1. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo Vibrator

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      1. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Enjoy the generous length and impressive girth of porn's boy next door James Deen with this realistic vibrating silicone dildo. Spice up your masturbation or foreplay with every buzzing bulge, curve and vein of his circumcised cock.

      Cast directly from James Deen himself, every inch of his impressive manhood has been replicated for a filling and fulfilling experience.

      Along with its beefy vital statistics, this realistic dildo comes with a 3 speed bullet vibrator to help escalate your arousal to full-blown climactic bliss. The bullet slips neatly into the base of the dildo so you can enjoy the shaft vibrating inside you, or you can opt for dual stimulation by placing the bullet against your clitoris.

      The dildo comes with a satin storage bag and a sachet of powder to make slipping the bullet in and out of the dildo easy.

      Apply water-based lube liberally to the shaft for slippery and comfortable play.

      - Cast from porn's boy next door James Deen

      - Beefy size for a filling experience

      - 3 Speed bullet for vibrating bliss

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      1. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo Vibrator
      2. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo Vibrator

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    1. Adopt a James Deen penis today

      Reviewed: 07 December 2012 by RedCheeks, a Bisexual Single Female

      After much waiting and anticipation in the lead up to the release of Doc Johnson's James Deen line of sex toys, I was delighted when the day finally came and the James Deen silicone dildo was within my reach for sale on EdenFantasys. In the week or so waiting for my order to arrive I spent my time watching a little more James Deen porn than usual, just to tease and build the anticipation for its arrival.


      The James Deen silicone dildo arrives in what has to be one of the largest boxes that I have seen for a dildo. Measuring 10 and a half inches tall and 7 and a half inches wide. On the front of the box James Deen is shown in an almost modest post while on the back of the box he is seen smiling with his manhood in his hands. The front of the box opens up not just to reveal all the glory of the James Deen dildo but it also treats us to a side view of James Deen naked and showing off the goods. While there is plenty of useful material and care information included on the packaging, it’s the imagery that makes this packaging worth hanging onto.

      First Impression:

      Removing the dildo from its sturdy plastic case, the James Deen silicone dildo does not disappoint when it comes to size to realism. Having watched so much James Deen in the lead up the toys arrival I can definitely say that I recognised this cock immediately. Examining it closely in person it has the realistic characteristics of large uneven balls, a slight bend in the shaft and that thickening that James Deens cock has in the middle length of the shaft. While the flesh colouring is all one tone, the detailing on this is impressive with the skin on the balls being particularly detailed.

      Included with the dildo is a long vibrating bullet, a large drawstring storage pouch (its huge when compared to other toy pouches I own!) and a sachet of ‘James Deen Powder’ (“Hmm James Deen in powder form you say?”) This is intended to help with the removal of the bullet from the dildos cavity. Its ingredients are listed as just being Corn starch.


      Total Length: 9 Inches

      Insertable Length: Depending on what angle you measure from it varies from 6 ¼ to 7 Inches

      Circumference: Ranges from 5 to 6 ½ Inches

      Length of Bullet: 5 Inches


      The five Inch long silver bullet included is powered by two AAA batteries, features three speeds and is waterproof. It has a single power button which switches it on, brings it through the three speeds and switches it off again. The three speeds are all quite powerful when it is used by itself but obviously are slightly weaker when used inside the dildo but still surprisingly adequate. Placing it inside the James Deen dildo is easy but when it comes to removing it again you really do need to use the ‘James Deen Powder’ which is included.


      While the vibrations of the bullet included carry through the material of the dildo more than you would expect making this work well as a vibrator, the dildo itself is certainly still firm enough to use without the bullet too. To the feel you really can’t even tell that there is a slim cavity in the dildos base.

      With the head of the dildo being slimmer than the shaft, this beast of a dildo isn’t too much of a challenge to initially insert but once past the head of the dildo, the generous girth of James Deen really kicks in. Being just over two inches wide at its thickest point this will make you thank god for lube and warm up toys! Even having added some particularly girthy toys to my collection lately I can say none of them thrill me like the feel of the James Deen dildos thick middle stretching the first few inches of the vagina while the smaller head already sits more comfortably inside me.

      The realistic shape and slight curve of the James Deen dildo creates interesting texture and depending on what angle you take the dildo from it can provide very light g-spot stimulation. If you look at the dildos slight curve to the right and pronounced head it’s easy to figure out what ways to use the dildo to accomplish, light, g-spot stimulation.

      If you find yourself able to take the full length of James Deen, the quite large balls of the dildo are great for grinding on to provide clitoral stimulation especially if the vibrations are switched on. With every thrust, the varying girth of the dildos shaft creates an intensely satisfying sensation. The hard part is deciding when you’ve had enough James Deen for one session. The varying girth can leave you feeling delicate after use but if you’re a fan of his work and fantasise about being taken by James Deen, you may well like being able to feel it afterwards.

      Wonderfully presented, made of quality silicone and molded from James Deen himself to include fantastically realistic detailing. After months of growing anticipation the James Deen Silicone Dildo proved to be one well made, thrilling monster of a dildo.

      Material Information:

      Made of platinum premium silicone, The James Deen silicone dildo is both scent and taste free aswell as being Latex and Phthalates free. Silicone is completely non-porous meaning that it can be fully disinfected by boiling it in a saucepan for just 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher or it can be simply washed after use with warm soapy water or specialized toy cleaner.

      It is generally highly recommended that you don’t use silicone based lubricants with a silicone toys so I would recommend using a water based Lube with this. Between the size of James Deen, the typical drag that silicone has and the amount of subtle realistic texturing lubricant is definitely a must. Like most silicone toys this can be a serious lint magnet. There is a generously sized 15 ½ Inch by 8 Inch drawstring satin bag provided for storage.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Detailed, recognizable as James Deen, Silicone, packaging you’ll want to hang on to.
      Bottom line
      One well made, thrilling monster of a dildo.
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    1. So this is how it feels to have sex with a porn star

      Reviewed: 25 February 2013 by AliMc, a Straight Going Steady Female

      The Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo Vibrator is moulded directly from adult film star James Deen himself. As such, it offers a great amount of detail and would be the perfect accompaniment to make those James Deen fantasies feel a little more real.

      The packaging features several pictures of James Deen in all of his glory, to help get your imagination running and your juices flowing. The box has a flap on the front which opens like a book to preview what's inside. The dildo and its components are encased in a plastic clamshell case, which makes me feel like I'm opening an Easter egg, except the treat inside is much tastier than chocolate.

      There are lots of little bumps and ridges where the veins have been moulded, along with a very pronounced corona. There are a few small flaws where there are tiny smooth spots on the dildo, but this is barely noticeable.

      It has large, asymmetrical scrotum, the base of which has a 4 inch diameter at its widest point. These big, full balls help keep it balanced when stood upright on a flat surface, but also contribute to making this a very heavy dildo which can tire your hand out quite quickly during use.

      The shaft, which has a circumference of 6.25 inches at its thickest point, is quite tapered and this allows me to ease onto his girth as it gradually increases.

      The dildo is made from very firm silicone and has a lot of drag to it, so it should be used with plenty of water-based lubricant.

      This dildo comes supplied with a bullet vibrator which measures 5 inches in length and 2 inches in circumference. There is an internal cavity built into the shaft of the dildo to allow for the bullet to be inserted through the base of the toy.

      The bullet vibrator takes 2 AAA batteries and has three speeds, which are controlled by a single push button. The vibrations are constant but increase with intensity as you scroll through the levels, but you have to scroll through all three to turn the vibrations off. The buzzy, loud vibrations are mostly directed in the tip of the bullet and don’t seem to transmit very well through the thick silicone shaft of the dildo.

      The internal chamber that houses the bullet sucks it in like a vacuum which makes it very difficult to remove, even if you apply lubricant or cornstarch (a sachet is provided) beforehand. You need to pull it out by slowly twisting and tugging it, so make sure to leave enough room to grip the bullet properly or you'll only be unscrewing the battery cap.

      The bullet is made from plastic with a rubber seal to keep water from getting into the battery compartment, so it can be safely used in the bath or shower.

      There is a Doc Johnson logo on the bottom of the shaft which collects dirt and is difficult to clean. Luckily silicone toys can be boiled, which cleans and sterilises them. Be careful to remove the bullet first, however.

      This James Deen dildo comes supplied with a large drawstring bag to store it in when not in use. It is extremely spacious, measuring 15 x 8 inches, but leaves black strands on the dildo which is a bit of a nuisance.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Safe, durable silicone. Realistic details. Multi-speed bullet.
      Difficult to remove bullet. Loud, buzzy vibrations. Bag leaves lint on the toy.
      Bottom line
      Great for people who love thick realistic cocks and James Deen.
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