1. Tantus Tsunami Silicone Dildo

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      1. Tantus Tsunami Silicone Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Curved to please and made from firm-yet-flexible material, the Tantus Tsunami is a silicone toy that's suitable for both beginners and experts. Team with the included powerful bullet vibrator and enjoy wave after wave of incredible stimulation.

      A small bullet vibrator with a powerful single speed setting can be tucked inside the toy's base, transforming it into a satisfying silicone vibrator. Alternatively, use the bullet on your clitoris during foreplay or penetration to for enhanced pleasure.

      The wavy shaft and curved tip provide intense stimulation of your G-spot and other sweet spots. Combine the flexible dildo with lots of water-based lubricant to maximise your pleasure even more.

      Thanks to the flat base, the Tantus Tsunami can be used as a strap on dildo or vibrator. Simply combine it with your own harness and an O-ring measuring 1.75 inches in diameter.

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      1. Tantus Tsunami Silicone Dildo
      2. Tantus Tsunami Silicone Dildo

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    1. Surfing the Tantus waves

      Reviewed: 06 February 2013 by RedCheeks, a Bisexual Single Female


      The Tsunami arrives in Tantus’ usual style of packaging, a clear plastic box which is free of any sexual imagery. On the back and sides of the packaging you will find plenty of information about the silicone used in Tantus toys.

      It arrived in what I know as the slightly smaller size of Tantus box, fitting nicely in it with no excess packaging. As the clear plastic box is so transparent, it gives you the advantage of being able to see the toy from every angle while it still sits in the packaging. The included bullet vibrator which even has ‘Tantus’ engraved on its side fits into its base and arrives sitting separately in the box.

      First Impression:

      The design of the Tsunami really does remind me of rippling tidal waves with its curved tip and three highly pronounced ridges. Even the back of the shaft has an impressively detailed design with three smaller ridges near the base of the shaft and slightly raised texturing running along the length of the back of the shaft too.

      The base of the Tsunami can either hold the accompanying bullet or when the bullet is removed it can fit within a harness for strap-on play.

      Feeling the Tsunami in my hands for the first time I could feel just how smooth and shiny its finish is. With such a highly textured design I was glad to feel its smooth finish. Despite its shiny finish it does still have that ‘drag’ which is typical of silicone so I could tell that a generous amount of lube would still be needed.


      Total length: 7 1/2 Inches

      Insertable Length: 6 ½ Inches

      Circumference: 5 Inches

      Base Diameter: 2 ¾ Inches

      In Use:

      Playing with the Tsunami for the first time I made sure I was well warmed up for its texture. Adding a generous amount of lube made its rounded and well-shaped head very easy to insert. The first ridge to follow after the curved tip is less pronounced than the two that follow further down the shaft so the first few inches of the Tsunami are surprisingly gentle and can provide an adequate warm up before moving on to the more heavily raised ridges near its base.

      The next ridge creates a feeling of stretch and a more intense sensation than the first ridge. While thrusting with the Tsunami shallowly inserted its curved tip provides alot of pressure on the G-spot and when inserted further the lower ridges tease with their heavily raised texture. Depending on how much of the toy you insert, I learned that you can have two very different types of stimulation. If heavy texture is too much, the first three or so inches of the Tsunami are pleasant to use as a petite G-spot toy just to apply pressure to the G-spot.

      With longer thrusts, the mixture of its effective G-spot curve and textured lower ridges was enough to almost overwhelm me (in a good way) with stimulation. Used for deeper thrusting I find it is an effective toy for thoroughly satisfying me even when play time is kept short. Once fully inserted, the G-spot stimulation and massaging ridges are already quite intense and with the addition of its vibrating bullet this becomes a pretty flawless toy for me.

      As is the case with a lot of bullet powered vibrating dildos, the vibrations are much more powerfully felt in the base of the toy. This means that the two more pronounced lower ridges which massage the entrance and the front wall of the vagina will be where you most feel it vibrations. The tip of the Tsunami does still carry vibrations well too though. Having been disappointed with Tantus bullets before, I saw this updated and now pointed tipped bullet as a huge improvement on their older model of Tantus bullet.

      While older Tantus bullets are powered by three watch batteries, this is instead powered by a single N-1. The power difference is substantial and the vibrations from this not only carry well through the full length of the Tsunami but when used by itself it makes a nice (and powerful) clitoral vibe too.


      Flared base for safe anal use

      Removable bullet


      O-ring harness compatible

      Compatible with the Tantus suction cup accessory


      Single Speed

      Single push power button

      3 ¼ Inches long

      Powered by a single N-1 battery

      With the bullet removed from its base, the Tsunami works well as a strap-on dildo. Compatible with O-ring harnesses, it best fits a 1.5 inch O-ring and stays well put because of its sturdy base. When using it as a pegging toy we found that it provides pressure to the prostate just as well as it does to the G-spot. For anal play we preferred to insert just the first few inches of the shaft as the lower ridges are quite raised so can hard to take anally. For full insertion I can imagine only quite experienced anal players will find this both manageable and comfortable.


      Made of high-quality Silicone, the Tantus Tsunami is both Latex and Phthalates free, silicone is completely non-porous meaning that it can be fully disinfected by boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher or it can be simply washed after use with warm soapy water or specialized toy cleaner, it is generally believed that silicone based lubricants should not be used with silicone toys. I would recommend using a generous amount of water-based lubricant with the Tsunami. Despite its G-spot stimulation, I still find that it usually requires several re-applications of lube per play session.

      When not in use, I keep the Tsunami in a Zip-sealed plastic bag; this keeps it dust and lint free as silicone toys are well known for attracting hairs and dust.

      In Summary:

      With its beautiful design, surprisingly manageable ridges, intense G-spot stimulation and strong vibrations: for me the Tsunami met expectations on every level. If you like to mix G-spot curves and texture too then its flowing waves may well thrill you too.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Shiny finish, pronounced but comfortable texture, strong G-spot stimulation and vibrations.
      Some might find its lower ridges too intense.
      Bottom line
      Texture, strong vibrations and G-spot stimulation all in one.
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    1. Ride The Waves

      Reviewed: 02 September 2012 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Tantus Tsunami is a silicone textured G-spot toy, offering waves of cascading pleasure. The gradually expanding girth, with its prominent wave-peak ridges, makes this toy a good option for anyone wanting to try a textured toy, as the waves can flow gently into your body, tipping you over the edge with exhilaration. I wanted to see if the Tsuami’s shaft would offer noticeable textured stimulation whilst also hitting my G-spot. In the past I’ve found that, even with the most heavily textured toys, the texture can go unnoticed if the product is designed for the G-spot. I seem to mentally and psychically focus on the G-spot, completely negating the textured sensations.

      The Tsunami arrives in a relatively large clear plastic box, with the product name and certain other titbits of information printed onto its surface. Inside the box the toy is held in place via a clear plastic clamshell. Alongside the Tsunami dildo you will an additional bullet vibrator. Although the packaging can’t really be left out and about in case of easily shocked visitors, I’d still recommend keeping the Tsunami in its original box whilst not in use, as dirt will stick to its static surface very easily.

      The Tsunami is made from ultra-premium platinum silicone, which is a high quality material that is hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odourless, boilable, and bleachable. The toy’s shaft is made of ever so slightly plushy silicone which produces a lot of drag when rubbed against dry skin. The toy is 7 inches long, with 6.5 inches of insertable shaft. The shaft mostly retains its shape, unless deliberately manipulated, whereby it will bend softly around its centre. Note that the shaft is much more flexible when the bullet isn’t inserted.

      The Tsunami’s wave train consists of four peaks, all offering variation in girth. The first wave is at the tip and is a maximum of 3.5 inches in girth; the tip is slightly rounded, with approximately 1 inch of surface area aimed at stimulating the G-spot. The shaft curves and as the first wave ebbs away you are hit with another jutting ridge, 4.25 inches in circumference. The third amplitudinous peak suddenly jumps to 5 inches in circumference. And the last wave closely follows behind, also cresting at 5 inches in girth. The waves all leave subtle ripples leading down the side of the shaft, which gather towards the bottom of the shaft at the back of the toy forming a capillary wave-like texture; these grooves are so low down the shaft, you’re unlikely to experience much stimulation from them. There is also a vein-like ridge running down the back of the toy. The textures on this product look very streamline, and made me feel it would offer easy insertion and fluid control during thrusts.

      The base is flared and is suitable for 1.75 inch diameter O-rings. Centrally positioned in the bottom of the base you will find a littoral cave for the bullet; this tidal cavern exhibits silicone formations to grip onto the bullet. Before inserting the bullet into this chamber make sure you apply a drop of water-based lubrication, as it can be difficult to remove once inserted. Gently wiggling the bullet back and forth should help removal if it is being particularly obstinate.

      The bullet provided is a single-speed push-button vibrator powered by an N battery. It is essentially the Rocks-Off RO-80mm, complete with the famous pinpoint tip which is ideal for clitoral stimulation. The bullet’s vibrations are buzzy, and travel throughout the silicone body of the Tsunami fairly well.

      When using Tsunami vaginally, I recommend wetting the surface of the silicone waves with water-based lubrication. You may need foreplay prior to insertion due to the generous textures the product provides. When inserting the toy I found the first wave curved into my vaginal opening easily. I gently thrusted with the toy and was able to gradually ease the next wave in. It gently popped inside my vaginal orifice, offering intense stimulation to the anterior of my vagina. The third wave’s high crest didn’t want to flow into my vaginal orifice, and mostly sat outside me stimulating my labia. It also offered pleasurable pressure upon my urethral opening, which echoed towards my G-spot, intensifying my G-spot’s sensitivity as the initial two waves surged over it. The shaft bounced off my G-spot in a forceful rhythm, quickly generating a climax of immense magnitude. Due to the slight flexibility in the shaft, I was able to use the toy without any fear of bruising my cervix. I found that when using the toy vaginally, I preferred the bullet inserted into the base, as this helped to make the product feel sturdier. However, I disliked using the product with the bullet turned on, as the buzzy nature of the vibrations diminished the effectiveness of the textured waves, rendering them almost imperceptible.

      When trying the toy out anally I made sure I applied plentiful dollops of lubrication. Using the product with its curve facing towards my stomach, I found the tip curved past my anal sphincters easily after foreplay. I was able to insert down to the third peak, which acted as a stopper. I gained slight enjoyment as the second wave popped in and out of my anal canal, but the overall experience wasn’t the most comfortable. Using the Tsunami with its shaft’s curve facing towards my back, I found the toy slightly more comfortable to use. However, it wasn’t overly special, and the only noticeable factor that made the textures stand out was that I was easily able to feel the vein-like ridge rub within my anus.

      The Tsunami and bullet are both waterproof, making cleaning the product simple. Remember to remove the bullet prior to cleaning, as you’ve unable to boil it or put it through a dishwasher, unlike the toy’s main body. You can wash the toy in warm water and antibacterial wash, boil the dildo shaft, place the dildo in a dishwasher, or even sterilise or bleach the product. The Tsunami’s shape is also perfect for placing a condom over, minimising the time spent cleaning the product.

      Overall, the Tsunami is an amazing textured silicone toy. You can feel each individual wave whilst still being able to enjoy intense stimulation as the curved tip massages the G-spot. I feel its shape is ideal for vaginal use, and suited to those new to textured toys, or those who are well acquainted with textures, as although they are fairly drastic textures, the silicone softens their impact a bit. The toy doesn’t seem to be the greatest for anal use, but I’m certain some people will enjoy using it this way more than I did. The bullet almost feels unnecessary, apart from acting as a solid central core. I really do like this dildo, and I’m certain I will be surfing the waves of pleasure with it for a long time to come.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The textures, great for G-spot, the silicone.
      The bullet gets stuck, maybe not best for anal, vibrations weak.
      Bottom line
      A fab textured toy which is awesome for G-spot stimulation.
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    1. Ride the waves of pleasure

      Reviewed: 15 November 2013 by Puddleduck, a Straight Single Female

      I have always wanted a silicone dildo that wasn't realistic looking and Tsunami appeared perfect.

      The Tsunami arrives in clear packaging, meaning no tacky imagery. It is a gorgeous purple colour but appears much darker in person than in the picture.

      Along with your Tsunami you receive a bullet, which you don't have to put into the dildo.

      The Tsunami is a great quality silicone, making it flexible easy to clean. My only issue with the toy was that it seemed to attract fluff. Storing it in a toy bag resolved that.

      The Tsunami has a rippled wave effect running up the shaft of the toy, adding to the overall sensations.

      I didn't feel the vibrator added anything to the dildo as the vibrations were weak and got stuck, and have choose not use it.

      The Tsunami is perfect for G-spot stimulation and the orgasms experienced using this toy have been amazing. I have read this is great for anal use but I haven't tried this.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The textures, colour and quality.
      The vibrator was weak and got stuck.
      Bottom line
      Great quality toy perfect for G-spot stimulation.
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    1. Very Firm

      Reviewed: 08 May 2013 by Travelnurse, a Straight Married Female

      I found this one to have great textures that lend to G-spot and P-spot stimulation but, it really was too firm for it to be enjoyable.

      You can use it in a harness and use it for anal penetration. In a harness it's firmness caused discomfort so be sure to have open lines of communication between partners.

      The waves are great for those who like textures. If you use in a bath, this one warms up nicely and does help to make it more flexible. It can be used anally and won't go missing due to the flared based.

      You can boil this one or place it in the dishwasher to sterilise it so it can be shared with a partner.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The textures.
      Too firm, does collect lint and hair.
      Bottom line
      Good for those who like textures, warms up nicely, great material.
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