1. dirty-red-angel's review of Queen of Hearts Soft Pink Mesh and Lace Chemise Set

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      1. Queen of Hearts Soft Pink Mesh and Lace Chemise Set

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      Queen of Hearts Soft Pink Mesh and Lace Chemise Set 1 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Queen of Hearts Soft Pink Mesh and Lace Chemise Set
      2. dirty-red-angel's review of Queen of Hearts Soft Pink Mesh and Lace Chemise Set

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    1. Pretty, soft and adjustable

      Reviewed: 03 March 2011 by dirty-red-angel

      I don't mind saying I'm a curvy size 16 and I ordered the XL-1X. I wasn't entirely sure what size to get as even though this is within my size range, lingerie can be deceiving, however no such problems here except perhaps in the bust which I'll explain in a bit.

      It arrived in simple packaging and is a two piece set. The chemise and a thong.

      Thong –

      Now being a curvy 16 I find that often the thongs are a scrap of material that you couldn't comfortably blow your nose on, with strings attached to the sides that dig into you and give you major lumps and bumps. In fact 9 times out of 10 they'd be more use hooked round your ears and used as a little mask to cover your nose and mouth!

      This thong is no different EXCEPT it has adjustable straps just like a bra. It's genius and why more companies don't do this, I don't know. Don't get me wrong it is essentially a very small piece of material and they could really do with making it a little bigger (the “V” bit) but it’s great not to have the straps cutting into you and that’s a big plus in my mind.

      Chemise –

      When you first get this out of the box you wonder how on earth it goes on since the ‘back’ is essentially done up by bows. You put your arms into it the same as you would a bra but here is where you need to be very dexterous unless you have someone to help you.

      It is tied up by two bows at the back. One where your bra strap would be and the other near your lower back. The lower back is fine and you can tie it as tight or as loose as you like, which is again very good because it means it will fit varying sizes but also, you can feel comfortable in it, without it pulling across your hips or your tummy.

      The ‘bra strap’ bow is a different story though! You have to navigate your boobs to within the cups however because there is no tension (since you haven’t yet fastened the bow) they fall back out. I am a DD/E cup and it was difficult to get them to stay in place so that I could tie the bow. In the end I had to tie the bow as tight as I could round the back and then lift my boobs back into the cups. It takes a little bit of doing because really I needed the bows to be tighter to “hold” me there but by boobs kept getting in the way when the tension was released. I think if you were a smaller cup size it wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

      It possibly needs an actual strap that you can do up like a bra that you can then tie the bow over the top to make it look pretty but also to make tighter if needs be. Just something to hold you in place long enough to get the flipping bow tied.

      Once in though they looked good. The cups are soft and non-scratchy. They have a rather large peek-a-boo lace cup which is fastened with another bow. Great for showcasing your nipples and they can’t help but popping out of the space!

      Once you’re in and it’s on, it skims your waist and your hip. It accentuated my curviness without making me look fat.

      There is a cut out in the middle of the chemise that has a pretty little pink heart dangling from it, which just adds an additional something to look at.

      The bottom of the chemise is finished with a simple frill.

      All in all I was very pleased with it. It wasn’t on for long but I’ll be using it again and would consider getting other lingerie in of the range knowing that this is quite a good fit for someone a bit conscious of their lumpy bits!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Could make as tight or as loose as you wanted and it's soft.
      It's like a flipping puzzle to get into it!
      Bottom line
      It is pretty and will make a nice addition in the bedroom.
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