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    1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Sex Swing

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars1 review

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Sex Swing

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    1. Product Description

      Master near-impossible positions in an instant with this deluxe sex swing from DOMINIX. Made from ultra-durable materials, 3 padded leather straps hang from a 24 inch metal frame and 2 x 37 inch chains to suspend your lover for a range of play positions.

      Designed to be hung from a strong beam, this heavy-duty swing can be personalised using the included carabiner clips. Simply move them up and down the chains to alter the height and style of the swing. Add extra clips, chains and restraints to further customise your play session. Holds up to 264 lbs of weight.

      Collect the full DOMINIX deluxe bondage range to add a professional standard to your BDSM sessions.

      Key Features:

      • Durable leather sex swing for enhanced sexual positions
      • 24 inch sturdy metal frame with strong hanging loop holds up to 264 lbs
      • 1 x wide padded leather swing belt supports torso
      • 2 x wide padded leather foot stirrups support feet or legs
      • 2 x 37 inch chains and 2 x strong carabiner clips suspend weight
      • Padded straps for comfortable positioning
      • Adjustable by moving carabiner clips up and down chains
      • Compatible with other restrains from the DOMINIX range
      • Metal stud detailing
      • Includes storage bag

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    1. Customer Reviews

      DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Sex Swing 1 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Sex Swing
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Sex Swing


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    1. Probably the Best Addition to our Sex Toy Collection... Ever

      Reviewed: 06 July 2014 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I have wanted a sex swing for many years, but had always talked myself out of it due to concerns over fitting. My partner and I are novices at DIY and the thought of breaking our ceiling (or ourselves) kept us from purchasing. The other option was to purchase a swing with a frame, but that would mean taking it apart and building it after each session (I have children), so this seemed like too much work. We had to bite the bullet and the DOMINIX Sex Swing seemed like the easiest, most hassle-free option, provided we could successfully hang it.

      We had to do a fair amount of researching on the internet before fitting this swing, to ensure we did it correctly. You are going to need to get hold of a few tools and supplies before you even begin:

      1) If your support beams are not visible, you are going to have to purchase a stud finder, which is a tool that detects the placement of the beams in your ceiling.

      2) You will need to purchase a large hook (or eye hook and carabiner clip) to screw into your beam. This hook will have to support the full weight of you and the swing, so shop carefully. The DOMINIX swing does not come with this hook, so a separate purchase is necessary.

      3) A drill, to drill the necessary hole into your support beam, to screw your hook into.

      Product Information:

      The DOMINIX wing is delivered in a very large box, inside of which you will find the main frame (which measures 27 inches long from end to end) and three padded belts/stirrups, one of which is used to support your back/bum and the other two are used to support your legs.

      The kit also contains six carabiner clips, for attaching the pads to the chains. The materials used to create the swing are clearly of a high quality. The padded stirrups are padded, for comfort, and coated in sumptuously soft, black leather (which has a lovely leather scent). The frame itself is made from a sturdy metal and is clearly strong, because it feels very heavy to lift.

      Constructing the Swing:

      I recommend familiarising yourself with the images of the swing on Lovehoney, to get an idea how to build the swing. The main frame and chains are already connected, so there is no additional work needed to build this section. In fact, the only thing you need to do is attach the pads to the chain, so building and taking apart the swing for storage, takes only minutes. You can choose the exact positions of each pad by attaching it to the chain wherever you wish. This means you can adjust the pads to take into account different heights and different positions, but it may take you a few attempts at first to get the positions correct for you

      Fitting the Dominix Swing to the ceiling:

      Despite being DIY novices, we managed to fit the swing without any issues. The main concern is locating the support beam (made easier using a stud finder) and then ensuring you drill into the very centre of this beam, while keeping the drill straight as possible. This is the most important part of fitting, because there is potential of the beam splitting if you drill into it off-centre or at an angle.

      We made it easier on ourselves by choosing a ceiling beam that was assessable from the loft. Locating the correct beam in the loft allowed my partner to drill two tiny holes downwards at either side of the beam and this helped him locate the centre of that beam when he was in the bedroom. The spirit level on the drill itself ensured that he drilled straight up into the centre. You want to make sure to drill a smaller hole, so that when you screw in the larger hook, it grips nicely into the wood. The problem is that it becomes very tough to screw the hook into the smaller hole. We recommend inserting a screwdriver into the hole and using that for leverage when turning.

      It took roughly ½ hour to 1 hour to fit the hook and we had fewer issues than expected. Of course, the true test was to come; would it hold our weight. I must admit, I was nervous.

      Our Experiences Using the Swing:

      There are so many different ways to play with this sex swing that we are yet to exhaust the possibilities. Let me begin where we did, starting with the basics. We both took turns the first few times we played with the swing, because we wanted to gain confidence first of all (both of us were nervous the first few times. You never quite trust your own handiwork and we had images of the whole thing falling down) and we also wanted to get a feel for the comfort and possible positions.

      There are a number of different positions you can try. The most comfortable is the one where you lean back against the back/bum support, allowing it to support your lower/mid back and then place the two leg stirrups around the thighs. You need to position the support pads before you get in as it is extremely difficult to start detaching and reattaching the pads when somebody is already on the swing (potentially dangerous too). Anyway, that position naturally creates a semi recumbent position with thighs/legs spread apart. Your partner can thrust into you with ease and can use the chains, or your thighs, for purchase.

      Penetration felt unique and highly enjoyable. Because my weight was suspended and he could manoeuvre me as he pleased, the movements required less energy than normal and he could pull me back onto him hard and fast, or allow his thrusts to rock the swing slowly back and forth. It felt like he was able to go deeper, harder and faster than usual, during which, I felt entirely comfortable. In fact, I could literally just sit there and enjoy the sensations, because any effort on my part to move would be ineffective anyway. If you want to control the penetration, try placing your hands on his chest and simply push back, allowing gravity to pull you together again. Having sex inside the sex swing was an experience that I hope to repeat often. It feels amazing.

      One thing I noticed while being in the swing, was how vulnerable, exposed and helpless I felt. I don’t mean that in a bad way either, it felt arousing to be at his mercy. Of course, as a dominant female with a sadistic streak, that gave me countless ideas I wanted to experiment with and I don’t just mean positions. The chains are useful for clipping other clips onto, making it possible to use certain handcuffs, rope or smaller lengths of chain to create binds or bondage that will make your submissive feel all the more at your mercy. The bar along the top is also ideal for attaching cuffs, rope and chain. This means you can experiment with a variety of bondage options, securing your partners hands (at the simplest end of the scale) right through to creating rope suspensions to support other areas of your partner’s body. Can you just imagine all of the possibilities?

      Sadists or masochists among you may enjoy experimenting with positions that play with gravity, which means you can attach nipple clamps, or some testicle stretching device and add weights. These will swing back and forth with any movements of the swing. You could even suspend a wand vibrator, or other sex toy, from the main bar (or other hook in the bedroom) and tease your partner mercilessly, as the vibrator sways, making occasional contact. There are options such as tickling, spanking, using candle wax and ice. Then, of course, there is the ability to indulge in pegging and strap-on sex. The person in the swing is essentially at the mercy of the partner outside the swing and it allows you to recreate all of your favourite kinds of play in a unique way. We felt like a couple of kids in a candy shop.


      I think it is worth noting that on any occasion where we created a “face down” position (where the support came across the front of the body) we could not hold it for too long. I recommend being careful with face down positions, because you are essentially supporting the full weight of the torso on the stomach/chest and not only can this feel uncomfortable and make it more difficult to breath deeply, it could potentially cause damage. I think I may invest in a wider support pad of some description, to make face down positions more comfortable for longer.

      Another thing to consider before purchase is any disabilities that may affect your ability to fit the swing, or use it comfortably. I have fibromyalgia and I must admit, this disability rules out certain positions and spending extended lengths of time in the swing.

      Other than this, the only other downsides to speak of was that the black paint has started to flake off the main section of the swing (The semi-circle, metal bar at the very top) and the draw string storage bag has started to tear in places, due to being quite thin. These are aesthetic and storage issues, which did not affect the safety or ability to use the swing but for this to happen so soon after owning such an expensive swing, it is a little disappointing.

      Care and Storage:

      The Dominix Sex Swing can be broken down and it does come with a large drawstring storage bag. When broken down and packed into this bag, the size is roughly about the same as a small to medium tent (except much flatter). I took some measurements of this bag when the swing was packed away. The length is approx 26 inches and the width is approx 11 inches. It will fit under a bed or inside a wardrobe with ease. The bag can even be hung on a wall hook.


      I could go on for hours explaining all the possibilities for enhancing your sex life with this swing, but this has become an essay already. Let me sum up by saying that the DOMINIX Sex Swing was a fantastic addition to our sex toy collection. It is a piece of furniture that we can see ourselves using time and time again due to the fun that can be had. I mean, there are so many different things you can do that I don’t view this swing as a sex toy, but as something on which we can use all of our other sex toys in an entirely unique and enjoyable way, from vibrators, to penetration, to bondage, the swing heightened all our experiences. It was easier to fit than we expected (if we can do it, anyone can!) and despite our initial fears and reservations, it has become one of our favourite sex toys ever. I would highly recommend the DOMINIX Sex Swing to all.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It changes the way you get to play in the bedroom.
      The paint was peeling, but other than that, it was excellent.
      Bottom line
      Amazingly versatile and so much fun. Easier to fit than expected
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