1. Kinklab NeonWand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit

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      1. Kinklab NeonWand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Ignite the kinky spark in your relationship with this innovative electrosex wand by Kinklab. Fashioned to look like a tool that belongs in a mad scientist's lab, you'll be surprised to discover its beginner-friendly options that suit any experience level.

      With a bark that's worse than its bite, this unique sex toy blends an intimidating 'tool-like' exterior with light stimulation that awakens both body and mind. Its aggressive styling makes a fantastic prop for enhancing power play scenarios, whilst its completely customisable power settings enable you to experiment with different level of pleasure and pain.

      Contrary to most electrosex toys that offer stimulation you can feel but not see, the Kinklab violet wand creates glowing sparks that leap through the air and create a visual thrill unlike any other - it really is eye-gasmic! Plus, thanks to special gas-filled attachments, the purple adds a custom hue to your play session.

      Historically violet wands are cumbersome things used for medical and therapeutic purposes (Victorian cure to baldness anyone?) but Kinklab have taken this technology and formed it into a lightweight, convenient model for easy use in the bedroom. Not just reserved for BDSM couples and pain seekers, this e-stim toy boasts a multitude of features to help you customise sensation for beginner, intermediate and advanced play.

      Use the simple twist base control to set the power output, and experiment with all 4 tempered glass attachments to discover their different stimulating properties. The attachments comprise of an Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe and Tongue Tube. Wider attachments such as the Mushroom and Tongue tubes spread sensation and reduce intensity, while narrow contact points such as the Comb 'teeth' and Probe concentrate stimulation in one area for much stronger sensation.

      Although associated with bondage, fetish and BDSM, the Violet Wand actually works similarly to feather ticklers, offering a gentle and prickly tickling sensation that can be powered up to something more painful if you should desire.

      Key Features:

      • Electrosex violet wand for exciting electro-stimulation pleasure
      • 4 tempered glass attachments offer a variety of intensities and play options
      • 96 inch cord length enables easy manoeuvrability during play
      • 9.25 inch rubber-coated wand handle provides a solid grip point for faultless control
      • Makes a fantastic electrical "buzzzz" that enhances mad scientist role play perfectly
      • EU plug - you will require an EU - UK adaptor

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      Kinklab NeonWand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit 21 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Kinklab NeonWand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit
      2. Kinklab NeonWand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit

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    1. Amazing piece of kit

      Reviewed: 17 March 2019 by RAP2010, a Straight Married Male

      Hi, we purchased this item after being introduced to the violet wand. Although obviously not as powerful, we bought the conductor kit with it, which allowed electricity to flow through our fingers.

      The experience was electrifying and fantastic. Each party we have been to, or club we helped at, we have been asked to bring it along, it is always a massive hit with people who really enjoy the sensations it brings.

      It can be used to sensually excite or if feeling sadistic, can be used to torment. The best way to describe it is as having a tattoo.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The way it attracted new people to us, and the fun we had personally.
      There was nothing not to like, it is simply amazing.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic, worth every penny. Every couple should have one.
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    1. Zing

      Reviewed: 27 September 2018 by Geekgirl32, a Bisexual Single Female

      One of my fave new toys.

      Me and the other half always take it with us when we go to clubs. It can be a very intense feeling it certain areas. In fact, when the other half's gone full whack on the nips they have been left sensitive for days.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything I get excited at the sound of it being turned on.
      Bottom line
      Shockingly good fun.
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    1. Give me more

      Reviewed: 11 March 2018 by 4Uonly, a Straight Married Female

      Zap... Zap... Zap... please stop! But actually I wanted more and I'm glad that hub didn't stop.

      It's been more than three months since it's arrival. I didn't want to rush into the review and wanted to be sure what I'm going to write helps others.

      The idea of zapping my clit and sensitive body with electricity arcing from a glass electrode is nerves wracking. I tried many times running it over my hands, butt, and legs only. Different electrodes give different sensations. Just didn't have the courage to try it on my clit and nipples initially.

      More readings, countless of conflicting reviews pertaining to pain and I'm confused and undecided if I should go ahead into receiving the "serious pain" playing. I also wrote a couple emails to some users and finally I decided to try it. So, I've been enjoying my new toy for a month now.

      The prickly sensation is from mild to moderate and it definitely stimulates every parts of the body.

      Well, I'm so glad that I took the 1st zap and there's no turing back. More zaps and shall I say it's orgasmic of the orgasmic! You know what I meant if you all tied up. At no point was it so painful that I felt we had to stop but more... Yes, I wanted more. I fought fearlessly against the sensation of knowing orgasm is at the door. No! It's just too fast!

      The first zap on the clit sends an unspeakable thrill down my body and the whole virginal was woken up immediately. It's as if my clit has been waiting for her prince to arrive to take her there. It was so pleasurable and I wish there were two other electrodes that could also be applied together on both my nipples.

      The exceptionally loud moaning sound from my gag induces a super hard rod which penetrated my virgina mercilessly. The whole bed was in a total mess resulting from my multiple orgasms and squirts. Never been so tiring before and everything were left uncleaned till the next morning. Lol.

      I was sharing my experience with an internet user and she told me that I need to get the Power Tripper attachment for the Neon Wand. With it I could have my both nipples massaged and there will longer play time... and more fun too. Yes! I have the Tripper in my possession and I will be posting my review on it eventually.

      The purplish zapping light is beautiful in the night. As for the electrodes, I found the mushroom head delivers the least pinching sensation while those will narrower heads deliver more intense orgasms.

      What I didn't like about it is the complete assembly size... Long and clumsy and I'm afraid the glass electrodes may break if we're careless.

      If you are into power play, this is an item you must have.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful orgasms.
      The size.
      Bottom line
      It's worth the money. Should have gotten it earlier.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 10 January 2018 by andrew.p.r, a Straight Married Male

      Been about 2 years since I purchased this and while it does not get used all the time, when it does it brings the excitement to a new level.

      From a slight tingle to a shock that will get anyone's attention, this can be used as an instrument of pleasure or discipline. I put off buying this for a long time but have never regretted finally pulling the trigger.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Ability to be used for pleasure or pain.
      Would be better with a UK plug.
      Bottom line
      Shockingly good (excuse the pun).
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 20 September 2017 by Maxybaby, a Straight Married Male

      OMG! Mind-blowing sex guaranteed!

      As always from lovehoney, the product arrived very discreetly and came the next working day! This was bought for me from my wife for my birthday. Definitely a birthday to remember.

      We unwrapped the box together and the wand was very securely packaged and very easy to put together. Once an attachment of your choice is in and it's plugged in, let the fun begin.

      The glow from the wand is so sexy and the humming noise it makes as the power is cranked up is like nothing I've seen or heard before. It starts off light and then on full power it gives quite a kick! Perfect for all users. It really is a sensory explosion.

      We found it best to hold the attachment just off the area of skin so it was more intense and you could actually see the electric spark arc from glass to skin. My wife loved me teasing her nipples with it during foreplay and during sex.

      This is by far the best toy we own and never gets boring with all the attachments!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Noise, glow - everything!
      Bottom line
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