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    1. Bijoux Indiscrets 21 USB Rechargeable Vibrating Diamond

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      1. Bijoux Indiscrets 21 USB Rechargeable Vibrating Diamond

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    1. Product Description

      Bask in the glow of sensational clitoral orgasms with the Bijoux Indiscrets 21 Vibrator. Shaped just like a diamond, this gleaming luxury vibrator features unique stimulating contours and houses a 10 function rechargeable motor for diverse play-sessions.

      Take full advantage of this palm-sized sex toy and unleash its full pleasure-inducing potential. The pointed tip is perfect for precise clitoral stimulation, while elongated sides make light work of caressing the clitoris and labia at the same time. Alternatively, flip it upside down and use the broad, flat surface to simultaneously massage the labia and vulva.

      Want to try more? Why not experiment with these techniques on other areas too, such as the nipples, perineum and anus? Or, for a more gentle warm up, use the rechargeable toy to enhance sensual shoulder and back massages with your partner.

      We recommend applying a generous layer of your favourite sex lube to the surface of this toy to maximise pleasure.

      Key Features:

      • Jewel-shaped rechargeable clitoral vibrator for external erotic massage
      • Single-button interface operates 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration
      • USB rechargeable motor is eco-friendly, quiet and powerful
      • Unique contours offer a range of play possibilities
      • Ergonomic design comfortably fits the palm of your hand
      • 100% waterproof for aquatic playtime
      • Presented in an attractive hard storage box
      • Includes USB charge cable and drawstring storage bag

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      Bijoux Indiscrets 21 USB Rechargeable Vibrating Diamond 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Bijoux Indiscrets 21 USB Rechargeable Vibrating Diamond
      2. Bijoux Indiscrets 21 USB Rechargeable Vibrating Diamond


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    1. A diamond in the rough

      Reviewed: 21 November 2014 by butterflybee, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was beyond excited to hear that I was going to be receiving this as a tester product.

      As soon as it arrived, I tore into the packaging to find a beautiful, classy, gold outer box. Inside is the simple, black, hard case within which the diamond is nestled.

      The box contains the diamond itself, a black storage pouch, the USB charger cable, and two information booklets (one quick start guide and one full user guide). The packaging definitely looks expensive and it really makes the product feel like a luxury item.

      Size-wise, it is perfect for holding in your palm, and although it has a little weight to it, it is definitely not too heavy.

      Charging is nice and easy. The top flat section unscrews to reveal the charging port underneath. The booklet states a full charge takes approximately 2 hours, and I found this to be pretty accurate. Whilst charging, the power button flashes red intermittently and once charged, stays illuminated.

      The waterproofing rubber seal, unfortunately, pops out of position quite easily (often when screwing the top section back on). It is simple to put back in place, but just be aware of this if you plan to use it in the bath/shower.

      The first thing I noticed when turning the diamond on, is that the power button is quite difficult to depress as it sits flush with the flat sides. I had to use my fingernail to depress it, as using the flesh of your finger will not always depress it enough.

      The first three vibrations comprise a series of increasing speeds. The first is quite slow, but very deep and rumbly (divine!). The third speed has a more buzzy quality, but it is definitely much stronger. After cycling through the speeds you come to the vibration patterns, some of which are very interesting. I was going to list them, but I don't want to spoil your experience of cycling through them. Suffice to say you won't be disappointed!

      You can use all areas of the diamond (although I must say the easiest way to hold it is by the flat top section), and experience different sensations depending on which area you use. The point is by far the strongest vibration wise, although the flat top is very handy for use during massage.

      Do be aware, that when covered in lube/massage oil it can become a bit of a challenge to keep hold of! Additionally, due to the shape and the way in which you hold it, the vibrations do travel into your hand quite a lot. I really don't think that you would be able to use this for a long time, unfortunately. I used it for around 45 minutes and found that afterwards, my hand felt as though it was still vibrating.

      Since it is waterproof, I decided to test that aspect out too. I wouldn't advise using it for prolonged periods underwater, as small amounts of water do seem to get past the rubber seal when it has been completely submerged (it's not an awful lot, but small droplets are visible when the lid is unscrewed). I think that it would be fine in a shower however. None of the strength of the vibrations are lost, although the diamond does seem to want to flip upside down when underwater.

      Although the information states that it is quiet, only the lowest setting really is. As you cycle up through the speeds it does get louder. I wouldn't feel comfortable using the highest speed setting if I was not home alone, as I think it would be easily heard from outside a bedroom door.

      I have to say, it does give some amazing orgasms! It took me a while to build up on the lower setting. However, once I got there it was one of the longest and most satisfying orgasms I have had.

      It's a great item and the variety of vibration patterns means that there is something for almost everyone. It looks very classy and expensive, and it could be left out on view and nobody would know what it is. Despite the couple of niggly issues, it's a brilliant product that is more than worth its price.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Size and shape. Variety of vibration patterns. Strength of vibrations.
      Power button difficult to depress. Waterproofing seal pops out of position. Vibrations travel into hand.
      Bottom line
      Has a couple of niggly issues, but still a brilliant product! I love it!
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    1. This diamond may be loosing its shine

      Reviewed: 16 December 2014 by Kinky&Curvy

      Who wouldn’t be excited about getting a vibe in the shape of a diamond?

      I have to admit, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to vibes, especially unique ones. Different colours other than the usual pink, purple, black and all around distinctive are the kind that I really like.

      Granted, I’m not a fan of gold but I’m inclined to look past that minor bug.

      The Bijoux Diamond arrived very quickly and discreetly. I found its simple, sturdy black box nestled within a medium brown envelope bag.

      Without further ado, I opened up the box to find a cute hand sized diamond snuggled in the box surrounded by a faux velvet base and a plastic cover to keep it in place.

      I have to say, I was surprised by the size of the diamond. From the image on Lovehoney, it looks a lot bigger than it is. Granted, it’s not tiny, but luckily it’s ergonomically designed to fit in the hand well. Any bigger and it would be a little too fiddly to hold.

      Within the box resides a little black satin bag, a rechargeable cable and two booklets. A ‘quick guide’ and a ‘user guide’. You really only need to read the quick guide because, as it says, it’s quick and simple. The quick guide shows you how to charge the toy, it illustrates that it’s waterproof and you can use this toy with lube, and it even indicates what angle of the toy works best on your body.

      The side of the diamond can caress your labia at the same time as stimulating your clitoris.

      The head of the diamond, due to its greater surface area, is great for massaging your labia and the tip of the diamond (you guessed it!) is for pinpoint stimulation on the clitoris.

      Onto the diamond. I actually didn’t want to touch it and would love to leave it shining in all its glory. It’s so clean that it shines like a little gem hidden in a black box.

      But I had to get it out eventually, and when I did I noticed that it’s actually quite hefty. I love this because it makes the product seem durable and almost genuine. I don’t mean that I believe it’s like a real life diamond, we know it’s made out of plastic, therefore if it was incredibly lightweight you wouldn’t think much of its longevity and would believe it to be a bit tacky.

      The vibes are similar to standard vibrators with 3 continuous speeds and a contrast of patterned vibrations. The vibrations move throughout the diamond equally, creating a great massager. I thought maybe due to the unique angles you could really appreciate the vibrations, they would make it perfect to get into knots and aches.

      Unfortunately, I’m yet to be sold on this.

      The vibrations where there but I found them to be more of a tickle than a vibration. I actually found that the angles seem to confuse and muffle the strength. What I believed to be the best angle for pinpoint stimulation (the tip of the diamond) happened to have the least impact.

      I did find that the side of the diamond produced the more pleasurable pulsation. Being able to stimulate my labia and clitoris at the same time really had me going. It was only at this position and on the medium setting that I found any pleasure with this toy.

      The first continuous vibration was a little tickle and the highest setting, due to the material was a little too sharp, especially seen as I’m quite sensitive but the medium, WOW!

      There is a huge contrast in speed from the small to the medium. Instead of the speed gradually increasing from slow - medium - fast, the vibe seems to jump from slow - fast - a little bit faster.

      I bet with a bit more lube the fastest setting would be a bit more comfortable.

      I tried this as a massager as well because I thought the shape and grooves would work well. However, on a larger surface area the vibrations seemed minimalistic. I didn’t try this on my back seen as I’m not a contortionist and instead tried it on my inner thigh, believing that such a sensitive, ticklish area would work well, but it didn’t.

      It obviously has a big motor due to its weight. This can’t be noticed in the noise. It’s not whisper quiet, but it’s not excessively loud, either, a little music and it’s easily drowned out.

      Through one button this vibe can be turned on and off, though it is a bit fiddly. The button is well concealed within the diamond and doesn’t protrude out from the toy, distorting its shape. However, this also means, unless you have petite fingers or some form of nails, it’s difficult to press. Once pressed, a red light glows from behind the button, demonstrating that the vibe is turned on.

      To cycle through the patterns, simply press the button once and to turn off, keep hold of the button. Simple, really.

      To charge, simply hold the top of the diamond and the base and twist. The diamond has a screw-type connection, which is great to keep it tight and make sure water doesn’t get to the wrong places. Not so great if your hand or even the toy is slippy from lube. Good luck getting it undone then!

      Once opened you will see a hole within the base of the toy to connect your charging cable to the toy. You know it’s in properly because it’ll click.

      I haven’t yet needed to charge the diamond but from the illustrations it seems that on charge there will be a pulsing light and once charged it’s continuous.

      It does state that the toy is waterproof but I haven’t given that a try simply because I have no such luck with technology therefore putting anything powered by electricity near water is a no go for me.

      Handling the toy I find pretty easy. Instead of holding a little bullet between my fingers, it’s nice to have a firm grip on something.

      Overall, I do like this toy, to be fair. If it wasn’t for the aesthetics I doubt I’d see the appeal because with this I only seemed to reach a climax and not the full shebang, which is obviously irritating but I guess you have to work to get pretty things.

      This vibe may work for some and not others, I’m a bit of a power queen so for this to get me there but not have that extra oomph to take me over the edge is still worth some points.

      It’s pretty, shiny and gets me going. I can’t complain.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      It's stunning! Different angles to play with.
      I couldn't reach orgasm but got close and only on one setting
      Bottom line
      It’s pretty, shiny and gets me going. I can’t complain.
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