1. Jimmyjane FORM 4 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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      1. Jimmyjane FORM 4 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Prepare to be carried away on a wave of bliss by the sensually smooth skittle shape and extraordinarily powerful vibrations of FORM 4, a gorgeously curved clitoral vibrator with a motor in the tip that's makes it equally fab for G-spot stimulation.

      Made from seamless medical grade silicone with a flexible shape that adapts to your body, the FORM 4 effortlessly lends itself to sensational G-spot and clitoral play, particularly when accompanied by a healthy helping of water-based lubrication.

      FORM 4 offers 4 unique vibration modes, with each available at 5 power levels to make your pleasure totally customisable. From single speeds to pulses, waves to swells, this intuitive vibe even remembers the last vibration mode that you used and resumes on the setting you were last enjoying.

      Please note: Your FORM 4 Vibrator will come to you in 'travel lock' mode. Simply press the plus (+) button and the wave (~) button together to unlock.

      Key Features:

      • Luxury rechargeable G-spot and clitoral vibrator with incredibly powerful vibrations
      • Explore 4 intense vibration modes at 5 different power levels for explosive results
      • Made from top quality platinum silicone and stainless steel
      • Travel-lock feature makes it safe and secure in any handbag
      • Completely waterproof for aquatic adventures
      • The FORM 4 comes complete with a charging dock USB charge cable
      • USB rechargeable for reliable power anywhere in the world

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      1. Jimmyjane FORM 4 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Jimmyjane FORM 4 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


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    1. Amazing, best ever

      Reviewed: 08 April 2013 by CrimsonVixen, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was delighted when I saw I was receiving such a quality product to test and I have not been let down!

      The packaging is stunning! So elegant and appealing, not offensive or tacky in any way at all! It definitely fits the stylish theme that these luxury products strive to achieve. It also comes with a charger and travel adapters so you can take this perfect vibe everywhere you go. :P

      The item itself is beautiful, a perfect shape that is not too small but not too intimidating. It also is so soft to the touch it really does feel like velvet and you find yourself dying to feel it against various other places. ;)

      The buttons are simple in a flawless design that is easy to use in all situations without having to mess about looking for them!

      Using it was amazing. Usually I don't react to vibes but this one is so powerful even on the lowest setting it was like I had no choice but to climax!

      The different settings are really simple but effective and give a good variety when it is needed! The vibe even remembers your favourite settings and does it for you! How cool is that!

      Overall brilliant product that you don't need batteries for and can take everywhere with you. :P

      If you have the money buy it and indulge!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Nothing! There is nothing not to like!
      Bottom line
      Luxury and fantastic, simply the best!
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    1. Versatile Lover

      Reviewed: 20 February 2018 by LadySpider, a Straight Single Female

      I've had this some while now - and have given it a good 'road test', so thought I'd best get on and review it!

      The Jimmy Jane FORM 4 is an awesome toy that certainly lives totally up to its product description. I love everything about it - no excessive packaging, just a stylish box containing the toy and its innovative charging dock.

      The small square dock plugs into the power via USB, and the toy sits snuggly on the dock with small LED lights flashing to show how much charge it has. 3 Blinks - High Charge, 2 Blinks - Medium Charge, 1 Blink - Low Charge, 4 Slow flashing - zero charge.

      The (very basic) instructions said 4 hours for a maximum charge, but I found it was more like 8 hours to fully charge. I'm not really sure how long the charge lasts as we tend to leave it on charge constantly, but we've used it for about an hour, after which it's still fully charged!

      I excitedly, I sat mine in its dock and it started to vibrate, nothing I did stopped this problem - I spoke to 'live chat' who quickly sorted the problem - it had gone into 'sleep mode' and needed to be re-booted. To reboot all you need to do it hold the product on the dock until it stops vibrating - this took several minutes.

      It's left on charge constantly as it has become one of my favourite toys - stood on the bedside table in its dock it doesn't really look like a sex toy - I do actually prefer toys that don't try to look like a penis!

      FORM 4 is made from silicone - which isn't totally seamless as described - but the seam is barely visible and can't really be felt, and has a small round stainless steel base, which fits into the charging dock.

      The deep and powerful rumbling vibrations are perfect in every way - just 4 vibration modes and 5 power modes. I usually prefer simple steady constant vibrations, but with the FORM 4 I found the deep rumbling swell pattern amazing! It's not totally silent, but very quiet in use - even on the faster, harder, settings!

      The silicone is soft and silky, but really needs a thin coating of water-based lube to ensure it glides over your bits smoothly... I find this is a toy I want to move and stoke myself with, rather than hold it steadily on my clit. The sensations of the swelling pulses are so very lovely and don't weaken even slightly when pressure is applied. The FORM 4 is ever so slightly flexible, so doesn't feel totally hard and unforgiving inside me (I like this) and the shape really does seem to adapt to the shape of my body.

      FORM 4 is a very adaptable toy. Holding the tip on my clit it makes me climax quite quickly, but doesn't leave my clit numb and overwhelmed... so I can continue to play! I love how the whole toy rumbles - placing it lengthways between my labia and rubbing or rolling it is amazing!

      I do like the FORM 4 inside me too and find the girth just about perfect - and the plus factor of it being ever so slightly flexible make it very comfortable and immensely pleasurable inside me. On low power, the deep swells feel amazing... I find it easy to reach and rock the side of the tip against my G -spot and can climax very easily with this type of internal play.

      I find it nicest to start on a low power setting then slowly increase the power (by pressing the + button) - this is not a real Power Trip type of toy, but the rumbles are deep and plenty powerful to bring me to several types of orgasm as quick or slow as I choose.

      This is a fab toy for couples play too - buzzy vibes can be too intense held on the penis, but the Jimmyjane's deep grumbles and rumbles make it stand to attention and beg for more!

      It is fully waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower and cleaning is quick and easy - just a quick spray with Lovehoney toy cleaner then a rinse under the tap.

      The silicone can be a bit of a fluff magnet, I read several reviewers wishing for a bag... I don't as I prefer to leave it on charge constantly. It has a travel lock - so no worry about it switching on in your luggage!

      I'd like to mention that as well as the one year warranty Lovehoney give, Jimmy Jane also gives a three-year warranty on all of their products.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The deep rumbling vibrations running through the whole toy.
      Nothing to dislike!
      Bottom line
      Quality versatile toy - endless fun!
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    1. My new favourite at home and away

      Reviewed: 21 August 2014 by Peitho, a Straight Going Steady Female

      The packaging of the Jimmyjane FORM 4 is very good. It comes in a stylish box with pictures on the outside demonstrating and describing some of the features and no explicit imagery, so I think it would make an excellent gift.

      Inside you get the FORM 4, it's stylish charging dock, and a plug with adaptors for UK, US, Australian and European sockets. It does not come with a storage bag, which is slightly annoying so add one of the small Lovehoney storage bags to your order.

      The instructions that come with it are a very basic quick start guide consisting of a visual representation of most of the features, but no written instructions. This is not really a problem, however, as it's a very intuitive toy to use.

      The charging process to the FORM 4 is inductive, so there are no wires between the charging dock and the toy, meaning you can be absolutely confident in the fact it's fully waterproof.

      When you place the toy in the charging dock a light comes on so you know it's in the right position and is charging. You can test at any time approximately how much charge it has by removing it from the dock. If it blinks once it has a low charge, twice it has medium charge, three times it has a high charge. You cannot overcharge it, though, so it's quite safe to leave on charge overnight.

      The vibration patterns are constant, a slow wave, a fast wave and a pulsing mode with 5 different power levels for each.

      Noise-wise, it's quite irritating as the vibrations themselves are really very quiet. However, there's a fairly loud whine from the motor on all but the most powerful setting on the pulsing vibration. Underwater, used in a bath tub the whine is very much reduced and so noise from vibrations is barely audible from outside the door. Used under bedclothes. It's still quieter than most vibrators but perhaps not as quiet as you'd hope given the price tag.

      It says in the Lovehoney description that it is seamless medical grade silicone. I have no doubt that the silicone is high grade, but it's not seamless. I only mention this as it might make a difference to some people though in use it doesn't bother me in the slightest and it's certainly not an issue as far as waterproofing goes, so not a problem to me at all.

      Described all over as having power and flex. The power is great, second only in my collection to a mains-powered magic wand, but the flex is somewhat limited. It does have a fair amount of flex to the front, nearly as much as shown on the box and some backwards, but it would be more clear they meant the flex was forward and backwards rather than to the side if they hadn't removed the seam on the picture as there is no sideways flex. This flexibility means you can put a lot of pressure onto the clitoris and it moulds there beautifully. However, internally you really can't make use of this feature to focus pressure on the G-spot.

      I have not used other, what I would consider to be, luxury vibrators, so I can't compare it to other top end products. However, this is by far the best clitoral vibrator I've used. The vibrations are wonderfully rumbly and focussed beautifully in the tip. For me it is the perfect shape. I like the tapered wider shape of this vibrator, very focussed tips do not do it for me, this is perfect. The shape also makes it ideal for quickly switching between external stimulation and internal. Personally, I do have better internal G-spot toys, but as an overall this is the best vibrator I now have.

      One final thing to mention is that with the Jimmyjane FORM 2 Lovehoney give you a choice of whether you'd like the black or the pink model. I received the pink model of the FORM 4. If both are stocked I think that it would be a good idea here too if you're given the choice of which you'd prefer when ordering. If they are not both stocked I think it would be good to state which colour you are going to receive as I think this would influence some buyers, though obviously it makes no difference to the wonderful function of the toy.

      Given the price tag of this luxury toy, the whine from the motor on most of the vibration settings is annoying. However, in every other way this toy is perfect and it is most definitely my new constant travel companion due to the long battery life, travel lock and great powerful rumbling vibrations.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Power and rumble, intuitive controls, great charging system and travel lock.
      Whine from motor, lack of bag.
      Bottom line
      Couple of minor problems but still my new favourite. A great toy.
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