1. We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection Set

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      1. We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection Set

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    1. Product Description

      The ever-popular We-Vibe Tango just got even better. With 2 easy-to-use silicone attachments, the Pleasure Mate Collection extends your toy, and your satisfaction. Choose from either the G-spot or beginner's butt plug and discover 3 new ways to play.

      Harnessing the same intense power of the original We-Vibe Tango, this bullet boasts an array of 8 deep vibrating settings to explore, while the rechargeable motor keeps play powerful, eco-friendly and hassle-free. Use the smooth, rigid bullet on it's own, or slip it into one of the included attachments to transform it into something new.

      With 2 attachments to choose from, there's something to suit every mood. The velvet-touch silicone butt plug attachment is perfect for beginners and provides scintillating pleasure with or without vibrations. Once slipped into the base, the bullet doubles up as a flared base to stop over insertion, as well as an external stimulator which caresses the perineum with spine-tingling vibrations.

      Alternatively, pop the bullet into the G-spot dildo attachment to experience mind-blowing internal massage. Angled for precision and supremely easy to manipulate, use your new G-spot vibrator alone or with a partner to experience knee-trembling orgasmic release.

      Possibly one of the most versatile toys money can buy, this set is also 100% waterproof and whisper-quiet for discretion during play.

      Always use a good quality water-based lubricant with this toy to maximise fulfilment.

      Key Features:

      • Rechargeable We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator with 2 x detachable silicone stimulator attachments
      • Super-powerful, whisper-quiet bullet vibrator with 8 intense settings (2.2 inch girth, 2.5 inch insertable length)
      • Silky-smooth silicone G-spot attachment (4.5 inch girth, 5.5 inch insertable length)
      • Velvet-touch silicone butt plug attachment (3.6 inch girth, 2.8 inch insertable length)
      • Bullet compatible with attachments for tailored pleasure
      • USB rechargeable battery
      • Totally waterproof for aquatic playtime
      • Includes magnetic USB charge cable and drawstring satin storage bag

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      We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection Set 3 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection Set
      2. We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection Set

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    1. We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection Set

      Reviewed: 12 November 2014 by Spoonerism, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      Honestly, does the We-Vibe Tango need any introduction?! It is, without a doubt, the strongest, rumbliest, most incredible vibrator of its size. It is unlike any other bullet out there and if you have yet to experience one, just trust me when I say that you really need to. When I was selected to review the Pleasure Mate Collection, which comes with the brand new second incarnation of the Tango (in an exclusive pearly white colour) and attachments that look like they were made for me, I was absolutely over the moon!

      The packaging is nice; just a fairly plain cardboard box with pictures of the products on the lid with pink watercolour style detailing on the sides. Perfectly gift worthy. Inside are the toys nestled in a foamy insert and below that you will find a USB charging cable, manual and a silky white storage bag.

      I already own the original (now discontinued) version of the Tango, so I was eager to find out how the new one could improve on an already superb toy. The new Tango is a little longer than the original, and the slanted tip is a bit more defined, but that's pretty much is appearance-wise.

      I was delighted to find that the new charger is a million times better than the old one. Not only is is USB compatible, rather than mains-only like the old one, the magnet is actually strong enough to stay connected for a full charge! That may not sound like much of an achievement but seriously, the old charger was so tedious with its constant disconnecting that I would have returned the toy ages ago if it wasn't so brilliant apart from this. So yes, the charging issue is fixed with this model and I'm so SO pleased.

      Also, when the battery is starting to get low, a light at the base of the Tango starts flashing orange to warn you that it needs plugging in. This can be a bit annoying in the middle of the night but really it's a very useful function as my old Tango was forever dying mid-use.

      It takes around 90 minutes for it to fully charge which is fairly standard for most rechargeable toys. The Tango has four settings of constant vibration and a few patterns which I never use. It, annoyingly, still has the 'memory' function (it 'remembers' the last setting you use and the next time you turn it on it will be on that setting), which I think is useless as I always need to build up to the higher speeds as it is far too intense (and actually quite painful) if you put it straight on full blast. The vibrations are pretty much the same intensity as they are on my older model. Maybe a little stronger as my old one is tired out now, but they are way quieter (I'd say about as loud as my LELO Mia 2) which is always an improvement.

      Using the Tango on its own, I can easily achieve multiple orgasms in one session. I actually managed three in a row without needing to use the fourth, most powerful constant vibration setting. If you struggle to get off with a regular bullet, crave deep rumbling vibrations and pin point stimulation over broader stimulation from a wand, then the Tango is absolutely the vibe for you.

      Now, onto the attachments...

      Both attachments are made of top quality, silky soft, practically seamless silicone. Build-wise, I absolutely cannot fault them. The Tango is easily inserted and removed from each attachment, you can use a little lube to make it even easier if you wish.

      The 'Glow' is the pink G-Spot attachment. It is extremely similar in form and in function to the LELO Ella, which happens to be one of my favourite toys ever. So yeah, the Glow is pretty decent for G-spotting by itself, but the main problem I have with it is one I also have with the Ella. I have a long torso with arms that are a little too short for it and a bit of belly in the way, which means I sometimes struggle to reach smaller toys. The Glow is shorter than the Ella so... it doesn't quite work for me, I'm afraid.

      Unfortunately, the addition of the vibration from the Tango really doesn't do a lot for me either. I don't usually go for internal vibrations, but when I do, they have to be VERY rumbly (the only toy I have that I really like vibrating inside me is the L'Amourose Denia). The silicone totally muffles the Tango's rumble so it just feels kind of... itchy? Irritating. I don't like it.

      The 'Dusk' is a dinky little grey butt plug which would suit newcomers to anal play more than those with lots of experience. It is the sort of size and shape that I really like in a butt toy (my favourite being my large Julian Snelling Rosebud), so I thought we were going to get on really well.

      However, when I got round to trying it I was a little underwhelmed. I think it's because the plugs I normally use are metal so are cold and have a bit of weight which is what I find so stimulating about them. The Dusk is easily inserted, but once it's in I'm barely aware of its presence. It's too small and too light for me.

      Adding the vibrations of the Tango does improve the experience a bit (I guess?), but like another reviewer, after a while I too experienced "butthole chafing" from the Tango vibrating a little too vigorously against sensitive skin! And who really wants THAT?! But more seriously, I couldn't really feel the vibrations inside as much as I wanted to. Because of how the Dusk is designed you're going to get way more external stimulation than internal, which is great if you want that, but it's just not for me.

      Both the Tango and the attachments are totally waterproof and so are really easy to clean and take care of.

      I can't honestly say that I think the set is worth the hefty price tag. The attachments are lovely quality and all, but at the end of the day I think they are both too small and just aren't as special and mind-blowing as the Tango itself.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The Tango. <3
      Neither attachment really did it for me.
      Bottom line
      You're probably better off just buying the Tango on its own.
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    1. So many mixed emotions...

      Reviewed: 27 October 2014 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      Never has a review been so difficult to write. Trying to convey my feelings and thoughts on this product has seen me attempt to write this review at least 6 times. But I think I finally have my thoughts together on this one - so here we go.

      First Impressions:

      The We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection comes nicely packaged in a good solid box. When you take off the lid, the Tango and the 2 attachments are nestled in a foam bed. Underneath that is a cardboard flap which contains the charger, a storage bag and manual/warranty card.

      The Tango itself is a gorgeous pearlescent white colour. The 2 attachments are a beginners butt plug and what I'm going to assume is sleeve designed to stimulate the G-spot. They are both made from high-quality silky smooth silicone and feel wonderful to the touch.

      The Tango takes about 90 minutes to charge, and can be charged via USB. The newly designed charger makes it much easier to use, and you are less likely to have any disconnection problems as you can lay it flat quite easily. It has 8 settings (4 speeds and 4 patterns). And it's completely waterproof, allowing for aquatic fun and games.

      How to use:

      We'll start with the Tango itself.

      First of all - WOW. I don't know how they do it, but I have never had a bullet vibrator that kicks out nearly half as much power as the Tango does. I genuinely couldn't believe how incredibly powerful it was. In fact, when I first tried it, I dropped it out of shock (thankfully it was only on to the bed). I can see why the Tango is a favourite among the ladies of Lovehoney. However, my interest was down to the fact that this set has some attachments that I can use - but also, a well placed bullet vibrator can make hand jobs/blowjobs and fun with strokers a bit more interesting too - and this one certainly has the power!

      One thing I did notice, and one thing my OH was certainly quick to pick up on and we used the Tango to stimulate the frenulum, was that if you hold the Tango quite loosely in your fingers - it can actually feel like it's 'stinging' where it's vibrating so fast - and he personally didn't find it pleasurable. When I took a bit of a firmer grip, it felt much better. On the lower settings, it wasn't so much of a problem, but definitely on the highest speed, it's something to think about.

      But with plenty of water-based lube, it was great fun using the Tango on it's own to stimulate the frenulum, perineum, the nipples, testicles (carefully!) and it really is fantastic. I also (with great care - and using some elastic bands) inserted the Tango into a Fleshlight case. With a thin layer of foam around the sleeve as well to cushion the Tango against the plastic so it wasn't so loud - I had an amazing orgasm that way. I was completely impressed with how the Tango was performing on its own, and I had high hopes for the attachments.

      G-Spot Attachment

      Well, as I don't have a G-spot, I decided to see how I could utilise this attachment in other ways - and actually, this worked quite nicely at stimulating the glans and frenulum as it disperse the vibrations over a slightly wider area, but it also dampens them a little bit, so whilst you are still getting a fair bit of power coming through, it's not so intense (but still highly pleasurable).

      I did have a go at trying it internally (anally) just for the sake of covering all bases, and it didn't really do anything for me - due to the shape and the fact it's not very long - and without a flared base, I didn't want to go too far for risk of losing it! However, I would imagine if you are a lady, and are familiar with things such as the Lelo Gigi 2 - then you might have a good idea about how this feels/works inside. The vibrations did seem to transfer relatively well through the silicone so it did still feel fairly powerful (at least to me, anyway).

      Inserting and removing the Tango into the sleeve is fairly easy, although if you do find it a little bit of a tight squeeze, a tiny bit of lube on the outside of the Tango makes it much easier to slot in.

      Lastly, the butt plug - and this was the one I was most looking forward too, but also the one I was most disappointed by. It's definitely a beginners plug. To use, you insert the Tango in - and this acts as both an external stimulator, but also stops the plug from potentially disappearing.

      I had a couple of issues with this one. Firstly, the vibrations (whilst are felt through the plug) - generally feel much less on this (because most of the vibrations are actually happening on the outside). Secondly, the plug is too small to really provide any major anal stimulation - I only felt vibrations much lower down (and whilst it felt pleasant) it was nowhere near enough to get me off. Thirdly, the bullet was too short to provide any major external perineal stimulation either - so unless you really are a complete beginner to anal play - I don't think anyone will find much to get excited about with the butt plug attachment.

      In the past couple of weeks since getting the Tango, I have used the Tango in several other toys that have removable bullets (all the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Range/Rocks Off etc) and the added power of the Tango has made me revisit some of those toys on more than one occasion. So the Tango itself will certainly be finding it's place in the bedroom without a problem.

      Clean-up and Maintenance:

      Thankfully, the Tango and the attachments are all completely waterproof, so some warm water and toy cleaner will get those all nice and clean relatively easy. The only thing that might be tricky is cleaning the inside of the G-spot attachment (especially if you used a bit of lube to help insert), so a rinse under the high-powered shower seemed to do the trick. You can store the Tango in its supplied bag. However, I found it wasn't quite big enough to store the Tango and the attachments in - so I'm still using the box.


      First of all, I just want to say I love what We-Vibe have tried to do here - turning something that's primarily seen as a female toy, and trying to make it appeal to both men and women, making it a great toy set for couples. My problem is, I don't really think these particular attachments add anything of value. Do I certainly think it's worth the extra £40 against the Tango on it's own? No, not at all.

      That said, the G-spot attachment might be a good investment for those that have tried similarly shaped vibrators before, and found it was lacking power - I think the Tango certainly has a decent kick to it.

      It's so difficult to say how I feel - personally, I loved the Tango itself, didn't really rate the attachments - however, there are going to be loads of people who will get a lot of pleasure from the attachments. I guess it's going to be up to you to make up your own mind!

      All I will say, every can get something out of the Tango - so if you don't have one - you NEED one. That's all I'll say.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Incredibly powerful bullet, really well made, not just for the ladies!
      Attachments didn't really add much to the experience (for me).
      Bottom line
      To be honest, all you really need is the Tango!
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    1. Three's a crowd

      Reviewed: 31 October 2014 by sleepycelia

      As a fan of basically everything We-Vibe have produced, I was over the moon when Lovehoney sent me this to test!

      The packaging for the Pleasure Mate set is nice. I'm not big on extravagant packaging, really, but this is quite pretty and great for gifting, coming in a sturdy square box with watercolour splash details and the Tango and two attachments laid out nicely inside, with manuals and USB cables stored neatly underneath. Don't forget to register your We-Vibe products - there's a code on the bottom of the packaging, so cut that out before you chuck it away!

      I was initially impressed by the attachments. Moulded from satin-smooth silicone with no seams, they don't attract dust or hair like Fun Factory or glossy Tantus silicone does, and lube slips over them beautifully. The G-spot attachment is firmer than the butt one, which has a little flex and squish to it, and the Tango is easily inserted into both. If you have difficulty removing the Tango afterwards, just slip your nail down the side of the silicone to break the vacuum. Something that I found really interesting was that on looking into the G-spot toy's bullet slot, there's another hole at the end of it that presumably lets the vibrations travel deeper than they would in a completely solid toy. Very clever, We-Vibe!

      After charging the Tango (90 minutes, I believe, but I left mine plugged in for longer than that), I decided it was time to get down to business.

      Oh, The Tango. The Tango is beyond words, really. It's a cult classic at this point (can sex toys be cult classics?); dynamite stowed away in 3 and a half inches of abs plastic. It blows everything else out of the water. It is undoubtedly the most powerful bullet vibrator on the market at the minute. The vibrations the Tango produces are rumbly and intense, with four speed settings and and four patterns including a gentle wave, two frankly bizarre chaos patterns and something called a 'tease', a wave followed by two pulses.

      I already have one of the original Tangos that were replaced by the pink and blue ones available now, and I think the new one is a vast improvement. It's USB rechargeable, which the original Tango wasn't, now has a flashing amber light that tells you when the battery's low, and has none of the hopelessly fiddly connector magnets of the first edition. The power seems around the same, but I think it's ever so slightly quieter? I never felt comfortable using my original one with my housemates in, but speeds one to three on this one are easily muffled by a duvet cover.

      The Tango has a flat, angled tip that can be used for broader clit stimulation, or the angled sides and very tip for super-thin, pinpoint stimulation. A lot of the time I find it too strong to use by itself and prefer to use it over underwear, so it's become a bit of a bedroom Swiss army knife for me. Small enough to fit into nearly any bullet compartment for dildos or harnesses, it can easily replace any mediocre watch battery bullet and is now a permanent resident in the front bullet slot in my favourite harness. We-Vibe have obviously caught onto this and released their own attachments - a butt plug and a G-spot attachment.

      The G-spot attachment is my favourite of the two. It's small - 6 inches long with maybe 4 inches of that being insertable - short, and silky, with a defined head and deep curve that is perhaps too defined for some as sometimes it catches on my pubic bone on removal, which isn't the most pleasant thing in the world.

      Unfortunately, upon inserting the Tango the vibrations are dampened and feel 'tickly' rather than powerful. As someone who's not overly keen on internal vibrations unless they're deep and rumbly, this just doesn't feel good.

      On the plus side, I like it for G-spot play alone. The slot for the Tango is big enough to fit a finger in there and this lets me almost, er, flick my way to orgasm, which sounds weird but feels incredible. All of the G-spot stimulation with none of the cramp I get from using bigger toys! The flat tip is nice for broader clit stimulation, but, if I'm honest, I don't use it like the this that often, the vibrations just don't travel well enough through the silicone and it feels more like a tease than anything else.

      The butt plug, however... I thought I'd love it, I really did. It has my faaaavourite kind of shape for a butt toy, with a skinny neck, a big base and an oval bulb measuring 4 inches in girth at the widest point. But it's just a bit... meh. I don't have an issue with the size or shape, I think it's manageable for most beginner to intermediate butt players and with a coating of thick water-based lube it slides in easily. It just doesn't feel like much once it's in there.

      Adding the Tango isn't a huge improvement as, while the vibrations carry well through it, the high speed the Tango vibrates at - drop one on a table and you'll see how fast it moves - means that when it's not pressed flush against something it nips and catches against the skin. Lube doesn't seem to make much of a difference, either. The vibrations might feel nice, but they're not worth having a chafed butt hole for.

      Unless you're absolutely dying for the attachments, I'd leave it and get a Tango by itself. For the quality of them, I wouldn't say the set is worth £105, and I don't know how often mine are actually going to get used. The G-spot attachment is nice for when I don't want a lot of warm-up, but the butt plug is resoundingly blah and it's probably just going to sink to the bottom of my toolbox, never to be seen again. I'm disappointed, as the Tango and Touch are two of my favourite toys, the We-Vibe 4 plus worked really well for me but... this? No, thank you. Sorry, We-Vibe - if my attachments are destroyed in a freak accident, I can't say I'll be jumping on the warranty to replace them. The Tango, though? That's another story.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      The Tango! The build quality of the attachments, packaging.
      Dampened vibrations in the attachments. A butt plug is not supposed to chafe.
      Bottom line
      Just get a Tango by itself, unless you're dying for a white one.
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