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    1. Tantus Max O2 Silicone Realistic Dildo

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars5 reviews

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      1. Tantus Max O2 Silicone Realistic Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      A realistic dildo from Tantus with 8 inches of satisfying length and a fulfilling 6 inch girth. Designed for use both anally and vaginally, this silicone dildo with balls has a wide, flat base and is suitable for use with a strap-on harness.

      A sleek silicone dildo in a realistic shape to enjoy solo or with a partner. The glans is much smoother and shinier than the shaft which has a matt texture, similar to the real thing. Realistic veins add texture for the best-possible stimulation.

      Phthalate free and completely body-safe, this lifelike dildo has a dual texture that is both hard and soft, rigid and flexible, emulating the feel of a real penis.

      Suitable for anal sex play and vaginal penetration, this premium dildo has a flat base detailed with realistic balls.

      Use with plenty of water-based lubricant to enhance your pleasure.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tantus Max O2 Silicone Realistic Dildo 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Tantus Max O2 Silicone Realistic Dildo
      2. Tantus Max O2 Silicone Realistic Dildo


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    1. Beautiful, thick, perfect for strap-on sex

      Reviewed: 12 September 2012 by Purpleplumhead, a Straight Married Male

      My wife and I are a very private mature couple with an appetite for sexual variety. Anal sex is an activity we both enjoy giving and receiving, my wife owning a selection of very large strap-on dildos with suitable harnesses for the purpose. We were recently scanning the Lovehoney website and came across the Tantus Max dildo, which we had not seen before.

      We already own several Tantus plugs and dildos and appreciate the high quality of these silicone products. My wife often has me with a Doc Johnson 8" long 2" thick flesh coloured dildo with balls in her Vac-U-Loc harness and the Tantus Max is similar in size. Since I enjoy receiving a dildo of these dimensions we thought we would like to try the Tantus equivalent. As our Doc Johnson dildo was realistic flesh coloured we ordered the Black Tantus Max dildo. It is also available in flesh colours. At the same time Lovehoney supplied us with a Sportsheets Latigo black leather dildo harness. It was my wife's desire to have a big black dildo and leather harness to match her corset and suspenders which she loves to wear for sex.

      Once again I congratulate Lovehoney on timely delivery of these very personal items which arrived as usual in completely discreet packaging. My wife and I were overjoyed when we saw the dildo in its Tantus see-through package. It was easy to open and release the dildo from its protective vacuum formed holder.

      Immediately catching our notice was the weight and the large flat base. With really big black balls hanging below a 2" diameter shaft the base was always going to be big. However, this provides a firm anchorage in the dildo Harness.

      This big dildo is really beautiful. The shaft is smooth with just a few hints of veins towards the rear. While the shaft is a matt finish, the head in complete contrast, is black and shiny. It is beautifully shaped like a large ripe plum. The diameter is just a little larger than the shaft, making it is perfect for strap-on anal sex, allowing the plump head to be felt as it passes through the anus.

      The balls are big, round and very smooth. Rather than dangling they are tight and pert, which is just how we like them to be.

      Comment should be made about the innovative Tantus silicone design with a hard core and soft outer skin. I was somewhat dubious about this before the dildo arrived but was delighted with the feel which is quite flexible and not squashy at any point. Whilst the shaft and balls have a harder core and softer skin the head is quite soft and the whole dildo is beautiful to hold and let the fingers roam over. It has a very realistic feel, especially the smooth shiny head at the end of the flesh-like matt shaft.

      Then there was the question of a suitable harness. We already use a Latigo Sportsheets harness with a Tantus Large Silk dildo and given that my wife finds this extremely comfortable to wear and easy to thrust with we gambled that this would be suitable with the Tantus Max. Fortunately we are okay. The base of the Tantus Max is a little wider than the latigo leather harness, meaning that the bottom straps double back to the slits in the harness. This arrangement is fine as long as the bottom straps are not over-tightened which you would not want to do anyway since they would leave marks under the lady's buttocks.

      We had to devote an evening to private time to try the new dildo. I take an enema before anal sex, as does my wife, to ensure everything is squeaky clean so to speak. My wife took the time to dress up in her black leather cupless corset with high heels stockings and suspenders and greeted me wearing the harness with the dildo in place. The sight was simply awesome. They say that sex is all in the mind but the appearance of my lovely wife with her tight corset, big bare tits and this huge black penis with balls was a sexually charged sight if I ever saw one. If the visual aspect of a strap-on dildo is important to you this dildo presents a very potent, almost intimidating image.

      Lubrication for anal sex can never be understated. A good water based lubricant is necessary for a silicone dildo. We use KY jelly and lots of it. My wife takes charge and applies it liberally to both my anus and the dildo. She makes sure that the anus is properly lubricated ready to receive the dildo. She then provides another arousing spectacle by running her hand with lubricant around and up and down the dildo to arouse me further.

      Enjoyable anal intercourse, especially with a large dildo requires practice, patience and a feeling for how the receiver is responding. My wife knows that the initial dilation needs to be taken slowly and introduces the head to the anus with just gentle pressure. Eventually the anus yields and the large diameter of the head can be felt as it passes through. Once the head is comfortable in and I have relaxed, my wife slowly slides the rest of the 8" shaft all the way in until the balls of The Tantus Max rest against mine.

      We enjoy long slow strokes with a dildo and the Tantus Max produces an exquisite feeling as it slides in and out. Even though KY Jelly is good, care must be taken to check the lubrication since the anus can wipe the lubrication off the smooth shaft. My wife checks this and relubricates if necessary before commencing more vigorously to induce a prostate climax. The smooth head of the Tantus Max strokes the prostate perfectly. My wife does not rush the process and the ride to the climax is both exhilarating and exhausting.

      This dildo is magnificent. It is not for beginners but it occurs to us that those who enjoy strap-on sex with the Tantus Silk large dildo might consider moving up to the Tantus Max (Max for Maximum!). If you enjoy the smoothness of the Silk dildo, the Max offers a similar experience with greater anal dilation and longer length.

      It might also be suitable for lesbians, both vaginally and anally, and for those who shy away from the super realistic flesh coloured dildos with veins, ridges etc. The smooth Tantus Max is sexy enough through size and shape alone without the super reality of other dildos.

      It is a very welcome addition to our bottom drawer of plugs and dildos.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quality. Very smooth thick shaft with lovely black head. Big balls. Ideal for Anal.
      Nothing. It looks disgustingly sexy in our choice of black.
      Bottom line
      This Strap-On Dildo provides complete anal satisfaction and is a bottom drawer favourite.
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    1. A blimmin' fantastic hunk of silicone

      Reviewed: 12 June 2012 by Blacksilk, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      The Max itself is a bit of a monster. In a good way. At around eight inches insertable and 1.9 inches diameter, it's not for the faint-hearted (or the timid vagina). It's one of those toys where again I didn't really have an idea of the size until it arrived. So let me say this: pretty damn big.

      I can take the Max without warm-up, yes, but it's easier with one and I wouldn't necessarily recommend the no-warm-up route for everyone. The fact that it is made from O2 silicone, and so is squishier than firm single-density silicone, means that it's easier to handle than if it were entirely firm, but it's still fairly solid.

      As I say, the dildo is made from Tantus’ O2 silicone, which essentially means (aside from it being body-safe and sterilisable) that it has a firm core of normal Tantus silicone that is covered by a varying-thickness layer of “super soft” silicone, giving a dual density effect. This means that the dildo has a similar hard-yet-soft feel to a flesh and blood penis, which makes it more realistic and a lot of fun. The Max, as I say, is actually pretty firm and the softer layer is quite thin. The head and the balls of the Max are entirely made out of super soft silicone, making them very squeezable. The Tantus Max O2 is also dual texture, with a matte shaft and balls and a glossy head, but it's not something I really notice in use.

      It's a realistic design, other than the size, but a fairly simple one. Straight up and down, no mucking about, but there are some careful little details that really make it stand out. There is mild just-for-show veining on the shaft and the frenulum of the Max is wonderfully detailed. Heck, the balls are even slightly uneven.

      The sad part is that because the Max is so big and long, I can't feel the balls slap against me as I'd like. And I would like. But, they do make for a great handle for thrusting, especially if you use it upside-down, and since it's so straight, which way up it is doesn't really seem to matter to me. On the plus side regarding its size, the extra length does make the Max very easy to manipulate and gives plenty of scope for decent thrusting.

      It feels fucking fantastic. Seriously. I didn't think I was a size queen and I do appreciate smaller dildos still, of course, but the Tantus Max O2 is an experience. I love it and I'm not entirely certain how to describe it. It's intense and it's not something I'd necessarily go for all the time, but it does what it does very well. As I say, the shape is great but fairly basic, so I think it's the combination of size and material that really makes it work. It is big but comfortable, fills you up and opens you up, but without leaving you feeling stretched.

      It does very well at both thrusting and just hanging out in your vagina. For hanging out, it's big and squishy enough to enjoyably squeeze around. Plus, silicone transmits vibrations very well if you want to press a massage wand against the base (I love this). For thrusting, it's big, but very smooth and straight and fairly uniform, so it's quite easy to pump with. I find that you notice the edge of the head as I move it back and forth, so sensitive people might want to watch for that. It's also the hardest bit to insert at first.

      The Max is straight, so it doesn't really excel at the g-spot, but what it does amazingly at is providing all-over feelings to the whole of my vagina, making it all ripple with pleasure. I also love that the girth and length mean I can really push it to the back of my pussy, up by the A-spot (anterior fornix) and cervix. I absolutely love the intense feeling between pleasure and almost-pain that I get from pushing as far into myself as I can go. The ache alone is almost enough to make me come.

      Though I have no partner for strap-on play, I have tried the Max out in a harness as its base is compatible for that. It sits pretty nicely given how heavy it is and I was impressed that it doesn't point significantly low. I like my ‘cocks’ perky. Obviously, this will depend on your harness and O-ring (you'll need a large one), but mine is nothing special and the Max holds itself well in it. The Max makes for a satisfying, if a bit excessive ‘cock’ for me, however the edge of the base around the bottom of the balls is quite pointy and cuts into my large thighs when sitting down, which is a bit uncomfortable.


      The Tantus Max O2 is a blimmin’ fantastic dildo. Like most Tantus toys, it leaves me fairly speechless in trying to tell you just how good it is. It's a simple design that looks great and works brilliantly. It's body-safe, sterilisable, harness-compatible, anal-safe (if you're bold), great quality and it's a very, very reasonable price for the sheer amount of platinum silicone you're getting, especially given the dual-density and dual-texture. It's big and you shouldn't under-estimate that, but if you can handle the size, you'll love it. It feels amazing. Big, squishy, firm, sensual, simple. It fills you up and stimulates like crazy, especially if you like girth and length. The only negatives I can think of are trifling.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      High quality, body-safe, dual-density, feels fantastic, girth and length, it has balls!
      Not much!
      Bottom line
      A fantastic dildo for those who can handle the size, highly recommended.
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    1. Max the Monster

      Reviewed: 17 February 2014 by PinkPolkaDot

      I received this toy as a tester product from Lovehoney, having initially been told I'd be getting the Tantus Raptor so I was a tiny bit surprised when this turned up on my doorstep.

      I'll tell you what's not tiny - this toy! If my vagina could talk she would have probably screamed at the size of this thing.

      I already own a few Tantus toys - the Vamp, Cush and Flurry - but this is definitely the largest dildo in my collection, both length and girth wise, measuring 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. That doesn't sound that big on paper but looks absolutely ginormous in my hands.

      But it's so squishy! And soft and just feels so lovely. I generally don't like balls on dildos but these are a nice shape; they're nice balls so I don't mind them. The head is smooth and shiny, contrasting against the matte shaft but feels just as soft, only more sleek.

      Other than Max, Cush is my largest dildo up to date and I have to warm up for that so I basically had to use 2 dildos to get anywhere near being able to take something this big. I've tried so many times - but it just wouldn't happen. I used (water-based!) lube, lube and even more lube. I warmed up, made sure I was relaxed... But the most I've been able to insert is the head, with the dildo stood upright and me squatting down onto it because I seem to be able to take more in that position.

      I am amazed and impressed by women who can actually accommodate this, it requires A LOT of patience which I simply don't have. Max definitely isn't the type of toy you can whip out and just use without prep, but I hope I have enough patience to be able to use it one day.

      If you're a beginner you may want to look at one of the smaller dildos made by Tantus. Use with caution!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Soft and squishy.
      It's too big for me!
      Bottom line
      Excellent dildo, for size queens only.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes