1. Metal Worx Slim Fave Anal Tool

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      1. Metal Worx Slim Fave Anal Tool

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    1. Product Description

      Get two metal dildos for the price of one with this luxury anal tool. Made from polished steel, it features a realistic dildo on one side and a quartet of anal beads on the other, separated by a curvy bulb to prevent travelling.

      This weighty metal anal dildo offers a firm, smooth penetration with sensual slopes and stimulating textures.

      At one end is a set of metal anal beads measuring 3 inches in insertable length and 3.5 inches in circumference around the girthiest bead. These progressively-stacked beads offer incredible stimulation and are perfect for prostate stimulation and can also be enjoyed by women.

      Separated by a curvy central bulb, the middle section is designed to be gripped to help guide either end of the anal tool but is not suitable for insertion.

      The other end features a realistic dildo. With a sloping glans offering a wide and smooth surface area for stimulation and a gently narrowing shaft. It measures 3.25 inches in length and has a maximum circumference of 4 inches.

      Thanks to the difference in size, this anal tool is great for progressive anal sex toy play. Start with the beads and move onto the realistic dildo to slowly build up your play.

      The weight of this tool is a hefty 766g, offering fantastic pressure and intensely-pleasurable rigidity.

      Presented in a gorgeous travel case with a padded insert to protect and conceal your toy.

      Use with lashings of your favourite water-based anal lubricant to enhance your anal play.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Metal Worx Slim Fave Anal Tool 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Metal Worx Slim Fave Anal Tool
      2. Metal Worx Slim Fave Anal Tool

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    1. Stunning and so addictive

      Reviewed: 03 April 2013 by ZombieCpl, a Straight Engaged Female

      This Metal Worx Slim Anal dildo is almost ten inches in length and pretty weighty. It could pass as an unusual paper weight or an ornate truncheon, and could certainly do both jobs.

      When I first set eyes on it I could imagine it lying, slightly dusty, in an antique shop, waiting to be discovered for what it really is - a bringer of orgasms!

      On a first hold, the weight of the metal, the cold on the skin and the sheer size seems a bit too much to create a master of sensory play, but after leaving it on a radiator for three hours it was soon deliciously warm, and felt amazing on the skin (good enough for a massage!).

      After preparing my behind, I started off with the bumpy end of the dildo. The four metal bead shapes slide in nicely with a good lubricant. I used ID Glide but can also recommend a silicone lubricant, which is longer-lasting and more slippery.

      The other end of the dildo in my opinion is a little too big for someone that only partakes in occasional anal, and I used it on my G-spot instead (it works wonderfully!). I don't particularly like the shape for anal either.

      The metal conducts temperature beautifully, and really leads to the most pleasurable feelings when used, and even though I do not appreciate the cold, it certainly gets extremely chilled!

      In my opinion, this toy is very aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing and quite luxury for me. It is not a toy that I reach for during every session but there are certainly times that I get a fancy for it. It is worth the money for the sheer experience and variation of sensation, and also because it will last for years, the material is unlikely to be 'worn out' or 'over used'. A must have for a die hard toy addict.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The feel, the look, the design.
      The size of the larger end.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic feeling and wonderful looking with a reassuring weight.
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    1. The horn

      Reviewed: 10 December 2012 by Travelnurse, a Straight Married Female

      The Slim Fave works wonderfully vaginally and it is somewhat scary with anal use since there is no flared base. You have a dual ended toy that warms up or cools down for temperature play. It is very heavy and the weight adds to the sensations. It is made from steel and will last for years of play.

      You can use any type of lube with this one and it cleans up easily, you can even put it in the dishwasher or boil it. I use antibacterial soaps and toy sprays also. It is safe to be shared between partners since it can be sterilized.

      The blunt penis shaped head on the one end can be used for some G-spot stimulation since the metal is firm and you can push down on the end while thrusting in and out.

      If using with a partner make sure you can communicate so that if they are thrusting too vigorously that they don't end up bruising you internally.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Heavy weighted and great for temperature play.
      Not safest for anal play.
      Bottom line
      Wonderful sensations when cooled with ice water, beaded end gives great popping sensations.
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    1. Hard hot/cold pleasure

      Reviewed: 10 December 2012 by aimeebeth

      This product is very pleasurable when being use for vaginal sex. The toy alters in temperature, which provides many different sensations so you can change things up when in a different mood!

      It is made from steel, and many good points come from this. First of all it is very heavy, which creates a pleasurable feeling in itself. It can also be used with any kind of lube, and you can clean up easily afterwards. Also because it is made of steel you can tell it will last for a very long time, providing lots of fun! The steal also felt safe and strong when being used for anal sex

      Because it is a blunt penis shape, you can also use the head for specifically stimulating the G-spot.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Being able to alter the temperature allows for lots of different sensations.
      As it is so hard caution must be taken, until familiar with the 'tool'.
      Bottom line
      Good, different and varied pleasure can be experienced with this tool.
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