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    1. Pink Vibratone Ben Wa Balls

      Average customer review 1.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. Pink Vibratone Ben Wa Balls

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    1. Product Description

      Double your sexual arousal! Insert into the vagina and thrill to the constant rolling movement of the prickled latex covered balls. Quality pink latex-covered metal balls, with inner, rolling ball to rock your world.

      Ben Wa Balls are not only used for stimulation - they have been proven to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles too, making for more intense orgasms.

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      Pink Vibratone Ben Wa Balls 4 1.5 out of 5 stars 1.5 out of 5

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      1. Pink Vibratone Ben Wa Balls
      2. Pink Vibratone Ben Wa Balls

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    1. mixed blessing!

      Reviewed: 23 February 2006 by Miss Kitty, a Bisexual Married Female

      OK, they wiggle and jiggle inside you, each ball having a weight inside that moves about and bumps around inside the balls making them vibrate as you move. the spiked surface adds to these sensations and make them stronger. If you are standing/sitting still you won't really notice them, but when you move you'll certainly know they are there - especially on a bumpy car ride or dancing in a club etc...

      They probably wont have you rolling about in the throws of orgasm but should get you pretty aroused and stimulated, also the spikes will leave you more sensitive after you remove the balls.

      And so the cons.... These aren't soft, they are firm rubbery plastic material and therefor are a bit oooh and ow to get in and to take out. Once in they are fine but they do grate a bit in transition.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      silent and subtle
      material is a bit hard
      Bottom line
      you can wear them any place but be careful taking them in or out
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    1. Ball-ing

      Reviewed: 30 April 2007 by misty69

      These little knobbled balls with weights in are OK if you wish to strengthen your vaginal muscles, but as for foreplay or even getting aroused I was not impressed.

      They feel all right in your hands even though they are a bit harder than I thought, but all you do is place them inside and leave them there... I suppose a vibrating version may be better suited to anyone seeking arousal.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Helps to tone your vaginal muscles.
      They are not very exciting.
      Bottom line
      Not a good product for arousal but can help tone you up.
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    1. Not very enjoyable

      Reviewed: 29 April 2007 by PrettyShadows, a Straight Engaged Female

      When they arrived I was so excited and decided to use them right away. As it said on the instructions I used a good lubricant to insert them. I found them rather difficult to actually get in and once in I couldn't really feel them there though I was very aware that they were inside me: it was like wearing a huge tampon.

      The weights are supposed to make them feel like they are almost 'vibrating' inside you, though they did nothing for me. I even ran whilst wearing them with no results. Something I found incredibly annoying about these is that if you lean forwards (while wearing them) you hear the weights 'clunk' and then if you lean back you hear them 'clunk' again. This was something that I could feel, though I found it incredibly annoying and uncomfortable. My boyfriend actually heard them and asked me what it was.

      While wearing them, the inital horniness that I had completely disappeared. When it came to taking them out it was very uncomfortable. You have to pull on the loop at the end of them, but they do not come out with ease. I decided that I would not let my first try put me off and used them for a second time on a trip to my local supermarket, but again the experience was not enjoyable and since then they have stayed in the box in my drawer.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      Extremely discreet
      They did not do what they were supposed to
      Bottom line
      A disappointment
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