1. Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine

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      1. Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine

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    1. Product Description

      Satisfy your most erotic needs with this intensely powerful, thrusting sex machine. Mains powered for pleasure on demand and boasting a choice of 2 dildos to attach to the secure base and sink onto for the most pleasurable of rides.

      Coat your chosen dildo (one's realistic while the other features a deliciously textured surface) with plenty of water-based lubricant and twist the dial on the front of the seat to begin the orgasmic thrusting.

      There's also a thrilling squirting option for extra lifelike sensations. Simply use the syringe to inject water into the dildo of your choice once it's been attached to the machine, and press the button on the seat's front to ejaculate in the heat of the moment.

      Key features:

      - 7.5 inch and 5.25 inch realistic dildos in firm, cushioned sex saddle

      - Includes sex seat, UK adaptor, 2 dildos, syringe for inserting water to squirt

      - 7 thrusting speeds

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      1. Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine
      2. Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine

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    1. Thrusting machine

      Reviewed: 04 May 2015 by garyj, a Bisexual Single Male

      I bought this with great expectations and it did not let me down.

      Superbly made and the speeds are incredible.

      Both myself and my OH have used it, but the only down side was the noise it made (mainly because of my OH screaming).

      We only used it twice, and on both occasions we had complaints from our neighbours, so I recommend it to anyone who doesn't live in a flat. It is an incredible machine, but very unfortunately not for us.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Did the job it was designed for.
      The noise.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant if you live in a detached property.
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    1. Strap Yourself in for the Ride of Your Life

      Reviewed: 25 January 2014 by EmmelinePeaches, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      Grab yourself a bottle of water-based lube and get ready for the ride of your life, because the Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine definitely lives up to its name.

      The Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine has a lot of great points and I feel it’s worth the time to address these points in some depth. The machine comes with two skin safe rubber dildos, which are incredibly flexible, but not too soft. This flexibility means that, in use, both of the dildos allow you to play around with positions when mounting them, providing a lot of variety and enjoyment. In addition to this, they also have their own distinct benefits.

      The larger dildo is much more realistic than its smaller counterpart, and sports a usable length of 7.5 inches.

      Due to its size and flexibility, the larger dildo really comes into its own playing with positions. In use it makes its length known, and can produce a very deep and fulfilled sensation. This will appeal to users those want to ride this machine as if they were riding a partner. Those who crave depth or those who value changing up positions will also appreciate this attachment.

      Meanwhile, the smaller dildo is adorned with wonderful little nodules which run all the way up the shaft. When inserting this dildo, these pronounced nodules are very noticeable, and provide a very prominent sensation. As such, while this dildo may be shorter, it certainly doesn’t suffer for this.

      Behind that unassuming appearance is a ride of ribbed delight and each layer of nodules declare themselves as they thrust in and out of your body. Keeping this in mind, those who prefer a smoother ride may not appreciate this attachment as much, but those who desire texture or a pronounced feeling from their insertable toys will probably find themselves liking this dildo.

      Each of these dildos can be screwed onto the saddle of this machine with relative ease. The saddle itself is very firm and is incredibly comfortable to sit on. The material is smooth and dries extremely quickly. This is fantastic because the saddle will almost certainly get rather wet when using this machine. The controls at the front of the toy are fairly easy to use, even when riding the machine. That being said, it’s easier to have a second person operating the controls, allowing you to fully enjoy the thrusting experience. And, oh boy, when it comes to thrusting this toy does not disappoint.

      This toy can provide anything from gentle plunging motion to a rapid, mind-blowing pounding, covering everything in-between. I have to admit, I tend to get to about half speed before I’m elated with the thrusting action that this machine produces. The idea that it can thrust with double that speed leaves me reeling and I do believe that it can satisfy anyone who is looking for a rapid pounding. The thrusting that this machine produces also seems undeterred by any leaning motion that you might want to experiment with, and will keep on going with no decrease in speed.

      Personally I found this toy fantastic for sexual roleplay. There is something very appealing about easing yourself down on the saddle, letting your partner control the speed dial, and fantasizing about why you’re being subjected to such a powerful, unrelenting, erotic experience. I also found that I enjoyed riding this toy while my partner sat in front of me--leaving his penis and my mouth available for other things while I got a slowly increasing hammering.

      Overall this toy is great for anyone who is looking for a strong thrusting machine, but it does have some flaws that I feel need mentioning.

      The material used for the dildos grabs up dust and hair like nobody’s business, so you’ll always need to make sure that you clean the toys thoroughly before and after your play session. The small dildo comes with a rabbit attachment (presumably for clitoral stimulation) but, honestly, that bunny is hopping up and down way too rapidly to provide anything meaningful.

      Also, for a rather expensive product, the instructions for this machine are woefully ineffective. They’re written in broken English and lack any meaningful information or helpful advice. If you’re paying near to £250 for a sex machine you generally want to have a good set of instructions, but the ones provided with this machine leave you completely in the dark.

      This was made abundantly clear to me and my partner when we tried to use the squirting option on this toy, which is actually a rather difficult process. Eventually we learnt through trial-and-error that, if you want to use the squirting option, you need to have the dildo screwed on as tightly as possible. Unfortunately this tends to leave the dildos screwed in at a sideways angle, which can be disappointing for those who want to ride them as if they would ride a partner.

      The squirting motion is also rather unfulfilling and, when you press the button to squirt, the toy stops thrusting and starts making very loud whooshing and whirring noises. Incidentally, this button is positioned slightly above the dial, and is easy to accidentally push if you’re riding solo; halting both the thrusting action and the mood in one fell swoop. Altogether this left me and my partner feeling that the machine would have been better without the squirting option.

      Whooshing squirt noises aside, this toy is generally rather loud. I have used this toy upstairs, while my partner was downstairs and he could hear it running quite easily. Because of this, people who don’t want to be heard, or who live in shared accommodation might want to think twice before using this machine while other people are at home.

      Overall, though, I don’t believe that these flaws outweigh the benefits that the Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine provides. At the end of the day, its primary goal is thrusting power, and it has that in spades. With two dildos, you’re left with two very distinct experiences and a variety of speeds to experiment. It’s an unyielding delight to ride, a pleasure to own, and fits the bill for anyone wanting to thrust their sex life to exciting new heights.

      Recommend to:

      People who gain pleasure from penetration and thrusting.

      People who like textured dildos.

      People who want to explore different forms of couples play.

      Do Not Recommend to:

      People who primarily enjoy vibrators or clitoral stimulation.

      People who want a quiet product.

      People who don’t like investing in pricey toys without extensive instructions.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      An unbelievably powerful machine, with two great, distinct, dildos.
      The squirting option is frustrating, the toy is loud and the instructions are useless.
      Bottom line
      A great addition to the toy box of anyone craving a pounding.
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