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    1. Doc Johnson iVibe iRabbit Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. Doc Johnson iVibe iRabbit Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Take pleasure to the next level with this powerful rotating rabbit vibrator. This smooth silicone toy offers thrilling internal and external stimulation to help you achieve the elusive holy grail of sex: the blended orgasm!

      Experiment with the powerful array of 3 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration and explore the exciting addition of the rabbit vibrator's 3 rotation settings in the shaft. Flex and bend the adjustable shaft to enjoy personalised pleasure and achieve intense internal massage.

      Featuring a waved shaft with a gently bulbed tip, this sex toy offers red-hot internal massage while the flickering rabbit ears envelop your clitoris for breathtaking sensations.

      Plus, it's complete waterproof for aquatic play.

      Coat with plenty of water-based sex lube for heightened sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Powerful silicone rabbit vibrator with rotating shaft for incredible blended orgasms
      • 3 powerful vibration speeds and 4 patterns to explore
      • Adjustable shaft offers personalised stimulation
      • Quivering rabbit ears for thrilling clitoral titillation and waved shaft with a slightly bulbed tip for G-spot stimulation
      • Waterproof for fun in the bedroom, bath and beyond

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Doc Johnson iVibe iRabbit Rotating Rabbit Vibrator 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Doc Johnson iVibe iRabbit Rotating Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Doc Johnson iVibe iRabbit Rotating Rabbit Vibrator


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    1. One's better than two

      Reviewed: 21 April 2014 by xmellx, a Straight Engaged Female

      I was lucky enough to receive this product from Lovehoney to test, and I have to say it is amazing!

      The product comes in a nice little box with a flip open lid that is perfect for storage after use.

      Having owned a few rabbits in my time, this one is totally different to what I've been used to.

      The shaft has subtle waves that provide nice extra stimulations.

      It has three buttons - the on, the rotation speed, and the different settings for the ears.

      The buttons are easy to press even with lubey fingers, and light up red so great for night time play.

      Unlike most Rabbits that have the separate ears, this has the ears joined together as one.

      The saying "two are better than one" is certainly not the case here. I have fallen in love with the one ear. It gives great focused stimulation right where it's needed, and combined with the different speeds/pulsations, it gives some mind-blowing orgasms!

      Finally, onto the best part... The adjustable / bendable rotating shaft.

      When I first tried this out I didn't manage to bend it for fear of breaking it, and I wasn't 100% sure exactly where on the shaft I should bend it. (I think it would be nice to have a picture of the bend on the product page for people like me who were wary of breaking it.)

      Without the bend, the shaft provides a nice gentle internal massage, but bend it fully and it's a whole different story. Less massage, more a great work out.

      Although it's only battery powered (4AA batteries, to be precise), it has quite a bit of power behind it. In fact, when I have the rotations on the second speed, I have to have a firm grip on the end to stop it rotating the bottom end.

      As it's fully submersible waterproof, it is super easy to clean. No need to worry about getting water in the battery compartment.

      Although it seems pricey for a non-rechargeable, this is definitely worth its price tag. I have had some of my best orgasms using this toy, solo and with a partner.

      I didn't think I was a fan of internal stimulation, favouring clit stims over everything else, but this has changed my mind completely. One of my favourite go to toys!

      If you are thinking of buying this, then go for it!

      I would repurchase this if anything happened to my one now. That's how highly I rate it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything - the rotations and bunny ear - amazing.
      Cannot fault it.
      Bottom line
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    1. The best rabbit I have ever experienced

      Reviewed: 16 April 2014 by blonde vixen13 , a Straight Married Female

      As the owner of 6 rabbits, I thought I knew every trick there was to know about a rabbit vibrator, but boy was I wrong.

      This rabbit has blown all my expectations and raced straight to number one position when it comes to my rabbits.

      At first I was a bit shocked that a battery operated vibrator could come with such a high price tag, especially when I have purchased rechargeable toys at cheaper prices. However, after using the toy I can say it's worth every penny.

      It comes presented in a modern looking hard cardboard box with a funky pattern on the outside. The box is very sturdy and provides a great storage container for your rabbit, as it has an easy open flip side for quick access when needed.

      The silicone is super smooth to touch, which also makes it extremely easy to insert. Three buttons with led lights (great for night time play) control the rabbit and are large enough to allow easy control, unlike the set fiddly buttons I have come across on previous buttons.

      The easy hold plastic handle makes it comfortable to use and not likely to slip out of your hand, even after copious amounts of water-based lube have been applied.

      The added extra of this toy being waterproof make bath time and shower time so much more fun.

      The waved shaft is firm and doesn't offer much in the way of flexibility, but once switched on the waves massage your insides and rub in all the right places. Whether you want a gentle massage or a full blown Swedish massage on your G-spot, this toy has the perfect setting for you.

      The ears are very powerful, which is what you would expect from a toy powered by 4xAA batteries.

      Unlike the usual rabbit ears which come with two ears to sit and tease either side of your clit, the ears are joined together as one and are slightly chubbier looking than the usual rabbit ears I have experienced. This, however, does not take away from the external sensations. If anything they where probably more powerful.

      When held in the right position, I could have an explosive clitoral orgasm almost immediately. However, I enjoy the internal sensations provided by this rabbit so much that I often stop the ears from teasing my sweet spot to the point of climax to allow for a more intense G-spot orgasm to build up. Get your timings rights and this toy will provide you with a double orgasm!

      Although this rabbit is not the biggest of some of the rabbits in the girth department, the sensations of the waved shaft gives the illusion of a much larger toy. I was left feeling extremely satisfied by this toy, and over the first few days I used it for so much that I couldn't find time to review it. It was only after I had left myself tender from too much playtime that I found the chance to sit down to right this review.

      Yes, the price is a little off-putting, and this toy would benefit greatly if a rechargeable version was made available. But if you can afford to splash out, this rabbit will not disappoint.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Waved shaft felt amazing on high speed.
      Not rechargeable.
      Bottom line
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    1. Spin me round and round

      Reviewed: 28 March 2014 by truegrace

      This looks like a run of the mill rabbi. On initial activation, this behaves like a run of the mill rabbit. But when you realise the shaft is actually trying to rotate, and can be bent, this is something entirely new!

      For a battery powered rabbit, this is no cheap thrill. With the price tag it has, especially compared to the price of a luxury rechargeable rabbit, you will be initially put off, and even dismiss the thought of ever clicking ‘add to basket’. If you want to take a chance on a toy being mind-blowing, take that chance on this.

      This is powered by 4 AA batteries, so you can expect some strong vibes from the ears, and they don’t disappoint. What is slightly different, and did take some getting used to compared to the rest of our bunny collection, is the ears are joined together. Every other rabbit in the toy box has the usual split ears which allow them to rest either side of the wonder button and gently caress it to explosion, so a solid ‘ear’ was a bit unusual. That said, the soft flexible ears vibrate to a deep rhythm, and as soon as I got in to the ‘single ear’ thinking, I quickly forgot why I ever enjoyed 2 ears so much.

      The amazing part of the iVibe, and what *will* make you part with you hard earned money, is the shaft. I, like so many others, do not get any pleasure from the rotating beads from rabbits of old, and vibrating penetration also doesn’t get me off. Rotating penetration, now, that’s a different story.

      For those that have used Mr big and didn’t like the rotating tip, read no more. Click back and look for another toy.

      Those that did like it, check your bank balance, look behind the cushions on the sofa, sell your grandmother, if you have to (I don’t condone any selling of relatives!) - just make sure this bunny is on your to buy list.

      What makes this shaft of wonder just perfect for anyone is the bend on the shaft can be adjusted to suit your body style and enjoyment. If you want gentle swirly feelings, leaving the shaft straight feels just like a tickle inside. Bending it over as far as it goes really feels like you are getting a full internal workout!

      This is a fairly noisy toy. I wouldn’t say it is much louder if at all than your ‘normal’ battery-powered bunny, but certainly isn’t whisper quite, especially with the ears and rotations on full whack. Just put a do not disturb sign on the door, put some loud music on and go with it. It is so worth it!

      The other massive plus of course is this is fully waterproof. Bring on the bath time screaming orgasm for double the fun.

      This is an expensive rabbit, don’t get me wrong, and if it was rechargeable it would be perfect. But personally I think it is worth the money for that ‘something different’

      The iRabbit certainly won't be for everyone but, for those who are in to this, it may just be the toy of the year for you!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The rotations, oh the rotations!
      Rechargeable would have made this perfect.
      Bottom line
      Expensive but just oh so amazing!
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes