1. Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift Pack

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      1. Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift Pack

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    1. Product Description

      Add a sensual and orgasmic addition to your playtime with the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Gift Pack. Presented in a discreet, lockable case, the gift set includes a powerful Magic Wand vibrator and G-spot stimulator attachment for incredible satisfaction.

      Perfect for erotic massages, intimate stimulation or as an accessory to foreplay, the luxury gift pack makes an ideal present for your lover, friend or as a treat for yourself.

      A quick flick of the scroll wheel sends spine-tingling vibrations through the wand's smooth, cushioned head, ranging from gentle quivers to breathtaking tremors. Simply enhance your playtime by coating its head with your favourite water-based lubricant and plug your Magic Wand into a power socket to begin your play.

      Slip the included G-spot attachment onto the wand's head to add another erotic dimension to your play. Made from smooth silicone with a curved length and bulbous head, it caresses your sweet spot for orgasmic results, time and time again.

      The gift pack includes a Lovehoney Deluxe Sex Toy Case, complete with a padlock. Special antibacterial material lines the case, keeping your wand fresh and ready to go whenever you are. The case also has elasticated straps and a large mesh pocket to discreetly store your pleasure accessories.

      Key Features:

      • Deluxe magic wand vibrator gift set for an all-encompassing pleasure pack
      • Multispeed mains powered wand vibrator for intense erotic massage
      • Silicone attachment with curved shaft for G-spot stimulation
      • Durable carry case with pockets and antibacterial lining
      • Heart-shaped padlock keeps your toys locked away
      • Ideal for travel or romantic weekends away

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift Pack 128 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift Pack
      2. Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift Pack

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    1. Orgasm in seconds

      Reviewed: 15 April 2017 by Gem7

      This product is amazing and completely well worth the money. It literally gives you an orgasm in seconds (I have mine on full power).

      The fact this plugs direct into the mains makes things so much easier - no need to find batteries, and I think it also may add to the power of the toy as there is no slowness in speed when the batteries are dying out... Let's face it you will want to use this all the time, so would constantly need new batteries, so win win on this.

      The case is discreet and perfect to carry the toy in on weekends away.

      The G-spot attachment is a nice little bonus. ;)

      The power on this thing is amazing. I always have it on full as that is the way I like it, but the speed it adjustable so easily, which my partner loves to do as a tease. My partner loves watching me use it on myself and also can feel the vibrations himself when using it whilst having sex.

      100% recommend this product.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Gives you an orgasm in seconds.
      It is really noisey.
      Bottom line
      Best toy yet.
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    1. Perfection, I love this product

      Reviewed: 27 January 2017 by starla-smiles55, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I absolutely love this product.

      The large area of the wand allows vibrations to fully work their way into just the right place. Various speeds mean I get to tease myself so badly till I'm begging for that beautiful oh moment for long enjoyment or put it up to full speed for a quick but very intense oh moment.

      The case is wonderful to lock the toy away safe. I love the colour and the attachments are perfect too.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      All of it.
      Lead to plug a little shorter than I would like but still amazing.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for slow teasing to quick intense orgasms and very easy to clean.
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    1. Incredible

      Reviewed: 13 April 2016 by FunFuelledFucker, a Straight Married Male

      This is an amazIng buy, does exactly what I intended it to.

      The wife loved her little 'clit kit' vibe and couldn't find anything come close to it for a replacement. It was also a pain to find batteries all the time, so I decided to get this little mains-powered beast!

      The case is great to take a selection of toys away on holiday and to keep locked away if required. As always, Lovehoney delivered promptly and discretely, which is always a plus!

      The large head of the wand allows it to do its magic, sending strong vibrations deep into her pussy through her clit, so much so that I feel it strongly in my cock and balls while penetrating her.

      The multi-speed knob is great to quickly and easily find the right speed and sensation for anyone's taste, fastest setting being too much for the wife - but this could be advantageous for anyone wishing to punish or tease a partner until they beg for mercy.

      The G-spot attachment is a nice little bonus and feels pretty nice in the ass as well as a good G-spot stimulator.

      Overall, awesome product. Only downside is the wife rarely wants to have sex without it stuck to her clit now!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything, very powerful vibrations, how quickly she can cum, long lead.
      Wife won't have sex without it!
      Bottom line
      The king of all vibes, buy this and ditch the rest!
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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 09 March 2016 by Gamergirl1

      Absolutely love this product.

      The case is wonderful to lock the toy away safe.

      The large area of the wand allows vibrations to fully work their way into just the right place.

      The multi-speed knob allows you to tease yourself easily, bringing yourself to the point of orgasms then quickly reducing the speed if you want to.

      I also found the max speed can become a little much, which is great for my partner as he loves to push me to my limits and get me begging for mercy.

      Various speeds means it should be suited to lost. I didn't find the G-spot attachment any use of I'm honest though. It felt a little bulky and uncomfortable. But still give the wand a 10/10.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy-to-use multi-speed knob.
      G-spot attachment.
      Bottom line
      Amazing and easy to use.
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    1. Best vibrator ever

      Reviewed: 17 February 2016 by Lust_angel69, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I bought this as my last wand (the white version) got stolen by my ex-GF. She must have liked it to have stolen it. So I guess thumbs up from her as well lol.

      This wand is pretty much exactly the same but in a very cool purple.

      A very sturdy and strong toy. Also surprisingly quiet. I mean the wand, not her. She will be pretty loud if you are using this on her lol.

      So strong that you only need to turn it on a small amount to get the desired effect.

      The G-spot attachment is perfect and hits the right spot every time, soaking the sheets in the process.

      The case is also very nice and keeps everything from prying eyes and from getting damaged.

      All in all, definitely worth the money and a very good toy for any kinky collection.

      No other vibrator comes close to a wand.

      Would 100% buy a new one if this broke.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Well worth the money.
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