1. Zini Ran Secret Garden Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. Zini Ran Secret Garden Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A slimline vibrator with a gently sloping tip that's perfect for G-spot exploration. Rechargeable, splash proof and crafted from silky-soft silicone, this luxury vibe is the perfect stimulator for inside and out.

      Every part of Ran has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate slimline experience. The curvy shaft is angled at a precise 23.5 degrees to follow the natural line of a woman's body.

      The sensuously-soft silicone body has been elegantly sculpted with a sweeping shaft, blossoming into a bulbous tip that gently stimulates the g-spot during use. A tantalising insertion that excites, stimulates and satisfies with motors in the base and tip of the shaft working in sync to provide 15 vibrating functions that will pleasure you inside and out.

      With 4.5 inches of insertable length teamed with a progressive girth that measures just 2 inches at its smallest point and 4 inches at its largest, Ran is a great intermediate vibe for those new or experienced with G-spot stimulation.

      The handle features three push-button controls which are operated on a one-touch basis, making cycling through the different functions quick and simple. A travel lock also ensures that Ran won't be accidently switched on when tucked away in your weekend bag.

      Once the travel lock is deactivated, Ran's control panel comes alive with light. Each vibration setting has its own colour lights that pulsates in time with the vibrations, making it easy for you to remember and find your favourite setting for next time.

      Made from body-safe silicone, ABS and PC, this vibrator is made from high quality materials that are gorgeously soft to touch.

      100% waterproof - just ensure that the charging point at the end is fully closed before washing and avoid getting this area wet.

      Charging at the mains, Ran needs to be plugged in for 4 hours prior to use and gives approximately 2 hours of power per charge.

      The vibrator comes in a gorgeous presentation box, making it a perfect gift for your lover. Inside the box alongside the Ran, you'll also find a drawstring storage pouch, information booklet, operation booklet and a mains charger.

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      1. Zini Ran Secret Garden Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator
      2. Zini Ran Secret Garden Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Come down and boogie with the disco vibe

      Reviewed: 27 June 2011 by suze9, a Straight Married Female

      The box that the Zini Ran arrives in is black and has a very subtle pattern and has Zini in silver on the bottom right hand corner; it also has magnetic closures so nothing is going to fall out of the box. The outer sleeve tells you which Zini product you have and gives you the address for the Zini site (www.zini.kr) which takes you through the various elements of each Zini product. The box is a good size when empty and as the branding is discreet it would make a great storage box for toys or whatever takes your fancy. Inside, the Ran sits under a piece of clear moulded plastic attached to a black cardboard insert and underneath the sits the bag, which has the same pattern as the box, and the two prong charger cable, you will obviously need an adaptor for the Ran.

      The Ran itself is dark wine and black with a bulbous top, very thin central shaft and a pointed bottom. It is smooth and sleek and is not at all heavy, only 165g. The main body of the Ran looks like it is made of hard plastic but is in fact silicone and has a soft but firm feel to it and the bottom is glossy black plastic. Zini say that they have found the 'magical angle of 23.5 degree for natural and maximum insertion' which explains the slight curve rather than the sharp curve/point that I have experienced before with G-spot toys. The charging point is at the back and is a simple silicone flap which keeps water out when washing and the charger pushes in easily. The Ran is not waterproof but is splash proof and they recommend locking it before washing.

      The Ran has two motors: one at the top for G-spot stimulation and the other for the vaginal opening when inserted in completely. There are only three buttons on the Ran, the O button which moves you from the intensity mode to the pulsation mode and the + and – buttons move you up or down vibrations in the intensity mode and through the 15 variations of the pulsation mode.

      When the Ran arrives the travel lock is engaged and is easy to undo, press – first then – and + together for a few seconds, this is a great function and allows you to travel without fear of embarrassment . Around the buttons you have LED lights which are not just for show, they tell you how much power the Ran contains, red = needs charged through to green = full charge, and each of the 15 pulses has its own colour making it easy to remember your favourite mode. The lights also pulse in time to the pulse mode you have chosen. The Ran does not remember the last mode you used but because each pulse mode has a different colour it makes it easier to find your favourite.

      When we switched it on we found that it is by far the quietest vibrator we have ever owned, 49dB, so this will get plenty of use during the summer months without fear of the neighbours hearing what’s going on. Cleaning was really easy due to the non-porous silicone and because it does not have any ridges it is very hygienic.

      The vibrations are pretty strong, but not so strong that you go numb, and the angle of the Ran helps with insertion and positioning. I really love being at the mercy of my OH (who refers to the Ran as the 'disco vibe' due to the flashing LED lights on each mode) and he enjoys seeing how I react to the different modes, he also likes changing the pulse mode when he knows I'm getting close. The mode that works with my OH does not work in quite the same way when I am on my own, it could be the angle he manages that I cannot obtain by myself but that does not mean that it failed me in any way, I found rocking the Ran produced very nice results and ended up being able to reach my clitoris with the shaft vibrator. I do need clitoral stimulation to orgasm but I could really feel the power of the Ran internally, some G-spot vibrators that I have previously tried have not even come close to stimulating my G-spot but with 2 hours of play time per 4 hour charge I for once feel I am close to achieving my goal of a G-spot orgasm at some point soon.

      I told my OH that I was going to recycle all my other vibrators as the Zini Ran covers all the points I love in a vibrator: it's powerful, quiet, looks nice, feels nice and is easy to use and clean. I may not clear them all out but a fair few will be going as I will pick the Ran over almost everything I own any day.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful, quiet, looks/feels nice, easy to use/clean, useful box.
      Loved everything.
      Bottom line
      Top of the class G-spot vibrator who blows away everything else I own.
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