1. Jimmyjane Hello Touch X with Electro Stimulation

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      Jimmyjane have made the impossible, possible. Taking E-Stim tech and combining it with their award-winning original Hello Touch vibe, they've created a sensational electro-toy that's as easy to use as your own fingertips. About time, we say.


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      1. Jimmyjane Hello Touch X with Electro Stimulation

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    1. Product Description

      Jimmyjane have made the impossible, possible. Taking E-Stim tech and combining it with their award-winning original Hello Touch vibe, they've created a sensational electro-toy that's as easy to use as your own fingertips. About time, we say.

      Perfect for internal and external stimulation anywhere on the body, this innovative sex toy brings you all the benefits of added pleasure, without losing the natural closeness of sex.

      Thanks to its sleek, comfortable design, this unique toy ensures you enjoy the same mobility and versatility as playing with just your fingers, but enhances your touch with added buzz and zaps. Simply stroke, squeeze, pinch and pat your partner to discover the true flexibility of this amazing finger vibrator.

      Choose between the vibrating or electro stimulation pads to customise intimate play. The ultra-clever design of the vibrating finger pads focus vibrations on the underside of the pad, rather than around the fingertips to ensure both partners enjoy maximum arousal, and zero numbness.

      Switch to the electro stimulation pads to explore a whole new way to play. Slotting over the fingertips in just the same way as the vibro pads, these electro pads feature small stainless steel pods which deliver scintillating pulse-like sensations wherever you touch.

      Delve into 10 intensity levels and 6 pulsation modes to take full advantage of the pleasure-inducing power of this toy. It's a truly breathtaking way to explore each other.

      We recommend adding a dab of water-based lubricant to each pad and your partner to enhance connectivity and overall pleasure.

      Please note: The pad cables require a fairly forceful push into the USB slot on the control pad to ensure it makes a solid connection.

      Key Features:

      • USB rechargeable finger vibrator with electro stimulation pads for extra thrills
      • Versatile and flexible for a variety of stokes, movements and pressures
      • 10 intensity levels and 6 pulsation modes of electro stimulation
      • Perfect for internal or external exploration
      • Comfortable, washable Neoprene wrist band keeps power-pack out of your way during fun
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 1 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Material: Silicone
      • Waterproof: Splashproof
    3. Power and speed

      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns

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    1. Jimmyjane Hello Touch X with Electro Stimulation

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      The Hello Touch X gives you the thrilling combination of natural touch and movement with a choice of powerful vibrations or electro stimulation. Slip the silicone pads over your fingers and transform solo play, foreplay and sex in an instant.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Jimmyjane Hello Touch X with Electro Stimulation 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Jimmyjane Hello Touch X with Electro Stimulation
      2. Jimmyjane Hello Touch X with Electro Stimulation


    1. eXcellent

      Reviewed: 21 October 2015 by Shadow Collector

      This had a place reserved on my wishlist from the second I first laid my eyes on it, and, thanks to some incredibly welcome pieces of good luck, I was able to acquire it as a somewhat belated birthday gift to myself. Thank you, Me. You know me so well!

      The Lovehoney delivery was as discreet and unassuming as always and, once it was out of the parcel, I was greeted with the simple, anti-tacky Jimmyjane packaging. Inside are all the pieces of kit, and an information booklet that is a couple of steps up from IKEA grade to help you on your way to getting it up and running.

      I was upset by the fact that they ‘recommend’ an 8 hour charge before initial use. I was buzzing (Well, not yet… but I was pretty darn excited) about it and I wanted to use it immediately! Grr, delayed gratification.

      The power source of the toy is a small black box, with three buttons on the front to turn it off, on and toggle power and settings. I made the mistake of not really reading the instructions at first, so it took me a lot longer to figure out how to switch it on than I care to admit. If you’re not an idiot like me, however, you shouldn’t have any problems. The box fits perfectly into the wrist strap, which is Velcro and could easily be adjusted to fit almost every hand size out there.

      Attaching the vibrating pads and the E-Stim pads to the toy’s power source is a breeze; they just click in to place with no fuss. They aren’t the firmest hold, with my micro hands they did snag and get pulled off a few times, but this was a minor inconvenience at worst.

      With the vibrating pads, when using them they leave your fingertips deliciously numb, but are comfortable and easy to use. When they’re being used on you, you’ll wish there was more than one vibration setting! This thing reaches everywhere (I mean everywhere!) that the fingers can, but add vibrations. Where is the downside? I defy you to find one!

      The charge level in them seems quite erratic though, anything from forty minutes to ten dependant on the day.

      That leads me nicely on to the attachment that bumps up the price - the E-Stim pads. You can tell the difference between the two pads by looking at them - E-Stim, silver metal, vibrator, black silicone.

      The E-Stim ones are a lot more varied than the vibrating ones, with ten strength settings and six different pulse settings that never fail to keep you on your toes. If only the vibrating pads offered this level of diversity!

      Before you even turn it on, the cool metal nubs feel amazing being run across the skin, and once you do put it to its intended use… whoa! This thing is perfect for sadism and foreplay! You can get anything from the mildest tickle to some pretty powerful shocks. It’s a mini violet wand! Well, maybe slightly less powerful… but it’s a lot quieter and can reach far more places without being hindered by size, shape or power cables. Also, you cannot match the intimacy of this toy with anything else I’ve seen on the market. Touch. It’s there, in the name.

      I fell hard for this toy the second I saw it, and was madly in love by the end of my first session with it. It’s a perfect toy for anyone- E-Stim beginners, it’s completely non-threatening, a very gentle start with the option to build up as you go. More experienced couples will also likely enjoy the intimacy that cannot be matched with any other E-Stim device I’ve come across. Plus, vibrations. Vibrations wherever you want them… what more can I really say?

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The unique design, fantastic build quality, the new dimension it can bring to intimate fun.
      Only one vibration setting.
      Bottom line
      The perfect couples toy and introduction to E-Stim.
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    1. Electrify Your Love

      Reviewed: 10 May 2015 by Foxxy, a Straight Engaged Female

      I think most of us can relate to having had shocking sex at some point in our lives, but there’s shockingly bad sex, and shockingly good sex - I’m definitely a fan of the later, I can tell you!

      Testing the Jimmyjane Hello Touch X has been incredibly good fun, and if you read on, I’ll be happy to tell you why I really like this little box of tricks. :-)

      There’s quite a bit to talk about, so I’ll break it down in to sections.

      Packaging, charging and first impressions:

      It arrives quite nicely boxed in very simple, understated packaging. I knew what to expect here, as this isn’t my first Jimmyjane product. There’s nothing cheap about it. Equally there’s not much to shout about either. Inside is your unit, wristband, charging cable, and two sets of pads, vibration and electro-stimulation.There’s some very basic written details, and a diagram sheet, that if you buy lots from that Swedish furniture store, you’ll feel right at home with.

      Personally, I’d of liked a little more info, especially if this is going to be someone’s first venture into electro-stimulation, but to be honest it’s fairly straightforward. Just don’t try and charge it from the wrong end as I did - I didn’t realise there is an end cap to be removed to access the charging port, so I plugged the charging cable into the port for the electrodes initially... That’ll teach me to read instructions properly (no, it probably won’t). After a couple of hours on charge, we were good to go, so I popped the unit into the wristband and plugged the vibration pads in ready for round one...

      Vibration pads:

      Okay, so once on, the pads, attached by silicone bands, do feel quite snug and the tips of your fingers change colour slightly. In no way did we find them uncomfortable, and my OH has much chunkier fingers than I do. They need to fit snugly, because you’re going to be stimulating skin with them, any looser and they’d slip around and move. As they are, they do the job nicely and caused us no discomfort.

      The vibration pads are the silicone ones, and once plugged in will allow you to pass vibrations through whichever body part you choose to stimulate. For me, they’re not faultless. Firstly, they only have one mode of constant vibration, you can’t adjust this at all, and I think that Jimmyjane have definitely missed an opportunity to make improvements here. Sadly, they’re also a little on the buzzy side for me.

      They’re not super buzzy, but they don’t have that lovely depth of a rumbly vibration that I love. Would I grab these for a solo masturbation session? No, it’s likely that I wouldn’t, but that said, I did really enjoy using them as part of foreplay. They feel so much better when my OH is using them on me than when I use them on myself, and I genuinely think we will use them quite regularly in our sessions. You get about 35-40 minutes of play with these on one charge.

      Electro-stimulation pads;

      The exciting pads! These ones have metal studs on them, so you can’t get them confused. You need to use water based lube on the metal studs and your skin - trust me, you don’t want to try it without! I did, and at first I thought they weren’t working as I felt nothing, then there was this horrible sharp searing pain, like my flesh was being ripped into, not pleasant! The lube stops this, as it conducts the electricity properly and you feel the electro-stimulation as it should be felt.

      These pads have six different pulsation modes (a variety of pulse lengths, a cycle through mode, a random mode and constant pulse) with ten levels of intensity, so I think there’ll be something for everybody. Each time you select a new mode, it reverts back to the lowest level of intensity, so you’re always in control, the unit will switch of after 12 minutes of constant use for safety, and you get over 2 hours play with these pads.

      Both of the metal studs need to be touching skin for the pulses to be felt. I have to say, it feels amazing in use! You can start off with just a gentle tingle caressing your skin, like static electricity, and move up to levels which, if I’m totally honest, I can't always handle. It might be small, but it’s perfectly capable of delivering some powerful shocks on your skin! It’s quite amusing to test on the lower arms and watch the fingers contract and relax as the electric pulses stimulate the muscles. I’ll perhaps grow up one day!

      Our experiences:

      We’ve tested this out lots, all over the body as well as internally, to find out what works best for us. I enjoy trying the different modes, and I’ve found that I prefer different ones on different days and in different places - I’ve certainly not got bored!

      Externally around my vulva and nipples, I really only like mild sensations, but that’s totally personal to me, and if that ever changes I have plenty of scope to move up with intensity levels. This is also true for internal stimulation, tingly and prickly is what I like, but elsewhere on the body, my back, neck, thighs etc, I can take much more and enjoy it immensely. I felt quite clumsy at first whilst using it on my OH, and like me, he only likes mild sensations around his sensitive area’s, but he does enjoy it, and I found it easier to use once I became comfortable with using the unit and pads.

      Everyone will find a technique that works for them. For us, the pads worked better when the studs were on the pads of our fingers. It didn’t seem to work too well for us when we tried to use them so they were on top of our fingers, covering our nails. We played around with the amount of lube used too, and I do prefer to make sure that there is a good skin covering. This makes the pulses flow uninterruptedly. Using less can sometimes mean that it becomes a little jumpy, producing a more shock-like sensation which isn’t as nice. You might like that though!

      For me, I find this to be a totally different experience than using the Neon wand. The wand never really touches the skin, you’re aiming to create that arc of electricity after all. You’re also holding a wand between yourself and your partner, which adds distance. The Hello Touch is direct contact, I can feel the warmth of my partners hands as he manipulates the pads over my bare skin.

      He can reach places the Neon Wand can’t and I love that because the unit is so small and unassuming, it feels so much more intimate because of it. The wrist band is comfortable and easy to wear, and you don’t feel like you’re wielding some bulky equipment whilst you’re using it. I love to experience this at a pain level which is just under what I can actually handle, it’s almost like edging, I love to feel that craving of wanting more, it’s exhilarating!


      Honestly, I really do like this bit of kit and I’d recommend people try it. If you’re a beginner, you have the options to be able to build up gradually and having the vibration pads make it a dual purpose toy, so it’s a great, non-intimidating introduction to the sensations of electro-stimulation. If you’re already into this amazing way of playing, then I don’t think this will disappoint you either.

      As I said previously, I can’t handle this turned up to it’s highest levels on most areas, it really does offer a high level of pain if you want it to. Its beauty lies in its simplicity in my opinion, no bulky pieces that need careful unpacking and repacking after play, this fits in a small space in a bedside drawer and can be grabbed and ready to use in seconds! Great for those passionate weekends away and for surprising your partner when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, due to being restricted by equipment. It’s fairly easy to clean too, I carefully spray sex toy cleaner on the pads and wipe clean with a toy wipe. I do wish it came with a storage bag, though. I’ve got mine in an innocent looking small cosmetics pouch! It’s so quick and easy to use, no bulky props or messing around.

      Don’t underestimate this, the power is literally at your fingertips!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      So compact and easy to use. Varied levels of pain, it feels amazing.
      Only one vibration mode and amount of play time varies greatly between pads.
      Bottom line
      Great fun, and wonderfully portable for those exciting adventures. Packs a punch too!
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    1. A down grade from the standard Hello Touch

      Reviewed: 07 May 2017 by Someone_Rough, a Straight Single Male

      I recently bought this. At first glance while in the box it looked awesome. I thought it would have been a significant improvement from the standard Hello Touch, but while using it for the first few times I became very disappointed and here's why.



      Looks great. Amazing vibration at your fingertips. Versatile.


      Wristband sucks compared to the standard Hello Touch. The battery pack is contained internally and requires to be charged VS the standard Hello Touch where you just swap the batteries out and your well on your way to good vibrations again.

      The Estim, even with conducting gel, is absolutely horrible! It’s like being intermittently stabbed with a knitting needle.

      In summing up I would go with the standard Hello touch versus the Hello Touch X. All the pros, none of the Cons.

    2. Overall Rating:
      1 out of 10 stars
      Black, looks great. Amazing vibration at your fingertips, versatile.
      Estim with conducting gel is absolutely horrible! It's like being intermittently stabbed with knitting needles.
      Bottom line
      Poor in comparison to the standard Hello Touch. Definitely a downgrade.
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