1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Wildstyle Single Speed Silicone Finger Ring

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      1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Wildstyle Single Speed Silicone Finger Ring

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    1. Product Description

      Awaken the dormant desire waiting within you with the tokidoki finger ring, which pairs the pinpoint precision of a fingertip with the effortless stimulation of a vibrator. A textured tip boosts sensation further for passionate play.

      Seek to enrich the every day with the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection.

      Enrich sensation further by coating the entire tip with water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Powerful single speed finger ring featuring tokidoki artwork
      • Textured tip heightens stimulation during play
      • Ideal for use on her clitoris during lovemaking
      • Removable single-speed bullet can be used separately
      • Part of the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection
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      tokidoki x Lovehoney Wildstyle Single Speed Silicone Finger Ring 11 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Wildstyle Single Speed Silicone Finger Ring
      2. tokidoki x Lovehoney Wildstyle Single Speed Silicone Finger Ring


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    1. More power than I expected

      Reviewed: 16 November 2016 by Shy-Bee, a Bisexual Single Female

      Thank you to Lovehoney for letting me test this vibe, an unexpected surprise and very much appreciated.

      Such a cute design, very girly and a bit different from the norm. I fell in love straight away.

      The bullet itself comes with batteries and extra for when they run out. Very good value for money and you get plenty of uses out of them! The bullet is also very powerful, more so than I would expect from such a small size.

      I also popped the bullet out of the finger case and it holds perfectly during sex without moving, nestled comfortably on my clit.

      I like that it's not very noisy, always handy when you have flatmates!

      Overall, I would well recommend this toy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It came with plenty of batteries.
      Bottom line
      Toy box must-have.
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    1. tokidoki Single Speed Silicone Finger Ring

      Reviewed: 06 November 2016 by Evoked1980, a Bisexual Married Female

      Wow, just wow! Who would have thought you could fit so much power and fun into such a small, discreet, yet really pretty toy.

      In general, these smaller items come across as being more rushed and cheaper in their design and manufacture and it is a welcome and refreshing change to have some of the Tokidoki range to play with.

      Though some may feel that a single-speed setting is too little to be ‘played’ with, the manoeuvrability of this vibrator is second to none as it can effectively reach wherever your individual finger can, apply as much pressure as your finger can, but with the added bonus of some sensationally strong vibrations for such a small toy (there could be claims for vibration white finger caused by this in years to come!) and several highly effective ridges for additional stimulation.

      These products ooze quality, appeal and fantastic design, and would probably not be identified as sex toys if only seen with a cursory glance.

      Not only are the products themselves a joy to behold, but their packaging too exudes quality and style. Add to this the bonus of a second set of batteries and there really are no negatives to these little bundles of pleasure.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Discreet, manoeuvrable and powerful all in such a small toy.
      Really, really struggling to think of anything.
      Bottom line
      What a great set of toys the tokidoki range is. We are now huge fans.
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    1. I want to wear it as jewellery

      Reviewed: 10 October 2016 by RosyCheek, a Straight Married Female

      Wow, wow, wow! So good I may just say it again: wow!

      This finger ring is just gorgeous, and that's not a word I often use. It is a stunning shade of pink with cutesy skulls printed in black. The effect is just amazing. As a rock chick with a love of all things cute this was perfect for me. The tokidoki range really feels like it was made for me. It just brings a massive smile to my face.

      It was packaged on a card emblazoned with stunning little cartoons. So adorable I haven't recycled it yet. In the packaging was an extra three batteries, which is fantastic. Cell batteries can be tricky to get a hold of, they aren't something I have in the house.

      With the extra three (it takes three at a time) it means I will have time to buy more without having to have them go flat during a session. Three batteries are already inserted in the finger ring, but you do have to open it to remove the protective cover.

      Removing the bullet from the ring is quite tricky. I won’t lie. The bullet sits so perfectly inside it almost creates a vacuum. A bit of squishing and pulling and I finally got it. It was impossible for my husband and his dumpy little fingers.

      The ring sits perfectly on my husband's forefinger. It is a great snug fit. The ring will easily accommodate a slender or stubby finger. This looks brilliant on. I kind of want to wear it as jewellery. The silicone is so soft and smooth. It is just lovely. Even with lubricant it stays amazingly soft. It curves with your finger and looks like, well, a fingertip. It's a vibrating, beautiful fingertip with ridges. It's pure genius!

      The vibrations are easy to turn on and super strong. A little click of the soft button sets it off onto is constant singular speed. Click the button again and it switches off.

      I was so excited about using this I was worried its beauty would distract me of course. Did I mention just how great it looks?!

      This feels absolutely delicious! The vibrations feel great when used from head to toe. It’s beautifully buzzy, and pretty darn quiet too! The ridges really add depth to the sensations. As it is just like an exaggerated fingertip it's easy to direct the vibrations. It really gives intense clitoral orgasms in no time at all!

      My husband really loves incorporating this into our sessions. He likes feeling close to me and this really does that. It is small and just feels like an extension of his fingertip. It makes sex feel intimate and loving. It's such a great quality product to use when you want that intimate feeling. Sometimes we desire that closeness opposed to "a bit of rough".

      The batteries last well, it cleans easily too. tokidoki is my favourite range at Lovehoney. I look forward to seeing more from them.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Its stunning design, ease of use, fantastic vibrations.
      Nothing at all. I love it!
      Bottom line
      My second favourite ring I own, first being my wedding ring! Perfect!
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