1. yummybunny's review of Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

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      Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Silicone Rabbit Vibrator 192 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Silicone Rabbit Vibrator
      2. yummybunny's review of Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Oh... Oh... Ohhhh

      Reviewed: 04 August 2012 by yummybunny

      It's been a couple of years since I last had a rabbit. Since my previous model "The Future Tech" had seen better days and was sent off to be recycled, I hadn't gotten around to replacing it. I had instead become accustomed to clitoral orgasms from a smooth, hard, Lady Finger-style vibe that had become my staple toy: "Ole' reliable". Having jumped at the chance to get a free Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit in a special offer... I was once again blown away by just how pleasurable a rabbit is! Reminding me that there are many kinds of orgasm to experience. How did I go so long without one?!

      If you haven't tried a rabbit before, the sensation is quite different to other kinds of vibrators. Whereas a hard, pointed plastic vibrator really gets down into the lady-folds for a strong, hard, pulsating clitoral orgasm that will get your blood pumping, the caress of the rabbit ears offer a different experience. The feeling is more one of the pleasure being drawn and teased upwards, through your clitoris and labia to the surface. More of that tingling, tickling that builds up to a really pure intense pleasure. After an initial clitoral orgasm, I continue to play and usually enjoy an hour or two of orgasm after orgasm. I had thought this was only possible with a hard toy, to really get in there, create a lot of friction and tease out every last drop of sensation. However I have discovered that I can have many, many delicious consecutive orgasms with these wonderful little ears! Now that will bust stress like nothing else!

      What sets this rabbit apart from others I have tried is the strength of the vibrations. It is the strongest rabbit I have had! Which is excellent, as I require strong vibrations to orgasm and so many vibrators out there are just so below par. It's about time someone stepped up to the task of giving us girls the power we need! Even the lowest speed setting is nice and strong, though after a little warm up I quickly whizz through to setting 3 (the most powerful mode) and stay there for the rest of the session. I don't bother using the other patterns as I need continuous and uninterrupted vibrations.

      Now I might add that I don't use this toy for penetration, so the poor shaft is rather redundant. I have used toys that have the rabbit-style ears without the shaft, but they never seem to be as powerful. No doubt the power in this machine has been designed to run the ears and the shaft simultaneously, and when testing past models, I have noted that switching the shaft on does indeed draw power away from the ears. So even if, like me, you don't want to use the shaft, if you want the ear-experience, only the real thing will do!

      The way I use a rabbit is upside-down and back to front, so that the shaft is pointing towards your feet and the ears are laying flat against your clitoris, or nuzzling in downwards from the top. The shaft on my future-tech rabbit became rather bent out of shape after years of being pushed against the mattress in this way! But no matter, don't need it anyway!

      I have used the shaft once on this model ('cos you gotta try anything new!). Despite the new smooth silicone material that replaces the old jelly-rubber style (that I found chaffed and burned-even with lube), I can't say it's a much altered experience-yet anyway. Needless to say, the rotating beads have never really done anything for me. Perhaps I need to experiment with a lot more lube, but I don't experience physical pleasure from penetration even during intercourse and I find using toys internally uncomfortable as they are just so big and solid...We all describe a man's implement as "hard", but in reality flesh is so much softer and less dense than the artificial alternative. As I don't find penetration physically pleasurable, it never enters into my own solo play, so my body and mind are no doubt conditioned to orgasm in a certain way (i.e. without being filled!). I find that as soon as I am penetrated, be it by man or toy, it's so distracting, overwhelming and uncomfortable that my clitoris literally switches off! I may perhaps use this toy to train myself to get used to orgasming whilst distracted by a shaft. The rabbit ears provide a whole new sensation when coming at you from underneath the clitoris!...My goodness! A lot more sensitive!

      I may have to experiment with this little beauty in the bath...as soon as I have the house to myself that is! As water rather...amplifies the sound of vibrations. This is the first 100% waterproof rabbit I have owned. It makes cleaning a worry-free breeze and I love the prospect of being able to play in the bath or shower! Brilliant.

      Despite boasting powerful vibrations, this is surprisingly one of the quietest vibrators I have owned! Even my one-battery Lady Finger is louder! Kudos to the designers!

      The colour is a bit garish, a neon pink so bright it almost glows. The feminist in me is obviously so subconsciously offended by gender stereotypes that I find myself automatically hating anything pink, because of what it represents (with pink often being associated with "girly", "weak", "inferior"-who wants to be associated with that?!). A choice of other colours would be nice! Though I admit, once I get over that conditioned reaction, and the annoyance of the designer's assumption of "every-woman-loves-pink"...it is quite a pretty item to behold! I can live with it. It's the first pink item in my box of toys, which is dominated by black, red and deep purple. At the end of the day, perhaps part of the reason it's pink is to be non-threatening to male playmates? Pfft...this is for ME, not them! Bring on the black!

      My only other gripe on the design is that when the shaft is used for penetration, the buttons on the base are rather hard to reach. Even when used the wrong (ahem *RIGHT*) way up, the buttons aren't that raised, and being so smooth and requiring a very firm depression, I find them quite hard to locate and press without looking at it. Not such a problem for the way I use it, but could be tricky for penetration play-particularly if you need to switch it off quickly! Although I'd take this modern design over going back to the days when the rabbit's battery compartment and controls were on a box attached to the base via a long wire, perhaps the next step is a remote control? (Which could certainly make couple play more interesting!).

      Overall this toy is, in my humble opinion, still the best route to clitoral bliss thus far created by the human engineer! If you own a clitoris, you NEED a rabbit! A match made in heaven! Thank you Lovehoney!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Ears, strong vibrations, modern design, quietness. Screw-cap battery compartment.
      The buttons could be more prominent. Choice of colours would be good.
      Bottom line
      Essential to every woman!
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