1. The Odd Couple's review of BASICS Extra Girthy Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

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      1. BASICS Extra Girthy Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

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      BASICS Extra Girthy Realistic Dildo 7 Inch 393 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. BASICS Extra Girthy Realistic Dildo 7 Inch
      2. The Odd Couple's review of BASICS Extra Girthy Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

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        Sorry, this item is currently unavailable

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    1. Don't be frightened - it's incredbile

      Reviewed: 21 March 2018 by The Odd Couple, a Bisexual Married Male

      Let’s face it: the whole thing about 6 inches being the average size is a load of rubbish. Women might say that they’re satisfied with as much, but we all know that there’s something they’re refusing to tell us: they want more! For those of us who just want their other halves to have the biggest, most shattering orgasm possible, there’s only one viable option - a larger, thicker dildo.

      I ordered one of the Basics Extra Girthy dildos without actually telling my wife exactly what it was, and her eyes practically watered when she saw it for the first time, adamant that it was going to be too big for her, and I suspect that there’ll be many other women who will balk at the thought of inserting it, but they might be denying themselves the pleasure of a truly satisfying sex-toy. My Missus hasn’t had kids and only 2 partners in her life, and she really isn’t Grand Canyon-like down there, so any doubts where justified. Aside from pre-stimulation and lots of lube, we hit upon the idea of soaking it in a bowl of very hot (not boiling) water before use - and by jingo, it worked! Vaginal muscles were much more relaxed and accepting when it the beast was warmed up, and was soon being thrust in, pulled right out and back in again with gay abandon!

      The results were a truly breathless, shattering orgasm for her, leaving the poor woman unable to trust her legs for standing for about 10 minutes afterwards, right after I had happily jumped in for a quick spot of sloppy seconds once the girthy monster had worked its magic! My wife has had longer dildos from Lovehoney, including the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Extra Long 9", which “hits the back wall” and can cause discomfort, but this superb accessory provides the perfect combination of filling and stretching, with the orgasmic outcome putting a huge smile on both of our faces. It’s also great for cuckold fantasies.

      If there is anything negative about it, then it would be the curious smell from the PVC materials. It’s unlike any other sex-toy I have experienced, and might be a little off-putting to those with particularly delicate noses - the wife knows exactly when I’m trying to sneak it into her without her knowledge! But given the tremendous amount of pleasure you can get from it, griping about the smell seems pretty churlish, as though finding eternal life in Shangri-La then complaining that the sky is the wrong shade of blue!

      Lovehoney have that in their BASICS brand, but I would recommend that they take a leaf out of Boot’s book and re-christen this item as part of an “Essentials” range, as it really delivers the goods in the bedroom. Women, don’t be intimidated by this girthy beast, as it is the key to unlocking incredible orgasms, and guys, put your egos aside to give your other half the time of her life!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The stretching filling sensations, followed by mind-scrambling orgasms.
      The smell. Many complain, but it's really a minor quibble.
      Bottom line
      Essential. Every toybox and happy relationship needs one of these monsters. Don't be intimidated!
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