1. PicoBong Moka Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. PicoBong Moka Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A smooth and sleek silicone vibrator designed for intense G-spot stimulation, Moka is a sensational insertable vibrator that's incredibly powerful and super- quiet. Boasting 12 patterns and multiple speeds, enjoy endless stimulation of your sweetest spot.

      Never had a G-spot orgasm? If you desire the most targeted pleasure right where it counts, Moka is the dual-action vibrator for you. This vibe pushes your buttons with a dynamic curve that offers thrilling external stimulation and a flattened tip that applies concentrated vibrations directly on your G-spot.

      Measuring 6 inches in insertable length with a top-heavy girth of 4.15 inches, this powerful vibrator is ideal for beginners.

      With an amazing 12 patterns of vibration combined with multiple speeds to explore and discover which works best for you, you are truly spoiled for choice. The powerful motor delivers incredible sensations along the full length of the vibrator, making it ideal for both internal and clitoral stimulation.

      Waterproof up to a metre in depth, enjoy this powerful vibrator in the bath or shower and clean up with minimal fuss.

      Team with plenty of water-based lubricant to maximise your pleasure and play.

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      1. PicoBong Moka Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator
      2. PicoBong Moka Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Steaming Hot Moka

      Reviewed: 26 June 2012 by Kasumi, a Straight Engaged Female

      I had been searching for the ideal G-spot toy for quite some time and had narrowed my list down to two candidates - the Lelo Ella and Lelo Gigi - unfortunately though, neither quite ticked all the boxes.

      The Lelo Ella is the ideal size and is usable in the bath but the lack of vibrations is a huge stumbling block. The Lelo Gigi has that all important vibration function but is too small, not waterproof and very expensive. If only someone would combine the two...

      PicoBong - Lelo's hip little sister - has answered my prayers and done just that. I don't often "want" a toy but when I first laid eyes on the PicoBong Moka Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator it was lust at first sight.

      As someone that doesn't like big toys, I was a little worried that the head would be too bulbous for me but, when I received the Moka, I soon realised that my fears were unfounded. PicoBong have created a svelte little number that completely belies its dimensions. The Moka is so ergonomic that I can't see anyone having a problem with its shape or size.

      The Moka is very well made from top quality silicone that is very smooth and soft to touch so water based lubes are the order of the day with this toy.

      The biggest problem I can find with the Moka is with the battery compartment. Taking the cap off is very easy but it can take several frustrating attempts to put it back on correctly. The diagram that shows you which way to insert the batteries is also very small and hard to see - if your PicoBong is not working then make sure you have the batteries in the right way!

      Once the batteries are inserted correctly, the Moka performs very admirably. The vibrations are nice and strong, especially considering that it runs on a pair of AAAs. Do make sure that you use decent batteries though, cheap ones will only lead to disappointment. The 12 vibrations patterns and many different speeds mean that there truly is something for everyone, there is even one that sounds like a toad...

      The Moka is as quiet as can be expected for a toy of this type and neither myself nor my partner found the vibration volume to be noticeable during use.

      I was pleasantly surprised to find that the PicoBong Moka makes an excellent clitoral vibrator. I imagined it would only see use as an internal toy but the flat head delivers vibrations to the clitoris in a very pleasing manner which makes the Moka an excellent choice for clitoral stimulation and foreplay before insertion.

      A quick squirt of Liquid Silk made the Moka very easy to slip in. The toy is well designed and its shape fits inside perfectly. The Moka is a rigid toy which suits me just fine - once you have found the right spot, you don't want the toy bending away from it!

      Not only does the Moka deliver strong G-spot orgasms but, if you position it just right, you can actually stimulate the clitoris while using it internally. Coupled with the powerful vibrations, this makes orgasms from the Moka incredibly intense!

      One potential issue is with the placement of the control buttons. PicoBong have been clever, perhaps too clever, and have made the layout perfect for right-handed people. The problem is that left-handers may find the buttons awkward to use and I can't help thinking that it might have been better to place the buttons in a more neutral location.

      Cleaning this toy is incredibly easy. There are no little nooks and crannies for dirt to hide in so washing it with soap is all that is required and the Moka being waterproof makes this a piece of cake. A quick spray with an antibacterial product is always a good idea to finish off with and Lelo just happens to make an excellent product that is ideal for this purpose.

      The PicoBong Moka Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is an amazing toy and I'm confident that what started as lust will turn into a long happy relationship.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Waterproof. Ergonomic design. Powerful vibrations. Quality. Price.
      Not rechargeable. Battery cover can be a awkward to close.
      Bottom line
      Lelo quality and design for half the price.
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    1. All looks but little action

      Reviewed: 17 June 2012 by AntQ, a Straight Engaged Female

      The PicoBong Moka looks exactly like the Lelo Gigi, which is not surprising as PicoBong is actually manufactured by Lelo as a battery operated alternative to their more expensive rechargeable range.

      The first thing that strikes me is the colour and quality of this toy. It comes in a gorgeous bright pink and is made from body safe silicone which feels very smooth, silky and luxurious to the touch. The Moka take two AAA batteries which is not excessive. It also comes with a cute little PicoBong logo charm (much like a phone charm) which can be attached to the bottom of the vibrator.

      There are 12 modes including continuous vibrations and various patterns and pulsations. The plus button switches on the toy and increases the vibrational intensity. The ‘M’ button scrolls through the various modes, and the minus button decreases the intensity and eventually switches off the toy. Tip: the toy can be turned off quickly whilst in any mode by pressing both the minus and plus buttons together.

      This toy has seemed to be designed for the left handed person or with the intention of someone else using the toy on you as a result of the position of the controls. I feel this toy would benefit with the controls placed in the centre of the toy instead. However, the controls are relatively easy to use. An excellent feature is that you are able to alter the intensity of the pulsation modes with the plus and minus buttons. The motor is located in the head of the shaft which means the vibrations are most concentrated here and do not travel down the shaft to your hand (unlike other toys that can give you a numb hand). On the strongest vibrational setting I found this toy a little too loud.

      I was disappointed with the strength of the vibrations which were not strong enough for me. Also this toy is very firm and rigid. Personally I prefer a little give in my vibrators, especially if they are designed for internal stimulation - but this is purely my personal preference. I recommend lots of lube when inserting this toy due to the shape of the bulbous head. Care also needs to be taken when removing the toy as the shape of the head makes it slightly awkward to remove (and at times a little painful). I found that it didn’t really do much for me internally and didn’t really arouse my G-spot. I must confess I was disappointed as I was very keen to try out a toy that was created specifically for the G-spot. I have not tried out the Lelo Gigi, but I imagine that it may be stronger and possibly quieter than its non rechargeable cousin.

      I also tried this toy out clitorally. The vibrations produced were no way near strong enough for me and do not compare to my Lelo Mia (clitoral vibrator) which is half the size in both length and girth, but with double the amount of power. As the Moka is designed for G-spot stimulation I found it a bit too big and cumbersome for clitoral use. Also, if you like precise pinpoint clitoral stimulation this may not be for you.

      It states that this toy can be used for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. If you are going to buy this toy purely for clitoral stimulation I would advise you not to - there are many better bullet style vibrators out there designed specifically for the clitoris which produce much stronger vibrations.

      This toy is great if you like rigid, unforgiving vibrators designed specifically for targeting your G-spot area. Those looking for a stronger toy however may be disappointed. The build quality is excellent and the toy is completely waterproof which makes cleaning so much easier as you don’t have to worry about water leaking into the mechanics.

      This toy failed to make me orgasm but that’s not to say that it wouldn’t work on anyone else - at the end of the day I am quite fussy! All in all, the Moka is a beautiful, ergonomically designed toy, but just not my cup of tea. For me, it was a letdown from one of the world’s best sex toy manufacturers.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous colour, good quality, aesthetically pleasing.
      Vibrations far too weak, awkward positioned controls.
      Bottom line
      Ideal for beginners but not for those who like stronger vibrations.
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