1. Rianne S Rechargeable Heart Clitoral Vibrator

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      1. Rianne S Rechargeable Heart Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A gorgeous gift for a special occasion, this dainty heart-shaped clitoral vibrator is as silky as a stick of caramel and twice as pleasurable. 3 set speeds and 7 waving, pulsing patterns transport you to a decadent realm of sensual stimulation.

      Pretty, petite and oh-so discreet, this tiny treasure is a treat that's compact enough to keep in your handbag, for on-demand pearl pleasuring both solo and during sex.

      Your pebble vibrator charges back to peak power using its USB cable, and rests between playtimes in perfect comfort within its luxurious cube-shaped gift box.

      Heighten sensation further by applying a little water-based lube before use.

      Key Features:

      • Heart-shaped silicone clitoral vibrator
      • 3 speeds and 7 patterns for adventurous fun
      • Stunning gift box presentation - the perfect present
      • Discreet design can be left in plain sight
      • 120 minute charge time for 120 minutes of play

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      Rianne S Rechargeable Heart Clitoral Vibrator 12 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Rianne S Rechargeable Heart Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Rianne S Rechargeable Heart Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Little and Discreet

      Reviewed: 20 November 2018 by RhiRhi6, a Straight Single Female

      This product was one of my first purchases. I wanted something little which I could discreetly take away with me and something non-threatening. This achieved both.

      What I did not count for was how powerful this little thing is. It’s fantastic! Not only cute and girly this vibrator can pack a punch with its different settings and soft silicone. Perfect little toy for a beginner or as a travel toy. Finally the cherry on top of the cake is that it is USB rechargeable with a long battery life.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Cute, girly, soft silicone and intense stimulation all packed in a little package.
      Nothing. It’s brill!
      Bottom line
      Cute and effective.
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    1. Surprised by this cute vibe

      Reviewed: 25 November 2017 by cupcake333, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I got this as part of the Black Friday sale as it looked cute and I could take it with me in my makeup bag knowing that no one would suspect anything if they happened to stumble upon it.

      I've always gravitated more towards magic wands and heavier toys of that nature, but I was pleasantly surprised by the power of this.

      The silicone is so smooth and soft and what did it for me was the ridge at the top of the heart. When I started stroking the heart upside down on my clitoris, I found that it fits my curves really well and it stimulated me and effortlessly, brought me to a deep and satisfying prolonged orgasm.

      I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Look, feel, power, shape.
      Bottom line
      Small, cute and effective.
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    1. Intimate Guilty Pleasure

      Reviewed: 17 September 2017 by Funlover69, a Straight Single Female

      I can clearly remember my heartfelt joy when I spotted this gorgeous vibe available on the Lovehoney site. Already being the happy owner of the pink Lovehoney version, I was intrigued to find out how this Rianne S model would compare.

      Soon after placing my next order to include this delightful beauty I found myself excitedly opening the by now familiar plain cardboard box, discreetly disguising the hidden risque contents.

      Impressively well presented in a stylish purple gift box with gold seaI on top complete with RS initials, I instantly felt happy in the knowledge that I could leave it innocently sitting in full view without raising suspicion. In fact I now store both the pink and purple hearts together in it along with their charging leads and sit it conveniently in easy reach on my bedside cabinet.

      Before I could enjoy my comparison trial I first had to charge the vibe for a couple of hours but with the pink one already charged I decided to shorten the wait by using it first. As soon as the purple one was good to go I had depleted the charge in the pink one so was able to make a smooth and instant transition to my new purple one.

      The silicone of this one felt equally smooth and sensual with its band of gold trim looking especially luxurious and showing the tiny initials RS towards the charging port at the pointed tip.

      Once lubed and switched on using the conveniently situated power button on the silicone surface, being already familiar with my preferred position in which to sit it against my clitoris, I first tested the speeds and patterns to help decide which I would begin with. I was thrilled to establish that this vibe was every bit as powerful as its predecessor with what seemed a similar choice of patterns. I then placed it flush against my clitoris with the tip pointing upwards to give pinpoint stimulation.

      When I wish a more broad spread of sensation I use it with the point towards the bottom. I do find that the vibe stays particularly well in place if I sit it at a right angle to my body with the gold rim against my clitoris, enabling me to more easily tuck it inside my labia. This gives a slightly different spread of stimulation, again accurately targeting my clitoris. Rather than fiddle about constantly changing patterns and position, once it is in place I tend to leave it there unless it shifts out of position, preventing proper stimulation.

      As my arousal increases during use I only need apply a little extra pressure manually against the vibe to help me reach orgasm. I have found using this vibe particularly effective for improving natural vaginal lubrication prior to adding any other vibe to my solo play. The super silky silicone makes this clitoral vibe especially comfortable to wear for prolonged periods, but being slightly more noisy than would be required for use in public I have so far only used it when alone at home. As part of a couple its compact size would make it easy to use alongside penetration by holding it in place yourself, adding to the pleasure of the session.

      With its ease of use and impressive vibrations this is a worthy vibe to add to your collection and would enhance any solo or couples play. Although not waterproof its USB charging facility and compact design makes it an attractive hassle free-option. I am especially delighted to have two heart vibes to allow me to alternate between them on days when I wish to enjoy even more lengthy sessions than the already generous two hours provided by one. Depending on the patterns I select I can shift from more subtle stimulation to thrilling orgasm building sensations.

      Whilst buying for yourself ensures impressive solo fun, this gorgeous vibe with its beautiful gift box packaging would make a heart melting gift for your partner with the promise of scintillating pleasure with its every use. It carries a very reasonable price tag for such a luxurious and memorable purchase which is sure to provide endless hours of bliss.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The varied and powerful vibrations create anything from subtle stimulation to sublime bliss.
      Lacks a small carrying pouch for away days or holidays.
      Bottom line
      A palm sized treasure of pure pleasure.
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    1. I'm one happy girl

      Reviewed: 01 March 2017 by wild angel

      This is truly something to have in your collection,

      It is a small vibe that is good for travel because of its size (but a little noisy) and one of the things I really love about it is that it has nine settings to play with, and it brings a lot of to the bedroom.

      The settings can be flicked through with a click of a button and are all at diverse paces.

      Once charged and ready, it can go for miles, and it has brought me plenty of pleasure. Don't miss out on this beauty.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It was a little noisy (but not too much).
      Bottom line
      A must-have.
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    1. A Cute Surprise Hidden Away In A Discreet Vibe

      Reviewed: 25 January 2017 by FemmeFataleSexi, a Straight Engaged Female

      Ever since receiving this product as a birthday present from a friend, I've been completely hooked on the Rianne S brand and am now currently trying to acquire every toy this company makes!

      This toy I didn't have too many expectations for though nor any idea of what to expect since I'd never encountered a Rianne S brand toy. Nor had I ever heard anything about the toy line either. Let's just say I was taken aback with surprise at what arrived, because it was so much more than I could have dreamed about in a sex toy!

      Firstly, I should mention the packaging and how discreet this toy is. The toy comes in a gift box matching the color of the heart, so in this case, it came in a lavender box. The boxing is not cheap throw away material, either, I might add.

      It makes an excellent permanent storage box. Nestled inside is the vibrator. When it's sitting alone on a bedside table, it looks very much like any random trinket would, and it's not easy to tell that it's an electronic toy or even that it has a button on it at all.

      The most you would really be able to see would possibly be the hold in the bottom where the cord plugs in, but at that point you'd also be able to notice the button and so you'd really have to be nosing around at that point.

      So as far as discretion goes, just sitting there randomly to a stranger glancing around the room, it's not going to appear to be anything more than a heart shaped trinket.

      As far as the materials it's made from, it's got a soft and smooth finish that's made from an excellent body safe food grade silicone, with the gold finished border bearing the initials RS in very small black font being made of hard plastic.

      As far as what it does... The major selling point for me would be that it's rechargeable. It would so awesome if it were waterproof too, but unfortunately it's not. When charging it, the directions say that it should be charged for a full eight hours before the first usage. All Rianne S toys say this.

      Honestly, I can say that I've never done this once, lol, and so far it hasn't seemed to have impaired the function of any of them. I always just charge them until the light signals they have a full charge. With this toy, a lovely red heart pulses in the middle of the toy while plugged in and when it's finished, the heart just remains constantly lit up.

      It does not come with a USB wall adapter I should note, so if you will want to be charging it from an outlet, you'll need to buy that piece separately as the charging cord it comes with is just a USB hookup. It takes about two hours to charge it.

      As far as what it does when it's turned on, it takes just one quick press of the one single button to get it running. After that, you can continually press the button to cycle through ten whole different modes! They are Stationary Speed 1/Low, Stationary Speed 2/Medium, Stationary Speed 3/High, Wave Motion 4, Pulse Mode 5, Pulse Mode 6, Pulse Mode 7, Pulse Mode 8, Mix Shuffle Mode 9, and Mix Shuffle Mode 10. And so there you go with regard to the different vibrational modes it has.

      It should be noted here that in order to turn the toy off you have to scroll through all the way up to number ten before you reach the off mode. For those concerned with being able to silence the toy instantly, this could be an issue.

      So how does it feel?! (I always save the best Q&A that everyone really wants to know the answer for the end to save the best for last. ;))

      This is a very, very small vibrator. I encourage you to watch the Lovehoney demo video, but even so, it's hard to really conceptualize how petite this vibe is till you get it in your hands. It is definitely and by far easily going to be able to fit into any of your panties that have at least some coverage, i.e. thongs and G-strings won't keep it in place.

      The power on this gadget, for its size, I should add, is stunning! On the other hand, this makes it too loud to be worn discreetly in public. But for at home use, you certainly are not going to tip off your roommates/flatmates through the wall that you've got any type of vibrating device running.

      You'll also discover that when positioned correctly, you can cross one leg over the other (so you're sitting in the traditional proper lady position for a chair), and you'll notice your thighs will drown out a lot of what sound can still possibly be heard. Overall,though, this is definitely one of the much more quiet vibrators out there which you can find available.

      So how should it be positioned and used and did this heart love me enough to give me one of those fantastic Os? Responding to latter first, yes, it most certainly did! I have been very sexually satisfied since acquiring this toy and the beautiful aesthetics on top of it all, plus everything I've so far described are just every bit so sensual, erotic and such a complete turn-on in a feminine and feministic type way, that yes, my Purple Heart Vibe made my own heart vibrate not to mention my clitoris too!

      Here's the deal with positioning and figuring the toy out. In the beginning, I was actually a bit disappointed because I wasn't climaxing and it seemed I never would. However, three things contributed to finally succeeding. Firstly, figure out which direction you want pointing up... Clitoris nestled between the two curves of the top of the heart - or clitoris receiving pinpoint stimulation from the tip of the bottom of the heart. Second, figuring out if you want to use it sitting flat in your panties or whether you want to lodge it between your vaginal lips with a slightly partial insertion (I'm talking no more than a centimeter) along the gold finish, is going to make a substantial difference from woman to woman.

      And then finally, yes, this can be used as a couples toy during penetration as it's small enough and easy to maneuver with such efficacy that you will definitely be able to nestle it between you and your partner (during missionary), or to just comfortable hold it in the right spot for most other positions.

      The only downsides I found were these... I would have preferred if it had been waterproof. I also would have preferred if it the button on the toy was a bit easier to find when switching modes while in the middle of using it. Yes, you will memorize where that discreetly hidden button is located in time, but at first it may be a tad irritating of a struggle to get memorized down cold. Use it frequently, though and you will know just what setting you need, your preference for how to position this very versatile toy, how it's going to pan out with you and your couple using it while, "doin' it," together with your partner, and lastly, how it's going to work when coupled with other toys.

      And this is the last thing I'll dish on here... It is indeed small enough that you can use insertion toys with it at the same time. However, unless this is a butt plug you like to keep stationary, you may be wondering how on Earth any woman has enough hands for all this.

      I have not been able to successfully pair it with any other toys out there but another Rianne S toy called the Matryoshka. That's because this toy can be sat on comfortable and is insertable during this process, leaving you able to nestle your Heart Vibe in just above it for the ultimate blended orgasm.

      Unfortunately Lovehoney isn't carrying the Matryoshka anymore, but we can always write them and request that they please remove it from the discontinuation closet. Here is the link to this discontinued item here on Lovehoney.

      I will be leaving a review on Lovehoney's product expiration page in the reviews as well as emailing them to ask that they please restock this item and I encourage you to do the same as these two toys are so amazing by themselves (both are in my all time favorites box), but how much more amazing they are ladies when paired together for a blended orgasm!

      (One final note... In lieu of the Matryoshka, there's another discontinued toy here that will bring you to the same blended orgasm on the site here but it has also been discontinued so I urge those of you who wanted the blended orgasm from using the Heart Vibe with a secondary toy to also send emails asking Lovehoney to start carrying the Tenga Iroha Midori once again, which was once sold here.

      My final note would be this... If you have to have that blended orgasm in order to reach your happy place, here's one of the most amazing internal toys I've ever encountered and yes, it's sold here on Lovehoney and is still a currently stocked item. So check out the Lelo Mona Wave if you've decided you're going to buy this toy with a companion toy for insertion to reach a blended climax.

      And by the way, I give the Heart Vibe a hands down five star review, as I also have done with every Rianne S toy that's currently available. This is an outstanding line, ladies! Buy your heart vibe with no hesitation because you will not be disappointed in any way whatsoever.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Discreet appearance, mode variety, rechargeable, quiet, use w/lover/internal toy for blended climax.
      Should be submersible, short runtime, no brand name storage pouch like other Rianne S toys.
      Bottom line
      A sex goddess in every possible way! Adding other features could make it even better.
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