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    1. PicoBong Kaya Waterproof Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. PicoBong Kaya Waterproof Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A powerful and near-silent silicone rabbit vibrator boasting a powerful array of 12 delicious patterns and multiple vibration speeds for deeply satisfying stimulation. Dual motors power this luxury sex toy for pleasure inside and out.

      The PicoBong Kaya waterproof rabbit vibrator offers high powered vibrations courtesy of 2 vibrating motors and its smooth and tactile silicone form.

      Kaya is ideal for use as both an internal vibrator and a clitoral vibrator in one package. The G-spot vibrator shaft measures up at 5 inches insertable with a top-heavy girth of 4.15 inches that's beautifully curved for maximum stimulation.

      The clitoral stimulator sits at the base of the shaft and measures just 1.75 inches in length. Superb flexibility combined with a powerful internal bullet offers incredible clitoral sensation. This vibe is a must for those who find many rabbits overshoot the mark and its slender proportions also make it an ideal beginner's vibrator.

      Picobong Kaya has a sensational range of 12 different vibration patterns that can be enjoyed alongside multiple speeds, ensuring you can find a setting to satisfy your needs.

      Despite the high power, Kaya is a near-silent vibrator, offering quiet pleasure that ensure you're the only one who is aware of its pleasure-inducing vibrations.

      The sleek exterior is also waterproof to a depth of 1 metre, allowing you to use Kaya in the bath or shower and making cleaning easy.

      Team with lashings of water-based lubricant to enhance your pleasure even more.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      PicoBong Kaya Waterproof Silicone Rabbit Vibrator 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. PicoBong Kaya Waterproof Silicone Rabbit Vibrator
      2. PicoBong Kaya Waterproof Silicone Rabbit Vibrator


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    1. Battery Operated Super Bunny

      Reviewed: 13 June 2012 by Blondii, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      As soon as I took this out the box it felt so luxurious, you can't help but run your hands over the cool silky smooth body safe silicone and firm shaft. The Shiny ribbed ABS base has a cute touch - it has an area to tie the cute Picobong charm which you can either attach to this Kaya or pop it on your mobile phone or onto your bag as a charm.

      Both the shaft and the clitoral stimulator have extremely powerful motors and the clit stim is flexible enough to press it more against you for extra comfort if you wish. It doesn't have the ears of the standard rabbit but the thumb-like stimulator is chunky enough to sit against you comfortably.


      The 12 unique vibrations travel through the silicone right to the end of the shaft; you then can alter the speed of each of the 12 functions. They are rumbly and powerful on my favourite transitions settings, jeeze they are unusual. The unique patterns involve a fantastic combination between the 2 motors, sometimes they pulse taking it in turns between vaginal and clitoral, sometimes it feels like its pulsing and swelling inside; giving strong stimulation to both my clit, G-spot and vaginal walls.

      This worked for me the first time I used this in minutes with such an intensity I couldn't walk for over 15 mins wow. I felt the vibes through my whole pelvis... aaaaamazing!


      The best thing about all 12 vibrations is that they are extremely discreet. Even at the strongest level it certainly won't be heard through a door or wall and especially not in the bath or shower. It's one of the quietest vibes I own.


      The angles fitted me well and felt great at my G-spot. Ideal for thrusting, especially if you rock it in and upwards gently. Being so smooth I needed little lube as the tapered head penetrates so comfortably.


      I did find the buttons sometimes could be a little tricky to press and I occasionally needed to press them again. I wished they would have been a little more pronounced as it's easy to press the wrong one in the heat of things if the shaft becomes slippy because of being designed on the side of the Kaya rather than in the end. But you simply find the vibe you like and choose your speed and you're ready to rock.

      Cleaning and Maintenance:

      Being 100% waterproof this is so easy to keep clean. Simply rinse under warm soapy water or in the bath or shower, then use an antibacterial wipe to sterilise, then store away from other silicone toys so they don't degrade each other in a bag or its own box.


      I love love love my Picobong Kaya. I love the smooth silky texture and extra firmness of the shaft, and the angle of the head for G-spot is perfect for thrusting especially for those that struggle with squirting play. This has a medium girth so ideal for beginners to advanced rabbiters like myself. The strength of the vibes will suit almost anyone as you have an incredible variety to choose from, and the transitions are so unique.

      The Picobong Kaya will make a great gift for any girl, especially as a first rabbit. The excellent quality of the silicone makes this Kaya extra luxurious and feels so much more expensive than it is. A toy box essential, what's not to like.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Silky smooth silicone, 12 amazing vibrations, waterproof, cute carrying charm.
      Buttons can be slightly awkward on the side,
      Bottom line
      Ideal for beginners to advanced rabbiters, incredible variety of functions to suit everyone.
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    1. It bends so it's possible to put in just the right places

      Reviewed: 05 August 2012 by ~Lizzie~ , a Straight Married Female

      One of the many pleasures about sex in the 21st century is that new toys, lubes and devices are regularly created. This toy is another step forward and truly delightful.

      I pleasure myself most mornings and I cum harder on a toy used for clitoral stimulation than with my fingers alone. This vibrator has the ability to stimulate both the g-spot and clit simultaneously. With practice some women can cum both via their clit and g-spot at the same time and I can do this with the right stimulation. However, most toys that offer dual stimulation don’t seem to fit my particular internal curves but… baby did this vibrator work for me!

      One reason is the flexible, rubberized material used, allows the clit vibrator to bend easily to sit on just the right anatomical place, while the main shaft is deep in the vagina which I can also angled to my most sensitive areas. The rubber is so good to touch. It’s warm, soft and gentle to insert. So very sensual.

      It is also a clever piece of engineering. It has a lovely range of pulses, and it terms of strength these range from a gentle tickle to a powerful buzz. Personally I like very strong vibrations and I prefer to wiggle both the toy and my body to create the right rocking motion rather than use the pulse settings.

      The vibrations go right to the very tip of each ‘prong’ so just imagine the right throb, in just the right two places and you will understand why I cum so hard with the PicoBong Kaya Waterproof Silicone Rabbit Vibrator.

      I need to be completely honest. The buttons are almost impossible to use once the toy is inserted. The batteries are fiddly to fit and after several mornings of valued service, I used up their power so the toy stopped working just as waves of double orgasms were about to erupt - so frustratingly my fun ended abruptly.

      Nevertheless, this is an outstanding new generation vibrator. This toy created wonderful strong ripples of pleasure radiating both from inside my vagina and my external clitoral ‘button’ until my entire genital area was engulf in pleasure.

      I therefore highly recommend you add this to your vibrator collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      It's the best dual vibrator I've ever had.
      It needs batteries - mains charge is better.
      Bottom line
      I highly recommend you add this to your vibrator collection.
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    1. Quite simply: Marvellous

      Reviewed: 14 June 2012 by Scarlet Purple, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      The first characteristic I delightfully noted about this toy when I unpacked it was that the silicone is very soft material, quite luxurious to the touch. This makes it very easy to slide in, easier still with a little lube. The base, which serves as the cap to the two AAA-batteries' compartment is ribbed so there's excellent grip to manoeuvre the toy around when fully inserted.

      My only real qualm with the product would be at this point: the cap is a bit of pain to screw back on once the batteries are inserted. Granted this is for ensuring the toy is completely waterproof, so just keep those horny-horses reined in for a few more minutes to make sure you can get the cap on again! It is also worth noting that the polarity of the batteries is denoted by little pictures next to their holes, should you feel a little at a loss with which way around you pop them in. I can also confirm at this point that the toy has survived a (very long) bubble-bath, so do feel very free to jump into that bath with gusto when this arrives on your doorstep!

      As for the the set up of the toy's two vibrators: the first one is in the main head of the toy, for g-spot stimulation; the second is in the rabbit extension, for clitoral stimulation. The former vibrator is a "big friendly giant" compared to the more compact cousin, yet they made a fantastic pair! There are twelve different patterns of vibrations (listed at the end of this review), each of which can be set at eight different intensities, selected via the 'plus' and 'minus' buttons. This means there are 96 - yes, ninety six! - different combinations of pattern and intensity that you can have, so there's no getting bored any time soon! When first turned on, the default intensity is the second out of eight. The rabbit vibrator isn't quite as strong as a bullet but it's not far off at all.

      The rabbit extension is flexible enough to have the top of the head pressed against or pressing down on the clitorous. The g-spot head is a gently tapered and bulbous beauty which, with just a bit of angling from the toy, can have either its tip concentrated on the g-spot or have the wider face, giving you all the vibrational attention you desire.

      As for the noise, it really is a silent as they get and no more conspicuous a nose than a bullet vibrator, even on the highest intensity setting. Once you start hitting the top three most intense modes in the bath, however, there is a bit of a detectable noise; but then again, it's nothing the radio can't cover!

      The three function buttons are located as such that they can be operated easily by the thumb of the right hand when your hand is resting on the base. They do require a bit of a firmer press than perhaps you'd expect but I'd much prefer that over accidentally hitting a button and loosing the perfect mode and setting in the heat of the moment. The buttons are very slightly raised and so are not very obtrusive, but are distinguishable by touch alone. Provided you remember than the 'mode' button separates the 'plus' and 'minus' buttons, you're sorted; it may be worth remembering also that the 'plus' button points towards your head and the 'minus' button to your toes. Regardless of which mode and setting you're on, holding down the 'minus' button will turn off the toy, which is very simple.

      As for use with couples, it'll be ideal for both a foreplay treat or for use during the main event. There's plenty of fun to be had with your partner putting you at the mercy of one of the patterns at whatever intensity they choose. It also feels very nice as a general massage device, so it's a rather versatile toy and you definitely get all the bang for your £60.

      The 12 different patterns of vibration - my personal favourites being seven and nine - are:

      1 - both motors on;

      2 - only g-spot motor on;

      3 - only rabbit motor on;

      4, 5 and 6 - both motors alternating. At each of the three modes the frequency progressively increases;

      7 - long bursts of g-spot motor and short bursts of rabbit motor;

      8 - constant pulsating of g-spot and rabbit motors in unison;

      9 - a "rapid fire" rabbit motor and constant g-spot motor;

      10 and 11 - a constant rabbit motor and rapid bursts of g-spot motor. There are two speeds of the g-spot motor.

      12 - a complex melody of both motors in waves of increasing strength.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Material is super smooth and very soft. So much variation: 96 combinations in fact!
      Battery cover is a little bit fiddly to snap and screw on.
      Bottom line
      Utterly fantastic, there really is something for every women with this delight!
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