1. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo

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      1. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Get up-close and personal with the thick and lengthy member of red-hot porn star James Deen. Fulfil your most orgasmic porn star fantasies with this inch-perfect UR5 replica that looks and feels just like the real deal.

      From his famous circumcised tip to the bulging veins in his thick, curved shaft, every detail of James Deen's penis has been captured in realistic dildo. Made from Doc Johnson's amazingly like-like R5 material, the dildo has the solid feel of an erection with the soft and squeezable feel of skin and flesh. Use the suction cup base and you can indulge all your penetration fantasies.

      The dildo comes complete with a satin storage bag.

      Slick with lashings of water-based lube for comfortable, filling and slippy sensations.

      - Exact replica of porn star James Deen's famous member

      - UR5 material for ultra realistic feel

      - Suction cup base for all your penetration fantasies

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      1. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo
      2. Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo

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    1. Loved It

      Reviewed: 10 May 2018 by 0livar, a Gay Single Male

      I’ve had mine for a few years now. I have a few others but I only get this one out very rarely.

      It is such an amazing experience but I need to work my way up to it. I start with one of my slightly smaller dildos and get going on that. Once I’ve warmed up I make the change to the main event. I love nothing more than the way it only gets bigger the deep it goes. I absolutely love that thick full feeling in my rectum. My whole body shakes when I get the whole length in and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The girth. 2 inches of extreme pleasure. The best feeling in the world.
      The weight. The huge balls, although hot, are very heavy.
      Bottom line
      9.5/10. I wish I could ride this bad boy all day long.
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    1. Rebel without a cause

      Reviewed: 11 February 2013 by MissTerryCleavage, a Straight Single Female

      I'd seen this and lusted after it for what seemed an age, I opened the familiar, discreet brown parcel with far too much excitement than I'm sure should be shown for a sex toy. ;)

      It's well packaged, as pictured, but to me it was all a bit much. I perhaps was one of the few who didn't want it because it was a replica of James Deen so didn't need all the pictures of him adorning the box, but I know many would buy for this exact reason so fair play to Doc Johnson for catering to those needs. My usual thought with this kind of packaging is, 'oh god, hope the binmen don't see it' and this box had to be reduced to smaller pieces to quell that side of me. Handily the box does contain a fabric bag to keep the dildo in, rendering the packaging useless really.

      So what happened to my ages of excitement upon opening, well I'm sorry to say it went almost instantly flat... The dildo unfortunately has that smell which just turns my stomach, albeit not as strong as the rubber toys of old, but this toy definitely has a smell about it which made me feel reluctant to want to put it inside me, not sure I want my skin taking on board that fragrance...

      But I persevered, don't get me wrong, looks wise, this toy is incredible, it does probably come as near to the real thing as is possible to get without having all the rest of the man attached, it looks and (almost) feels totally real, especially if you warm it under the hot tap first, it freaks me out a little to be honest. It has veins expertly applied, and the balls are shaped exactly like the real thing, one hanging a little lower than the other, with the mottled appearance of regular balls.

      This dildo is a weighty beast too, swing it at the right angle and I'm sure it could do some damage if used as a weapon ;) Please make sure you check the length and girth before buying to ensure it is what you want. I thought I had done this and knew what to expect but it still was a little bigger than I thought.

      When it came to using James, you have to remember he first needs a wash (and they say art imitates life...) as he will definitely be covered in fluff, as the realistic material is a magnet for all the fluff and specks of dirt in what seems like a 5mile radius so make sure you have some toy cleaner handy before playing. This does affect the ability to be spontaneous too, but I definitely wouldn't use without cleaning it just before.

      This done, I couldn't get over the smell of James, and decided I didn't want something so smelly and potentially porous inserting in to me, and had no choice but to use him with a condom, the ultimate irony or what? It's bad enough having to use condoms when having sex (my hatred of condoms is never overcome by my desire to be sexually healthy) but to have to use them with a dildo has to be bordering on the completely crazy, but I guess that shows how much I didn't want James inside me 'au naturelle.' Least it was easy to put the condom on, no idea what these guys moan about ;)

      I made sure I was well warmed up prior to using James due to his size, and of course lots of lube, but even then inserting him hurt me and when fully inserted did that painful cervix bashing thing that not many women like, so far, so not really enjoying it :( I persevered, but the pain from my vaginal muscles was just too much, it created a stinging sensation inside me, which I thought may have been a reaction to the toy, but as it was clad in a condom I don't see how that could have been but it was definitely stinging and continued to do so for several hours after using. In the interests of a fair review, I did try using James more than once, each time in a condom and each time in pain so unfortunately it didn't make me orgasm as I just couldn't get over the stinging feeling to allow myself to relax and enjoy it.

      So all that excitement that I had harboured for ages beforehand seems to have been completely wasted and just goes to show that even film stars can be a letdown. ;)

      If this toy were made of silicone, as the Doc Johnson James Deen Signature Realistic Dildo Vibrator is, then this toy would be almost perfect I think. As it is, it just lets me down and disappoints me. Sorry James, there was no "Rebel without a cause" when I used you, a complete absence of "Giant" orgasms and "East of Eden" isn't a place you'll get to with this dildo, totally gutted. :(

      Forgot to mention as I didn't use the feature, but it does have a very durable suction cup making it very versatile in terms of positions/ways to use etc, for me perhaps I could use it as a coat hook? Can you imagine visitors faces? ;)

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Looks as realistic as it gets.
      That smell, less strong than old-style rubber but so distinctive.
      Bottom line
      Promises lots but delivers little.
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