a soft or silent toy as it has a definite deep buzz to rumble to it. Keep that in mind and just tell anyone who hears it is your new shoulder massager! Although you may find yourself yelling or moaning loudly while using the Doxy, which would cancel out any noise from the toy anyway.

      For use with intimate areas I used the Doxy first over the clothing and was able to orgasm pretty easily... which was a great sign. Next I did use and highly recommend water-based lubricant with this toy. The instruction booklet states water or silicone based lubricant, but given the head of the wand is silicone I would rather be safe and not damage the surface of this toy.

      When used straight up against my body I find the Doxy to be very, if not too much, powerful. I kept it on the lowest setting and found if I worked up too fast I would get a bit numb. Instead I used the lower settings and would work myself up and move the massage to another area to avoid overuse.

      I found this toy to be perfect for one of the strongest blended orgasms I have had using this while inserting a realistic dildo. Because of the size of this wand I use it mostly for solo play or for foreplay with my partner. It does come in handy to "add on" to certain positions. My favourite is to grab the wand and use it on my C-spot during reverse cowgirl. My partner said he could feel the vibrations as well and enjoyed the sensation.

      I also find this incredible when using with a glass toy or just held up against the end of a glass toy while it is inserted.

      I own a couple of smaller battery-powered wands and one man's powered unit, but this Doxy is far and above anything I have ever used for sheer power and strength of vibrations. I also love the silicone head on this one. Super soft and smooth surface. While the design of the wand does reduce the exposure of your hand to the vibrations, you will still feel it some.

      I found myself saying "Holy Hell" a lot, and frankly not wanting to put this baby down or stop playing with it. I recommend trying this anywhere and everywhere on your external body to stimulate the tease. This toy is incredible for use with sensory play for those who enjoy bondage. I think this would be sweet torture to use on a partner who is restrained.

      You will find that owning a Doxy Massage Wand Vibrator may create a new addiction! I think everyone should have a great wand, and this Doxy Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator would be the perfect addition or upgrade to your sex toy collection. This would also make an incredible gift for your OH and can be used in sexual play and non-sexual massages.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Strength of vibrations. Elegant design.
      Minor factor, but no storage case or bag included.
      Bottom line
      Incredible experience. Strongest vibrations ever.
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