1. Kasumi's review of Lelo Insignia Oden Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

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      1. Lelo Insignia Oden Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

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      1. Lelo Insignia Oden Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator
      2. Kasumi's review of Lelo Insignia Oden Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

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    1. Remotely Lose Control

      Reviewed: 20 October 2011 by Kasumi, a Straight Engaged Female

      Lelo is well known for producing stylish products and the Insignia Oden is no exception. The Lelo Insignia Oden Remote Control Vibrator Ring seemed like the perfect couple's toy for us as we both love vibrations and remote controls! Everything about the toy is beautifully designed: the bullet, the remote, even the packaging is lovely and is designed to store everything safely between uses.

      The Oden comes with a comprehensive instruction book that does a great job of making the toy seem far more complicated than it actually is. As stated in the description, the remote takes AAA batteries, looking at it there seems to be no reason for the remote not to be rechargeable like the bullet but Lelo presumably know what they're doing. After inserting the batteries and charging up the bullet for what seemed like a really short amount of time, we were eager to give the Lelo a good test.

      Once you have found a vibration pattern you like, you can hold in the middle button on the remote which turns off the very noisy remote vibrations leaving only the near silent pulses of the bullet, unless you are in one of the "motion sensor" modes when the noisy remote can't be muted at all.

      When we first attached this to my partner's penis we could see there would be problems during sex. The description states: "a flexible tail that gently wraps around the base of his shaft and stays firmly in place", gentle it may be but firm it certainly isn't. During intercourse it fell off more than it stayed on which was very irritating. I'm sure it would have been much better if it featured a complete "ring" instead of just the curly "tail".

      The other big problem during intercourse is that it loses signal and stops working far too easily. You can't simply hold the remote and expect the bullet to work, the signal just isn't strong enough. The only way we could make it work was to place the remote on the bed as close as possible to the bullet, even then it was very hit and miss, hugely disappointing. Lelo states that it should keep signal up to 39 feet away, and it does, we tested it. Put a body in the way however and it won't keep signal at 39 centimetres, a glaring flaw in a potentially great product.

      Since it is practically useless during intercourse we decided to try the Oden in other situations and that's when it really shined. As a bullet for her it is up there with the very best and in this situation the remote signal actually stands a chance of getting through. As a masturbation aid for him it is a great tool that can be used for solo play, oral or even in combination with other toys. Attaching the toy to the penis upside down so that the bullet rests on the testicles really increases the pleasure and effectiveness, it also stays in place much better in this position.

      The description states that the bullet should give around an hour of play but we used it for much longer than that and it still seemed to have plenty left in the tank. As it is waterproof and made from high quality materials we also found that the Oden was nice and easy to clean.

      The Lelo Insignia Oden Remote Control Vibrator Ring is a great couple's toy, just not in the way it is advertised. It's a wonderful piece of kit for solo masturbation or couples play but we found it nearly useless for intercourse thanks to the poor signal and the difficulty keeping it in place for any meaningful length of time. If Lelo could fix these problems then the Insignia Oden version 2 would probably be the ultimate couples sex toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Great masturbation toy for singles or couples.
      Loses signal very easily, doesn't work well for intercourse, noisy remote.
      Bottom line
      A great idea but not quite perfected yet.
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