1. DOMINIX Deluxe Spreader Bar with Heavy Leather Cuffs

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Spreader Bar with Heavy Leather Cuffs

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    1. Product Description

      Achieve ultimate restraint and control when you introduce the DOMINIX deluxe spreader bar to your S&M play sessions. Made from polished steel with padded leather cuffs, this heavy duty restraint keeps your lover's legs spread for a plethora of fun.

      Adjustable cuffs offer a perfectly tailored fit while the fixed bar keeps your session simple and effective. Strap your partner's ankles into place to spread their legs and achieve unrivalled restraint.

      Collect the full DOMINIX deluxe bondage range to add a professional standard to your BDSM sessions.

      Key features:

      - 19.75 inch fixed polished steel spreader bar

      - Rotating leather cuffs

      - Plush padding for comfort

      - Adjustable ankle cuffs between 5 - 10 inches

      - Secure buckle fastening with 8 size options

      - 2.75 inches deep

      - Stud detail

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      DOMINIX Deluxe Spreader Bar with Heavy Leather Cuffs 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Spreader Bar with Heavy Leather Cuffs
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Spreader Bar with Heavy Leather Cuffs

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    1. An extremely high quality spreader bar set

      Reviewed: 24 January 2014 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      The Dominix spreader bar and leather cuffs set is the real deal. Being a fan of BDSM, it is fair to say that my collection of cuffs, binds and other such bondage gear is pretty large already. But the Dominix spreader bar puts all of those items to shame. It makes you want to put all your other toys away because they feel second rate now. The Dominix spreader bar just oozes quality, but it is much more than that. It makes your play feel much more…real.

      Product Information:

      What I love most about the Dominix Spreader bar is that it manages to combine strength, durability and comfort together, without lacking in any of those 3 areas. The spreader bar is built quite simply. It is composed of a hollow, brushed steel bar, which measures 19.5 inches in length. At each end of this steel bar, a bolt has been inserted straight through the centre, so that the main body of the bolt runs straight through the centre of the hollow bar. A large, steel ring has been looped around this bolt and this ring is then attached to the leather cuffs, being screwed into place behind a thick metal plate. This ring seems to have been mounted on a ball joint, or similar, behind the steel plate on each of the cuffs. This allows the cuffs to rotate. Both the bolt and the loop measure roughly half a centimetre thick and this means that to be able to break the cuffs free from the bar, you would need to be able to snap through a ½ cm of solid metal. There is little risk that the edges of the bar will damage the leather cuffs, or even scrape against the ankles or wrists painfully, because the bar only ever hits against the metal plate that is attached to the thick cuffs. The design is simple, but incredibly strong and very durable.

      As well as being super strong, the spreader bar has been designed for comfort. The cuffs have been made from a super high quality, soft leather and they are even thickly padded, for extra comfort. The cuffs are also quite wide, so if you pull or wriggle while the cuffs are attached, you won’t ever experience any digging in, or pain that can be associated with really thin ties, like rope. The cuffs have been designed to rotate 360 degrees around the bar. This meant that when I was locked into the spreader bar, I could still move my ankles up and down. My joints were not locked rigidly into one position. Having this movement meant that I could be moved into different positions and my partner could even grab the steel bar and push or pull on it, pushing my legs into different positions. The cuffs would rotate and I could still be comfortable. It meant that we did not have to keep removing the cuffs and reattaching them in a different position, should my partner wish to move me around. There was a lot less risk of damaging my joints and a lot less time wasted on readjusting the bonds. This spreader bar set is heavy and extremely strong, but it is also very comfortable to wear.

      In use:

      We both took turns to wear the spreader bar for our sessions. It takes less than a minute to attach the bar to the ankles or wrists, so it is handy to use during those sessions where you want your partner to be in bondage quickly and efficiently. Despite him having longer legs than me, the bar fit us both just fine and spread the legs as intended. The bar made it impossible for either of us to close our legs. We did find it possible to bring our knees together (You can do this with most spreader bars, in my experience.) but there is no way to avoid your ankles being spread apart and leaving you exposed. We tried to see if we could fit this spreader bar between the thighs, as a way to completely spread the thighs apart, but it was not possible as the cuffs are too small to fit around our thighs (I am size 14) still, you can always use other methods if you wished to avoid your partner closing their knees. Being quite heavy, the bar also stopped the ability to wiggle around too much during play, because every movement of the legs requires lifting this weighty bar. Thanks to the rotational cuffs I found it easy to lift the bar and push my partners legs back towards his body and from this position it is impossible not to feel very exposed and so much harder for him to close his knees. The bar functioned perfectly and it also really heightened his feelings of submission.


      My reckoning is that the cuffs will not fit everyone. I have very skinny ankles and I noticed I had to overlap the two edges of padded leather, to be able to do up the cuffs tightly. This was a little awkward because they don’t slide over each other naturally, so it required a small amount of fiddling. My partner has quite large ankles and we noted that the two ends of padded leather did not quite meet. This was not really a problem, because the buckle strap is longer than the padded section underneath and so we managed to strap him up with two holes to spare. The point is that my partner is an average sized man. He weighs about 11 stone and is 5 ft 8 inch tall. I can imagine that anyone who is quite overweight, or who has very thick ankles, may not be able to do up these straps. My partner only had a few inches left to spare. Despite this, I do believe these cuffs will fit the majority of people. Just make sure you take some measurements if you suspect your ankles are quite thick.

      Another potential downside is that the spreader bar does not have any O-rings or D-rings attached to it, either on the bar, or on the cuffs. This makes it a little less versatile because you cannot use wrist cuffs to clip your partner’s wrists to the bar. Of course, you can still use rope and other inventive measures (Bondage tape, hand cuffs.) should you wish to attach your partner’s hands to the bar, but rings would have been a great addition.

      The Dominix Spreader bar and cuffs are all permanently joined together. This set cannot be broken down into smaller parts for storage and it does not come with a storage bag, so you will need to find somewhere private yet safe to store it. You may also want to protect the leather cuffs from getting scratched or ripped in storage. This is quite a large, bulky item, so storage may be a slight issue for some. The fact that the bar does not break down into smaller parts can also be seen as a positive. You KNOW that this is a completely sturdy set, as it contains no weak joints that could cause issues during play. This spreader bar set is built to last through even the most vigorous play.


      When I was strapped into this spreader bar, I felt completely at my partner’s mercy. The bar stops you from being able to fully close your legs and this makes you feel constantly exposed and vulnerable, which is a great feeling for those with submissive tendencies and exactly what you want to feel from using a spreader bar. The bar attached made it quite difficult to walk or wiggle around and the constant weighty feel of the bar attached to my legs amplified those vulnerable feelings. It really made me feel a lot more submissive to my partner.

      There really is no chance of escape from the Dominix Spreader bar, without being freed purposefully and when I was in control, I found it simple to use, even being able to move his legs into different positions by pulling/pushing the bar. This spreader bar and cuffs set does exactly as it is designed to do and we love playing with it. This is one of the more expensive spreader bars available from Lovehoney, but the quality, durability and comfort make it worth every penny. It is one of the best available and I imagine it will last a lifetime.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Durable, High quality, weighty, comfortable, heightens submissive feelings.
      It could do with some O-rings attached to the bar.
      Bottom line
      The highest quality BDSM gear I have experienced yet.
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