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    1. iroha by TENGA Midori Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars8 reviews

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      1. iroha by TENGA Midori Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Discover new realms of luxurious pleasure with Iroha from TENGA. Designed by women for women, the Midori vibrator has a soft silicone surface that is perfectly shaped for direct clitoral stimulation, and a quiet-yet-powerful vibrator motor.

      Recommended to improve libido by The Times

      "Arousal and the ability to achieve orgasm are sexual response mechanisms, and the more you exercise those responses the better and stronger they will be. Invest in a good, mains-powered or rechargeable vibrator such as the one from the Japanese Iroha range." August 2013

      Revolutionising external stimulation, the smooth silicone form has been crafted to maximise the effects of Hanamidori's vibrating motor. 1 pulsating pattern and 3 speeds energise the shapely silicone, providing exquisite vibrations that escalate from a low rumble to a resonating buzz.

      Shaped with a rounded tip and flat pebble body that fits in the palm of your hand, Hanamidori feels comfortable to hold and is easily manipulated for your pleasure. Glide the whole form over your body for an erotic massage or use the shapely tip for direct clitoral and shallow vaginal stimulation.

      Fans of silicone sex toys will be pleased to know that Hanamidori features a unique silicone formula that resists static, leaving the surface clean and ready for play. A soft and squishy texture differentiates the Iroha range from other handheld massagers, offering a softer touch that emulates the tactile properties of skin for a more natural feel against your body.

      Charging via USB or the mains, Hanamidori includes a storage case that doubles as a magnetic charging dock for your convenience. Use the + and - buttons to scroll through the functions, holding down + to switch to toy off and - to turn it off.

      Use a generous helping of good-quality water-based lube to enjoy this vibrator at its best.

      Key Features:

      • Rechargeable TENGA iroha Midori vibrator
      • Features 3 speeds and 1 pulse pattern, for personalised sensations
      • Whisper-quiet motor for discreet pleasure
      • 120 minutes of charge will give you 90 minutes of play
      • Soft, squeezable silicone that's skin safe and super-smooth
      • Includes a magnetic charging dock with case, a USB charging cable and a mains charging cable
      • Charging dock doubles up as a storage case

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    1. Customer Reviews

      iroha by TENGA Midori Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator 8 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. iroha by TENGA Midori Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      2. iroha by TENGA Midori Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


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    1. Squishy Pears Can Be Sexy, Too

      Reviewed: 10 September 2014 by Briona87, a Straight Single Female

      I had lusted after a soft, squishy clitoral vibrator for quite a long time and therefore I didn't hesitate for a bit when I noticed this lovely iroha had appeared in the sale offer.

      Once my parcel had arrived (via superswift international delivery), I went to rip the dull FedEx box open to unveil the stylish packaging of my new iroha - it is basically a black sleeve with a picture of a Midori-like shape on the front and a photo of an actual iroha on the back. Within this sleeve there are encased two little boxes. The white one contains a charger (you can charge your iroha either via an USB port, or via the good ol' mains charging cable) while the green one holds the plastic case where you will find your Midori, fast asleep, waiting for you to put it into action. Both the packaging and the toy itself are so cute that I wouldn't be likely to feel any embarrassment should a family member come across them. Everything is stylish, sleek and cute, no need to cringe.

      Upon taking the toy out to have a good look at it, I immediately noticed this was the softest, squishiest vibrator one could possibly imagine. When I pressed it against my skin, it seemed to mould against it, caressing it in the most pleasant way. Ah, well, time to charge the little pear so that I can find out what it might be capable of.

      Before I took my Midori off its charging dock, I had gone through the set of instructions which was indeed comprehensive. You learn you should always turn the toy off after use (who would think of that?); you shouldn't use it under blankets (overheating may cause fire - well, that's slightly over the top warning, too); you should not attempt to customize the device in any way (very interesting warning indeed); but also that you should only use water-based lube (unless you particularly want to ruin the surface and shape of your toy, of course); that you shouldn't pour any water on the charging base and that, while you can this toy run under the tap (though you should NOT attempt to use it in shower or in any environment with high humidity); you should avoid using tepid or hot water - apparently, the Midori prefers to stay cold - or cool.

      I could hardly wait to try out my iroha properly - and I wasn't disappointed. Having coated it with a bit of lube, I pressed the plus button and it sprang to life. Whichever area of my body I massaged with it, the vibrations felt very good, a both soothing and a bit arousing. I turned up the power and went on to stimulate my labia and clit and oh my, it felt wonderful. The surface of the Midori is so soft, yet the vibrations are very strong - a mighty combination of sensations that pushed me into a very satisfying orgasm in a few minutes.

      After use, I wiped the excess lube off the device and ran it carefully (I wouldn't want any water to ruin the controls) with cold water. Afterwards, I sprayed it with the LH sex toy cleaner, gently washed it, rinsed everything off with water, wiped it dry-ish with a soft cloth and left it in the bathroom to air-dry properly. Such a fantastic little device needs proper care, doesn't it?

      Seeing the case is also a charging dock for the toy, I keep my Midori in it instead of a "traditional" toy bag - it looks nice, after all, and it is also fairly small.

      I am quite surprised this lovely little product with three speeds and one pattern is being discontinued, and I am also slightly baffled by some iroha reviews that mention unpleasant stench these toys are supposed to emit - I sniffed my Midori very thoroughly and, while it is not completely odourless, I only smell a very, very faint silicone-y something, very similar to the odour I associate with Lelo toys (and this odour is actually more pronounced in the Lelo products).

      Bottom line - I am very satisfied with this, particularly for 40 GBP. The Midori is very small, cuddly, squishy, yet powerful. I don't miss more patterns (I am usually more likely to enjoy "steady" power, anyway), and the only drawbacks are the fact it is not waterproof (shame, I love inviting my toys to take a bath with me) and that it doesn't have a travel lock.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft, squishy surface, powerful vibrations, cute design.
      Not waterproof, no travel lock.
      Bottom line
      Wonderful, cute must-buy, really.
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    1. Buy you fools - buy

      Reviewed: 15 August 2014 by Kasey, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I stopped buying sex toys for 6 months after I bought this baby. It is pure magic.

      But first things first. The packaging of the Midori is very classy, and it comes with a display case (clear on top, and black base) that also doubles as the charger. I have no regrets in saying that I even sat it on my table at the office, charging it (via USB), and no-one said a word. The base also has a small LED, so that you know it is charging.

      It feels very squishy, as though there is a layer of gel over a firmer base. I was concerned that this would affect vibrations, but it is silky smooth and barely needs any lubricant.

      The 4 vibration patterns are three increasing speeds and a pattern, adjusted using the two buttons on the bottom of the Midori. The highest speed to me seems comparable to a relatively low speed on my Lovehoney Magic Wand, but that is all I need for some wonderful orgasms.

      The charge holds really well, and I lasted about 10 sessions before needing to recharge.

      I love this little baby so much, that I am considering buying a spare just in case.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Texture. Vibrations. Squishiness.
      Nothing. It's adorable.
      Bottom line
      The Midori is a soft little puff of joy with very strong vibrations.
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    1. Pleasure in the shape of a pear

      Reviewed: 27 March 2014 by Kinky&Curvy

      I am aware that many people have different names for this toy, such as watermelon or the obvious Midori, but to be honest it looks like a pear really doesn't it? :P

      2 amazing facts, though...

      1. 'Midori' is Japanese for green (who would have thought :D).

      2. Midori is also a liqueur with a fruity melon taste.

      I wonder where the name came from hmmmm....

      Anyway, I could not resist this toy when it was in the sale. As soon as it came out from TENGA, I had to have it but, to be honest, it is pretty pricey, so I had to wait.

      I love TENGA! I am a huge fan of TENGA toys. Though they are male-based toys, I still love them because they really are so unusual, like the eggs, and really good quality.

      My first problem when it came into sale, was which to choose. I came to my decision simply because not only is it such an unusual colour for a sex toy (pale mint green) but because I'm not keen on internal toys (like the Yuki). If I'm honest, though, I like the idea of the 'embracing' nibs of the Sakura. To me it kind of looks like a pig's trotter. Haha not to put any of you off but it's just wasn't aesthetically pleasing to me. So, I bought the Midori.

      The packaging of the Midori is very sleek and sophisticated and looks very classy, not at all like the usual sex toy box.

      On the front is a basic symbol of the Midori inside, and on the back there is a realistic picture of the Midori and a little key of the toys in the iroha set. It includes 'The shapes of pleasure', The 'insertable' Yuki, the 'Caressing' Midori and the 'Embracing' Sakura.

      The back of the packaging also describes the iroha in a little paragraph, explaining the iroha 'provides a comforting experience unlike any other.'

      A few characteristics are also specified, describing the Midori vibrator and what is contained in the packaging.

      Once the sleeve is taken off, you will be greeted by two smaller boxes. One, (the green of the toy), containing the Midori and the other (a white box) containing the charging components. I think the colour of the box containing the vibrator may differ depending on which iroha you choose.

      The white box contains a plug for mains charging and a USB cable that can plug into any laptop or even an iPod. The other end of the USB cable plugs into the Midori's display box (which is so cute :D).

      A rather thick user manual is also provided which contains details on the product contents, charging, directions for use, directions for cleaning, directions for storage, product specifications and safety aspects. Obviously it consists of a few different languages, which explains the thickness.

      The other box contains the vibrator, which as I've said is all snug and warm in its little display box. At first, it sits in a little cardboard seat which stops the vibrator from moving around, and this has a little detail inside that shows how to turn the vibrator on and the cycles which the Midori produces.

      The Midori charges through this little display case, and, as its charging, a light is on on the case, and once fully charged the light goes off.

      To the vibrator itself. I love it, it's adorable. It;s a lot smaller than I thought it would be, just around the size of my palm, probably around the size of a small pear.

      The material is amazing. It's so strange. It;s described as silicone but it's not like any silicone I've felt. It is similar to a marshmallow in texture and it's really squidgy. It is soft enough to wrinkle it but obviously it doesn't ruin the material. The nub of the Midori has, I believe, slightly thinner material running over it, as it's not as squidgy as the rest but it helps the vibrations come through.

      The controls of the are on the underside and the right button, which has a picture of a + is evidently to turn it on and switch through the settings, and the - button on the left goes back through the settings in reverse and to turn off, you just need to keep hold of the left button.

      The control are set onto an ABS plastic circle and I would find that you'd need to be extra careful when cleaning around this area as the silicone does pull away a little from the plastic, but it is just to ensure that the vibrator is fully cleansed and won't produce any bacteria.

      The vibrations form the Midori have four different settings - low, medium, high and an on/off cycle. What is noticeable about the toy is how well these vibrations come through, especially for a toy coming from a male-based production line.

      The vibrations rumble unlike some toys and I think that's mainly down to this new material. The vibrations travel throughout the toy but mostly base around the nub of the Midori, where I believe the material is thinner for a fuller effect of the vibrations.

      It doesn't take me long at all to reach climax and there are many of them too. :P

      On the lowest setting it is very quiet but, as the settings gradually increase, the buzz gets a little louder. But, to be honest, I doubt any would heer. It's not something I worry about anyway. :D

      I haven't yet found that I need lubricant. I did notice another review explaining the material would make it slippery and I do think that would be very true, as the material is already incredibly smooth.

      The material can also on occasion catch a little dust, but the softness of the material allows for easy cleaning.

      Overall, it is probably my best buy in quite a few months and I will definitely be debating on completing the set. The price I do still believe is pretty pricey for such as small toy, but then again it's new technology, so what do you expect? I will, however, say, it isn't a waste of money if you were to get one.

      The vibrator is cute and colourful and feels like a squidgy stress ball, and it comes in its own little display case... What's not to love? :D

      P.S. They're bringing out the baby ones soon. I'll be getting myself one of those, though I don't think the material is the same, but if these vibrations are anything to go by, I best start saving up. X

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Squidgy material, unusual colour, great vibrations from male-based production line.
      Nothing. Though a little pricey, still worth buying!
      Bottom line
      My pear gives me lots of pleasure. Hope yours will too. :P
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes