1. Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar 10 Function Silicone Vibrator

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      1. Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar 10 Function Silicone Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A smooth and curvaceous form with a G-spot seeking tip provides a new experience for fans of silicone vibrators. An wonderfully exciting mini vibrator from the magical world of Wonderland, with 10 powerful speeds and patterns for incredible stimulation.

      Use this 10 function vibrator to tease and tantalise your sexiest body parts, inside and out. Playfully designed with bulbous curves and an unique G-spot tip that flexes with your movements, this silicone vibrator promises a wealth of sensations that differ to those offered by classic vibrator shapes.

      Suitable for beginners and experts alike, this slimline Pleasurepillar is wonderfully discreet with quiet vibrations. Add plenty of your favourite water-based lubricant to increase your pleasure.

      Just 1 of 5 of the magical silicone vibrators from Doc Johnson's Wonderland collection, this beautifully packaged erotic gift is sure to delight any lover.

      Easy-to-use, simply pop in a single AA battery and click the button on the base to start the smooth vibrations. The waterproof vibrator can even be used in the bath or shower to add to your underwater pleasure.

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      1. Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar 10 Function Silicone Vibrator
      2. Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar 10 Function Silicone Vibrator

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    1. Pleasurepillar-ific

      Reviewed: 04 June 2013 by KittyStar

      Everything about this collection screamed out at me from the first time I saw it. This is one of the three that I knew I was going to buy (regardless of bad reviews in all honesty). I pretty much expected not to enjoy it in anything except aesthetics.

      I should say that prior to the Pleasurepillar I'd bought the Kinky Kat, so I knew what I was in for with regards to the vibration strength, modes and speeds. The only potential downpoint for me (that I could suss from reviews) was going to be the shape. This strangely shaped vibe could talk the talk but could it walk the walk?

      For me it did, but let me explain why.

      As far as a clitoral vibrator goes it's wonderful. I found that the straighter edge and nub on the "head" is superb for that kind of orgasm.

      Personally I didn't buy this vibe for the G-spot aspect. It seems as if it would be too short and strangely shaped for internal use. Seeing it in person hasn't changed my opinion on this either. Therefore I can't comment on how effective it is in that department, but if you forget the G-spot label think of it as a funky character shaped "bullet" then you won't be let down.

      Those lumps, bumps and nubs that I was initially concerned about are beyond satisfying when combined with the functions! Said functions are relatively varied - 3 are essentially constant vibrations at different speeds while the rest are assorted patterns. While they aren't the strongest vibrations in the entire world I do find them pleasurable and a nice contrast to the likes of my smart wand and more powerful "in your face" toys.

      I also adore the signature white light that his range has around the rim of the power button, very snazzy in the dark! Nice touch.

      The Pleasurepillar is easy to clean - a little sex toy cleaner and water will do the trick, just be mindful to get in the grooves of the main body (which is not difficult to do).


      I don't have a single regret about splurging on this one and I can't understand all the hate for this toy when the rest of the range gets good reviews across the board. Each to their own though!

      I loved my Pleasurepillar despite the initial worries. Anything from this range would make a wonderful introductory gift to sex toys!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Character reference, 10 modes, shape, material, easy to clean.
      Potentially awkward for G-spot use.
      Bottom line
      Cute and effective clitoral vibrator.
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    1. Pleasantly Pleased with the Pleasurepillar

      Reviewed: 04 December 2012 by MinaRose, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I found the whole look behind this collection very romantic! I saw the Alice in Wonderland theme and immediately wanted to buy these products and give them ago.

      After reading the one review up for this vibe I was pretty dubious. But I really wanted to get three from this collection in the special offer bundle, and despite the bad review I liked the look of this one. After looking at the other reviews of the Wonderland collection in which other people said the vibrations were good, so I thought well they look like they will be the same level so it can't be that bad! I was right. After testing all of the three I brought (Pleasurepillar, Kinky Kat and the Queen of Hearts). They all have the same level of vibrations. Personally I like the strength of these, they aren't the strongest in my collection, but this way when a new battery is put in they don't over-stimulate (I have had too strong vibrations, which can be painful!).

      The vibrations do go backwards, as in they start at the highest then go medium to low, which can be slightly frustrating. But then you get the various pulsations. This vibe doesn't have a slow build-up pulse, but it does have various throbbing speeds which are good! Also it has a small pitter-patter throb, which acts as a very "teasing" sensation, which then goes back to the highest strength, which I find is a really nice combination to have next to each other, so it doesn't really bother me it being "backwards" to me it's just different.

      I really LOVE the feel of the silicon. It's a really good quality. Has that almost skin like feel to it. The top is shaped almost like a thumb, smooth round and flattish, which I find gives ideal stimulation.

      As a G-spot stimulator I find it rather good actually, after initial insertion which can be a bit awkward due to the shape, it does slide in rather easy and its bumps are in all the right places!

      I find the Pleasurepillar works rather well as a G-spot stimulator, with another of the Wonderland collection (or a bullet) as a clitoral stimulator. Or the other way round actually!

      I also do really enjoy how these are fully waterproof so can be used in the bath! And the bottom glows in accordance with the speed, so if used in the dark it's a bit like a rave!

      Overall impression, I do really like this collection! I think it works well as both a clitoral stimulator and G-spot. I love the colour, shape, attention to detail with the packaging. I like the strength of the vibrations. There's nothing I don't really like about it!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The feel of the silicone. The shape and colour. Waterproof and quiet.
      Slightly awkward tip.
      Bottom line
      A really pretty little vibe. Good stimulation.
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    1. Green like the Hulk and just as rage-inducing

      Reviewed: 02 October 2012 by Blacksilk, a Bisexual Going Steady Female


      The packaging of the Pleasurepillar is very impressive, especially for a company I don't usually associate with sophistication. First you are greeted with a smooth, white cardboard sleeve with fancy gold-coloured lettering, showing an image of the Pleasurepillar backed by a Wonderland-style chessboard. Once you slip off this sleeve, there is a white box with the gorgeous, gothic Doc Johnson Wonderland logo on it. The top, bottom and right edge of the box are designed to look like the yellowed pages of a book and the box opens like one too, held closed by a hidden magnet.

      Inside, the Pleasurepillar is held in a flocked plastic insert opposite another gothic image showing the five vibrators in the Wonderland range. Above this is a small amount of blurb that also mentions that each product in the range is made of body-safe silicone, features 10 functions and is waterproof. Sadly, this is the only product information you really get aside from an incredibly generic safety leaflet hidden behind the flocked insert, but apart from that issue, the packaging is wonderful. Classy, very true to the Alice in Wonderland gothic style and actually quite luxurious for such a relatively cheap product. I love it!


      The Pleasurepillar is made from ABS plastic on the battery cap and is made from silicone everywhere else, making it body-safe and non-porous. Both the ABS plastic and the silicone are incredibly soft and silky, which gives the toy a lovely surface. The colour of the toy also really appealed to me, with a lovely sort of minty green shade. Sadly, there seemed to be some discolouration on mine, though, as the plastic cap and the silicone shaft were different but similar shades, which I felt really ruined the look of the toy

      The toy is 5.4? long and roughly cylindrical, with three bulges along the shaft before curving into a bulbous little head. The shaft is 1.3? diameter at the widest bulge and 1? at the narrowest and the bulbous tip is an ellipse, roughly 1? by 1.25?. It is waterproof and it takes a single AA battery, but that is not supplied.

      The shape of the head is a sort of bulbous curve very much like the pad of a thumb and is very well shaped for rubbing over the clitoris, I find. The smooth curve of the tip feels very pleasurable and really works well for circling around my clit and gliding smoothly over my skin.

      As for the shaft, the toy is very flexible from the last bulge upwards, having no internal structure under the silicone there. This makes for an interesting experience as although you can apply a fair bit of pressure and precision with the head of the Pleasurepillar, there is a fair bit of give to the shaft. It didn't bother me much, though.

      The caterpillar-like bulges on the shaft of the toy, however, are very vexing. At best they don't really seem to do anything and at worst they actively get in the way of me enjoying the toy. Externally, they're useless and internally they make it hard to insert the toy and get very much in the way of moving it back and forth inside. If I can't rub my g-spot properly with your “g-spot seeking tip”, you shouldn't be calling it that. That said, the inconvenient bulges aside, this thing does find and stimulate my g-spot rather well, though some might find the flexibility issue off-putting.


      The Pleasurepillar is vibrator that does a fair few things well, except that none of them are “be a vibrator”. It's pretty, it's safe, it's awesomely-themed, but it is weak, buzzy and appallingly designed.

      To operate the Pleasurepillar, you press the button on the base once to turn it on and then each time you want to change modes. To turn it off, you hold down the button for two seconds. It comes with ten modes: three speeds and seven patterns. Personally I would describe the modes thusly: (1) high speed, (2) medium speed, (3) low speed, (4) rapid rising pulses, (5) fast pulses, (6) slightly slower pulses, (7) fast pulses almost indistinguishable from the first fast pulses, (8) small slow pulses, (9) big slow pulses and (10) pathetic flickering.

      Do those patterns seem all the same to you? They do to my clitoris too. There's a fair few of them, sure, but they're basically all different kinds of pulsing at imperceptibly different speeds. Where's the rise and fall? The wave? The variations of quick and slow? Seems to me that the point of patterns is variety and you just don't get that here.

      It's a good job the base lights up gently and flickers in time with the patterns too, otherwise I'd barely know the thing was bloody well on. It's pretty quiet (seemingly quieter than my camera's hum on the video), which is nice if you're into that, but still louder than it is strong. And that's because it's horribly weak. Buzzy as hell and horribly weak.

      I really cannot say “buzzy as hell and horribly weak” enough to get this across here. The vibrations carry appallingly and are weaker than a watch-battery bullet, and when you're compared poorly to a watch-battery bullet in terms of strength, you may as well give up . On my clitoris on “pathetic flicker” mode, I honestly couldn't tell you if it was on. When I use I my G-spot and put another vibrator on my clitoris, I can't tell it's on on any of the modes or strengths. This is really a problem because although the Pleasurepillar does fairly well (again, bulges aside) at rubbing my G-spot, I can't really feel the vibrations there. It may as well not be a vibrator. And if it may as well not be a vibrator, it may as well be any of my better-at-rubbing-my-G-spot-and-not-plagued-with-bulges dildos I own.

      Thing is, for fans of making-any-goddamn-sense-whatsoever, there are two things that are actually worse on the Pleasurepillar than its weak speed and they're both related.

      Firstly, it's back to that description of the patterns and speeds. Did you notice how the three speeds go from highest to lowest? I just don't hope you enjoy warming up slowly through the power levels of your toys, because if you do you'll find yourself looping through every other mode to get the next speed up. Ridiculous. Of course, I just bung weak vibrators like this on the highest speed and imagine hard that I'm actually with the We-Vibe Tango, but it's still unbelievably stupid.

      Secondly, way the vibrator works when you turn it off and turn it on again. Curiouser and curiouser! The Pleasurepillar has a memory function (usually a function that remembers which mode you were on when you switched the toy off and turns it back on on the same mode), but it actually remembers the mode you were on and then comes back on on the *next* mode in the series. Are you actually kidding me? Dear God, it makes me want to tear my hair out! That is just so stupid! Other than starting on a *completely random* setting, that is the worst thing it could do. I hope you don't take a particular fancy to any of the modes, because if you turn if off to reach for some lube or something and then come back to wanking, you'll have to go through *every* single other mode to get to the one you were using. Every. Frickin’. Time.

      So when I put it onto the highest speed, turn it off to conserve battery while I grab a dildo and come back to it, it's moved on and gotten weaker. And I have to press the button as quickly as I can to get back to where I was. And I hope I don't accidentally rush past it. Or accidentally throw the Pleasurepillar at a wall in rage. Who designed this? WAS IT SATAN?!


      If nothing else in this review tells you anything, try this: I have never been as angry about a toy as I have about the Pleasurepillar. Even the woeful Doc Johnson 10X Power Bullet was just weak and rubbish. This is weak, rubbish and incredibly badly-designed.

      Good points: the packaging and theming are beautiful and I really love the idea of literary-inspired toys (I hope the Wonderland doesn't put others off making more), the colour is lovely, the vibrator is made of decent body-safe materials and the shape of the head is really good.

      Bad points: anything to do with it being a vibrator, plus those annoying bulges.

      Sure, some people probably like mild vibrations, but even if that's what you're after, there are better toys out there for you than this. Toys with an ounce of common sense. I know, I know, I should find it brilliantly appropriate and very dedicated that everything in this Wonderland-themed vibrator is topsy-turvy and nonsensical, but let's face it: this wasn’t a cute attempt at a literary nod. This is bad design, pure and simple. I want my vibrators to be strong, ideally rumbly, easy to use and practical. The Pleasurepillar is none of these.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Packaging, great theme, great colour, good shape of head, body-safe.
      VERY weak, VERY buzzy, AWFUL vibration design, annoying bulges.
      Bottom line
      Worst vibrator I've tried yet. Mind-numbingly stupid and awfully weak. But pretty.
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    1. All looks not enough umph

      Reviewed: 04 January 2013 by ghostgirl, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was sent this as a tester and would normally write a review quickly but this one had me puzzled.

      The Alice in Wonderland themed packaging is lovely. For a company which usually uses cheap looking plastic it was a revelation. The box looks very much like a book, making this a great idea for a gift. On opening the colour is fantastic. I dislike pink toys and this is an unusual colour.

      From there it went downhill and very quickly. The vibrations are too weak for me and the shape was wrong. The Pleasurepillar wouldn't and couldn't hit my G-spot if it had a target painted on it. I have tried this twice and both times I got so frustrated by the weak vibrations I have given up on it and reached for an alternative.

      Cleaning the Pleasurepillar is not as easy as it could be. The bumps in the vibe needed careful attention to get them clean.

      Overall not a vibe I could or would recommend to anyone.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      Colour and concept.
      Form and function.
      Bottom line
      Nice looks but disappointing performance.
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