1. Proteus 7 Function Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg

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      1. Proteus 7 Function Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg

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    1. Product Description

      Made from velvet-smooth silicone, this tapered love egg stimulates your internal pleasure zones with 7 whisper-quiet vibrations for out-of-this-world pleasure. Rechargeable with a remote controller - it's perfect for solo or shared play, at home or away.

      Cycle through the orgasmic range of 7 speeds and patterns with the wireless controller to discover which setting or combination takes you all the way. Alternatively, pass the remote to your lover and let them take control of your journey to climax.

      Super-quiet and rechargeable, this versatile and discreet vibrator is the perfect companion for your travels. The toy is suitable for beginners, weighing just 50g.

      We recommend using a water-based lubricant to aid insertion and heighten sensations.

      Please note: Love eggs are for vaginal use only

      Key Features:

      • Remote control 7 function vibrating love egg
      • Fully waterproof - perfect for bath and hot tub fun
      • Made from velvet-smooth silicone for a hypoallergenic finish
      • 4.75 inch retrieval cord makes removal easy
      • 50g weight, which is suitable for beginners
      • Rechargeable with an included charger
      • LED controller displays which setting is taking you all the way

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      Proteus 7 Function Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg 7 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Proteus 7 Function Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg
      2. Proteus 7 Function Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg


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    1. All I want for Easter

      Reviewed: 02 August 2014 by truegrace

      We wanted to get a remote egg for Easter, and after going through all the ones on LH we decided on the Proteus. It was a bit pricier than some of the remote eggs, but liked the look of it and loved the fact the ‘pull string’ looked firmly attached. The order was soon placed and we were both eagerly awaiting Mr Postie!

      On arrival first impressions certainly didn’t disappoint. The packaging is that of a luxury toy and has been kept other than the outer sleeve (which for us is pretty rare due to space issues). The foam insert holds both the egg and remote securely and is handy for storage purposes as the box could happily sit on the bedside table without drawing suspicion.

      As this is an imported toy, the charger came with a travel adaptor plug, which is handy if you happen to have any other imported electrics, but does bulk up the storage issues, and will obviously not fit in the box. That said, we always keep chargers in a separate drawer from the toy box so no problem for us.

      The egg itself is made of seam-free, high-quality smooth silicone. It has a very small amount of give in it but is fairly solid. It is quite small in diameter so shouldn’t be an issue, for us it isn’t anyway!

      The ‘pull string’ is firmly attached with a decent sized finger loop for easy removal, so no danger of having to fish it out. This is also made of smooth soft silicone so doesn’t cause any discomfort during use, and soon gets forgotten about (until the switch is hit of course!)

      For first time charging, especially if you are not used to this sort of design, it can be a bit tricky as the charger needs to be pushed through the silicone which feels like you shouldn’t be doing it. We had already experienced this with the Sqweel Go, so with a quick deep breath (as I still didn’t want to break it!) the charger was in. Once the charger plugs are removed, the silicone magically reseals again and you are good to go for some aqua proof fun!

      The charger itself splits in 2 so both the egg and remote are charged at the same time which is a genius idea, as would be a pain to have to do them separately. Once plugged in the lights on both parts flash to indicate charging and the wait begins!

      The egg:

      The first thing that impressed with the egg itself is the power of this small rechargeable thing. It certainly does pack a punch for its size, and does a good job of external stimulation as well as fulfilling its lifetime purpose of internal vibrations. It comes with 2 strengths of vibrations as well as 5 patterns to play with. These are cycled through with a touch of the button on the remote. We are not ones for liking patterns on vibes. However, for something like this that can be changed at the remote holder’s desire, patterns rock!

      The egg is fairly light as it rechargeable (I presume?), so until the vibes start off it is easy to forget it is in, especially after a few glasses of wine!

      One thing that needs to be remembered, as we didn’t for the first trial run, is to turn the egg on before insertion! Thankfully, we were still at home or would have really spoilt it if we had been in a restaurant as it would have been another trip to the toilet to turn it on!

      Once the egg is switched on a small led light flashes under the power button to indicate it is good to go so pop some (water-based) lube on, slide it in and you are ready for some earth shattering vibes!

      It is quite quiet when in use, even for external it’s not too bad and shouldn’t be heard though walls/doors, although the screams might! While used internally we couldn’t hear a thing, so no danger of being discovered if you are out.

      The remote:

      The circular design of the remote control makes it nice and easy to hold and use, and due to its size and weight it will comfortably sit in a pocket without being much hassle.

      As with the egg, it is charged by pushing the plug through the silicone and flashes when charging.

      The amazing thing about the remote is the large red band of light that runs round half of the remote. This flashes in time with the vibrations that you have sent to the egg so you know exactly what your partner is feeling. This is a god send as using it for a while and cycling through the settings you could easily lose where you are.

      The range of the pairing is massive. Before first time use we tested the range and found the remote turns the egg on if I am at the end of the garden and the egg is at the other end of the house upstairs, which is probably about 20m though brick etc. We haven’t tested the range further but this is perfectly acceptable to us.

      In use the range is reduced slightly as I can only be halfway down the garden to switch the vibes on, but this is still plenty for use out and about, and ideal for switching on if I have nipped away from the table in a restaurant!

      There is nothing like waiting for the waiter to come over to take an order with your finger poised on the button!

      This is our new favourite ‘out and about’ toy and always comes out when we are going out for an evening. If you are debating getting an egg, although a bit pricier than some, then buy this, you really won’t be disappointed!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The shape and strength of vibrations, decent range looks nice.
      Bottom line
      Great toy for out and about, and in and about!
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    1. A Fantastic Couples Toy

      Reviewed: 31 March 2014 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      As always my package arrived quickly and discreetly, thanks Lovehoney!

      In a word - wow! The love egg and remote control arrive in a lovely black and orange box, which is covered by a cardboard sleeve that has a picture of the product on the outside. The box inside is very well made, and inside it has foam ‘cut outs’ into which lay your egg and remote control. There is also a section below the foam in the bottom of the box where you will find the instruction booklet and charger. This would make a lovely gift box and also is great for storing your love egg when it is not in use. You can immediately tell that this is a quality item!

      Both the egg and the remote control look sleek, classy, and maybe even futuristic in their simplicity of design and are a complete dream to use. I have another remote control egg which I thought was amazing, but this one really takes top prize.

      The egg itself is made from silky soft silicone and I am happy to report is completely seam free. It has a retrieval cord moulded to it which is also made of soft silicone and again very smooth to the touch. The cord is quite a bit longer than I have seen on other eggs, but as it is so soft and smooth, you really don’t notice it once the egg in inside you. The controller is also made from the soft silicone and is circular in shape.

      To get started you have to charge the egg and controller for 2 hours, which gives you about 1.5 hours of play time. Rather brilliantly, the charger’s lead splits into twin charge points, letting both the egg and the remote charge at the same time. The charging sockets are discretely hidden. Just line up the charging jacks with the symbol on the egg or remote, and push through the silicone until the jack clicks into place. When then the jack is removed, the silicone ‘self seals’ making the toy watertight. Clever!

      I did have a little difficulty in getting the charger to push through the charging socket, but the lovely Lovehoney team were on hand to reassure me that all I needed was to give it a firm push and it would go in okay. I was soon watching in anticipation as my new toy flashed away charging…

      To get your toy started, just hold down the power button on the remote for 2 seconds, then do the same with the egg. The egg will then buzz into life.

      This toy really does pack a punch. The vibrations are powerful, with 2 static vibration speeds and 5 patterns. The toy is fairly quiet and discreet when being used, which is very important to me when buying a toy, although in a very quiet room you can hear the vibrations.

      The silicone egg is a great shape and after coating it in water-based lube I slipped it inside me. Probably due to being a ‘re-chargeable toy’, this egg is lighter than other battery-operated eggs, making it very comfortable to ‘wear’. The egg weighs only 50 grams and the controller 33 grams.

      My husband could not wait to try my new toy, so we headed down to our local supermarket. We've never had so much fun shopping! Laughter is a huge part of a healthy sex life and with this little egg, I can assure you, you will be thoroughly enjoying yourselves... I know we did! It was such a turn-on to know that at any second my husband would click the remote and have me buzzing away and trying to keep a relaxed face while hoping no-one would notice my flushed appearance. The range was excellent too.

      The remote control is one of the best I have seen. It is so simple to use. You just click the power button to scroll through the 7 different vibrations. But the ‘Pièce de résistance’ is the fact that it has a sensual LED light panel which flashes in time to the vibrations on the egg, so the user knows exactly which vibrational pattern you are experiencing. This feature also makes this toy great fun in the dark!

      This is an amazing toy and now one of our firm favourites. You can use the egg internally or externally, it is quiet and discreet, looks really expensive, and is built to last. My husband is planning on me wearing this out to a restaurant soon. That’s going to be interesting!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything! Power. Quality. Ease of use and so much fun.
      Absolutely nothing!
      Bottom line
      Fantastic couples toy!
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    1. So much hope

      Reviewed: 11 August 2014 by MrsMcX, a Straight Married Female

      The Proteus 7 Function Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg arrived quickly and discreetly in a medium sized plain brown box. I received this item as a test product from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Lovehoney!


      The packing for this product is definitely up on the list of best sex toy packaging! The box the Proteus Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg arrives in is covered with a cardboard sleeve which has a picture of the product on front. Removing this sleeve leaves you greeted with the beautiful box that it comes in. It is a plain black box with orange detailing along the sides. The design of it isn't your standard box, as the lid is cut at an angle and it totally oozes class and elegance.

      Once you open the box the love egg and the remote control are safety tucked away inside foam cut outs. Initially I was a bit confused as to where the charger is, but it's located under the foam along with an instruction booklet.

      First impressions:

      On inspecting the quality of the toy I was highly impressed. The egg is totally seam-free and it has a very sturdy retrieval cord. It feels incredibly nice. The finish on the egg feels almost like velvet to the touch. The controller looks very good and fits perfectly in your hand. The fact that it's round really makes it more uncomfortable to hold and to change settings, and all of the buttons are very easy to press.

      However, the charging cable is an EU plug, so you will need an adapter to convert it to a UK plug for charging. The charging cable splits off in two parts at the end, so you can charge the controller and the egg at the same time, which I think is a brilliant feature.

      Using this product:

      When charging the love egg and the remote control you need to be slightly forceful with it. The two charging ports, which resemble headphone jacks, push into the love egg and controller. You actually need to push the charger through the material - this can be a little bit difficult. You need to push the charging points all the way through the material so they can no longer be seen.

      When the love egg and the controller are charging, they have an indication lights that flash when charging. Once the love egg and controller are fully charged (after less than two hours), the lights change to a constant fixed light.

      The instruction leaflet that comes with the product is pretty poor. It is practically an advertisement for all of the company's other products, and only had a small section that informs you about the product, and it has clearly been written with the aid of an online translator because it's pretty hard to understand.

      Firstly, you need to hold the button on the controller until the light comes on. You then press the button on the love egg, and it's light flashes to indicate it has obtained a connection and it automatically buzzes into life.

      To change the settings on the love egg, you simply press the button on the controller. What I think is great about this remote control is that the light on the product flashes, fades and brightens to inform you of what pattern is currently active on the love egg.

      I used this product with my husband, and applied some water-based lubricant to help with insertion. You get an very full feeling from this product and it feels incredibly comfortable once in place. The retrieval cord is very generous. I don't think it really needs to be as long as it is, but it's comfortable nevertheless.

      For the purposes of review, we got out a tape measure to measure exactly how far we could get the remote controller away from the egg before it stopped functioning. With other remote controlled love eggs that I have had, usually when my husband walks away the controller won't work any longer but the love egg remains buzzing away. However, with this love egg as soon as the remote control is out of range the egg cuts out and the vibrations stop.

      We have established that the remote control does not work with the love egg if it is used about 1 meter away from the love egg, which I found a little disappointing. Also, if my husband happened to move the remote control over my head, or cover it with his hand, it would cut out for a second and then buzz back to life.

      The vibrations are good, but I wouldn't say that they were very strong vibrations. The vibrations are pretty standard. The range of patterns that it comes with are very impressive, with only two constant speeds and five changing patterns there's something there for everyone! I would personally prefer it if the vibrations were a little stronger.

      I thought that the love egg was reasonably quiet, but not silent, and could be heard quite clearly.

      Once you've finished using your egg, you can give it a clean with sex toy cleaner and store away in the box for next time. When you turn off the remote control this doesn't turn off the egg. But what is great about this product is that the egg flashes to indicate that it's still turned on, so it's pretty hard to forget to turn both the controller and the egg off, meaning you'll never be upset over a dead egg!


      I do really like this egg, and we will use it again in the future. However, we were hoping that it would have a longer range. This love egg can really only be used if you're planning on staying in bed together, and keeping the remote control pretty close, which obviously isn't that convenient if you're looking for something with a long range. Luckily I already had an EU to UK plug too. It isn't mentioned anywhere in the product description that you need to have one, so I would have been really disappointed if it turned up and I had to wait until I bought one.

      Overall, for the price of this product, given the average vibrations and the short range, I don't think I would recommend it to someone else to buy. It's highly disappointing because it has all of the right aspects of being an absolutely fantastic toy, but it just falls a little bit short of how good it could potentially be. I would be highly interested in seeing a new improved version of this toy to make it more value for money, but I believe that a £44.99 should come with more of a wow factor, and although I was left satisfied with this egg, it wasn't as satisfying as I initially hoped.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      It's very unique and very very well made.
      Vibrations could be better, and the range is pretty poor.
      Bottom line
      A brilliant idea, but not as brilliant when in practice.
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